tagLetters & TranscriptsMichelle's First Date

Michelle's First Date


My Dearest Michelle,

You haven't had sex for 5 months, as every day passes you can feel yourself building with sexual frustration like a volcano, poised to erupt at any moment, tormented by desire and need. You know that soon you will be driven to recklessness by the agony in your loins, as the interminable ache just seems to grow and grow.

You find yourself staring at men on the street, the slightest thought of their hot strong bodies pressing against yours, their thick musk enveloping you, causes you to soak your panties (when your wearing any) or sometimes you simply feel your juice just sliding and slipping sensuously down your thighs, at which point you cannot resist reaching down to coat your fingers with that exquisite love honey and then lick them clean.

You need relief, you need the thrill of the chase and the wild abandon of a good fucking, a night long of physical embrace, experimentation, the exhilaration of searching every inch of a man's body to find those ultimate turn ons, as he searches for yours, releasing the primal animal in each of you until you both lose control and drive each other to ecstatic, sensual, sexual and climactic release.

As you sit at home one night, your daughter fast asleep, your thoughts turn to one of your 'virtual lovers', you have often fantasized while reading his deeply erotic stories what it might be like to actually live some of them or create a whole new one with him, in living flesh.

You have a phone number that he has sent you and you know that all you have to do is reach for the phone, yet the temptation is tempered by in trepidation, 'what would happen if he actually answers?’ 'What would we say?’ what might happen? As you read his latest steamy, detailed account your desire builds to screaming point and before you know it the phone is to your ear and you can hear his number ringing, you are tense with excitement, part of you wants to slam the phone down, the other willing him to answer. One more ring you promise yourself and I'm putting it down when suddenly there is a click and you hear his voice, strong with a vague accent, some European hint to it. "It's Michelle", is all you can gasp out, unsure where else to go. "Ahh, my nocturnal temptress", he replies," I was just thinking of you".

An easy patter develops and you begin to relax as you begin to get a feel for this intimate stranger whose mind has already pleasured you so much. Soon over an hour has passed and you feel very comfortable beginning to flirt and respond to his gently flirtatious remarks, you can feel yourself getting bolder with your conversation as is he and shortly you are communicating as you have previously only in the written word, without having consciously planned it you agree to meet, he will be visiting Indianapolis the following weekend and you happen to have an evening free.

Before you hang up the phone you agree to his strident demand that you wear a body hugging black dress that shall barely go lower than your delectable pussy, without any panties. In the silence afterwards you can barely believe what has just happened; yet you find yourself excited and thrilled at the prospect. What lies ahead??

Saturday comes around and you spend the evening slowly preparing for the night ahead, unsure what to expect. You run a long hot bath and soak, savoring the heat as it sensitizes your skin and you can feel a burning pain in your groin as you anticipate what his hands, lips and tongue might feel like on your body, you stroke your swollen pussy lips lightly moaning in pleasure and need but never letting yourself cum, fanning the flames of desire within you, as you probe your asshole with first one pussy wetted finger then two.

While you towel yourself dry you admire your body, your firm erect breast and nipples, your shapely curved ass and you decide that you are going to drive him crazy with lust for you and tease him to the point of eruption. You slip on your dress and toss your deep red hair, you can feel the sexual energy exuding from your body and you know that your self-control is hovering on a fine line. You head for your car and the rendezvous point which you have so carefully chosen, a bar outside your normal circle, somewhere discreet but comfortable.

As you enter the bar you see him sitting at the bar, dressed in a blazer and trousers, relaxed, drinking a tequila and tonic and as you approach he turns, barely hiding a gasp of admiration at the sight of you. 'Hi", you say a little nervously yet with your original conviction of controlling him by tease and desire. " Such a pleasure to finally meet you " he responds as he leans forward and lightly brushes your cheek with his lips, his masculine aftershave gently wavering towards your nostrils, then ordering you a drink.

