tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMichelle and Lucy Ch. 07

Michelle and Lucy Ch. 07


Starring: Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh

Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.


Both ladies arrived in the kitchen about half an hour later, Michelle wore a tight lilac corset with matching panties, and Lucy a similar black set. Both girls breasts bulged from the top of their corsets, Lucy's boobs looked superb wobbling as she walked.

"Right, our next challenge is this!" Michelle said opening the envelope on the table.

"Young, dumb and full of cum." She read aloud.

"That's us!" Lucy replied with a smile.

"Using your obvious charms, you must fill the front of your corsets with semen." Michelle continued to read the instructions out. "When they are full, open them up. Suck and lick all that lovely spunk up, until you are both clean."

"Ohhh, that sounds messy." Lucy said, looking at Michelle.

"You hungry? Cause I think there is gonna be a lot of cum flying about later on."

"Mmmmmm, I'm looking forwards to this." Michelle replied.

Lucy lay back on the kitchen table, her hair cascading down to the floor, head hanging back over the edge. Pushing her heavy cleavage together with her hands, it was obvious she was inviting me to fuck them. She sucked her finger and ran it down into the cleft of her bosom.

"Go on baby, you know you want to. I bet your dying to empty your balls after watching us choke on those dildos." Lucy purred her words.

I stepped up in front of Lucy and pushed my dick into her massive breasts. Straddling her stomach I eased my cock between her tight soft boobs, until I was smothered deep between them. Lucy's hot breath caressed my balls as she gasped when I drove into her breasts, pumping my fat cock forward and back.

"Oh Lucy! Lucy, yes baby!" Michelle purred her words, walking around to stand in front of us. it was apparent that she was impressed with the sight before her.

Driving my cock faster and faster between Lucy's firm breasts, I could feel my balls tightening as I was about to blow. Lucy gripped my thighs stroking them as I fucked her breasts. Michelle was sucking her fingers suggestively in front of me, then gripping her breasts in her hands jiggling them.

"Fuck my titties! Fuck my titties, yeah!" She mouthed off to me while her breasts bounced from within the grasp of her fingers. God this felt amazing.

I rutted deep between Lucy's hooters as I exploded jetting spunk deep down into her cleavage. She gasped arching her back creating more space in the corset for my cum.

"Yes baby, shoot it all out! blast her big hooker tits, baby!" Michelle urged.

Lucy grasped my ass and held me deep in her cleavage as my semen pulsed into her top. Thick streams of cum surged from my shaft until after many spurts I was sated. Stepping back I leaned forwards and softly kissed Lucy, as she sat up on the table.

Semen was oozing from the gaps in her top, as she slowly stood up. Turning she went to sit on the nearby stool, whilst Michelle took over from her.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, lovely baby. Nice big load of spunk and it's all for me." She cooed her words.

Michelle grinned and walked forwards until she stood in front of me. Gripping my soft cock in her hand she began to slowly wank me, gently small strokes coaxing my dick back to life in hardness.

"Are you gonna get hard for me?" She asked looking at me, her other hand gripping my balls squeezing them.

"You gonna get hard and let me tit-wank you?" She teased.

My cock grew in her grasp, swelling and hardening, until I was at full mast again. Michelle pulled me forwards, kneeling down and easing the head of my cock between her massive breasts.

"Jab your big fucking dick between my boobs baby. Fuck 'em fast and hard until you shoot your baby batter all over 'em." She teased again with naughty words.

Her soft boobs clang to my cock as I pressed it in and out of her boobs. My head jammed against her breastbone, as I stroked in, half my cock buried in Michelle's boobs.

"Go on! Fuck the slut! Shoot all over her massive jugs when you're ready." Lucy said encouraging me.

Michelle stared up at me, her piercing blue eyes begging me to ram my cock hard between her tits. I groaned as she squeezed her breasts together with her hands deepening her cleavage as I front titty fucked her.

"Now baby, now! Shoot your cum for me now!!" Michelle squealed as my cock started to twitch.

