tagFetishMichelle at the Beach Ch. 02

Michelle at the Beach Ch. 02


When we left Michelle at the beach she was headed toward the showers and no one was around for her to be caught in her soiled predicament. In this alternative ending that's not the case. You get to let me know which you prefer and I'll write from there. .

I welcome your comments and want to know if you've enjoyed my story.

If you chose to vote, be kind. This isn't my profession (or most writers on this site).

So, enjoy the story. Let me know your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.


"Michelle!" "Michelle!"

Michelle knew the voice. It had been a while since she'd heard it but it was distinct and she knew it belonged to one of Robert's clients. She couldn't place the voice exactly but she knew that she knew it.


She turned to see Thomas jogging in her direction.

'Thomas!' she thought. 'Oh my'. She'd met Thomas some time ago at the Ritz Carlton where she'd had to dance with him when he tapped in on Robert and had taken advantage of her outfit. Michelle had worn a beautiful silver chain attached to her breasts by nipple clamps and had pulled the chain painfully when her jacket opened up accidentally as 'Unchained Melody' played.

Thomas. All 5'6" of him was catching up to her and she stopped to respond to his calling.

"Oh, hi Thomas. What a surprise.'

"Wow, it is you." Thomas replied. "I wasn't sure but the red hair is certainly a dead giveaway." "How are you, Michelle?"

"Life's pretty good Thomas. I can't complain."

Just then Thomas' nose curled up and he sniffed the air raising his head. "What's that smell?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm afraid I got into a bit of seaweed when I was swimming and it's left a distinctive aroma on me. I'm just going to the shower to wash it off."

"Ah. I could use a shower too. Mind if I walk with you?" Thomas really had it in for Michelle and had been dying to see her again after their encounter that one evening.

"Sure, of course." Michelle remembered again the rules that had been set down. She was to acquiesce to any offer from one of Robert's clients and to make them feel comfortable around her.

As they walked Michelle's breasts bounced nicely inside of the small bikini top and her flat belly was a sign of how well she kept herself up. At nearly 48 years old, she was still a woman who commanded attention in any room she entered. Michelle had a woman's body, ripe with curves and beckoning in its sensuality. She knew this and the effect she had on both men, and on women (many who were incredibly jealous of her well kept form.)

Thomas chatted with Michelle not so much to really have conversation, but in order to keep looking at her and watch her breasts. When Michelle stopped momentarily and bent over to pick up a seashell, Thomas thought he'd seen the Holy Grail. Her right nipple came completely out of her top and when she stood up she didn't notice it at first only looking down when she saw Thomas' stare centered on the pink bud.

"Oops... I'm sorry. That wasn't very modest of me."

"No problem, Michelle."

By now they'd reached the outdoor showers. Someone had left some shampoo in a bottle there and they were pleased to notice it. The shower had 4 heads to it and the person taking the shower had to pull a chain to get the water started. The stream lasted a few seconds and then shut off stopping the county from wasting water.

This created a bit of a problem for Michelle though. She wanted to wash her hair but couldn't get the water to stay on long enough to get a good lathering.

"Thomas... would you mind helping me wash my hair?" thinking he would pull the cord for her and she could wash her hair herself she was surprised when he said "Of course." and then took the bottle of shampoo and poured a couple of capfuls in his hands.

Michelle started to say something but thought better of it. He was, after all, helping her, so, she raised an arm and pulled the chain, leaned her head backward to soak her hair and then turned around her back to Thomas.

Thomas started washing her hair which was a thick red mane and was actually doing a good job of it. So much so that Michelle felt like she was getting a scalp massage. But then Thomas asked if she would like him to wash her back too.

"Thank you. I'd appreciate that." She remembered her place and the rules as well as her promise.

Thomas squirted more of the shampoo on his hands and started to wash Michelle's back. He started at her shoulders and then went down to the top of her bikini bottoms. As he went up again his hands shifted to Michelle's shoulder blades and started to knead them with his thumbs. His fingers reached around Michelle's side to where her breasts were now coming out of the sides of her small bikini. Going up and down her sides and Michelle's body not flinching he got bolder and the next time his hands reached the side of her breasts and he pushed forward with his fingers and inside of the top. Now groping her breasts from behind, Thomas was in heaven. He kneaded her ample bosom and pinched her nipples while Michelle's knees went weak and she breathed in deeply.

Pleased with his conquest so far, Thomas got bolder still. Squirting some more shampoo in his hands he started washing her waist from behind. His hands went round her waist to her belly and then, as Michelle's hand was still in the air holding the chain, he slipped his right hand inside the front of her bikini bottoms.

His joke in bad taste "I guess I'll just have to wash all your hair." his fingers played with the crimson rug that was Michelle's pride. He washed thoroughly inside of her bottoms and reached lower and inserted first one finger and then two into her soapy vagina. His other hand slid behind Michelle and slid between her nether cheeks up and down Thomas thoroughly enjoying his moment. Michelle almost unconsciously spread her legs just a little providing him more access. His hand slid down until he reached the bud of her anus and his finger at first played with the opening and then pressed its full length inside of her. Michelle came quickly on his hands and her legs involuntarily gripped him, holding his fingers inside of her.

"Ohhhh." She sighed. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she exhaled deeply. She turned to Thomas and let go of the chain stopping the flow of water soon thereafter.

"Thank you."

Recovering from her orgasm, she took a moment to just breathe and then asked "Would you like me to wash your hair for you too?"

