I rolled into Bakersfield without anything resembling a plan. They had refused me at the U.S. border and I was headin' north, feelin' completely lost. I had no friends in this world, no family to speak of, no trade; nothin'.

I decided to shack-up at some cheap motel until I got my head together. I remembered seeing a Pizza Hut on my way into town, which I went to and applied for a job as a waiter at right away. But knowing that that wouldn't be enough to pay my bills with, I also applied at the big Safeway supermarket. I got the Pizza Hut job the same day, and a couple days later, the Safeway job.

I met Michelle at Pizza Hut. She was a hostess there, a cute, flirty, intelligent brunette... real cute, but too young I thought. And besides, I was too mixed up in the head to get involved with anyone just then. Maybe once I'd settled in and got my shit together a little more. But she came to work a few days later wearing thick black eyeliner, I thought for my benefit, and I was spellbound by her remarkable beauty. She had extremely fair skin, and sometimes she'd wear these nerdy-looking, dark thickly-rimmed glasses which I found so sexy on her. She was a real cock-tease, she looked like jailbait. But she was also real sweet, and I just couldn't help genuinely taking a shine to her.

She told me how she was a Master Corporal in the Air Cadets, which was obviously intriguing. And she was the singer for a punk rock band called The Flamingoes. Here was no ordinary girl.

It turned out that she was 18 after all, and had just broken up with her boyfriend, also, I thought, for my benefit. But I was too shy and feeling mixed up to make any advances towards her.

One day on my way home from a shift at Safeway, I met her walking by herself going the other way. I was in my work uniform of black dress pants, black dress shoes, and a white collared shirt. Since it was sunny, I had on sunglasses. She was in short jean overalls with a T-shirt underneath, had on running shoes, sunglasses, had earphones on and was eating a vanilla ice cream cone. She smiled brightly when she saw me.

"Hi, Mark!"

"Hi..." She was the most beautiful thing I'd seen since I'd broken up with Caroline about 3 years ago.

"Where you goin'?" she asked.

"I live just up here. What're you up to?"

"Nothin', I'm just taking a walk. Mind if I walk with you for a while?"

"No, please do."

We walked on together, and she said, leaning back to look at me, "You know, your butt looks pretty good in those pants..."

"Yeah?" I said nervously, "So does yours in those pants..."

"Thanks!" she said, and licked her ice cream.

"You want to see where I live?" I asked, "It's just up here..."

"Sure," she said so naturally, so confidently. Was she attracted to me? Or had I just been imagining it all along? The way things went, I was soon to find out...

I remembered something else- a mini crisis! I figured it would serve to test her open-mindedness as well, so I had to ask, nervously, "I hope you don't mind if there are any porn-mags lying around... I may have left one or two out..."

"That's fine," she said without the slightest hesitation, "I don't have anything against girls who do that, although I wouldn't want to, myself..." I figured she may have been considering that I was some sort of porn-photographer whose web she thought she might be walking into. What a relief! She seemed so open-minded, frank and mature... My attraction and lust for her were only growing the more I learned about this pale skinned beauty.

"Here we are," I said leading her through the parking lot, past my van, and opening the door to my room.

Inside, to my relief, were no porn-mags which I had genuinely worried I may have left out, but my backpack and guitar on one bed, and nothing on the other bed, which was where I slept.

"Oh, it's not so bad," she commented, taking her earphones out and accidentally dropping some vanilla ice cream onto her T-shirt on her breast.

"Want a cloth?" I said right away.

"Nah, it's OK," she said, as she lifted her T-shirt to her mouth and sucked the spilt ice cream right off, clean.

My mind was making obscene connections, which I shied away from for fear of being a rude man. Little did I know, she wouldn't have minded...

I bid her have a seat, and said that I'd go change out of my work clothes in the bathroom.

"Oh, it's ok, you can change right here; I have a brother, and I'm used to seeing guys get changed."

This was somewhat a moment of truth. I plucked up my courage, shrugged, and lifted my shirt up over my head. Michelle starred at my bare, tattooed torso, apparently unafraid. I smiled awkwardly as I took off my shoes and began undoing my pants... I hoped that my dick wouldn't be too hard, show through my boxers, and cause us any embarrassment. But again, she wouldn't have minded, although I didn't know it at the time...

