tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMichelle's First Time

Michelle's First Time


(Author's note: Thank you for the feedback I've had for my first submission. I hope you find enjoyment in this one also).

Michelle rolled over onto her taunt stomach with a sigh, reaching back to tug her bikini bottom into place. As she adjusted the thin fabric, the elastic bit into her firm buttocks with a sharpness that told her she had already had enough sun on this side.

The afternoon was glorious – azure sky, sparkling sun, and a slight breeze that danced along her tanned skin. Michelle checked her watched and decided to call it a day. With one last languid stretch, she sat up on her knees and began to gather her things.

"Thought that was you out here"

Michelle abruptly dropped her sunbathing paraphernalia in fright. The house was blissfully quiet and was meant to stay that way for at least a few hours while her parents shopped, and her older brother, Dylan, was out with friends. She was expecting no one – if anyone's friends should be dropping in, it should be hers, not Dylan's!

"Jacob! A little warning maybe?!" she chastised as she bent to retrieve her belongs. "What are you doing here?"

Jacob crossed his arms and leaned easily against the porch railing, a slow smile curling his lips. He'd been friends with Dylan for years. Michelle was always the annoying younger sister; trying to tag along and always getting in the way. Now, as he looked down at her, he was thinking he liked her in his way.

She was wearing a black bikini, simple triangles and string barely covering her ripe body. Jacob's eyes roved over the luscious sight – athletic, yet curvaceous. He watched as she struggled to cover herself with a towel, as well as retrieve the items she dropped.

Glancing up at him, she realised he was practically leering. She blushed and tucked the towel around her body self-consciously. Her bikini only ever came out when she was sure she was alone.

"I'm meeting Dylan. No one answered so I let myself in," he answered absentmindedly, while his eyes feasted on the lush beauty in front of him.

Michelle climbed the steps to the porch, thoughts of having the house to herself disappearing.

"Great, well, he's not here. I don't know when he's going to be back either," she replied with complete indifference.

Jacob raised his eyebrows and moved to stand in front of the door. "Will you keep me company then?"

She rolled her eyes and tried to push past him. When Jacob refused to budge she took a step back and looked up at him with annoyance. Her green eyes searched his piercing blue ones for the reason he was acting this way. Dylan's friends tended to either ignore or insult her.

"Move," she demanded, giving his chest a shove. He still blocked the door, igniting a spark of nervousness inside her. With his arms folded across his broad chest Jacob made an imposing figure.

After a heartbeat too long he laughed and stepped aside with mock graciousness; a large sweep of his arm inviting her into her own home. Michelle huffed and slipped past him into the living room. Jacob followed closely behind her, admiring her neck and the curve of her shoulder. He almost reached out to caress her skin – he imagined it to be still warm from the sun. Small curls of brown hair had escaped her messy pony tail and now stirred in the breeze at the nape of her neck.

"Did you try his cell?" she sighed, her impatience obvious.

"Yip. No answer. I'll just wait here..."

She could only watch helplessly as he slouched down into one of the couches, kicking his feet up onto the coffee table. The remote appeared in his hand, the sudden and loud sound of sports commentary filling the room.

Michelle sighed. Even when Dylan wasn't here she was going to have to put up with his jerk friends.

"Fine then, make yourself at home," she finally managed, her tone dripping with acid, "I'm going to my room."

He grunted, already engrossed in the TV. Her run of the house appeared to be officially over – a grand total of 45 minutes. She glared at the back of his head for a moment, before heading upstairs to her room.

Jacob couldn't see the TV. All he could concentrate on was the image of his friend's younger sister bent over to pick up sunscreen; those shapely thighs giving way to a toned, rounded butt. She had turned to pick up sunglasses and her cleavage had been spilling from her bikini, begging to be squeezed and caressed...

He'd never ignored the fact that Michelle had changed from a gangly and irritating teenager, to a luscious young woman. That had happened years ago. But he had never fantasised about her. After seeing her almost naked all he could think about was fucking her. There were so many ways he'd like to use her body. She'd probably learnt a few tricks in college too. He groaned as his erection grew and pressed against his jeans.

Jacob's unexpected arrival had left Michelle confused – she was pissed off that her space and time had been invaded, but there was something else. It was the way he had looked at her, really looked at her as if for the first time realising she was a person. No scratch that, realising she was a woman. Her face grew red as she remembered the heat of his gaze on her exposed flesh.

