tagErotic CouplingsMichelle and My Coworkers Ch. 02

Michelle and My Coworkers Ch. 02


{Michelle and my coworkers-part two. This is a continuation story, you'll need to read part one to make sense of it. Same warning, if you are a cuckold hater, you'll hate it, hate, hate, HATE it, don't read it.}


Michelle had just left the park after sucking off James. She was headed for a local bar to meet up with Josh, another one of my coworkers.

Michelle called me in a few minutes. "I'm there," she said gasping in between excited breaths.

I asked if she was away from cars. She replied quickly, "Yes, there's barely anyone here. There's no one out in the back here anyway."

"Good. Now, are you in the car? Get out. Take off your dress, do it outside the car."

"Ok," she replied with excitement. "Done, I'm just in my red panties and my heels."

"As you should be," I laughed. "Do you have your keys?"

"They are in my hand."

"Good," I said. "Bend over your trunk and wait."

"Ok?" she said haltingly.

"I want Josh to see you just as you were in the picture," I said.

"Ohhh," she lustily replied. "He's probably going to tear me up when he sees me."

"He is," I laughed. "I made him promise you he would."

"What do I do until he gets here?" She asked nervously.

"Well, if two black dudes walk by you like that now I'm sorry, but you're just going to have to work your way out of it," I joked.

I texted Josh. "Meet me in the back, by the dumpster side, you won't be disappointed."

"I'm sure I could, as hot as I am right now," she hissed to me.

"But, when Josh gets to you I want you to give him your car keys and tell him to only give them back when he is satisfied, got it?"

"Yes sir," she purred. "Anything else?"

I was winging it. "If you can get him to take some pictures of you, in mid use, have him use my phone cam. Promise him you'll send them to him."

"Ok," she said with fire in her voice. "And I'm sure that you'll make me do that, won't you, sir?"

"You know I will."

"He's coming," she whispered excitedly. "Bye."

This is the part that is always the most difficult. The part when I know incredible things are happening but I have to wait, sometimes hours to know about it. It's what drives me crazy but it also keeps me on edge. My thoughts race, "He's fucking her, I know that. Outside, under the stars, he's probably ripped her tight little pussy up. She's probably begging for it." Then, I calm myself. It only lasts a little while. Then the thoughts begin again. "He's probably cum in her already, his cum is probably leaking down her thighs. He probably has her on her knees cleaning him off. He's probably getting hard again....oh god."

At some point I was able to nod off, albeit fitfully. I awoke with a start. Her car was pulling up the driveway. I saw her get out. She was nude, just in her heels. She was carrying her dress in her hand. She smirked when she saw me. She handed the wadded up dress to me. It was smeared with dirt and smelled of sex.

"I don't think I'll be wearing that again," she said with little expression on her face.

I pulled her close. She reeked of sex. She had the familiar smell of cum on her face. I turned her around. She had red marks on her. She had hand prints on her ass, lots of them. Her nipples were red, it looked like there were going to be some purple bruises around them.

"Wow," I said aloud.

"Yeah, wow," she snickered. "You promised him that I'd please him until he was done, and," she said, looking at her watch, "he was done about ten minutes ago."

It had been three hours. "Tell me all about it," I said excitedly.

"I will," she said firmly. "But first, I want to tell you something."

"Ok," I said questioningly.

"First, I want you to know that you did this...all of this. I might have teased the guys. I might have flashed them, let them touch me or something. In time, maybe they'd even have gotten pleased, if that was something you'd enjoy."

"I know, babe, we did this together," I urged, sensing she was asking for reassurance.

"No, let me repeat, you did this to me. You had me naked, meeting someone in a park to suck them off, someone I'd only met a few times before...."

"Babe, it's ok," I said pleadingly.

"You made it so he knows he can have me again, pretty much open ended."

She saw my eyes start to flash with regret. She continued.

"That wasn't enough for you. You made me drive to a dirty bar and let some guy have me in every which way. You were the one that made sure I couldn't leave until he was satisfied."

"I'm sorry baby," I said sincerely. "We were just so hot..."

"Yes, and because you were so fucking hot you let Josh have me, and have me, and have me again and take pictures of it," she hissed.

