tagLoving WivesMichele's Business Trip Ch. 01

Michele's Business Trip Ch. 01


Well since out little boating adventure I was now actually looking forward to my next business trip since Steve had actually said it would be okay for me to 'slip' while I was away, as long as I gave him all the details. If did 'slip' then I was going to make sure Steve got 'all' the details.

You see what Steve didn't know was that I already had a little honey I was wanting to bed on these trips. I was just a little nervous about it and didn't want to hurt the marriage.

Whenever I went on these trips, there was always a spark between Robert and I. Sometimes my pussy would literally just twitch like crazy in meetings, especially if he gave me one of his looks. You know the kind of look. The look that says, 'I wanna suck on your nipples and lick your tits until you are screaming to cum.' or the look that says, 'I wanna slide my hot hard fuck stick into your hot buttery pussy.'

Anyway that is the effect he had on me and if I am not mistaken, he had a nice little bulge between his legs that I swear would twitch when he was looking at me, especially if I was wearing a short skirt. I think I found myself spreading my knees a little bit so he might be able to able to get a glimpse of my thong-covered pussy. Maybe this time I won't wear panties at all to the meetings. See my mind is working already.

Yep, I plan on getting me some strange dick on this trip. I will have at least a drink so that I can tell Steve I drank a little too much and fucked up (or is that just fucked). While I am 'slipping' maybe I should slip the hot hard cock into my mouth and milk Robert that way also. I think Steve would like hearing about how I sucked another man's cock. Maybe Steve would like to know that another man's tongue had been in his wife's shaved pussy. I am already getting wet thinking about this. Damn there's another thought, maybe I could roll over on my stomach and lift my ass in the air and let Robert eat my pussy and ass from behind. Let him spread my cheeks and bury his face in my ass as he rims my butt hole with his tongue. I think hubs would love to hear about that. Maybe to be sure I will tell him a nasty story in bed tonight to see how he reacts to it.


Later that evening Michele fixed Steve one of his favorite meals, Rib eye, baked potato and salad. Along with that she chilled some of their favorite wine.

After that was planned, Michele had to decide what to wear. While the dinner would set the romantic scene, the clothing would be the lure to get Steve horny for her later interlude and hopefully put Steve in the mood for a hot and nasty story about his wife.

Michele decided that she would wear her thin lacy black bra and matching thong panties. Along with that she would wear her black thigh high stockings and a pair of comfortable high heels. To top the outfit out of she would wear her white almost transparent blouse, which should do well with the contrast of her black bra. Giving Steve and 'Big Boy' something to look at and think about during dinner. To finish off the outfit would be her short red skirt. She knew Steve really like the way it hugged her ass and if the truth were told so did Michele. She knew she always turned heads when she wore the skirt.

When Steve got home from work, he was a little tired but not tired enough to notice how Michele was dressed and how the dinning room table was set up. The first thing out of Steve's mouth was, Wow! You look fricking hot!'

'Why thank you kind sir, it was something I threw together at the last minute; I was hoping the it would suit your taste.'

Steve approached Michele with arms open for a hug and kiss. The kiss started out very innocent but ended up being a dueling of their tongues as Steve slowly moved his hands down Michele's back until he reached her bunns. As he cupped her ass in his hands he could tell she either didn't have any panties on or a thong. He pulled her into his groin and Michele could feel 'Big Boy' starting to work on his mating move, so she wiggled a little closer. She knew that at least were starting off right.

They then broke their embrace and Michele told Steve to go shower up before dinner. As he left Michele said, 'Maybe to really relax you should just put on a robe,' and winked.

While Steve showered Michele busied herself with the meal preparation and completion. About the time Michele heard the shower stop, the potatoes were finishing in the oven and the steaks were about to come off the indoor grill. As suggested Steve came down in his robe.

When he entered the room, Michele's back was to him and his first view of her was her magnificent ass. He loved to watch the way it moved in that skirt. Always got 'Big Boy' twitching and tonight was not exception. He moved up to her from behind and pushed his semi-hard cock against her ass and grabbed a hold of her hips then rotated his pelvis creating the desired friction of his cock against her ass. Michele groaned and pushed her ass back and said 'well I see Big Boy is feeling a little frisky tonight', and then wiggled her ass against Steve's slowly hardening cock.

Michele said to Steve, 'Get you butt over to the table and get ready to eat.' Steve moved to the table and sat down say over his shoulder with a smirk on his face, 'What I want to eat was ready a little while ago, I believe'.

Michele brought the steaks and then the salad bowl and finally the baked potatoes over to the table. As Michele leaned into the table to put the potatoes down, Steve took his hand and slid it up the back of Michele's leg rubbing up and down gently. Michele whose pussy was already soaking from her earlier thoughts of getting some strange dick almost buckled at the knees from the touch.

Michele reach down to hold herself up by placing her hands on the table and cooing as her eyes closed thinking nasty thoughts. When she recovered a little she reached down and started to rub Steve's now hard man meat. 'Mmmmm' she hummed, 'maybe dinner won't be as long as I thought'. Michele looked at Steve still rubbing his crotch and said, 'Looks like I am gonna have more than rib eye steak tonight, tube steak looks like it might be on the menu also.'