My head rammed against her chest as cum spurted out blasting up out of her tits and down deep into her cleavage. A white fountain of spunk erupted up over her boobs, thick white cum running down over her luscious orbs.

"Ohh yes baby! That's it, nice thick fucking cum! Mmmmmmm!!" Lucy purred watching as my balls emptied between Michelle's breasts.

Spunk pulsed from my cock spurting against Michelle's chest, and pouring down her top, slowly filling it. She shuddered as my last few jets pulsed out as my cock shrank between her tits.

"Thank you baby." She gasped standing up going over to sit by Lucy.

"Over to you." She said, as Lucy stood up.

Lucy walked over and lay slowly lay down on the floor, beckoning me over, "Kneel down over my chest facing my feet." She said.

I knelled as she had asked me, obediently obeying her instructions. Lucy eased herself down so her arms rested in the back of my knees, her spectacular breasts below my cock. Reaching around she grasped my cock in her hands slowly stroking it, attempting to get me hard again.

Lucy lifted her head and flicked my balls with her tongue, setting bolts of lightning surging up my dick. It sprang to attention in her hands and she eased it down into her cavernous cleavage.

Pushing into the wet spunk filled tits I submerged my shaft until my crotch pressed hard to the top of Lucy's tits.

"Ohhhhh, baby. Your cock feels so nice between my tits. Please baby, leave it there and let me get you off." Lucy purred.

She began stroking my thighs, talking dirty, all the while my hard cock throbbed in the depths of her bosom, I fought hard to resist the urge to fuck them.

Michelle sat in front of me watching what Lucy was doing her hand straying to her pussy stroking her clit.

"Mmmm, Lucy you filthy cow. Get him off soon so I can have some more. I don't wanna fucking wait." She gasped impatiently.

Lucy lifted her head up behind me and gently flicked my asshole with her tongue, nuzzling between my cheeks.

"Ohhhhh, you are filthy." Michelle purred walking around to watch her friend eat my ass.

My ass clenched as Lucy flicked it with her tongue, making me quiver and shake as she tickled my ass.

Lucy sucked on her index finger, and eased it against my butt hole, trying to push her slippery digit in.

"Relax baby. Let me do this, you know you want it. I'm gonna make you shoot your load right between my tits." She teased.

Pressing her finger my ass opened allowing her access, as she eased it in past the first knuckle.

"Dirty bitch!" Michelle gasped, as Lucy eased her finger out again and sucked it, before pressing it in again.

"The male G spot is right up the asshole. Did you know that 'Chelle?" Lucy asked rhetorically. "If you find it, he will cum in seconds."

My whole body shook as Lucy wiggled her finger in my ass, my balls twitching drawing up, hot scalding cum blasting out between her breasts.

"See!" Lucy said smugly with a grin.

My muscles clenched, taught hard, cum forcefully erupting from my dick. Lucy's finger prodded hard in my ass, directing the tempo of my orgasm. My cock was wedged tight between Lucy's mammoth breasts the soft firm orbs accepting spurt after spurt of hot sticky semen.

"Fill her up, babe! fill up that top." Michelle urged me.

My cock began to shrink as the final few spurts of semen dribbled out. Lucy eased her finger from my ass and lay there sucking on it as I stood up and turned around to look at her.

"You are such a filthy fucking whore." Michelle said to her friend, as Lucy wantonly sucked her finger which had moments before been in my ass. "Now then," Michelle said turning to me. "Why don't you kneel down over me and give my tits the hard fucking they deserve?"

Michelle unfastened about three of the clasps at the bottom of her corset. Thick cum started to ooze out, she scooped it up and wiped it in the top of her cleavage. Walking over she sat against the wall propping herself up on her elbows, ready for me.

I knelled down over her abdomen my limp cock in front of her face, she gripped it softly, and pulled out my head. Gently she ran her tongue up over my cock, tempting me back into life.

"'Chelle honey! Get him hard, I want to suck his cum off of your titties so fucking bad." Lucy whined.