She tossed the camera at me and walked away. I watched her beautiful ass, shining bright red, as it sauntered away from me on those high heels. I couldn't resist. I looked at the pictures. The first one was of her bent over the car. It must've been before it started. She still had her panties on, she was unmarked and the keys were still in her hand. The next picture her panties were at her ankles, her legs had been spread wider. No doubt he'd run his hands between her legs at this point. I liked how her panties were still at her ankles, stretched wide between her heels. There were several more pictures of her bare ass, some up close. They were beautiful. Then, there was picture of her on her knees, she was looking up, smiling. She was about to suck him, I recognize that look. She looked so hot, her tits out hanging freely, in full view, I knew it must have been getting him as hard as I was right then.

There were a couple more of her face. By the last one her lipstick was smeared and there was some drool on the side of her face. I knew she'd been sucking him so good. Then I saw a couple pictures of her walking away from him, nude, illuminated by the street light. She was a fucking sex goddess. The last pic of that type she has beckoning him with her finger to come with her. The next picture was of her, her hands spread high on the brick wall, her back to him, her legs spread wide.

Just then she came back in the room. She had a glass of wine in her hand. "You fucking pervert!" She saw what I was looking at. "Oh, you see how he had me spread against the bar? Yeah, he was fucking me then. He was fucking me hard, just like he wanted, from behind. You let him do that."

"First thing he did was grind into me over the car trunk. I told him about the camera and that's when he started with the pictures. He wanted that too, he wants to make sure he gets them. You promised that he'd get them, so he'll get them, of your slut, being used, just as you wanted. Then, he made me take my panties down while he fingered my pussy. He commented long and loudly about how fucking wet I was, it was embarrassing."

"Then I sucked him for awhile. He liked that, your naked slut sucking his big fat cock, he was basically using my face, see how my lipstick was all smudged? You let him do that to me."

"Then, he told me he wanted me up against the bar. I couldn't say no, could I? You'd promised him the world. Plus, he had my keys now, fucker. I wanted you to suffer so I let him do it. He fucked the hell out of my pussy, I thank god that I was as wet as I was, he fucked me hard for like twenty minutes. He was slapping my ass hard as he fucked me. I made him stop a couple times so he could get pictures of it. I knew you wanted it so I let him. You let him spank me red. He came deep inside me with a groan I thought the whole bar would hear. But no, just one guy heard. I think it was the bouncer. He was a big, muscular but overweight black man, probably in his 40's. He'd opened the back door just after Josh filled up my pussy. I was standing there naked, my hands spread high on the wall, my legs wide open and the bouncer just looks at us with a dumb look.

He asked, "is everything all right out here?"

I know what it looked like. I didn't even have any clothes around me. I didn't want to get arrested. I just smiled and said, "couldn't be better."

He just shook his head and asked again just to be sure. Josh didn't say a word. I was the one that had to let that bouncer know it was ok that I was naked and getting fucked behind a dirty old bar. I thought about the two black guys from the park earlier, now I had to think about Drake, that was his name, Drake, it was on his badge. It was clear Josh wasn't going to intervene, he couldn't say a word. I was going to have to handle it and I would've. Because you got me into it. Whatever it would take I was going to do."

"I guess Drake was satisfied with my answer, he went back inside. I was standing there dripping Josh's cum because he'd told me not to move because he liked looking at me like that, spread against the wall for him. That's why there are so many pictures of that."

She was right, there were dozens, some closeup too, with her pussy obviously leaking.

"He was just buying time, he wanted me again but he wasn't hard. I think he didn't want to lose his chance that's why he was commanding me to stay there, to see if he could get me to stay. Finally he let me relax. I told him to follow me. I made him sit on the trunk of the car. I could easily put my mouth on his cock that way. See those next pictures, they are point of view pics of me licking my pussy juice off his cock."

She was right, she was smiling. His cock was glistening from fucking her, my cock stirred again in my boxers.

"I sucked him hard again. I asked if he wanted my pussy again. He just told me to suck him for awhile so I did. He mentioned that me sucking him like that would make good pictures. You know, your girlfriend, naked, in just heels, standing, while sucking some big cocked guy off. I thought so too. Too bad we didn't have you around to take pictures of us from all around us, that would've been hot. I had the evil thought of just banging on the door of the bar and getting "Drake" back to do it, but I thought better of it."

