tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMichelle and Lucy Ch. 01

Michelle and Lucy Ch. 01


Starring: Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh

Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.


I knocked on the door, of a large suburban house, at 9.00am, just as Kathy had instructed me to.

"Come in" a voice said over the intercom "the door is open."

Opening the door and stepping in, the voice instructed me to "Come down the hall and turn left, sit on the couch in the living room. I will be there in a second".

I removed my jacket and sat down on the large leather sofa, positioned in front of a roaring log fire. After a few moments I heard footsteps, and 2 exquisitely beautiful girls walked in.

"Good morning" said the blonde "My name is Michelle, and my statistics are 32FF, 26, 32"

"My name is Lucy, and my statistics are 32G, 26, 34" the brunette said. "Just in case you don't recognise us" she added. Lucy wore a tight white Basque with black lace braiding, her huge breasts squeezed tightly together, along with matching panties. Michelle wore a black Basque with lavender ribbon lacing up the front, along with a set of panties to match.

"Take this" Lucy said. Handing me an envelope, she and Michelle stood arms around each other.

I opened the letter and read it aloud.

'Lucy and Michelle -- You know from our conversations that I can make or break your careers.' It said ' Well you have agreed to follow my guidance in return for making it big in our business' Lucy looked at Michelle and smiled, as I continued.

'In order for you to prove you dedication to my tutelage you must fulfil 10 tasks for me. 2 of these you will do today and the 3rd you will hear about and can prepare for.'

"You ready for this Luce?" Michelle asked her friend, "As I'll ever be" Lucy replied, squeezing Michelle tightly around the waist.

I continued reading the Letter -- 'The first task is this, each of you will get tit-fucked, the other must Judge when my friend here is about to cum, and quickly swallow the entire load. Every drop of spunk must be swallowed for you to pass this test, if you fail the test must be re-taken. When you pass you may move on to the second stage, details of which are in the gym.'

"Ohh Lucy, I think we are safe he honey, I love the taste of cum, one of my secret pleasures" Michelle purred.

"Mmm I don't know I've never swallowed any of my boyfriends before, this will be new to me" Lucy replied.

Lucy walked over to the couch and sat down next to me, flicking her long dark brown hair, she smiled and said.

"Why don't you let me lie down and you can get started, I think Michelle can show me how it is done."

"Oh yeah babe, lets get this show on the road." Michelle added.

I undressed as Lucy positioned herself on the sofa, she moved the cushions and lay back over the arm of the sofa, arching her back. Her hair trailed down to the ground, and Michelle walked over and knelt down on the floor beside her. My cock was rock hard, watching these 2 gorgeous women, and I stood above Lucy and lowered my cock to her soft dry cleavage.

"Ohhh now baby fuck my tits, you'll quickly get off cos they are nice and dry." Lucy purred.

I pressed the head of my dick down between her mammoth breasts, the skin clang to my cockhead and rubbed hard on my engorged purple member. I rested one hand on the back of the sofa the other on the front edge of the seat, as I pushed down through her cleavage.

"Ohh do it baby, fuck her boobs, every man in the country wishes he was doing that" Michelle said.

I began pushing between the clingy soft flesh of Lucy's breasts, as she gripped my thighs with both hands. Faster and faster I thrust, my stiff cock driving it's way back and forth.

"Cum, Cum baby, shoot me a load" Lucy panted, peering up at my cock ramming its way into her cleavage.

I was ramming the head of my cock rapidly between Lucy's boobs, inch deep strokes, the rim of my cock rubbing vigorously back and forth, until I felt myself ready to cum. Michelle noticed my cock shaft starting to pulse and grabbed my dick, hoovering it into her mouth.

Michelle looked up at me much jerking shaft clamped between her lips, teeth holding the pulsing member, as I came floods of thick semen filling Michelle's mouth. Her eyes widened and nostrils flared as I continued shooting massive bolts of cum into her mouth. She swallowed again and again as I released a pint or so of cum, until eventually fully sated my cock ceased its eruption.

"Oh my God!" Michelle gasped as I took my cock out of her mouth, "That was fucking amazing, shit I must have swallowed a glass of spunk." She smacked her lips and stood up, taking Lucy's hand she helped her sit upright.

Lucy's cleavage glowed a healthy red, where my cock had pounded her tits, "Fuck Lucy are you in for a treat, Kathy was telling us the truth about her new pills shit that was incredible" Michelle purred.

Michelle took my soft cock into her mouth and began to gently suck it, almost instantly I began to get hard. Lucy leant across and began sucking my balls as Michelle worked on my hardening shaft.

"Oh come on baby fuck this dirty bitches tits, give me my first taste of cum" Lucy gasped sitting back as Michelle came up of my shaft, and grasped it with her hand.

She pulled me down so I knelt either side of her body and eased my cock in between the laces down the front of her Basque, so that my cock pushed its way up between her tits.

"Oh c'mon babe give me a nice hard tittyfuck. I want it, I need it, give it to me baby, give it to me." Michelle squealed excitedly.

I held her shoulders and fucked my spit slick shaft up and down between her boobs, the deep purple head emerging on each thrust, as her tits quivered and bulged.

"Ohhhhh, yes! Tit-fuck me Michelle, go on, do it, oh it looks so Horny, oh I can see when all my men love to titfuck me." Lucy said, leaning in close to Michelle's cleavage.

I began hammering away at Michelle's tits, pounding my dick into her breasts causing her to lurch with each thrust. Again and again I slammed my cock into her tits, until eventually I was on the brink of cumming again.

"Shit, Lucy he's gonna blow", Michelle gasped realizing what was happening. She grabbed Lucy's head and pulled it down to her breasts, so that my cockhead rammed into Lucy's mouth.

"Don't open your mouth babe, we wanna pass this test first time." Michelle instructed Lucy. Lucy gripped the ridge of my cock with her teeth, and clamped her lips around my shaft as jet after jet of cum pulsed out. My dick and balls were buried under the bottom of Michelle's boobs, and Lucy had my head trapped in the prison of her mouth.

Michelle stroked Lucy's hair as she swallowed my seed, looking up at me with her big blue eyes she smiled, "Go on Lucy, swallow him down make me proud." She cooed, encouraging her friend.

My cock spurted and spurted, Lucy swallowed again and again, until I was finally done. Michelle pulled Lucy's hair back from her face, and whispered "He's all done honey, you can come up for air now."

"MMmmm, uhhh!" Lucy moaned releasing my dick from her jaws, "Shit!" She panted. "That was extreme, fuck he blasted the back of my throat there, I thought I was gonna choke at one point"

"But you didn't". Michelle said softly kissing Lucy, "Well done, we passed the first test, right?" She asked me.

I nodded, and stepped back, slipping my dick out from her tits.

"Wow, only nine more and we are in the big time. Our next challenge is in the gym, lets get changed and ready Michelle" Lucy said.

Together, Lucy and Michelle stood up and walked out of the door, Lucy pausing to say, "The gym is two doors down this hallway on the right. Be there in ten minutes or so."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/08/18

Yay for Michelle.

I met Michelle early 2000s a few times, even got a few kisses off both girls! ( but only on the cheeck). Sweet, nice girls.

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by passion__seeker05/14/18


So happy to see other people writing about Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh. They definitely need more stories

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by LaserTits05/11/18

It's great to see more Pinder stories, more please

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by Grobnar05/09/18

There is potential here, but really this seemed to short. A little more elaboration, bqckstory, etc would all help this out.

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