I noticed her give a little gasp as I took my pants down and pulled them off over my feet. I popped my socks off both of my feet as well.

Should I get dressed immediately? Cover myself back up? Or maybe... just maybe...

I looked over at her and she was starring at me, smiling... My heartbeat was quickening, and my dick was getting much harder than I'd have liked; it lifted my boxers up and was very obvious to see.

"You look good... very good," she said smiling.

"So do you... I mean... with your clothes on, of course. I mean, I'm sure you look even better with them off, but... you don't have them off right now... obviously... but if you wanted to... that would be alright... I mean, it's up to you..." I was so nervous, I couldn't speak very well.

Michelle smiled. She could have shot me down right there, but she didn't.

"You want me to take my clothes off?" she asked gently, in mock-shock. The suspense was unbearable; I really wasn't sure which way the situation was going to go...

"Hang on..." she said as she went and put her ice cream cone into the sink, sat back down and took off her shoes.

"You can sit down, you know." Up to that point I'd been standing in the middle of the room, my dick making a tent out of my boxers.

I sat down and watched her strip, my heart pounding.

She slowly undid the bib of her overalls, slid them down her legs past her feet and onto the floor. That left her in just her white socks, violet colored thong, white T-shirt and pink bra.

"You look amazing..." I ventured.

She smiled as she pulled her T-shirt off up over her head.

My dick was as hard as rock... I wanted to fuck her so bad, but not at the expense of the friendship we were developing.

She popped her socks off of each of her feet, then reached behind herself and undid her bra.

Her breathing was heavy as she looked at me, took off her bra and dropped it onto the bed beside her... Her pale tits spilled out and hung high on her chest; they were beautiful and ample, her pink nipples hardening in the open air...

"Well," she said calmly, but breathing heavily, "now we're even..." and smiled at me.

She was so wonderful, I couldn't believe my good luck. I hadn't had a woman for so long...

"May I?" she asked, as she slowly came forwards onto her knees in front of me. "Mmmm! What's this?" she teased brushing my erect dick through my boxers with her fingers... My cock couldn't have been any harder...

"Michelle... you are fucking hot, you know that?"

"Thanks," she said modestly, and leaned up to kiss me.

Our mouths met and electricity shot straight into me- straight to my dick- through her lovely tongue... Her mouth was so soft, wet and delicious, I could almost have cum right then and there...

Then she gently took the waistline of my boxers and peeled them down my legs, and off past my feet, freeing my dick into the air.

I sat with my legs apart a little bit as she held my dick in her hand and slowly enveloped its head with her warm, wet mouth and started sucking me... Bliss! She looked up at me, smiling with her big green eyes, as she slid her soft pink lips up and down the length of my shaft, sucking me hard, and playing with the underside of my dick inside her mouth with her tongue. I let out a sigh of pleasure as the beautiful teen gave me head kneeling there on the floor between my legs. She caressed my balls with her fingers as she worked my cock with her mouth.

I gently grabbed her hair and pulled her face into me as she face-fucked my shaft.

"Michelle, let's 69; I wanna return the favor..." I said breathing hard.

"Ok!" she said, sounding about 15 years old. She was bubbly and sexy and any man's dream come true.

She peeled off her thong revealing a gorgeous, completely waxed smooth pussy, and an unbelievably gorgeous, shapely ass.

"Oh my god- your pussy's gorgeous!" I said, spellbound, to which she giggled modestly.

I lay on the bed on my back and she climbed on top of me, straddling my face with her thighs. I felt her hot wet mouth close around my hard dick and start sucking it again, hard.

I looked up at her sweet pussy and asshole just inches from my face. I reached up on either side of her thighs, grabbed her soft shapely ass cheeks, one in each hand, spread her ass-cheeks wide apart, and stared at her gorgeous, totally waxed smooth, sexy fucking holes. I brought my mouth up to her pussy, and began licking out her sweet pink love-hole. She was dripping wet as I licked and played with her pussy and clit with my tongue, my nose was nearly pressed right up her asshole. The whole time she was sucking my dick hard and working my balls.

Whimpers of pleasure escaped her lips which were wrapped around my shaft as I ate her out. She fucked her pussy hard onto my face as I slid my tongue as deep as I could up her cunt. I even ventured to tease her asshole slightly with my fingers as I licked her wet pink-flower. I could feel her cunt-hole dilating in arousal, preparing itself for a big cock... my lucky big cock.

