tagInterracial LoveMichael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 07

Michael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 07


It was the sort of lunch break they were used to by now. Michael drove to a secluded spot not far outside the school while Shawn fondled his wife in the backseat. They were kissing very slowly, their tongues sensually moving against each other. His left hand was playing with Jessica's breasts, which were pulled out of her blouse. Michael had a hard time keeping his eyes on the road.

Once they got there - the destination being an out-of-reach spot in a largely abandoned industrial park - Shawn had pulled down Jessica's knickers and tossed them to Michael. Thereafter followed the usual bit of humiliating foreplay - Jessica was made to beg for Shawn's cock and Michael had to politely ask Shawn to give his wife the kind of fucking he himself could not - until, finally, Shawn lifted Jessica onto his lap and squeezed his cock into her. They were a little cramped for space, Jessica leaning forward as she straddled her lover, and it was Michael's job to rock his wife up and down Shawn's cock.

After Shawn had his orgasm (and Jessica had several of her own as she was impaled on him) he got into the driver's seat. As he drove back to the school, Jessica sat beside her husband in the back, running her hands gently over the base of his cock and encouraging him as he jerked off.

"Did you enjoy seeing me come?"

Michael nodded as he stroked himself.

"I fucking love having that huge black cock in me. I'm so sorry honey that you can't measure up. Every married white woman should have a black boyfriend, don't you think? It just wouldn't be fair to be deprived of these orgasms..."

Shawn encouraged this sort of dirty talk, sometimes prompting it with direct questions and rarely encountering any resistance from the couple. Michael's cock always hardened at the humiliating put-downs. As for Jessica, Shawn knew that she was in her submissive state now and would be only turned on at the degradation.

"But you love it, don't you?" Jessica said as she gently ran the tips of her fingers over her husband's balls. "I think you like watching me fuck a black man more than you like fucking me yourself, isn't that right?"

Michael had a couple of orgasms this way but was still hard when they approached the school. Shawn pulled over on the side of the road so that he could have another orgasm. There was something pathetic about Michael having so many orgasms as his wife talked down to him Shawn wanted Michael to look as pathetic as possible in front of his wife.

They were late when they finally got to the school and Shawn dropped them off at the front door. He told them he would park the car and drop off the keys with them later.

Which he did - but not before making a side trip to the couple's home. Shawn had the day off, and with Michael's car keys in his hands he had plenty of time to search the couple's house until he found what he was looking for: the stash of pictures and videos Michael had filmed since the beginning of his cuckolding.

Which is how Shawn came to blackmail the couple.

There was some damning material in there. For one thing, there was the picture of Jessica in her wedding gown, exchanging rings with Michael as she was fucked by Shawn from behind. It would be very embarrassing to them if it were to make its way on the internet and be seen by their friends and colleagues, parents and relatives.

But more than that, there was the video of them fucking in Jessica's classroom after Shawn had spanked her. And there was the picture of Jessica writing "Mrs. Jessica Sutton is a black cock whore" on her blackboard as she was railed by Shawn from behind. They would certainly lose their jobs if this material were to become public, and, provided the pictures and videos were googleable, neither of them would ever find another job again.


Tyrone parked near the address his coach wrote down. It was the sort of neighborhood he usually tried to avoid: upscale, full of white people who looked at him as if they were wondering what he was doing there. Why the hell did coach tell him to come to Mrs. Sutton's house?

Although she was crazy hot, Mrs. Sutton was his least favorite teacher. She had given him detention no less than six times this semester.

The last time was two weeks ago, when he slapped the blonde bimbo who sat in front of him after she snidely called him a dumb nigger. She had it coming, he told the angry Mrs. Sutton, but that only seemed to enrage her further.

He rang the doorbell and moments later Mrs. Sutton herself opened it. As always, she looked stunning. She had began to wear more revealing outfits to school lately, and he had been catching lots of glimpses of her cleavage in class whenever she went over. Now she was wearing short shorts which showed off quite a bit of leg and a tight top that made transparent the outline of her breasts.

