tagLoving WivesMichele Ch. 02

Michele Ch. 02


A month went by and the feeling she had when she coupled with Jeff would not go away. Things got better at home. Her and her husband Rich had reconciled and divorce was no longer a subject in their lives. They were happy again; however, she liked the feeling of other men in her life. She had experienced an affair, and wasn't sure she could stop, or if she even wanted to. Rich still didn't satisfy her as often as she wanted, partly due to the fact that he worked long hours, and partly because she had a fire in her that needed constant attention. Little did she know but she was about to be seduced again.

Michele spent most of the days outside in the yard working waiting for Rich to come home. She didn't notice, but another guy who liked what he saw was watching her daily. He drove by again, just to see if she was home, and if she was alone. He's been doing this daily for two weeks, checking for a pattern. Plotting and writing down dates and times when her husband isn't home, therefore knowing when she'll be alone so he can add another mark to his ledger. He goes to the local college, and admission to the fraternity of his choice has a price. He must have sex with at least two different women, and bring back a pair of their panties as proof.

As he drives by her house, he knows that tomorrow is Tuesday and he'll have alone after 10:00 a.m. He knew she'd be the one after the first time he saw her. She was usually outside in the yard working. She was quite good looking with her long brown hair, nice figure, round firm breasts, long legs, and a butt that looked like a heart when she bent over. That was the part he liked best, watching her bend over. Two days ago, he got a double treat when he came by. She was working in the yard and bent over. He saw her firm round ass, and the half shirt she was wearing fell from her form revealing the underside of her soft white breasts all the way up to include her light pink which were erect. He almost lost control of his car upon seeing her that way, and just knew she spotted him when his tires squealed to avoid the neighbor's mailbox.

Tuesday arrived and he knew he'd try to seduce this temptress who was on his mind all week. He got up, showered and shaved, put on a light blue muscle shirt, baggy blue running shorts, and sandals. He grabbed the material that he needed to try and convince her to let him in the house, and left to go to her. While he was driving to her house, he was going through his mind on how he should convince her about the products he was selling, and the method of payment he wanted. When he arrived there, he decided on using the approach they taught him at the frat house. It was a guaranteed winner. As he got out of his car, he looked around and saw that her car was the only one there, and no nosy neighbors' were around to delay or stop his mission.

When he got to the door, he noticed it was opened, and looking through the screen, he saw the front room. He saw both the dining room and the living room. In the living room, he notices a large couch and coffee table with two end tables. He gathered his courage and knocked on the door. After a minute, and no response, he rang the doorbell. He was surprised and pleased when he heard a voice telling him to wait a minute, that she would be right there. He was excited to see her approach the door, for she was wearing a bikini that he thought was made just for her. It was yellow with flower designs all over. He marveled about the way it fit her. Her breasts were nearly spilling out of the top, and the bottoms barely covered her front, and didn't cover her best side. She apologized, saying she was in the back sun bating and asked if she could help him. He said his name was Mike and he was a student at the University trying to get into a Fraternity by selling magazines to local people.

He asked if she would be willing to take a few minutes to listen to him and let him show her what he had. She hesitated a minute, but then replied "All right, I'll listen come on in." She opened the door and he came in. She introduced herself and told him her name was Michele. She asked if he'd like to sit at the table. He paused, looked around, and said that they would probably be more comfortable on the couch. He explained that he hated to sit across from people, and also hated to read upside down. She agreed and left ahead of him towards the couch. Mike closed both doors and watched her walk. He watched her hips sway from side to side, and caught himself staring at her ass, not quite fully covered by her bikini bottoms.

He followed her to the couch and proceeded to sit on the far end. Michele sat in the middle of the couch semi facing him. He opened his briefcase and brought out the material that showed many types of magazines. After exchanging small talk with her to put her at ease and to gain her trust, he started in with his sales pitch. As he explained each magazine, he was careful to emphasize the bargain by placing his hand on her shoulder. He was also careful to remove his hand when he moved on to the next magazine. When he received no hostile reaction from her when he placed his hand on her shoulder, he felt confident to do his next move. He asked Michele if she liked women's magazines. She said she really did. Mike said he had some great ones to pick from. She bent over to look, and he was talking and watching her at the same time.

