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Michael's Search


Michael Fielding was a strange duck his peers all agreed. He had manners, a superior intelligence, could think on his feet, analyze a problem and decide on a course of action faster than anyone they knew. He was handsome, fit and had that something that caused men to follow his lead and women to flock to his side. He was the man many other men liked but hated at the same time. Mike was not a bad boy but he had that self confident attitude, that little something that made women decide HE was the one or at least the one for right now. Women flocked to his side and almost begged him to take them to bed—or a car or stock room or anywhere just so long as he took them. Other, lesser mortal men could only grimace and take his rejects.

Michael was not a predator, he was an honorable man but he was a man. Like other young men he wanted, he needed, he searched for sex and hopefully love. He did not move in on other men's women but just by being in the same room with them they seemed to pay their men less attention. Many times he had to gently remind women they were with another man and were paying too much attention to him. He never knowingly "took" or moved in on a woman who was married or in a relationship. In fact a time or two he dropped a woman he was with when he found out she had taken up with him while she was still in a committed relationship. He was once heard to tell a woman who had done this "I believe in fidelity to your partner. I am a one woman man and I expect my woman to be a one man woman. I demand honor, ethics, kindness and consideration from my friends and from my lovers. If it is over, end it then move on but never, never will I accept anyone who is in a relationship and begins dating me while her other man still thinks they are exclusive."

Michael had told the woman that while she was surrounded by her friends. When he left her she was running after him begging him to reconsider. She cried out, "But Mike, I needed to date you first to find out if you were a better choice before I told Jason. You're the one I choose. PLEASE come back."

Mike stopped, turned to her and said, "I'm sorry but I just can't do that. I'm not built that way. When we started dating I understood you were not in a relationship. You lied to me and to your boyfriend. How do I know you won't do the same thing to me? The trust is broken but truthfully, I was beginning to think dating you was a bad idea before I found out about this. You were always too eager to flirt and to run around evenings without me. When I marry I want a woman who wants to spend her life with me, not just live with me and be with me when she can't find anything more interesting to do."

All her friends gathered around her and made comments to each other about how much an asshole Mike was. One wrapped her arms around the crying woman and led her toward the restroom. She said, "Come on Honey. Forget about him. He's just another Navy Asshole. You can do lots better than him. I don't think Kevin knows you've been seeing Mike. I'm sure you can get back with him."

Michael was different in other ways also. While he was not personally rich his family was and he stood to inherit significant wealth in the future. The family expected each young member to stand on their own two feet, to obtain an education, a position, a life, based on their own abilities. That many of the members of the family at least started their working life in the military was a well known and respected fact. The name was known for miles around the small southwest Missouri town they called home. Their family name was also well known in the Army and to a lesser degree in the Navy.

Just the relationship helped the young succeed and for Michael it was no different. What was different for him was the path he chose for success and the criteria he used in selecting his path in life. First off Michael chose the Navy over the Army when he went to college and got his commission through Navy ROTC. He became one of the approximately fifteen percent of his family to go into the Navy instead of the Army. His other criteria for success, for living his life resulted in his career choice. Even before he left active duty in the Navy he became known as a hatchet man, one it did not pay to cross. Like many of his family members he had studied business in college taking a degree in Management. He then was selected for the Supply Corps in the Navy where he further refined his skills. His last Navy posting had been as Supply Department Head on an Aegis Guided Missile Cruiser.

Michael, like many other young men enjoyed the hunt. He was constantly on the lookout for "the one". He had seen many relationships over the years and used his above average brain to analyze them; sifting thoughts through his head until he had his picture of the perfect female, the one he wanted to marry and live his life with. He had watched his family and friend's marriages and romances. In his view his Great Grandfather had a marginally successful relationship. He had seen him and his Great Grandmother together and felt the slight tension. He could see there was only minimal trust. As he aged he found out the reason—his Great Grandmother Ann had cheated and they divorced only to remarry years later. He wondered if that had been wise. He wondered if they had ever had the kind of love he and others wanted.