You like him, you think immediately, there is a confident and reassuring calm about him, all your knowing womanly confidence returns with a solid impact as you raise yourself onto the opposite stool, your stocking legs whispering against each other as you offer him the briefest glimpse of your slightly damp pussy, your lips beginning to swell and protrude, pink and inviting. You notice that he has seen this and is struggling to maintain eye contact, his obvious attraction to you evident in a growing bulge in his trousers, as he smiles appreciatively and unselfconsciously allows himself to run his eyes over the body that you know he has fantasized over. This gives you the opportunity to do likewise and his tall strong body pleases you.

Your chat is easy as you have already broken ground on the phone call, after a couple of drinks, he suggests that you go for a meal, he has a very fine restaurant in mind which he has heard of, "which will make us behave ourselves" he smiles, you know he has something in mind. You both rise from your stools and he gestures for you to lead the way toward the car park, all the while you are conscious of his eyes savoring your long hair, your sweeping neck and feline back, on down to your tight hard ass and beautiful stocking legs, you like it and swing your hips in a teasing fashion driving him on. You agree to drive his car and as you approach the car door you feel his arm slide gently around your waist as he draws you backwards towards him until you are pressed firmly against him. You can feel his hard swollen cock, pressing between your ass cheeks and first his breath then his lips on your neck as his other hand begins to slide across you shoulder and then your breast, he uses the soft center of his palm to caress the very tip of your now hard erect nipples through your dress.

You moan lightly as you lean your head back toward him and he firmly kisses your lips, his tongue pushing into your mouth, brushing against your teeth as the tips of your two tongues meet and begin to hungrily entwine, rasping against each other. He turns you roughly and clasping his hands onto the cheeks of your ass lifts you quickly onto the hood of the car. He wraps your legs around him and again grabbing your ass pulls you towards him until you can feel your quivering pussy grinding against his hard cock, the wet juice of your cunt soaking into the fabric of his pants so that both of you can feel each others heat.

You continue to kiss deeply and desperately, your breasts and now sensitive nipples crushed against his chest as his hips thrust, pounding the length of his shaft between the lips of your pussy, the head of his cock pressing against your clit. You begin to reach for his zip but he stops you firmly and says "No, this is just the appetizer, I have waited too long and I have something for you".

He lays you back onto the hood of the car and you can feel the still warm engine heat at your back, he lowers his head and with his tongue fully extended, runs the flat rasp of it along your pussy, starting at the bottom with the tip of his tongue briefly hooking and probing your asshole, then flat and hard, slowly up through your now soaking lips and finally against your throbbing and swollen clit.

Then he uses his lips to suck your clit from under its hood and begins to rapidly run the tip of his tongue against the very tip of it. You are at screaming point, every nerve in your body is on fire and you grasp his head forcing it harder and harder against your pussy, the months of lust and desire building like a massive tidal wave within you. Again he pulls away and smiles wetly, "Now for your present!”

You don't care about presents as you practically whimper from need. He reaches into his jacket pocket and takes out a large egg shaped vibrator with what appears to be a little plastic sheathed wire attached, it appears to have no controller and you look at him questioningly. He raises and spreads your legs wide and then slowly inserts the egg into your soaking wet pussy, you can see that he enjoys applying that slow building pressure as it gradually presses against your pussy hole and eases inside you, resting fully in your cunt the wire lightly poking out. He then pulls a second similar egg from his other pocket along with a small tube of lubricant. He leans forward to kiss you once more, this time pausing to take each nipple between his teeth and bite hard through the fabric of your dress before once more leaning back.

He begins to smear the lube all over the egg, real slow so that you can watch and anticipate his intentions, then he places the mouth of the tube to your ass hole and pushing the head of it into your anus, squeezes the remainder up into your ass. You can feel the ooze filling you inside and your asshole begins to quiver knowing what's coming next. He presses the egg so that it rests against your asshole and again gently pushes against the resistance of your anus.