As she drew forward, he noticed her breasts push against the fabric of her top and he could see her erect nipple strain against the front. He saw as the front of her bikini bottoms bunched up against her pubic mound and revealed a small patch of curly light brown hair. Mike was beginning to believe this too good to be true, so he went further. He kept talking to her, and while making a point about a magazine, this time he placed his hand on her right thigh. He felt the smooth cool skin under his touch, and hoped she wouldn't jerk away. When she didn't, he decided he had to try and go all the way. He asked her if she had any questions. She answered him no in a voice barely above a whisper. He then told her that before he let her know the prices, and the forms of payment, if she would be so kind to get him a glass of water. She said of course, and got up to walk to the kitchen.

Mike watched her every step as she walked away, and could see that the material of her bikini bottoms had crept into her crack and had exposed most of her smooth backside. As she was in the kitchen, he reached into the left leg of his shorts and positioned his semi erect penis along side his left thigh, being careful to have it in a position so that when he moved forward, his shorts would slide up, exposing it. When Michele returned, she gave Mike the water and sat down. He noticed that when she sat down, she sat closer to him, and he knew then that the time was right.

He began explaining the prices to her for each magazine she was interested in. When he got to payment plans, he pointed to each area she liked. As he pointed, she bent forward to look in earnest as he talked. As he explained the first payment plan, he touched her shoulder. When he explained the second payment plan, he touched and rubbed her right thigh. Michele said that right now she couldn't afford to do either of the plans, but she really liked the magazines and would possibly be able to afford them later. Right then, Mike decided to explain his plan. He told her there was a third option for payment, and as he said this, he scooted forward, letting the reddish knob of his dick slip from under his short leg. He explained to her that he could write paid in full on her bill if she would provide him a service. Mike saw that while he was telling her the third option, Michele was no longer looking at the paper, but was staring at the head of his dick which had now turned a more purple color and had grown two times in size since it was now full engorged with blood.

Michele was staring at the sight in front of her, not bothering to look up at him. She saw the thick round head of his penis, and noticed that there a clear drop of cum leaking from the slit on it. She really couldn't believe herself as she could hear herself telling him that she kind of liked the third plan. As she was saying this, she started to lift her head to look at Mike. As she lifted her head, he bent forward and kissed her hard. With his left hand, he pulled up her bikini top, letting her breast spill out, begging for him to touch and squeeze them. With his right hand, he pulled down the band of his shorts, and out popped his full erect dick followed by his heavy hairy balls.

After freeing himself, he reached under the leg band of Michele's bikini bottom and put a finger into her pussy. He could tell instantly that she was very wet and ready to be fucked, so he pulled out his finger, pulled her leg band to one side, pushed her back on the couch with his left hand, opened her legs with his knees and mounted her. He then wrapped his left hand around his thick cock and placed the head of it in her pussy. Once he felt the head enter, he sank himself fully into her moistness, driving himself in to the hilt, taking her breath away. He proceeded to thrust himself fast and hard into her. He kissed her passionately and she kissed him back with as much, if not more passion. When he knew that Michele was beyond the point of no return, he stopped, pulled himself out, pulled her bikini top off, her bottoms off, grabbed the back of her calves, spread her legs wide, and entered her again to the hilt.

Mike thrust faster and faster into her which caused her to buck and push up her hips to meet his downward thrusts. He had thought about protection, but Michele was now at the point that she didn't want him out of her. She now wanted to feel his hot cock, and wanted, no needed the feel of his sperm to help quench the fire he had started. She knew she was on the pill so she wasn't worried about a thing. Mike slammed into her and she was thrusting her hips up so hard that you could hear the smacking as the met. All at once, he started to feel himself let go, and coated her insides with his hot cum which ignited her lust and sparked her orgasm, causing her to scream out, "Ohhhhhh, cum in me. I'm coming, Oh God I'm coming hard! I need it, Please, fuck me!" She was loud enough that Mike thought if he left the door open, everyone in the neighborhood would know that she was being fucked.

Michele was determined to keep him deep in her, so she locked her ankles around his waist as to keep him in the place he was till her orgasm subsided. After they caught their breath, she slid out from under him, kissed him with passion, and excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she left, Mike got up from the couch, put on his shorts and sandals, picked up her bikini bottoms, and put them along with the papers in his briefcase. He wrote paid in full on the bill, and quietly left, vowing to return again to have some more of this.

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