In Michael's opinion his Father Jeffery and Mother Abigail and his Uncle Charles and Aunt Amanda had the type relationship he wanted. They did not live in each other's pocket but each and every action, each decision any of them made was taken only after considering how it would affect their spouse. They all tried to minimize time away from their spouse and actually seemed unhappy when they were separated for more than a few hours. Their work was more unpleasant because of the enforced separation. Their faces would light up and they would stand straighter even after an exhausting day as soon as they came within sight of their spouse. Touch was important to the two couples; they were demonstrative in their love but NEVER lewd and NEVER made inappropriate public displays. You could see the sexuality, the lust and desire simmering under the surface however. THAT was what Michael was waiting for, what his whole body was crying out for. Oh, sure, he had some short romances and many sexual flings but he had only once come close to finding his match.


Michael Fielding rolled from his bed when the alarm rang. Duty called once again. This day would be a milestone of sorts. It was a Friday and in addition to being a workday it was also the day he would be promoted to full Lieutenant, Supply Corps, USN.

When he threw the covers back on the bed he inadvertently hit the hips of a very beautiful female lying beside him. Tamara moaned and said, "GOD, can't you be a little quieter and more careful in the morning? This is the third time this week you've wakened me getting out of bed."

Mike grinned and leaned down to kiss the tussled head peering over a shoulder at him. "Sorry Honey. I don't mean to but you know I have to get up and to the ship by 0630. I try, I really do." He gazed at the beautiful sight of her bedhead and the gentle swell of her exposed breasts. Her nipples were hard little pebbles and he wanted nothing more than to crawl back into bed with her for a morning romp. He knew he didn't have time for that however so gave her one more admiring glance before he got on with his day's business.

Mike stood and then said, "Don't forget, formation is at 1300 today and you need to be there at least by 1130 if you're going to dine with us." He looked worried and continued, "You are still coming aren't you?" He looked at the pout on Tammy's face and read her feelings like she had spoken them. All she really wanted was for him to go away and leave her alone so she could go back to sleep. She habitually stayed up late and slept until nearly noon since she had been laid off from her last job. Her whole attitude screamed at him that she could care less. He wondered why he had thought this time might be different and quietly sighed. He was afraid their relationship was on its last legs.

Tamara sighed and said, "Of course I am dummy. I don't really look forward to all the rigmarole and climbing all over your dirty ship but I will be there for my man's promotion."

Mike frowned at her response. He knew there were many ways for clothing to become soiled on the ship. It probably wouldn't happen to Tam however because she would not be anywhere near the dirtier areas. He had tried in the past to give her a tour and she had declined. Mike knew some of the Navy's traditions were sort of silly but it was expected of a spouse or seriously significant other to be there for his or her sailor at certain functions. They were in port and this was promotion day ergo Tammy should be there for him since they were engaged. He felt once more her reluctance, almost resentment of the required social obligation to be there and it bothered him. Truthfully, in the last two months there had been several instances when he became worried about his relationship with Tamara.

When they had first met she had been like many other women and had almost rushed to his side. He was prepared to treat her like he did most women; with courtesy and respect but aloofness also. Even at first glance he had categorized Tamara as a party girl, high maintenance. She had been the pursuer for the first couple of months of their relationship. Every time they were in the same place together whether she was with someone or not she made a point of stopping and talking to him, touching him repeatedly to emphasize her points. She was flirty and made a full court press whenever she was able to get near Mike.

As he showered, Mike thought back to the beginning of his and Tamara's relationship. He was comparing his feelings then and now. He stopped soaping his under arm as the thought hit him. Tamara was displaying the same indifference now that he had seen at the party where they had first met. He had seen her enter the Officer's Club with a Lieutenant from the base and remembered how she acted. She had almost immediately begun casting around the room as if looking for someone. When their eyes met he had been mesmerized by her smile and felt his heart lurch when her gaze lingered on him before moving on. He remembered how she had licked her lips as if she could almost taste him.