"I got Josh hard again finally. He took me over to the grass part and made me spread my legs wide. See? See those pictures, he had me spread out like a total whore so he could take pictures."

I cringed, her legs were spread wide open, her head was thrown back, her mouth and lips were glistening from having sucked him, her lips were curled into a smile.

"Then, he fucked me. This time he was gentle, slow, rhythmic. That man sure knows how to fuck. He was touching me in some places I haven't felt in so long," she said, knowing she was twisting the knife in.

"He pumped your girlfriend full of more of his sweet cum. He came nearly as much the second time as the first, young guys are so virile. I asked him if he was satisfied, as I knew I was supposed to because of you. He told me I could go, I could see it was reluctantly. I told him I was serious. I asked if he thought he was finished. He blushed and said he could probably cum one more time, with coaxing. I asked him what he wanted me to do. He told me to suck him so I did. It took a long time for him to get hard and stay hard, but what helped is our talk in between. He told me how much he loves fucking me and how much he'd like to do it again. I was keeping him excited by promising he'd get to again because of you, because of what you told me to do. He stayed hard after that, knowing he'd have me again, and again, if he wished. Still, he couldn't cum. I didn't mind, you wanted me sucking his cock, didn't matter how long it took, you'd want me to stay so I stayed. I must've cum a half dozen times playing with myself while I sucked him, which only spurred him on. I needed a spark to get him over the edge. I had an idea. You told me to work my way through things, so I did. I popped his dick out of my mouth and looked directly into his cool blue eyes."

He put his hands on my hair and groaned, he was trying to guide my head back to his dick.

"I want your cum," I urged. He just groaned, I knew he was trying to give it to me. "I want to taste you," I begged. "I'll swallow it all, I promise," I teased. He was grinding into me now. "Then you can take a picture of me with your cum in my mouth and all over my face. Would you like that?"

"Fuck," he said nearly incoherently.

"You can have that picture of me and all the rest. You can show others how you marked my face with your cum."

He was bucking and moaning. He was getting there. I kept up the chatter between slurps. "Bet the guys at work would like to see you nailing DJ's slut."

"Fuck yeah," he grunted. "We've all wanted to nail you for two months now. Plus, we all think DJ's kind of a goody good jerk, a bosses pet. I'm glad you aren't like that at all."

"Yeah, he's a dick, all right," I told him. "He deserves this, he deserves you to be fucking me whenever you want."

"Do you mean that?" he panted. "I can fuck you whenever?"

"Yes," I answered truthfully because I knew what you wanted me to say. "Just text or call me and if I can get away then you get to have me, simple as that."

"Wow," he said nearly lost in lust now.

She continued, "It wasn't going to take much, I knew what might help him blow. I slurped him furiously for a minute then I popped off suddenly and asked, "and the next time you do have me, I want you to fuck me in my ass."

"Ohhh," he groaned.

"That was it, he started to cum."

"Oh god, I want that ass, I want to fuck that ass," he said, in a near scream.

"He pumped my mouth with as much cum as he could muster and honestly, it was still a lot, still probably more than you cum the first time," she said coldly, knowing its effect on me.

"Wow," was all I could manage.

"Yes, wow. That's what you let happen. I almost didn't get away then either. He walked me back to the car, his hand on and in my ass the whole way.

"I can't believe I'm going to get that ass," he kept saying. He made me promise it wasn't a lie.

"Yes, you get my ass next time," I smiled to him.

He then joked that he still had my keys and he should just keep me there for him when he wanted me. He playfully kept them away from me while I danced on my heels and tried to get them from him. He was wrenching on my nipples the whole time, trying to distract me and make it difficult. He even slapped my tits playfully until he saw I was digging it and started to do it harder. That's why I'm so marked up, because of you."

"But how did you almost not get away?"

"Well, part of his joke was to keep me there but I acted like I'd just walk home naked, if I had to. That's when he joked that he'd just drive behind me with the light shining on me the whole time. So I asked him what it would take to let me go and he asked for one last thing, which you can see on the camera."

The last thing was a short video. It was of Michelle, naked, on her knees in the parking lot. She had her hands behind her on her ass, spreading the cheeks open. I heard his voice say gruffly, "Go ahead, say it!"