"No, no, that won't be necessary." "But there is something I would like." And he reached around Michelle and untied the back of her bikini top first the top strap allowing her ample breasts to hang nicely in front of him and then the bottom one and the top fell to the ground. "I'd like a hug."

"Sure." Michelle, who was Thomas' height, raised her arms one over his shoulder and the other below his arm and the two hugged, bare chested.

Thomas pulled Michelle close to him, his one hand around her shoulder too, the other now fondling her rounded bottom and pulling her toward him.

She could feel Thomas' erection underneath the surfer shorts and pressing her leg as they had their hug. "Oh my."

With that Thomas made a slight adjustment in his hug and, as a dancer leads his woman around the dance floor, Michelle knew instinctively what he wanted. His pressure was on her shoulder now encouraging her to lower herself in front of him. And she moved slowly down.

Her face now at belly height Thomas reached down and lowered his trunks exposing a penis that, rock hard, was barely 5" long and no thicker than a normal person's thumb. Michelle stifled a chuckle but went about her work obediently. She licked first the tiny ball sac and, even though his penis was one of the smallest she'd encountered, she still enjoyed the feeling of it as it bounced on her nose and forehead. She sucked his balls into her mouth both at once and rolled them around on her tongue pulling with her cheeks and playing with them like a cat might with a small wad of foil first tickling them and then pressing her lips together and just sucking. Her eyes closed she imagined his watchful eye looking down at her impressed with his new place. He had no idea that she normally looked at him with disdain and only did this because of her promise and, at the moment, she was having her fun.

She reached up and started to stroke his tiny, uncut penis. Using only her thumb and forefinger she stroked it up and down while still rolling his tiny testes in her mouth.

It didn't take long before Thomas grunted and shot his little load on Michelle's forehead. She continued to stroke him for a moment then, let his sac fall out of her mouth. Raising her head she then sucked his deflating dick into her mouth and cleaned him as she had been trained.

Michelle smiled at herself. At this little gesture she provided for him, for all her men. She rolled his little member on her tongue and pulled on him with her lips.

"Have fun?" she asked. Then "Turn around."

Thomas did as Michelle bade turning his back to her.

"Now bend over."

Again he complied holding onto the shower pole to support his weight.

Michelle pulled his right foot out making his feet more than shoulder width apart and reached between his legs and held his now soft penis and sac in her hand massaging his dick softly but firmly with her thumb and fingers while holding the sac with her palm, enjoying the feel thinking to herself something that actually startled her 'He's not much more than a boy.'...

With that she leaned forward and pressed her nose between his butt cheeks and her tongue darted out touching first the bottom of his sac but then trailing upward to his puckered little hole. There she slid her tongue back and forth over it while still working his little package with her hand. Thomas' unit started to harden again and Michelle smiled at herself and him.

Cupping his balls she continued stroking him enjoying the feel of this little man's penis. Her tongue flickered around his anus and then pressed forward.


Stroking him with her soft hand and pushing deeper with her tongue, Michelle entered her own zone and dropped her other hand to 'her'. She had played with herself since reaching 12 or 13 years old and loved the feel of her womanhood. Pressing on herself and rubbing intensely, her ministrations were having the intended effect. Now in that zone there was no real thought, just manipulation. Manipulation of Thomas' little dick and balls, plunging deeper and deeper with her tongue in his ass, and now pressing fingers into her own vagina.

Her movements became hurried, her hand gripping tighter and her tongue now hard inside of Thomas' ass, her whole body shuddered. And shuddered again. And again.

She felt Thomas' own orgasm as his balls grew tighter in her hand and his penis pulsed.

'Good timing' she thought to herself.

When he was finished, she pulled Thomas' dick between his legs as far as it would go and sucked it into her mouth, her lips surrounding him and her tongue tasting the last drops of his semen. After rolling it around on her tongue she pulled it out again and, giving the head a quick kiss, kissed his ass one more time and let go.

Thomas stayed there, bent over as Michelle stood, picked up her top and started to dress again. She slapped him once on his butt. "All done sweetie."

What a different feeling this was for Michelle. It was as if she were in control with Thomas rather than the way she reacted with the majority of men. The feeling was foreign to her, but then she thought, 'I know what it is... '

While many of the men Michelle was used to were close in sexuality to Michelle, that is they loved sex and were at least fairly good at it, there were the extremes. She'd experienced one end of the spectrum with Robert. Robert who had taken her from the first moment she laid eyes on him and led her into a world of fantasy and fetish, a world where she was the submissive and knew her place recognizing both his dominance and his independence. He was, in her eyes, the strongest man she'd ever known. Perhaps not physically, or successfully, but his strength was from within. Robert was the first man, the only man really; that she knew that had a cock. Not a dick, or a penis, but a cock, a tool which he used to dominate her, to make her want more and more of him.

And then there was Thomas. Thomas had next to nothing, nothing manly about him at all. He was a boy in so many ways and Michelle knew that she could only be with him as a part of her agreements with Robert. The 'rules' she'd agreed to. And she knew that her doing as he required -- his were not demands or commands, they were requirements that she could agree to or not, but not agreeing meant that she would not be with him and she so desired that connection that they might as well have been commandments like those given to Moses on the Mountain -- her following those requirements pleased him and she so wanted to do that.

So it was that she now walked away from her encounter with Thomas with lightness in her step. She knew she had done what was required and, when Robert knew of her actions -- she would report that she'd seen Thomas and knew that if Robert wanted to know more he'd ask, if not, well it was up to him, not her to decide -- but either way she knew he'd be pleased with her.

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