tagBDSMMichelle Ch. 05

Michelle Ch. 05


Michelle Ch.5 - Submitting To His Clients

Michelle knows that it's wrong, but when Peter is out of the office and his clients (from Ch.1) arrive for their appointment, Michelle submits to their requests.

* * * * * * *

It was right after lunch around 1 o'clock when Peter walked from his office and said he needed to leave for awhile. He told Michelle he would be back in a few hours. About an hour passed, when the two clients from Friday night appeared standing in front of Michelle's desk. "Is Peter in," one asked? Michelle explained that he wasn't and might not be back for awhile. They explained that they had some work they could do while they waited and perhaps could use Peter's office. Michelle thought it would be all right and Peter wouldn't mind, so she showed them in.

Inside Peter's office they introduced themselves. "By the way, "I'm John and this is Frank. We didn't get formally introduced the other evening. "You put on a pretty good show for us at the restaurant." Michelle was getting a little embarrassed being alone with them now that they brought up her performance from Friday's dinner meeting.

Michelle turned to leave and go back to her desk. John closed the door saying, "why don't you stay with us awhile? You said Peter won't be back until later. Besides, Peter said we could get a closer look at you." Then Michelle heard him lock the door. Now she was getting nervous. She enjoyed giving herself to Peter, but now these two strange men were after her. Normally for a secretary his request would have been rather forward, but not for Michelle. They both knew she was Peter's office slut.

"C'mon Michelle, show us those pretty legs again," John asked.

Michelle stood there momentarily trying to figure out what to say and how to get out of this situation. "I don't think Peter would like what you're doing," she responded.

"It'll be our secret," he replied. "C'mon,.. you got great legs. Just pull your skirt up and let's have a look."

Michelle thought perhaps if she did, it might satisfy them and she could go back to work. She stood by Peter's desk and slowly began pulling her skirt up. Once the hem was up over her knees both John and Frank walked closer. "Look at those legs," Frank commented. Michelle continued pulling it up until it was bunched up around her waist. Her skimpy tight fitting red panties were exposed. "Fuck!!!..." John yelled out. "Peter, that lucky bastard. I'll bet you two are having a lot of fun." Michelle didn't say anything to that remark and started to release her skirt.

"No not yet," John quickly instructed reaching to her skirt. "Hold it up." He began lightly touching her upper leg and feeling the soft flesh of her thigh. Instinctively Michelle moved backwards. There have been only two men that have ever touched her body especially intimately, her husband and Peter. John's touch made her remember that she was really a working housewife. Yes, she was involved now with her manager, but allowing John liberties like this was making her feel as though she really was a slut.

As she moved backward John moved too. Her buttocks pushed up against Peter's desk preventing her moving further away. "Don't be shy, honey," John reassured. "Show us some more."

"No, I can't," Michelle replied. "Peter won't like it."

"He won't be back for awhile," Frank coaxed. "Besides, he offered us a better look at you on Friday. Your boss is expecting you to show off for us."

Michelle wondered how she ever got into this situation. She knew Peter probably did expect her to show off her body. This wasn't quite as exciting though. She would do anything for Peter, but these two guys didn't arouse those same feelings inside her.

"Okay," Michelle replied. "But no touching, alright?" Michelle figured if she gave them a quick look, it might satisfy their urges.

"You got it baby," John answered as they stood back watching Michelle unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She leaned back against the desk again spreading her legs. Then she pulled her panties to the side exposing her pussy and pulling it open so they could see her wet pink flesh inside.

"Shit," John exclaimed in amazement. "What a gorgeous cunt."

Then Michelle slowly unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. She noticed the anticipation in their eyes waiting to see more of her body. Michelle reached behind to unsnap her bra and then let it fall away. "What the fuck," John blurted out in disbelief seeing Michelle's breasts covered with marks. Frank moved closer lightly touching one of her breasts. "What happened," he asked?