Finally, her lips slid off of my dick and she said breathily, jerking my shaft with her hand, "Let's fuck!"

"I thought you'd never ask..." I said as I flipped her over onto her back on the bed, her long, slender pale legs spread wide open, her smooth pussy self-parting in between them, drooling for my cock. I leaned forwards and kissed her beautiful mouth as she guided my hard dick into her tight young snatch with her hand... Ecstasy! I slid it up inside her about half way with my hips, savoring the hot, snug, wet, velvety walls of her smooth teen fuck-hole...

She was moaning in bliss through our kiss, and gripped my ass pulling me into her. My dick slid the rest of the way up inside her to its root; it was heavenly! I could feel her pussy muscles clamping down around my dick deep inside her. I reached down, still kissing her, and grabbed her ass-cheeks from either side pulling them apart as I slid my rod all the way in and out of her sweet, wet hole. She spread her legs wide open to the max, taking my cock like a real horny slut.

I took one of her boobs in my mouth and sucked it as I fucked her cunt. I reached down and slid a finger, lubed up from her own juices, up her tight little brown-hole, hoping she wouldn't mind, but caught up in the moment and unable to resist.

"Yes!" she breathed, cupping her hand on top of my hand that had a finger up her bum and pressing it harder, deeper up into her ass... "Don't stop!"

We fucked like that for some time before she said, "I want you to fuck me from behind..."

I pulled out and she got onto all fours on the bed, arching her back and thrusting out her gorgeous, sweaty teen ass for me to fuck.

"Oh baby- you look so fucking good, Michelle..." I said as I grabbed her ass-cheeks spreading them apart, and placed my cock onto the opening of her sweet pussy.

"Fuck me!" she moaned, bucking back, her pussy enveloping my cock, and I began to thrust in and out of her.

Her long brown hair hung down around her shoulders as I plowed repeatedly into her sweet cunt from behind. She was moaning the whole time now, and reaching back between her legs to play with my balls as I fucked her sweet teen hole.

After some time she asked breathily, with just the slightest hint of uncertainty, "You wanna fuck my ass?"

"Fuck yes, baby!" I said, immediately pulling out and sliding two fingers up her ass to loosen her up. "Suck my cock as I loosen up your asshole, baby," I said, keeping my fingers up her ass, and moving in front of her so she could suck my dick. She sucked it hard and fast, my fingers wiggling and sliding deep up her butt, preparing it for my cock..

"Is that massage oil?" she asked indicating some baby oil I'd had on the nightstand for jerking myself off with. "...You wanna oil me up?"

"Sure! Where do you want the oil?" I asked.

"Wherever you want, baby; all over me if you want to." she answered horny and smiling.

She continued sucking my dick as I poured oil copiously all over her back and ass, rubbing it in as I went, all over her tits and belly, her arms and legs, rubbing it all over her evenly...

"Holy shit, Michelle... You look so fucking good!" I said spellbound at the beyond-sexy teen angel sitting naked glistening there before me.

She turned away from me on all fours again, reached underneath herself and spread open her pussy lips with her fingers, and said, "Shove it up my ass, stud..."

I slathered oil onto her asshole, placed my dick onto the brown little opening, and pressed forwards slightly, the tip of my cock ever-so-slightly entering her. She let out a moan. I could feel her sphincter relax, and I slid my whole tip up inside her. I gave her a moment to relax, then slowly slid my dick about half way up her ass, and began gently fucking her, only sliding my dick about half way in and out of her ass at first.

"Slap my ass!" she said.

Smack! I complied, fucking her ever so slightly harder and harder, gradually a little deeper and deeper...

She was moaning loudly now as my dick pistoned in and out of her tight, yielding shit-box. The crescendo increased until eventually my balls were slapping hard up against her smooth pussy below as I fucked her shit-hole as deep as I could, up to the root of my cock with each thrust. Michelle wailed as I fucked her ass as hard as I could, slapping it hard now and then, sometimes reaching forwards to squeeze her tits, sometimes reaching underneath to tease her clit...

And she was talking dirty, too, saying things like, "Fuck my ass! Fuck my tight little shit-box! Shove that cock up my tight little teen brown-hole! Your cock feels so fucking good up my ass!"