Michelle groaned on my cock as she flicked the head with her tongue, life surging back into my shaft. Sliding my shaft from her mouth I pressed it up between her soft slippery boobs, until the head peeked out from the top of her cleavage.

"Ohhhh, yes baby. fuck these big old boobies, I love to have my tits fucked hard! Fuck 'em good!" Michelle yelled to me.

I began pushing my cock back and forth between Michelle's breasts, slowly at first then faster. Her tits were slick with cum as I pumped between them, my cock popping out as I thrust upwards.

"Fuck them! fuck them! Fuck my titties, baby!" Michelle panted with a smirk.

She reached down and squeezed her tits tightly together, gripping the sides of her corset with her hands. She created a huge cleavage for me to fuck her massive tits forced together, soft and slippery as I rammed my cock hard between them.

"Yeah baby, ram Michelle's tits! Fuck the whore between her tits!" Lucy snarled watching me astride of Michelle.

I was rutting hard at Michelle's chest, my cock slamming between her breasts, as they were crushed together around my shaft. Faster and faster, harder and harder until I erupted again, spewing cum between her breasts. I jerked shot after shot of cum into Michelle's deep cleavage, emptying my sack, Michelle groaning as I came.

"Ohhh, yeahhhh, yeahh babe." She purred as I shuddered the last of my cum into her boobs.

Easing out she quickly fastened her corset, so the minimal amount of cum escaped.

"One more load each should do it." Michelle said looking down the cleft of her breasts, as Lucy walked over to us. She knelt down next to Michelle and took my limp cock in her hand.

"Lets see how good tits really are." She said.

"I'm gonna rub your cock all over the top of my tits until you cum."

Kneeling up in front of me she held my limp cock in the valley of her boobs, and looked up at me her eyes begging me to get hard again. Slowly my cock began to twitch as life returned, and my shaft hardened and swelled as it nestled between her boobs.

"Mmmmmmm, now then, honey. How long can you last as I rub your hard dick all over the tops of my lovely big tits?" Lucy asked, gripping my shaft.

She pull my meat pole free, and pressed it into her cleavage, slowly down so it swallowed my head. Then she moved me up and across her right breast pushing hard into her boobs, the soft skin tight against the 'v' of my cock. Moving across her right boob to her left she ran my cock over her breasts, pausing at one point slapping my cock hard against the left one.

Lucy smiled as she heard me groan, her breasts so smooth and warm against the head of my cock. Those wonderful orbs rising up from her tight corset like two massive eruptions of cum, brimming up from the fabric of the corset. Faster and faster, harder and hard, she rubbed my cock. Lucy gasped at it's twitch in her grasp, a sign of the cum that was about to explode from within.

"Yessss!!" She purred, popping my spurting head down into her cleavage, milking every drop from my cock down into her top, filling it up nearly to the brim.

"WOW!!" Michelle gasped, "I can't believe he is still cumming so fucking much after five times!"

"Kathy's drug is a marvelous thing." Lucy replied releasing my cock from her hand. "And what man wouldn't get hard looking at our tits!"

Michelle knelt up beside of Lucy and sucked my shaft between her lips. Lovingly she ravaged my limp cock with her tongue, coaxing me back to life again.

"Last one baby." She gasped letting my hard cock escape her mouth.

She looked up at me at pressed my cock to the entrance of her cleavage, pressing my shaft down she eased her breasts up over my shaft until I was embedded deep between her boobs. Michelle's face was nestled in my stomach her nose pressed to my navel.

"Mmmmm baby, just let me do all the work." She purred moving her breasts up and down my shaft.

Michelle ground her boobs against my crotch as she humped them up and down my shaft. She frantically moved her tits up and down my cock eager to let it send its load out over them. She was panting and moaning, I could feel her hot breath on my stomach, as she worked furiously on my dick.

Eventually after a lot of hard work she finally coaxed another huge load from my cock, as I came again. Michelle gripped my buttocks pulling me hard down into her breasts as my cock pulsed jet after jet of cum between them.

"Yes 'Chelle!" Lucy cried as her friend worked my on my shaft.

"Well done!" She congratulated her.