The sphincter begins to relax ever so slightly and you feel the egg sliding into you millimeter by millimeter until just after its widest point it slides fluidly in with a rush again the wire slightly sticking out. Your groin is on fire as you can feel these two large eggs filling you up, and you groan in sweet pleasure/pain. He leans forward once more and while kissing you draws you forward off the hood until you are standing, the eggs sliding around inside you, still and not vibrating, pressing against each other through your pussy and rectal walls.

You grasp his shirt pulling him toward you as you begin to massage his cock with the palm of your hand, you can feel the hot humid moisture of his arousal permeating through the fabric. He gently pushes you back and holding one of your hands, reaches into his pocket with the other and withdraws an small box with a switch on it and says " Now I have the remote control of your pleasure, now we can go for our meal!" "You can't stop now you plead", and you can see that even in his eyes he is close to losing any control, the wild need to fuck you is so close to the surface. He whisks you into the passenger seat quickly and closes the door, hopping quickly into the drivers seat and moving swiftly onto the street.

Your desire is kindling a need for some return act of teasing control so as soon as he is driving on the freeway and cannot stop, you lean down toward his crotch and lower his zipper, he glances at you helplessly, the traffic demanding his attention as you reach into the folds of his pants and wrap your fingers around his soaking cock. ' No underwear' you note as you ease his sex desire oiled cock out through his pants. The musk and smell of his aroused maleness floating up to your face, the head of his cock is pulsating and has turned a crimson color, the ridge of his helmet standing out, his shaft straining and rock hard, the moisture of his own lube seeping in beads from his cum hole. You can feel the eggs sliding around inside you and the spreading pleasure of it drives you on with frantic intent.

You slowly lick the tip of his cock, tasting his salty juice and using the very tip of your tongue to try to probe into his small cum hole and then slowly slide your wetted lips down over his shaft until you can feel the head of his cock forcing itself down your throat. You keep his cock deep in your mouth, your head still, sucking hard and revolving your tongue around his shaft massaging it, the hard deeper part of your tongue grazing the sensitive head of his throbbing tool.

You can hear him groaning and then begin to growl deeply from his chest like an animal as he begins to thrust his hips into you. You can feel his whole cock swelling, larger and larger and you can sense he is close to cumming. At that moment you softly pull away your head and then lean your whole body against his, shifting towards him across the car, he is frantic and you can feel the pent up sexual energy that he is radiating, his desire to cum immense. You rest your head on his shoulder and as you slide your hand under his jacket and start pinching his nipples through his shirt, you whisper in his ear, "Now you know what it feels like to be deprived", with an impish and wry grin.

He looks down towards you and says' " Our first date, something to always remember and I want us to drive each other crazy before we finally cum, the more frantic we are the more depraved we'll get, so prepare for a long evening of painful and exquisite tease". You look into his eyes and reply, " I like the way you think, this will be a night that will test us, and I don't think it will be our last if everything so far is just the appetizer". Just at that moment we pull into the car park of the restaurant.

The restaurant truly is an upscale establishment and you are greeted by the Maitre D' who leads you across the restaurant to your linen covered and candlelit table. As you cross the restaurant you are at the same time aware of the two eggs inside you roiling about, your legs weak from the sensation and every man in the place has their gaze locked firmly on you with obvious sexual interest, their partners non-pulsed. " A few of those guys won't be getting any tonight"; you comment as we take our seats and the waiter rests a napkin on each of our thighs.

He orders a good wine promptly from the list and the waiter disappears. As both of you lift and read your menus you flicker a knowing glance at each other occasionally accompanied by a longing smile, that of a shared but intimate joke. The wine arrives and after tasting the waiter pours our glasses and departs. You sit back in the chair feeling comfortable and relaxed in the environment and with your company while at the same time the pressure of sitting in the firm chair causes the eggs to provide aching pleasure, the smooth soft leather of the seat caressing your bare ass.