Michele looked at Steve with puppy dog eyes and said in a sultry voice, 'Does Big Boy want a little pussy tonight, huh, babe. Maybe more than just a little. How bad does Big Boy wanna fuck my hot wet pussy?' The whole time she was rubbing Steve's cock through his robe, teasing it harder.

Steve with eyes closed says, 'Oh yeah, hon, Big Boy sure does want that hot wet little box of yours. But you have to tell me what has got you so hot this evening? You haven't been this hot since we went boating.'

Michele said, 'Well to tell you the truth I had some really naughty thoughts today about being a bad girl and my pussy has been twitching ever since. If you are a good boy and eat all your supper, I just might tell you about them later.'

With that Michele let go of Big Boy and sat down. It was then that Steve noticed how transparent Michele's blouse was. He could now see her nipples encased in the black bra through her blouse. He could tell how aroused they were by how hard they looked. He reached over and gently pinched one nipple and then the other making the harder and also making Michele squirm in her seat as she started to eat.

As they were eating Michele let one of her shoes of her foot and crossed her legs making sure that her nylon encased foot was rubbing up and down Steve's leg as they ate. She slowly moved her foot higher up Steve's thigh until it was resting on his now rock hard cock. That is when Michele discovered Steve's little secret. Steve had purchase a male g-string a few months back but had never worn it. Well tonight apparently was the night. The thought of seeing Steve's dick and balls being held in the that little sack actually got her even more excited as she continued to give him a foot job under the table.

After the finished dinner and their wine Michele got up to clean the table off. Each trip she un-did a few buttons of her blouse until when she returned to the table the last time her blouse was open and her bra and tits were on display for Steve.

As she approached the table a little less than an arm's length way Steve told her to turn around. She didn't know why but she did. When she did he unzipped the back of her skirt and then she wiggled her ass to get it to fall to the floor around her feet.

As she stood there she leaned a little forward making her ass protrude out at Steve's face. His eyes were glued to the thin strip of material that disappeared between her butt cheeks. Leaning forward he kissed each ass cheek and rubbed them with his hands.

Michele had her eyes closed as she was enjoying her butt getting massaged. Then from out of nowhere...'SMACK'. Her eyes shot open confused and her butt stinging a little bit. Then she heard Steve say, 'Stand next to the table and lean forward!'

As Michele moved to the table, not sure what Steve was going to do, she place her high heeled feet on the floor in front of the table and leaned a little forward. Steve said, 'Spread 'em farther apart.' Michele spread her feet about two feet apart then the command came. 'Now lean all the way forward.'

Her thigh high nylons, shoes and thong was all that Steve could see as he slowly moved up behind her and sat in his chair staring at her ass.

'Now what should happen to a nasty wife who is having thoughts during the day hot enough to make her pussy soaking wet?' Steve asked.

'Nothing,' Michele responded, 'so long as she tells her husband about it.' Steve told Michele, 'I think that this hot wet pussy I am looking at right now isn't thinking that way. I think your pussy would love to have a hard wet tongue in it right now. I want you to reach back and spread your ass for me.'

Michele reached behind her and grabbed her cheeks and slowly spread them apart expose her hidden g-string to Steve's eyes. He leaned closer and slowly started to slide his tongue from her panty cover pussy up to the top of her ass crack, taking his time both around her cunt slit and her butt hole tickling both with the tip of his tongue. Slowly moving back and forth the natural line of the butt to her pussy. This was driving Michele crazy with lust. Finally he asked her what she was thinking about that made her so horny.

Michele said, "I'll tell you later tonight!' 'You should tell me know,' Steve said. Then he slowly pulled her g-string to the side and started tonguing her pussy slit and clit. Lapping at her pussy like a dog in heat he continue to press about what she was thinking about. She wouldn't give him her nasty thoughts from earlier. Finally he slid his tongue up to her asshole and started to probe her ass.

While this sent her even higher, she still would not give up the information. Finally Steve thought he would try one last thing to try and get her to talk. Slowly he slid his middle finger into her pussy while he continued to eat her ass. He new Michele always like this and thought that he might finally have her where he wanted but she continue to resist. Hard as a rock and frustrated that he could not get her to talk he tried one more thing.

He took his thumb from his right hand and slowly inserted it into her pussy to get it wet while still eating her butt. When he was satisfied it was wet enough he pulled it out and slowly slid it into her ass, replacing his tongue. This drove Michele up the wall with lust and made her cum hard enough that there were tears in her eyes from the pleasure.

He thought he finally had her, but she resisted once again. It was then that Steve realized that he would have to resolve himself to waiting for later to hear the story. Michele's orgasm had worn her out and all she did was lay on the table with a contented smile on her face.

She finally turned to Steve and told him, 'I told you I wouldn't tell you until later'. With that Steve gave her a playful slap on the ass and said okay.

To be continued...

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