tagInterracial LoveMichael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver

Michael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver


Note: this story is about interracial cuckoldry with strong themes of dominance and submission. Don't read if you aren't into that sort of thing.

Jessica had spent the afternoon shopping and preparing dinner and now she was sitting at the table as pleasant conversation was flowing. Her husband Michael was telling her parents Patrick and Anne about the fantastic group of students he had this year, enthusiastic and hard-working. Michael and Jessica were both English teachers at a local high school. Michael's unabashed enthusiasm for teaching is what attracted Jessica to him in the first place when they met several years ago in the course of a master's program in education.

Jessica was always being approached by men, being tall and blonde and leggy, especially after her track-and-field meets when the graceful contours of her body were on display; but no man had Michael's genuine touch.

They were interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell.

"I'll get it." Michael promptly got up. Sounds of a hushed conversation were heard as Anne and her parents continued chatting. A minute later Michael returned, followed by a tall black man in overalls who stood a pace behind him.

"It's the plumber," Michael announced, seeming a bit at a loss.

"Something broken?"

"Yes, one of the pipes in our bathroom. He's going to fix it now. Jess, why don't you come up with me and we'll show him what's wrong."

"Sure," Jessica replied, "no need for you to get up mom, dad. We'll be back down in a just a couple of minutes."

The three of them headed to the upstairs bathroom. "A plumber who will come to your home on a Friday night," Anne wondered. "That's not easy to find."

Meanwhile, in the upstairs bathroom, Jessica was on her knees sucking a black dick. Michael had his cock out and was slowly stroking it watching this spectacle.

"Plumber, my ass" the black man chuckled. In fact, Shawn – that was his name – was a P.E. teacher at Michael and Jessica's high school. "Mmm, you really are an excellent cocksucker Jessie." Jessica was moving her mouth hands-free up and down on Shawn's dick, fitting the whole of it in her mouth. "Even with your mom and dad in the other room, I can always count on you to go to town on my black dick."

"Speaking of which," he added, "white boy, why don't you go keep them company while your little wife here takes care of me?"

"Come on, Shawn," Michael begged. "I want to watch. I'm so hard right now."

"I don't think so," Shawn slowly slid his cock out of Jessica's mouth. He raised her forcefully and turned her around, pressing her against the bathroom. "I'm not having her parents walk on their perfect daughter fucked by black cock while her husband watches. Go down there and keep them company." He hiked up Jessica's skirt and pulled her panties down to her knees.

Michael tucked his dick back into his pants. He paused at the door for a moment to glimpse Shawn sliding his cock – it never ceased to amaze Michael how large it was – into Jessica in one motion. She gasped but he slid easily into her

well-lubricated cunt.

"Quickly Mikey," Shawn slowly thrust in and out of Jessica, "Your in-laws are probably wondering what's happening. Keep them company for a few minutes until your beautiful wife comes down with a load of my cum in her cunt. GO!"

Michael sighed and went down the staircase to the dining room.

"Everything all right?" Patrick asked.

"Fine. He is fixing it now."

He made idle conversation and a couple of minutes later Jessica and Shawn came down the stairs.

"All finished, folks. I'll show myself out."

Later that evening, Michael and Jessica are lying naked in the bedroom. They are kissing and talking as she gives him a handjob. They will not be having sex tonight: it is one of Shawn's rules that on the days he messes around with Jessica they cannot have intercourse.

Instead, they will have several orgasms talking dirty to each other.

"You were so wet when he slid into you," he says, half-complaining. "I could see how easily his dick slipped inside of you."

"Its true honey," she replies, "But I recall you were pretty horny as well. You had your dick out and were touching it, weren't you?"

He grunts in response.

"Shawn was really the man of the house tonight, wasn't he? Don't get me wrong, I love you very much my darling but you really took a backseat today, didn't you? Today I was Shawn's whore much more than I was your wife."

This proves to be too much for Michael and his penis erupts with cum. Jessica patiently waits until he finishes and wipes him off with a tissue. She then goes back to massaging the base of his penis. She knows they are not done, that he will have several more orgasms before he spends his load. As always, the evening will conclude with a nice, thorough, very loving cunt-licking for her.

"Maybe we should stop?" he wonders out loud. "We could go back to just having sex with each other. No more Shawn." But as his penis grows under her skillful fingers he can sense his resolve weakening.

"We could," she replies, speeding up the motion of his hand on his dick. They have had this conversation before. "But will we be able to stick to it? You remember what happened when we tried this before?"

He nods.

"I'll remind you, dear." She gives the tip of his dick a playful licking. "The first time we resolved not to call him again, we ended up talking dirty about interracial cuckolding every time we had sex. One day we got so horny that we called him and begged him on the phone, both of us asking him in earnest, to come over and fuck me. He let us beg for quite a while. Remember that?"

He nods again. He is rock hard now.

She slides over on top of him and gives him a kiss on the lips. She begins rubbing her body against him. They follow Shawn's instruction to the letter – he will not enter inside of her. But she lets his penis rub against her belly and her cunt against his balls.

"And the second time, we decided to break it to him in person. But as we sat him down and began to tell him, he just walked over to him and pulled out his dick. Remember that, honey? As I recall, there was barely a squeek out of you at the time."

He blushes. "I was turned on. It was so erotic to see his coal-black dick right next to your face. "

"He slid his cock into my mouth and started fucking my face– didn't ask if I wanted it, he just did it. I was waiting for you to intervene, but you never did. When I swallowed his load and looked over to you, I saw you had your dick out and had already come on your belly."

He blushes even more. The memory turns him on even as it fills him with shame.

"Just admit it, honey, we're addicted. Addicted to being dominated together by a strong black man."

"All right," he grunts, very close to coming now, "we're addicted."

She starts rubbing against him faster. "I love watching Shawn order you around. He is so powerful, isn't he?"

This proves to be the crossing point for Michael and he comes again. Jessica patiently wipes him off again. She knows the evening is far from over.

Across town Shawn is smiling, thinking of the scene earlier this evening. He has this couple under his thumb, for now. They have grown to crave his dominance, but they might still balk if he asks them to do one of the more perverted and nasty things he has in mind for them. He'll push their boundaries, slowly, until they are literally his slaves, until nothing is off limits. He has big plans for the two of them.

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