It had only taken about ten minutes before Tammy had managed to walk near him and once again catch his gaze with hers. She was supposedly on her way to the Ladies room but she had not taken the most direct course. On her return she had once more walked past him, this time gently brushing him as she passed. When they touched she jumped as if in shock and turned to him. Her eyes were round and she stammered out an apology.

Mike grinned and assured her it was no problem. They introduced themselves and she drove the conversation. He had no memory of how long they talked but it must have been some time because her date came looking for her. When he walked up to them his face showed anger. He was not terribly mollified when Tammy explained why they were talking but seemed to accept it. Quickly thereafter he held her arm and guided her away from Mike. Even at the time Mike thought he was rougher than he needed to be.

After that evening Mike found himself thinking about Tammy. He remembered she had said she was there with a friend. She had never indicated the LT was her boyfriend. He remembered how much fun she was to talk to and how beautiful she had been. From time to time while out on the town he had seen her. Sometimes she was with several female friends, sometimes with the LT she had came to the party with, other times with another man.

A couple of times his friends told him she was asking about him. She wanted to know who he was, where he was from, his education and likes and dislikes. She made it known to his friends she was very interested in Michael. After he did a very little research on his own he decided she had been telling him the truth and she and the LT were just friends. Her girlfriends had told him she dated around and didn't have a steady boyfriend. They told him she was still looking for Mr. Right. Michael made his decision. He would give her a try. She was the most exciting woman he had seen or talked to for several months. The next time they met and talked she laid her hand on his forearm to emphasize a point. Michael felt himself harden. He decided to go for it and asked her for a date. She accepted and they were off.

The romance was hot, exciting and they seemed very well matched for a while. After Tammy agreed to move in with him though it seemed to Mike as if their romance began to sour. He found Tammy moody many evenings. She began to complain they didn't go out enough. She was unhappy with the way their social life was going. She began to run around with her friends alone at night more often. After several months she would receive a phone call and immediately walk from the room to take it. On those instances she talked softly. Mike felt as if since they were now exclusive they should spend the majority of their non work time together. Tammy thought she should be free to bar hop with her single friends two or three nights a week. Now Mike was beginning to wonder if he was seeing a repeat of what had happened when he and Tammy hooked up.

Later that day Mike was called to the Quarterdeck to escort Tammy to the Wardroom where his promotion was to take place. She seemed underwhelmed and was extremely careful not to soil her short thin summer dress. Mike was disappointed in her attire. When she stood in front of the sun her dress was translucent. She looked as if she was trolling for a man instead of celebrating her man's promotion. Her dress was totally inappropriate for this type ceremony and Mike made a mental note to tell her when they got home. He would have to talk to her about the proper way for Officer's women to dress.

After the ceremony there were hors d'oeuvres and non alcoholic drinks. There had been three officers promoted this day so the small reception continued for a couple of hours. The wardroom was very crowded. To Mike's chagrin Tamara spent a lot more time than he thought appropriate visiting with his brother officers. She spent a minimal amount of time with the women and married officers and the majority of her time flirting with unmarried ones. She seemed especially interested in the Chief Engineer (CHENG) who was a Lieutenant Commander. Mike was once again reminded of the day he met Tammy. He found himself moving to her and demanding she accompany him away to visit with his friends and the married folks in a different part of the wardroom. Tammy gave him a frown and he saw the Chief Engineer smirk as they departed the area he and Tammy had been in.

Three days later the engagement came to an end. Tammy was supposed to be with her friends from work once again. Supposedly they were going to a baby shower. He decided since Tammy was not going to be home he would stop at one of the local clubs for a drink and meal. His brother officers kept raving about the food served and the reasonable prices. Since he had not felt like going home, cooking and eating alone Mike went out of his way to try the place. He intended to take Tammy there if it was as good as he had been told.

