tagBDSMMichelle Ch. 02

Michelle Ch. 02


Michelle Ch. 2 - The Manager's New Slut

The drive from the restaurant seemed endless. Michelle knew what was about to happen. They were going to his house so he could fuck her. She was going to have a man that wanted her and wanted to fuck her. That's exactly what she had fantasized about last week when she first met him. Now it was going to come true.

When they arrived at Peter's home, he took Michelle to his bedroom. It was a nice master bedroom suite with a king size bed and a huge Jacuzzi bathroom. Michelle stood there waiting for Peter's direction as he removed his jacket and tie. He moved in front of Michelle placing his fingers to her face. "Is this what you want, Michelle?"

At first Michelle didn't answer as she contemplated what was about to happen. After all, this was the first time she'd ever been alone with a man to have sex other than her husband. "Answer me, Michelle!!" He asked again with a much more dominating voice.

Deep inside this IS what she wanted. She needed a man that would want her and take control. But this was all so new and happening so fast. How could she say "no," when all she thought about this past week was having him? Michelle was a respectable wife. She was an elegant lady well liked in her community. She had always been faithful to her husband even though she wanted, needed, and craved so much more. It was Michelle's moment of decision as to what she really wanted. Deep down she knew she couldn't turn back now. Her performance at the restaurant made her feel as though Peter owned her. But what did he have in mind to do. Right now she wanted him to fuck her so bad. Her whole body craved it. And she could feel her pussy getting wet already. But all those stories about his domination and bondage of women... and the S&M? Would he use her body for his enjoyment like that? Is that what he wanted from her? Everything was flashing through her mind all at once.

She looked up at him knowing she should say "no," and fearing what might happen to her. But instead a timid "yes"..., came out of her mouth.

Peter didn't waste anytime and began disrobing her. A minute later she was naked except for the black nylon stockings, garter belt and six-inch stilettos. Peter loved seeing his women in sexy lingerie. Those high-heeled platform shoes really complimented Michelle's gorgeous legs. And the black nylon stockings fit her nice and tight, actually hugging her milky white thighs leaving just enough exposed flesh to make her look so desirable. She looked as much like a slut as you could get. No one would ever have guessed that she was a respectable middle-class housewife.

Then Peter removed his clothes while Michelle watched. When his underwear fell to the floor Michelle stared between his legs. She instantly became partially amazed and partially scared. His cock was so big. Peter saw Michelle's eyes focus on his huge manhood between his legs. He stroked it in his hand while Michelle watched it grow fully erect. "Twelve inches," he said. "You're going to love it up your hot little cunt." "And just wait till you suck this."

Michelle softly and shyly spoke. "Peter, there's something you should know," "I've done very little with my husband." "He fucks me, not often, but that's all." "I...I've never....done anything else."

"Really!!" Peter responded. "Then I'll enjoy you that much more." "It'll be almost like having a virgin." Peter's hands began roaming all over her body feeling her soft delicate flesh. He loved the way her soft thighs felt clad in those sexy stockings. By the time his fingers stroked through her cunt she was dripping wet. "Looks like you're ready to be my slut now," he commented.

Peter then grabbed Michelle and began kissing all over her face. Then he pulled her down on the bed. She moaned out to him, "Oh Peter..." He kissed and tongued down Michelle's body making sure he spent plenty of time with his face buried between her incredibly full breasts. His mouth then moved on to her delicious wet pussy. He had Michelle moaning right from the outset.

In a short time he was kneeling between Michelle's legs and had his big cock sliding in. At first he fucked her slowly, but then once his big cock was coated with her juices he began burying it all the way inside Michelle's cunt. She was moaning out, "Oh!.. Oh!... you're so big ...Oh God...." "It's so big"...

He pulled out and moved Michelle to the floor. He positioned her kneeling with her back against the bed looking up at him. "It's time you learned what I expect of you." He stood there stroking his huge cock while instructing Michelle on her new duties as his whore. "Let me make it simple." "You will do anything I want." "Got it?" Michelle didn't say a word; just nodded that she understood.

"So you've never sucked cock before, huh?" "Well, I'll teach you that." "That's as good a place as any to start." "A good slut should know how to take it down her throat."