After some time she moaned, "Don't stop, I'm... I'm... I'm gonna cum!"

I gave her my dick as hard as I could, wanting to make her cum as hard as possible.

It was such fuckin' bliss as I plowed into her ass again and again to her moans of, "I'm cumming!!!" her ass spasming around my dick, her pussy gushing onto the sheets and all over my balls...

"Lemme suck it!" she said after her orgasm had subsided.

I pulled out and stood up as she knelt before me on the bed and wrapped her gorgeous pink lips around my hard rod and sucked her ass off of my cock. I reached down and played with her big, oily teen titties as she fucked my dick with her mouth. I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth like a pussy, my hips bucking back and forth quickly, my balls slapping against her chin.

"I wanna cum up your asshole, Michelle..."

"Ok..." she said. I stood on the floor and lifted her up facing me, her legs wrapped around my torso.

She reached behind herself and guided my dick up her pussy, first, saying, "Give it to me in my pussy a little first, baby?"

I held her ass-cheeks on either side of her, pulling them wide apart, as I fucked her cunt hard and deep standing up like that. She was wailing with pleasure, her soft oily boobies pressed into my chest as we made hot love together for the first time. I slid a finger up her asshole as I fucked her cunt. We kissed passionately, and I felt her cunt muscles grip my shaft as we fucked.

"I'm gonna cum again, baby... Fuck me hard!" I lay her onto the edge of the bed on her back with her legs open as wide as they would go, and I fucked her pussy for all I was worth...

"Aaaaaah!" she soon wailed, her pussy gushing for a second time, this time all over my cock, as she came.

I stepped up onto the bed, obeying my lust, and straddled her face, shoving my dick into her mouth. She sucked me hard as I fucked her gorgeous face.

Then I moved back, stood on the floor between her legs again, and held them up and wide open with my hands.

She guided my cock up her asshole and I began to fuck her, slowly at first. I sucked her toes as I slid my dick in and out of her tight, heavenly shit-hole.

"Cum, baby..." she said softly, taking my dick up her ass unflinchingly. 'Cum up my ass!'

I slapped her tits and fucked her brown-hole, letting myself approach orgasm.

"Oh- Oooh!" I cried, blasting my hot jizz up her ass, pressing my shaft as deep up inside her as it would go. I shot another stream up her ass, then quickly pulled out to shoot my next stream across her boobs and pussy. "Suck it!" I commanded, and she came forwards immediately onto her knees on the floor before me and took my cumming dick into her mouth just in time for me to blast the last of my jizz onto her face and hair, and down her sweet throat. She sucked my spasming dick, drinking down what cum I had blasted into her mouth. She face-fucked my cock, and I realized that I wasn't gonna go soft, that I could fuck her again if she liked.

"You wanna fuck me in the shower?" she then asked candidly.

"Ok, let's go!" I replied.

After we had fucked some more and had a shower, we kissed and lingered in the afterglow for a while. Then we got dressed and went out for a walk again. She took me to her house and introduced me as her friend to her parents (little did they know I'd just had my cock balls-deep up their daughter's asshole...)

Later, we sat on the empty bleachers in the empty baseball field as the sun set.

"I like you, Mark," she said.

"I like you, too." I replied.

"How long are you gonna stay in Bakersfield?"

"I donno, depends..." I answered.

"What if you found... a reason to stay?" she asked.

I looked at her and smiled, "Yeah," and we kissed.

I soon moved to a camp ground just out of town where it was cheaper and more peaceful. I also got a third and fourth job at another local restaurant, and the Humell Mill doing shutdowns on weekends to help with saving money. Michelle and I were fucking on a regular basis, and had even told her parents that we were seeing each other. She was so fucking hot, intelligent, mature, and open-minded for her age. I just couldn't get enough of her, or her sweet teen holes.

Next year she was planning to go to college in Vancouver, and she even asked me to come with her. I thought about it, and eventually said yes. In fact, I decided to enroll in college also, since I'd never got a degree. College: what a lot of fucking hot horny young honeys, let me tell you. But I'd had the best one for myself already. Michelle and I kept on seeing each other and plan on getting married some day soon. It's funny the way fate plays itself out sometimes.

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