tagInterracial LoveMichael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 06

Michael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 06


Author's note: this story is about interracial cuckoldry with strong themes of dominance, submission, and humiliation. Don't read if you aren't into that sort of thing.


Michael's first orgasm came as he watched Shawn make out with his wife on the couch. She looked lovely and elegant in her light summer dress, and it was strange and erotic to see his black lips on hers, her white hands wrapped around his neck. When she heard Michael grunt as he ejaculated she broke off the kiss and turned to look at him.

"Already?" she said, sounding slightly disappointed.

Michael looked down at his lowered shorts and nodded.

He had been watching the two of them for less than a minute.

It was all part of Shawn's game. He wanted to see how many orgasms Michael in the course of an evening spent watching him with his wife. Shawn gambled that each time Michael blew his load would cause Jessica to think a little less of him, particularly if he was made to do so in a humiliating way.

So far, it seemed to be working, or so he inferred from the look Jessica gave her husband after seeing him shoot his load after barely a minute had passed.

Michael had his second orgasm once again while his wife was making out with Shawn. They were petting each other rather heavily, and as he watched the dark black hand making its way up her legs beneath her dress, and the way her breasts were groped through the flimsy fabric, he could not hold it in.

"I can't believe you've already come twice," Jessica said looking incredulously at him.

He said nothing but he thought the remark was rather unfair. They were both very clearly turned on by the proceedings. Anyway, was it his fault that watching Shawn's rough hands maul his wife's tits through her dress was such a turn-on?

Shawn's next move was to have Jessica model some lingerie. She had gone on a shopping trip with her husband earlier in the day, and Michael helped her pick out the pieces she was putting on now. It was shamefully arousing to watch his wife strut and turn for her black lover, as Shawn told which pieces he wants her to keep. Fortunately, Michael managed to avoid coming during this part.

They had migrated to the bedroom next, Jessica looking stunning in a sheer teddie they had bought together earlier that Shawn insisted she wear. He watched them begin their foreplay with a slow massage, as Shawn had stripped nude and his wife lovingly ran her hands all over her black lover's body.

His next orgasm came at hearing Jessica talk down to him. She was holding Shawn's massive black cock in her hands, running her hands up and down on it, the sort of slow and sensuous handjob she was great at, and taking a pause to look at her husband, she said, "You can't possibly expect me to be fully satisfied with yours after I've had this one." Michael knew she had been coached by Shawn to say it, and he knew she was being mean to him because turned him on, but he also knew there was an element of truth in it, his wife was now addicted to black dick, and he couldn't stop himself from ejaculating at the thought.

The fourth and fifth orgasms were almost cheating on Shawn's part. After making Michael eat out his wife, Shawn started fucked her doggy style with her head in her husband's lap. Husband and wife held hands now even as Michael tugged himself, watching Jessica scream with the uncontrollable pleasure Shawn's black cock was giving her.

She never screamed like that when they were making love. There was something primal and intensely erotic about watching her slender white body ravished by a massive black tool. She seemed to forget all about her husband, forget about everything except the cock fucking her so roughly. He hated to watch it and he loved it all the same, and in this hyper-aroused state the thought occurred to him that his wife was truly conquered by a stronger man. He came uncontrollably once more.

His had his sixth orgasm watching the two of them make out once again. Shawn was just about to leave and standing in front of the door, Jessica saying good-bye with her arms wrapped around his neck, his tongue deep in her mind. She was freshly showered and nude with only a towel around her shoulder, beaming with the happiness he knew came from being well-fucked.

"Thank you for giving me what I need, Master," Jessica said between kisses. Michael stood a few feet away from them, watching with his hand down his shorts. There was something revolting and yet deeply satisfying about watching his lovely and beautiful wife thanking her black lover for the pleasure he himself couldn't give her.

"I'm going to be an obedient white slave for you, Master," Michael had heard his wife whisper. Something seemed a little different now: whereas before Jessica had hesitated and looked to be degraded by this sort of language, she now seemed full of enthusiasm for it.

When Shawn had left, Jessica turned to her husband and gave him a peck on the cheek. "You really enjoyed this, huh?"

Michael nodded, too embarrassed to say anything.

"I love you honey," Jessica went on, "but you do scare me sometimes. Six times? You never come this much when we make love. It seems that you like watching me get fucked much more than you like actually fucking me."

"I wouldn't say I like it more," Michael said defensively. "Its just..." He couldn't figure out how to complete the sentence.

"Its all right," Jessica said. "Don't worry about it. I'm as guilty here as you are. Whenever he whips out his cock, I'm putty in his hands, and the more I hate what he is making me do, the more turned on I get. Why don't we just forget about it?"

They had a perfectly normal evening for the remainder of the day, enjoying dinner together and relaxing in front of the television as if nothing had happened. But after she fell asleep that night, he got himself off twice more; once, remembering the contrast between the elegant way she looked in her dress and Shawn's rough black hands all over her; and once, thinking of her screams of pleasure as Shawn was pumping her with that massive black cock of his, her face contorted in ecstasy he could never give her.

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