Hearing everything he had to say scared Michelle; not just a little, but a lot. She didn't know how to respond. She wanted him badly. He had already aroused her more than any man ever had. And his cock had felt so good inside her cunt. All she wanted to do was please him. But the way he talked scared her so much. And he was going to teach her how to suck his cock? How could she possibly swallow that big thing? As she knelt there looking up at Peter she replied, "I don't think I can do that." "You're too big." Michelle figured he would understand and not force her to do it.

But then suddenly in an instant, "SMACKKKK!!!" Peter's hand slapped her face hard right across her cheek. "Don't you ever talk like that," he yelled at her. "You'll do as I tell you." "Didn't you hear what I just said?" He paused for only a moment.

"It's time you learned how to be a good whore." And he slapped her face again just to be sure she knew that he meant what he said.
her place. She was going to be just another one of his women... another of his sluts... his whore to use and abuse. She didn't know what to do now, other than to obey his orders.

"Open your mouth," she heard. His voice rang through her ears as the shock of his harsh treatment was still overwhelming her. Instinctively, Michelle opened her mouth allowing Peter to put his big cock through her lips. Her brain was saying 'no' this can't be happening. He grabbed her head twisting her hair to hold her head in place. He pushed deeper into her mouth. Michelle's hands went to his hips attempting to force him back as his hard cock hit the back of her mouth attempting to enter her throat. Peter didn't like that.

"Listen you little slut," he screamed at her. "When are you going to fuckin' get it?" "You're my whore now and I expect you to do anything I want." "You're getting my cock down your throat." "Like it or not you're going to learn how to suck cock and deepthroat me." "And you'll be doing allot of it from now on too, so you may as well start getting used to it."

He pulled on her hair forcing her face between his legs. The head of his cock hit the entrance to her throat once again, only this time it slipped in. She instantly had the urge to gag as her bodily reflexes were attempting to expel this huge intrusion into her mouth. But regardless, he held her tight maintaining a forward motion driving his hard shaft deeper and further down her throat. "That's it... swallow it, you slut." She had never felt anything like this. It felt so big traveling deeper and deeper down her throat. She could feel her insides expanding to accommodate the thickness of his huge cock as he was literally suffocating her with his massive cockmeat.

He was using her, just as he had so many other girls. She was his slut now and she was realizing just that, while his cock impaled her throat. There was no turning back. She may be a respectable wife and mother, but now she was her manager's personal whore.

She felt his balls up against her face. His massive piece of cockmeat was lodged completely down her throat. She couldn't breath. "Oh Fuck!!!," he moaned out. "You're so damn tight."

"Now suck it bitch!" "Suck my cock!"

He began humping her mouth. She could feel his extremely hard cock sliding up and down inside her throat stretching it beyond anything she's ever experienced. And all she could do was allow him to have his pleasure. She didn't dare resist anymore, even though his long thick cock was violating her delicate throat. And her inexperience at cocksucking resulted in her gag reflex constantly triggering. She gagged so much that her throat muscles were contracting tighter around his cock. And he loved that feeling too. "Oh, you fuckin' little whore." "That feels so good." "Not used to a big cock down that sweet little throat of yours', are you?"

Michelle's face was beginning to turn red from lack of air. Then he backed away. Michelle coughed and choked spitting and throwing up some thick saliva. He chuckled, "not bad for the first time... SLUT!!." I've had girls puke their guts out when I did that to them.

He grabbed her face in his hands tilting her head up. "Open it back up," he demanded. Michelle obeyed and he sunk his hard cock down her throat again. This time was no better. Michelle gagged violently once more making loud gurgling noises as her throat heaved around his cock trying force it back out. Tears welled up in her eyes. When he thought she needed another breath, he extracted his cock again leaving a long strand of spit hanging from her chin. She immediately coughed, creating more drool and saliva to flow from her mouth. She looked up at him half dazed, only to have him grab her by the hair with one hand and under the chin with the other and force his cock back down once again. And he held it there. "Fuckk!!" "Fuckkk!!" He yelled out. "I love throatfucking sweet innocent sluts like you." "And you thought you couldn't suck my whole cock."

He pumped his big cock up and down her throat slapping his balls in her face and making her gag profusely until she was nearly ready to pass out. Then he let her go. She fell forward on the floor gasping for a breath and trying to regain any sense of decently as a housewife that she might have left.