The waiter arrives to take your order and just as you look up at him to speak and utter your request, the two eggs begin to vibrate intensely deep in your groin. Your whole body starts with the shock of it and the pleasure is magnificent, you barely trust yourself to be able to speak!! You gasp out your order in short burst and finish with relief as you press your ass even more firmly into your seat adding even more pressure to intensify further the delicious effect. Even the wire buzzes against your two openings adding to the stimulation. Once the waiter has left with your orders the vibration stops and he leans toward you raising his glass to yours and says, "Do you like to be controlled? "" Only when I can do the same", you reply, "someday I might make you 'wear' one of these in your ass while we dine!! "

You converse flirtatiously until you can see the waiter approach and as soon as you spot him, you gently ease a stocking foot from one shoe and lift it, sliding it between his thighs, under his linen napkin, until the sole of your foot is resting firmly against his shaft rubbing it up and down just as the waiter arrives, your toes pressing against the head of his shaft. Now it is your turn to watch his helpless expression as he is served, the flush to his face showing that you have achieved the desired effect. The waiter is aware that something is going on but is clearly at a loss and so retreats. You both savor your meal and the wine, the eggs inside you intermittently vibrating as your foot massaging his cock becomes to much for him, slowing you down.

As the meal draws to a close, he suggests that perhaps you might enjoy dessert back at his hotel, at which you can only nod hungrily. He hurriedly pays the bill and you both head for the car at almost a run, the build up of the evening and the gentle effect of the wine releasing any further inhibition of your behavior in public. The hotel is close by and in the car you resume your position of leaning against him, head on his shoulder teasing his nipples with your fingertips as he softly strokes the edges of your pussy lips with his own, his other hand on the wheel. In the hotel you enter the elevator and as he pushes the button for the top floor, doors closing, you reach for him and you embrace roughly, kissing hard squashing your lips against each other as your lips dance a duel. He grabs your ass with one hand and raises your leg behind his back as he probes your two holes with his fingers. The doors open and he leads you to his suite.

You enter the lavish suite and instantly you spot a bottle of champagne on ice and a rose lying on the bed. He gestures you to sit on the bed as he presents you the rose and says " Your belated Valentine". He turns and commences to expertly open the champagne as you lean back gently sniffing the subtle scent of the flower.

He hands you a bubbling glass and you both sip, suddenly you both put down your glasses and you are attacking each others clothes, you wrench off his belt and unbutton and unzip his trousers, then tear open his shirt, buttons flying, and remove it.

He meanwhile has raised your dress over you so that you stand before him wearing only your sheer black stockings, he wearing only his trousers, socks and shoes long gone. You savor the view of his chest hair as it disappears down into the V of his open trousers, you see him gazing hungrily at you like a wild animal that has been deprived of its flesh. Again you embrace, his hard chest pressing against your breasts, his chest hair grinding against your nipples and he pushes you back onto the bed, the weight and power of his body evident on top of you.

He moves down along your body kissing every inch as he goes, your neck, your shoulders, the sides of your breasts, your nipples, the soft skin inside your elbows and wrists, your stomach, your pierced navel, your groin and hips, gently avoiding your pussy he continues down along your thighs, slowly removing just one stocking as he glides down still kissing your knees and the velvet area behind, your ankles and the tops of your feet. He takes your bare foot on his hands and starts to wetly suck one of your toes, then lingers on each one.

Your body is on fire, every nerve tingling as he activates the eggs again. They vibrate feverishly inside you and you groan loudly unable to resist stroking your clit with your fingers as he stands before you allowing his trousers to fall and stepping out of them, revealing his hard soaking cock with appears to jump slightly with pulsating power. That is what you really want and so you lean up and reaching out, wrap your fingers around his shaft so that you can pull back his foreskin, revealing his gleaming head.

You purse your lips and push them down over just the helmet of his cock, your lips tight like an asshole and building resistance until they slip over the crescent ridge. You revolve your tongue around his head gently and reach with your free hand to twist his nipple, he stands tensed, muscles straining with his head leaning back and finally he can take no more, he flings you back onto the bed and spreads your legs wide feasting his eyes on your now heavily swollen, pink and soaking pussy, your asshole puckering just below it.

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