Mike was sitting at the bar eating his admittedly very good meal when he heard Tammy's unmistakable giggle then her voice was raised in that playful way of talking she had. Mike turned from the bar and his meal to search out the sound. He finally saw Tammy, the Chief Engineer and one of the other Surface Warfare officers and his girlfriend in a dark booth in the rear corner of the building. Tammy was leaning on the Chief Engineer looking up at his face with a look of adoration as she fed him an appetizer.

Michael felt an instant surge of anger and stood without thinking. He had taken two steps toward the two couples intending to hit the Chief Engineer when reason returned. His situation was not the same as it would have been in civilian life. There if he fought in a bar he might be prosecuted and fined or given a suspended sentence. If he fought with the Chief Engineer who was a Lieutenant Commander he would be sent to prison and kicked out of the Navy for striking a superior officer and perhaps for Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and Gentleman.

Mike stopped and took a picture instead with his cell phone. Over the course of the evening Mike made several more pictures, some of which were very lewd. The Chief Engineer actually took Tammy to his car and screwed her in the back seat like a teenager. Mike got some pictures of that. Unfortunately, the flash of the camera alerted the couple and he barely made his getaway. He was not sure if he had been recognized or not.

Mike barely made it home before Tammy. He had just gotten into the shower when she rushed in. "Honey I'm home. Where are you," she caroled as she came into the bedroom.

Mike stuck his head out of the shower and said, "Where do you think I am Tam? Surely you can hear the shower cant you? You're home pretty late aren't you?"

Tammy looked guilty and stammered, "Uh, yeah I suppose. We just got to talking and having such a good time we all lost track of the hour. I'm sorry honey. We got to drinking and partying and before we knew it we were late."

Mike said nothing more, just pulled his head back into the shower and finished. As he walked toward the bed he said, "Well, it's late and I have duty tomorrow. I have to be in earlier than usual and I need to sleep. We'll talk more Wednesday when I get home."

Tammy sighed to herself and rapidly walked into the master bath. She was sure if it had been Mike or one of his friends watching her and Charlie that he would have been angry and yelling when she came home. She was going to have to be more careful in the future. She didn't want to mess up with Mike until she was sure she had Charlie convinced he wanted her. She might even marry him if he asked. She had been scared she would have to settle for a mere LT. Charlie was the most senior officer she had been able to snag in almost two years of trying. She would have ignored Mike except her research had turned up his connection to several senior officers. She had also gotten a hint that his family had money so she had made her play for Mike. She was now glad she had gone to Mike's promotion when the Chief Engineer had begun flirting with her. He would be a much better catch if she could snag him.

Tammy washed her pussy especially well in case Mike tried to screw her. She had no intention of letting him but if he played with her she wanted to be as safe as she could be, as sure as possible he would not find Charlie's spend in her. While she was washing herself she smiled and caught herself gently rubbing her clit. Her hips were undulating gently as she remembered her evening. GOD it was sooooo exciting when she found and enticed a new man into her pussy. Doing it in the parking lot with a man Mike knew was just icing on the cake.

The next morning Mike was especially careful not to wake Tammy when he left. He had his phone and the USB cord for it. He had already come up with a plan to exact his revenge on the Commander and Tammy. All it needed was a little bit of luck. The Navy was 'Hell on Wheels' serious about Sexual Harassment, Adultery and other types of improper sexual conduct. Items such as that had been codified in the Uniform Code of Military Justice for years and years but poorly enforced. For the last several years however, the military had been more careful about enforcing those regulations. In spite of his anger and hurt Mike caught himself smiling when he thought of his plan.

At first he was just going to ask to speak with the Executive Officer then lay out what he had discovered. He knew that would work and solve his problem. In fact, that was the proper way to do things but Mike wanted more revenge than that would entail. He knew his plan was not as ethical but he decided this once he was going to be a little unethical. He was hurt too much to do otherwise.

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