She barely had time to recover when he grabbed her breasts in each hand squeezing them hard. "Nice tits too," he exclaimed. He yanked on them pulling her breasts away from her chest. Then he pinched her nipples firmly until she was whimpering in pain. When he heard the cries of her discomfort he twisted them, as if to punish her for not controlling herself. Then he reprimanded her. "What's the matter cunt, don't like it rough?"

He began slapping her breasts repeatedly with his hand. Each time her tits wiggled on her chest from the strong impact. The sting of his hand sent waves of pain through her chest and the constant abuse was turning her breasts red. Michelle cried out to him because it hurt real bad. "No!...Please!" "No more!" "It Hurts!" "Oh Please, It Hurts!!"

"You fuckin' little cunt," he yelled out. "You're going to learn real fast what kind of slut I expect you to be."

He shoved her back down on the bed hard and immediately drove his stiff cock into her cunt. He fucked her hard while he continued to maul her breasts. "Don't you disappoint me you dirty fuckin' bitch.

His cock rammed in and out of her wet cunt. Despite his abuse Michelle was getting aroused too. His big cock felt so good inside her even though he continued squeezing her tits hard. He kept slapping them, pulling on them and sucking them into his mouth actually biting her tender nipples. Michelle had never been treated like this. Any sex she ever had was so regular and simple. What she was experiencing now was nothing more than having her body used. It seemed crazy, but despite his rough treatment of her tits, her whole body felt so alive.

Then she felt him. He was cumming. He moaned out as his huge cock began throbbing deep in her cunt. "Oh fuck... what a hot little bitch you are." He kept pumping his cock deep in her cunt, while yelling in his frenzy some of the perverted things he wanted to do to her. "You're my whore now... you fuckin' slut." "Wait till I fuck your ass too." I'll bet you'll love my big cock in your tight little asshole."

Cum was still pouring into her pussy. "And how would you like me to shove my fist up there and feel around in that cute little butt of yours?" I'll give that asshole a real good workout."

"And these tits... fuck... you ain't felt nothing yet bitch," and he sucked her breasts into his mouth biting her nipples while ramming his spasming cock deeper into her cunt.

She could feel his sperm shooting deep inside her. And that made her go over the edge too. Her orgasm began. Her whole body trembled as her pussy filled with Peter's cum. She moaned non-stop, "Oh yess... fuck me... fuck me... cum in me."

"I want to be your whore."

"Oh my God,... fuck me with that big cock."

She was still in a delirious state enjoying this new experience when he pulled out. She knew her cunt was full of cum.

"Get up slut," he demanded. "You can get dressed now." She was still turned on, but she began dressing. She didn't want to disobey or displease him. She watched him get dressed as well. Michelle slipped on her skirt over her partially torn stockings, positioned her bra on her breasts and then buttoned her blouse. Her hair was a mess. Cum was beginning to dribble from her cunt and down her legs.

"You can go home now," he told her. Michelle had the feeling of being so used because he ended this so abruptly, yet she craved more. Perhaps I haven't pleased him, she thought. So she asked, "am I a disappointment to you?"

"No," he answered. "You're going to do very nicely." "You'll make a good office slut for me." "Just let me make sure you understand." "I'll tell what to do... and you do it." "You're a slut.. a whore... a dirty little cunt for me to enjoy" "Understand?"

Michelle nodded her head softly saying, "Yes sir." She was still scared, but she needed to be his slut. This was the most aroused she had ever been. And now she was willing to submit herself and do anything to please him.

"One more thing," he continued. "I know tomorrow is Saturday, but be in my office nine o'clock in the morning." "Just tell your husband you have to work."

Michelle left. In the taxi on the way home she realized what had happened tonight. She was now the boss's whore. She was going to live two lives now; one of housewife and mother and one of office slut obeying any whim her manager might have in mind.

When she arrived at home her husband noticed her disheveled look. Michelle went right to the bedroom to change. Her husband could see the red marks on her breasts. He noticed her torn stockings and the wet sticky substance matted on them. He knew his wife was being fucked by someone else. He didn't say anything.

Michelle lay awake in bed trying to fall asleep. But all she could think about was Peter's cock fucking her. His cum was still inside her. She thought of how he used her and treated her. He was so rough. And she liked it. She liked being submissive for him. She hoped that he was pleased enough with her. But what next? What will he do tomorrow?



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