Michelle quickly covered up with her hands. She had forgotten about the condition of her breasts. They didn't hurt as much anymore. They were healing nicely after Peter's abuse on Saturday. "Please don't tell Peter I showed you," she begged.

"Did he do that to you," John asked? Michelle's lack of response answered his question. There was a rather long moment of silence.

Frank moved her hands away and softly touched her breast again. John began feeling the other. Michelle was so embarrassed she didn't stop them. She only thought that if Peter found out his clients knew what he did to her, he would pretty mad.

"You're a gorgeous lady Michelle," John complimented moving in closer.

Do they hurt," Frank asked running a finger over one of her nipples?

"Just a little," Michelle replied. "It's really not that bad now."

"Did you let Peter do this to you," John asked examining the red marks more closely. "It looks like he beat you real hard."

Again Michelle didn't know what to say. She just stayed silent. How could she admit that she allowed this and would really do anything Peter asked. Michelle stood there letting the two men feel her breasts and inspect the abuse she had endured.

"What a minute," John questioned coming to a realization. "You like it don't you?" "You like what he did to you?" This was getting very embarrassing. Michelle didn't answer again. John looked at Frank commenting, "she loves this. Peter's fucking the shit out her and treating her like a cheap slut and she loves it." He looked right in her eyes. "Don't you?"

Michelle's whole body had a sudden flash through it. These two guys were talking about her. She was naked, except for a skimpy pair of panties, standing in her manager's office showing off her battered tits to two men. The amazing thing is that they were right. She was a cheap slut looking for some thrills with her boss. In her mind she tried telling herself that she was still a respectable housewife. But now these two guys, and even her husband, were beginning to realize differently.

"So what did Peter do to you?"

Michelle remembered Saturday. She glanced at John who was waiting for her explanation. This was so humiliating. She was being asked to explain what her boss did to her.

"He used this hard rubber crop on me... on my breasts. He kept beating me with it. And he had this suction thing on them too. It hurt so much. My nipples... they.... they..." John could see some tears in her eyes. "My nipples.... it sucked on them and... and made them so big... it hurt so much."

John and Frank listened in amazement as Michelle explained what happened.

"Then when he took it off... He hit my nipples so hard. I thought I was going pass out. He kept doing it...hitting my sore nipples... and I had to use a dildo on myself too. He didn't stop until I made myself cum."

Michelle's story was making them both hot and aroused. In fact, Michelle was getting excited too. Maybe Peter's treatment was rather rough and abusive, but it was obvious just from the way she was talking that she enjoyed it despite the pain inflicted on her.

Frank began nibbling on her nipple and sucking it into his mouth. John moved his other hand down between Michelle's legs and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. "No please," she begged softly trying to push it away. Even though Michelle resisted, John wanted more and forced his hand back to her cunt.

"C'mon Michelle. You can't stop now. I think you want this?" John's fingers slid into the waist of her panties and yanked them down. He began feeling her bare cunt and playing with her clit. "C'mon baby,.. I'll bet you'd like a quick fuck."

"No please...," Michelle whimpered out rather unconvincingly. John's fingers were probing into her pussy and she was getting wet.

"Yeah I hear NO, but I think you really want a couple hard cocks," John answered back shoving his fingers deeper into her hole.

Michelle knew he was right. She did want their cocks. She was saying NO, because a nice decent housewife is expected to be a good girl and resist an advance like this. But John had her pussy so wet. Her clit was throbbing and nearly begging for a cock. And then Frank's attentions on her breasts and nipples, despite the pain he was causing, was arousing her even more. She loved being the object of their attention, even if she had to act like a whore.

John pushed Michelle back onto Peter's desk and pulled her panties completely off. She was lying back with her legs hanging over the end. Frank was enjoying her tits squeezing them and sucking on her nipples. A couple times he bit hard and it hurt quite a bit. They were still sore from the punishment inflicted by Peter two days ago. But still it aroused her so much feeling his teeth digging into her tender nipple flesh. It actually sent waves of excitement through her whole body.