Michelle looked up at me and softly kissed my stomach, "Thank you baby." she cooed.

Easing my cock from her breasts she took Lucy by the hand and walked back towards the kitchen table.

"Well then, Michelle are you ready to feast on my spunky breasts?" Lucy asked her friend smiling.

"I think I could be persuaded." Michelle replied gently kissing Lucy's red lips.

Lucy lay back on the table, as Michelle kissed her, stroking her face, before kissing her neck and working her way down to suck on the top of her breasts.

"Ye 'Chelle baby, suck all of that lovely cum from my tits." Lucy purred.

Michelle slowly unfastened Lucy's corset, pinging each strap open from bottom up to the top. Lucy's breasts struggled to escape and as the final clip was undone by Michelle, they burst free. Her massive orbs were layered in thick white cum, a large pool running don to her navel, collecting down into the valley of her neck.

"Wow!" Was all Michelle could say before lowering her lips to Lucy's right nipple and softly sucking on it. I watched as her other nipple hardened and Michelle move across to that one. The blonde bombshell was suckling away on Lucy's nipples as Lucy groaned and gasped in pleasure.

"Ohhhhh, Michelle that is soo good. Ohhhh, fuck baby you are making me so horny." Lucy gasped pushing her hands into the front of her knickers playing with her pussy.

Michelle kissed and sucked her way down into the valley of Lucy's boobs, slurping up my lumpy cum as she went. Looking up across her friends body, she grinned opening her mouth showing us the large pool of semen she had collected. Michelle swallowed it all with glee, returning to her task of cleaning my semen from Lucy's body.

Lucy was groaning and moaning, her hands a blur in her panties as Michelle sucked away on her breasts. It must have taken Michelle a good few minutes to suck all of my spunk from Lucy's fine body.

"Mmmm you're all clean now baby, my turn." Michelle said leaning over to kiss her friend. Now kneel down at the end of the table I have a real treat for you.

Lucy stood up clutching her corset, before removing it completely and kneeling at the end of the table. "I am so horny I was seconds away from coming when you finished." she said to Michelle.

Michelle lay on her back on the table, then edged further back towards Lucy before leaning right over arching her back her hair falling to the floor.

"Lay below me." She said to Lucy, who eagerly complied.

Michelle laughed as cum began trickling down from between her breasts down her neck to her chin before slowly oozing off of her nose and splashing into Lucy's open mouth.

"Nasty surprise!" Lucy said catching the drips in her mouth, letting them pool on her tongue before swallowing them.

Michelle lay there chest heaving as cum oozed down plopping into Lucy's open mouth, splashing and filling it up. After a couple of minutes Michelle sat up and Lucy followed standing up and showing her friend the thick white pool of spunk in her mouth.

"Mmmmmm, you dirty girl." Michelle gasped as Lucy swallowed the lot.

Helping Michelle to her feet, Lucy knelt in front of her, opening her corset clips at the bottom softly kissing and liking her stomach cleaning all my thick spunk off.

"Ahhhh!" Michelle gasped, clasping Lucy's pigtails.

Lucy worked her way up slowly unfastening Michelle's corset cleaning the spunk from her body as she went. Lucy revealed the large domed base of Michelle's boobs, gently she sucked the thick drips of semen from her light soft skin. Slavering her tongue up over Michelle's breasts she finally released them from the prison of her corset.

"Ohhh, yes. Lucy that's soooo good." Michelle purred.

Lucy licked away on Michelle's nipples, flicking at the hard pink teats, as she gobbled my spunk up. Michelle gasped and rolled her eyes as Lucy chewed on her tits, slurping all the thick white goo off. Lucy moved up over Michelle's neck licking the streak of cum clean before softly kissing and licking her face removing the final few traces of cum.

"All done babe, nice and clean." Lucy said flicking her friends lips one final time with her tongue.

"Wow, that was incredible." Michelle gasped. Sitting back on the nearby stool, Lucy following her.

"Only two tasks left then, 'Chelle!" Lucy said, "Lets see what is next..."


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