Michelle spread her ass cheeks for the camera as he zoomed in. He made her hold that pose as he walked around to film her face. You could still see her spreading her ass behind her. She looked into the camera, "I Michelle, promise to let Josh fuck me in my ass the very next time we are together."

"When will that be?" He asked, demanding an answer.

"Whenever he gets hard enough to do it," she said jokingly.

He wasn't amused. He walked behind her and the camera jiggled and I heard smacks rain down on her ass, he was spanking her and spanking her hard. He came around to the front again. "Now, answer more appropriately," he said cruelly.

"I, Michelle will let Josh fuck my ass....on Tuesday?" She said as she looked up hopefully to him and winked at the camera. I knew that part was for me. She was giving him a couple days to recover.

She nudged me as I watched the video. "I really didn't know what he wanted me to say, so I guessed."

It was obviously the right answer. He made her stay like that, naked, ass spread on the cold concrete. The camera panned from across the lot of a naked slut still spread. It moved in closer, he was obviously driving towards her as he filmed. Finally, his car was right in front of her, the light was shining on her obscenely, he kept it on her for a few tantalizing moments. Finally, he made her get up to retrieve the camera and her keys. I heard him say, "see you here Tuesday, 11pm!" as he laughed.

"Wow, wow, wow," I said, as I turned to her. Her beautiful face was still stern, her eyes intense.

"Yeah....wow," she smirked. "So, just so we're clear. You did all this. James is going to blackmail me and have me when he wants. Josh is going to fuck my tight ass, babe. You know how tight it is, I hardly ever let you fuck me there. His cock is bigger too, it's going to hurt. You made it so that I'm going to be used good and hard and often for probably four months at least."

"God," I said as I wondered how it all got so big so fast.

"Oh, and then there is this," she said. She handed me a business card. It said, "Drake Drummond." It was the bouncer's.

She saw my amazed expression. "I'm pretty sure Drake saw some, if not all of the action, as it turns out. You know those windows in the side of that building, I'm pretty sure I saw someone in there watching the whole time. I think it was no accident he came out when he did. "

"But how did you get his card?" I wondered.

"After Josh left I was wiping all his cum off and out of me with my poor dirty dress. He must've been watching then, too. He must've seen that Josh had left. I was standing behind the trunk of my car just as naked as before, in just my heels. I saw him approaching, I didn't have time to get in my car. For some reason I wasn't scared though. He walked right up to me and handed me his card."

He said, "if you ever need to talk, or if that sex wasn't consentual, I can be a witness."

"I assured him I was ok. We heard a bunch of commotion inside the bar, he shrugged reluctantly and ran off, no doubt to break up a fight or something."

"God baby, I'm so sorry I got you into all this," I said as she stood there coolly.

"No you aren't," she grinned wickedly. "You wanted all of this...."

I just lowered my head shamefully.

"...and you know what?" she said, "I fucking loved it."

"What? Really?" I asked as relief swept over me.

"God yes," she said her eyes nearly glazing over as she recalled it. "Being fucked like that...oh my, knowing I'll have to do it again..."

"and again?" I offered.

"Yes, again and again," she cooed.

"But I thought you were mad."

"I'm turned on, I'm wet, I'm shaking, but no, I'm not mad. I was just teasing you, plus, you saw the pictures. Wasn't I smiling in most, if not all of them? No, baby, I fucking loved it, you made me fucking love it. But here's where I'm at. I've got your terms, I agreed to what you want but, my terms are this...."

"Ok?" I asked somewhat fearfully.

"I agree to what you said. I'll continue to fuck and or suck Josh and James. I'll be naked if I suck them and I'll make sure they are fully done using me before I return home. Then, we'll have some out of this world sex together."

"Sounds great!" I joked.

"Right, but here are MY terms," she cautioned. "One, it's on. Four months. You are not to call it off. You cannot back out. I'm not just a teaser, I'm a pleaser, you know that. I've gone without my "extra" sex for too long, that's why I pushed so hard tonight to make something happen."

"Two, you are not to tell anyone at work that you know anything about it. I want them to think you are just a limp dicked chump who is clueless that his girlfriend is getting plowed regularly. I know you are not, you know you are not, but for this game that's your role. I think you need to suffer as much humiliation as I do having to do everything I'm going to have to do."

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