"Come in, Tyrone," she said, sounding a bit apprehensive. Coach was there as well, bumping fists with Tyrone as he entered.

There was an awkward silence and then coach nodded to Mrs. Sutton.

"Uhmm," Mrs. Sutton seemed to be at a loss for words. "I have heard that you had your best game of the season last night. Congratulations. "

"Thanks, Mrs. S."

"After consulting with your coach here," she threw an angry glare at the coach , "I thought I'd give you a special reward."

She paused again and her voice shook slightly as she continued.

"I'd like to give you a massage. Would you like that?"

A massage? What the ...?

"I guess," Tyrone said.

"Trust me boy," his coach interjected, "you gonna like this."

"Aight," Tyrone said. "If coach says so."

Mrs. Sutton looked down on the floor. After a moment, she seemed to collect herself and took Shawn by the hand, leading him to one of the bedrooms on the floor floor of the house.

She closed the door after they entered.

"Why don't you undress yourself and get comfortable?"

There was an attached bathroom and she disappeared into it.

Undress himself?!

He took off his shirt and pants, keeping his underwear on. It was a few minutes later when she came out of the bathroom.

"Holy Shit Mrs. S!," he blurted out.

She was wearing transparent lingerie.

Her body was absolutely perfect, slim and toned yet shapely and feminine. He felt his cock stirring.

She was carrying a tray of oils which she put down beside him. She seemed angry, as if she was the verge of tears, but she said nothing. She avoided his eyes as she squirted the oils onto her hands and ran them over his chest.

When she got to his groin, her hands began shaking a little. She stopped for a moment and took a deep breath; then, in one swoop, pulled down his underwear.

His cock was fully erect now and she seemed to stare at it transfixed. She lightly ran her hands over it, feeling it grow further under her touch, before taking the oils and pouring them on it.

"You have a big cock," she quickly said, seemingly in spite of herself.

He chuckled.

"Sure do. Is it bigger than your husbands?"

She nodded. Her hands began to move up and down on it. Tyrone could not believe that the same teacher who gave him detention only two weeks ago was now giving him a handjob.

"Its at least twice as long and three times as thick.・

"Aint black cocks better?"

She blushed and nodded again.

He reached over and began to paw at her breasts. She didn't seem to resist and he pulled them out of the lingerie which hid little regardless. They were a perfect C-cup, not too big but still enough to squeeze in your hands.

He leaned forward and squeezed them, first softly and then harder. She moaned and started rubbing her hands on his dick faster.

"Yo, teach," he said amused, "You like having a black cock in your hands, don't you?"

"I can't help it," she said, sounding desperately ashamed.

She began to run her tongue all over his balls and the base of his cock. Any trace of the reluctance she seemed to feel earlier was gone; she seemed lost in the task of licking his shift, of running her tongue up and down the length of his cock and jerking him.

"Fuck yeah," he said. He couldn't believe he was getting a handjob from Mrs. Sutton of all people. "This is what you were made to do, teach," he laughed. "None of your dumb-ass lectures. You were made to service black cocks."

She nodded again. She was far too horny to feel ashamed now.

"You're right, Tyrone," she said, licking his balls enthusiastically. She felt no hesitation as she spoke now. "I was made to be a black cock whore."

He laughed again.

"I think you my favorite teacher now."

She looked amazing with his cock in his hands, its darkness so starkly contrasted with the lily whiteness of her face. He felt himself about to come and angled his cock towards her.

He had never come so much in his life. He shot load after load all onto her until her face seemed covered in jizz and it dripped down over her breasts and down the rest of the body.

"Gotta say teach, that was a great massage!"

He laughed, taking sight of his teacher covered in his semen. He would not forget this moment. From now on, as he sat in Mrs. S's boring class, listening to her boring-ass lectures, he'd remember her as she was now, in front of him with eyes shut and groping blindly for a towel to wipe her face.

Damn, he suddenly thought, coach promised a reward to whoever runs the most yards EVERY week!

He would have to really up his game. Next week, he knew he would play harder than he ever had in his entire life.

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