tagInterracial LoveMichael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 08

Michael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 08


Shawn's next step was to introduce a woman into the picture. Her name was Natasha and she taught history at the same high school where Michael and Jessica worked. She was a slim and graceful black woman, always well spoken and elegantly dressed.

She had been a casual friend of Jessica for the last couple of years, ever since her arrival at the school. The two of them had much in common – they were about the same age, and both of them had degrees from prestigious colleges on the east coast – which is why Jessica felt so betrayed to be suddenly on the receiving end of abuse coming from Natasha.

She liked to take Michael and Jessica out to dinner, usually to an upscale restaurant, and the dinner would feel no different than any outing with friends; but afterwards, she would take them back to her place and dominate them over the course of the evening. She liked to begin by having both of them lick her breasts and slowly undress her and kiss her gently all over her body. Eventually, when she would be fully nude, she would have one of them eat her out while the other kissed and kneaded her tits until she reached her first orgasm.

She got progressively harsher with them as the evening went on. After her first orgasm, she would usually wind down by making them lick her feet. They would both be undressed at this point and the sight of a white couple naked and submissively kneeling at her feet would turn her on again before too long.

Her next step was to spank each of them. She was especially hard on Jessica: not content to redden her ass, she enjoyed smacking her on her tits and over her body. Sometimes she slapped her face and made Jessica thank her after each slap. Invariably, she would reduce Jessica to tears by the time she was finished.

Natasha had a bit of a sadistic streak. She had to trade favors with Shawn in order to get the white couple to herself for the evening: besides taking over some of his teaching duties at the school, she had to blow him a couple of times – sometimes in his car, sometimes in the janitor's closet during recess – for each evening she had with Michael and Jessica.

She did not enjoy these blowjobs. Shawn was too crude and low-class for her taste. His crass remarks were disgusting and the way he called her "his bitch" as she sucked his dick made her tremble with rage. When she did finally get Michael and Jessica as her slaves for an evening, she was determined to make to indulge all of her desires as far as it took her.

She enjoyed spanking Michael as well. She would have him over her lap, delivering harsh hits to his ass until it turned red. He had to thank her after each hit, just like his wife. With her other hand, she would reach beneath him and gently massage his balls. Eventually, he would come and gush his sperm all over her knees even as she spanked him.

She had gotten a variety of strapons of different sizes and fucked both Michael and Jessica with them each evening. She was satisfied to see that, no matter how much she abused the couple each evening, they would never leave before each had orgasmed several times.

It was easy to make Jessica come: after the spanking was over but not before Jessica stopped crying, Natasha would take the biggest strap-on in her collection and fuck Jessica doggy style. The dildo would rub against her clit as she thrust her loins to slide it in and out of Jessica, and she would repeat the motion until she reached an orgasm. Jessica sometimes begged her to stop – it was an awfully big dildo – but she ignored her. It always worked: eventually, no matter how much she begged her to stop, Jessica would squirt and tremble in orgasm.

With Michael, she would begin slowly. At first, she slid a finger in and out of his ass as she masturbated him. Then a finger became two, and then a small dildo. Eventually, she would fuck him with a strap-on as well, a smaller one. She enjoyed the feeling of dominating him, of having him be a slave to his pleasure.

She would reward him by letting him fuck her afterwards. She enjoyed it. Michael was the sort of man she had always found attractive and size was not everything. Besides, it had made Jessica visibly jealous each time, and she enjoyed that.

Sometimes she would push Jessica's buttons by making her suck on Michael's balls as Natasha rode his dick. She enjoyed the feelings of hurt and anger this seemed to provoke, but they all knew that Jessica had no choice but to comply: given the material Shawn had, the white couple had to do what he told them, and he had loaned them out to Natasha for the night.

When she felt herself reach the last orgasm she could have that evening, she liked to have them make love to each other in front of her. It didn't look the same as when she had fucked them: they would do it slowly and passionately, and there would genuine caring in the way they touched each other, in the way they looked each other in the eyes.

She felt sorry for them, though she was glad to have the opportunity to live out her fantasies. It was clear that Shawn was slowly expanding their boundaries, pushing them to do things they never considered. If he was loaning them out to her to use as she wished, soon he would be forcing them to engage in even more degrading acts. How would it end for them? She shook her head thinking about it. Despite all the abuse she regularly heaped on them, she genuinely liked them; and she could only hope that their love was strong enough to endure what was coming.

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by Anonymous

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by chrissy209/23/18

the psycology of control

I really enjoyed this and of course Shawn was very powerful .The way in which he picked up on the need so both was great I want sorry for them at all because they wanted it

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by Zephyr3311/22/17

dried up?

I'm guessing you've sort of exhausted your supply of direction for this story. What do you think about this: Shawn's blackmail was just a way for him to expose the couple to the fantasies they alreadymore...

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