While Frank remained focused on her breasts, John spread Michelle's legs and moved in. He dropped his trousers and underwear and pushed his hard cockhead against her wet slit. Then he shoved it right into her soaked pussy. "Oh Fuck!!...," he yelled out. "What a hot wet cunt."

John grabbed Michelle around her hips and began ramming his hard cock into her juicy fuckhole. Michelle began moaning, "Oh yes.... yes... fuck me...." Her cunt was dripping as he pumped in and out faster and faster. She loved how it felt.

"So you're a classy housewife, huh?" "Who the fuck are you kiddin'," John moaned out. "You're nothing but a sex-craved whore... a slut... a bitch in heat that craves being dominated and beaten. I think you're just a submissive filthy cunt." John was working himself into a frenzy realizing he was fucking a pretty woman that had just recently realized what she'd been missing sexually all her life.

Finally he couldn't hold off any longer. "I'm cumming..." "Oh you hot fuckin' bitch, I'm cumming...." His cock began throbbing, spurting his hot cum into her pussy. Michelle moaned too. "Oh yesss... fill my cunt... cum in me."

Once John was drained and his cock stopped spasming, he pulled out. Michelle sat up rubbing her juicy slit feeling his thick cream oozing out. Then she saw Frank stroking the bulge in his pants. Michelle reached over touching it gently at first and then grabbed his fully erect cock through the material. Her attention aroused him even more. "Get down and suck it," he ordered.

Michelle was more than willing to comply. She slid off the desk to her knees and unzipped him. She pulled his cock out and quickly wrapped her lips around his engorged tool. Somehow she knew he wouldn't last long. His cock felt so hard in her mouth like it was ready to burst. She was right. She barely got started sucking when it began throbbing. Her mouth was instantly filled with a huge amount of his thick slimy sperm. She held it in waiting for him to finish dumping his thick cum all over her tongue. Then he pulled out saying, "go ahead, swallow it honey." Michelle wasn't used to eating sperm yet. She did with Peter, but he was the only one. This load was such a big thick glob in her mouth. It was so slimy and had a very salty taste. But she knew Frank really wanted to see her swallow it. So..., GULP!!, down it went; his whole load.

"Fuck,... you're a dirty little cumslut, aren't you," Frank commented?

Michelle licked her lips and got up. The two men fixed their clothing while Michelle rested against the desk recomposing herself. Then she began getting dressed. John and Frank watched and commented to each other on how lucky Peter was. Michelle was almost finished. She had her blouse on and just started buttoning it. They heard a key in the office door and it opened. Peter walked in. He looked around the room seeing his clients and then Michelle with her blouse unbuttoned and hair all messed.

"What's going on?"

Michelle quickly buttoned up and walked out to her desk. She knew she was in trouble. She wondered what John and Peter were telling him.

It was now almost 5 o'clock and everyone would be leaving the office. She figured she had better wait and face Peter after they left. A half-hour later the office door opened. John and Peter walked out. They passed by Michelle. "Everything's okay," John commented. "Don't worry."

Peter followed them out walking past her desk to escort his clients to the door. A few minutes later he returned.

Michelle spoke first. "I'm sorry Peter. I couldn't help myself. But they were nothing like you. They don't treat me like you do."

"I know, they told me what you did," Peter answered. "I'm upset with you that you did that behind my back. But I guess that's the way you are now. Let's face it, you're cheating on your husband and now on me. You're just a filthy little slut aren't you?"

"I'm sorry Peter. I'm sorry." She began crying. "I need you.... I need you to treat me the way you like. You can do anything you want to me. I'll show you how sorry I am."

Peter thought for a moment. "Well, then I hope you weren't planning on going home," he said in a demanding way. "Let me get my coat. You're coming with me."



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