Michelle drifted into her bedroom restlessly, dumping her sun bathing stuff messily on her dresser. She couldn't go back downstairs now as that meant facing Jacob; her embarrassment prevented it. Confined and bored, she untied and brushed her shoulder length hair until the brown waves were silky and smooth. She toyed with the hairbrush as her mind wandered: Jacob had looked quite the babe standing above her on the porch. The problem was he *knew* he was handsome, and with that came arrogance. Dylan was the same way; they both thought they were irresistible. And they did seem to get all the girls. Michelle was a romantic by heart – still a virgin. The "right" guy was still out there somewhere. Dylan and his jock friends were not her type – she couldn't count the number of times she had overheard them describing in disgusting detail their latest sordid conquests.

The image of Jacob crept back into her mind. His face was framed by sun bleached hair grown longer over the summer. Broad shoulders and a well defined chest, tapered into a narrow waist. For a moment she imagined running her hands under his shirt and feeling the toned muscles move beneath her fingers. She shook that stray thought away and dropped the hairbrush to the dresser with a clatter.

She let her towel drop to the floor. Standing in front of her full length mirror she rotated, giving her body a critical eye. She didn't have the kind of confidence that Jacob and Dylan had. She was the same 5'5 she had been since she was a teenager, dwarfed by both of them. Her brown hair fell in waves across her shoulders, golden highlights catching the light. Michelle sighed and ran her hands down her sides. Her green eyes stared back with uncertainty as she moved her palms across her flat abdomen then up over her breasts. She cupped the heavy globes and massaged them, watching as her nipples puckered into hard balls pushing against the lycra.

Michelle closed her eyes and let her right hand wander down her stomach, lingering at the top of her bikini bottoms. Her left hand continued to pinch and finger her nipples, the sensations shooting straight between her legs. She caressed her right hand under the fabric and let idle fingers slip between her moist lips. A sound woke her from her reverie.

Her eyes snapped open. Jacob stared back at her in the mirror, his eyes heavy lidded with desire.

She squealed in horror, turning to face the man in her doorway. Her face burned in shame as she crossed her arms over her heaving breasts.

"Wh-what are you doing?" she squeaked.

Jacob licked his lips and ran a shaky hand through his hair, his eyes locked on hers. "Don't stop on my account Michelle." His voice rang out thick with craving.

A lump formed in her throat. She swallowed (and wished the ground would open up and swallow her). "Get out". Her voice sounded small and pathetic in comparison.

He answered with a shake of his head. Michelle backed up against the mirror as Jacob walked purposefully towards her, a predatory look darkening his eyes.

"I said get out!" she panicked.

Jacob didn't stop. He mashed his body to hers, trapping her. Michelle gasped, completely stunned. The mirror was a shock of cold against her back, Jacob all heat on her front. Hot and hard.

He looked down into her wide-eyed face as she stared up at him in shock. Without a word he dipped his head and kissed her, tasting her full soft lips.

Michelle's eyes could only open wider as his lips met hers. Coherent thoughts returning, she pushed at him and turned her head to the side. The kiss broke, leaving both gasping for breath – Jacob in lust, Michelle in disbelief.

'You... you... stop!" She tried to squirm free, but he held her hands and pressed her harder to the mirror.

The feel of her body was driving him crazy; she was inadvertently rubbing herself against his cock in a way that made him shudder with pleasure. He shifted both her hands into one of his own, ignoring her cries of outrage, and let his hand rest on the swell of her hip. Jacob plucked at the bikini string, watching the knot give away. He did the same to the other side. His body grinding hers to the mirror was all the kept the fabric from falling to the ground.

"Jacob stop!! You can't do this..." Michelle's voice faded as she felt his fingers slowly move down past her belly button. They slid lower, across her silky skin, to her shaved mound, following the path her own fingers had traced only moments ago.

He groaned and kissed her hungrily, forcing his tongue into her mouth just as his fingers slipped between her wet pussy lips.

Michelle held herself rigid against the attack, her heart beat deafening as it pounded in her ears. She whimpered at the feel of his fingers. She didn't know what she wanted. Her brain was screaming out for her to stop him, but her body was starting to melt.

"You're already wet," he said thickly, nuzzling her neck. "Watching you touch yourself... did you see what you did to me?" he pulled her hands to his bulging jeans.

She gasped as he pressed her fingers to his hard length, rubbing. "S-Stop" she uttered.

Jacob laughed and stepped back, releasing her. Michelle remained against the mirror, her legs shaky. His eyes unlocked from hers and she followed his gaze down her body. The skimpy top was askew and the bottom fell to the floor. Flustered she tried to cover herself, but it was no use.

Jacob lifted his shirt over his head, revealing a tanned, muscled chest. Michelle stood frozen, her eyes on his hands as he unbuttoned his fly. This is where she should run... leave... instead she leaned back on the mirror and tryed to control her breathing.

"Michelle you love this, don't you, you little slut?"

She shook her head, her voice lost, but she let him take her arm and lead her to the bed. He easily removed her bikini top, and pushed her to the mattress. Her body bounced freely before his descended on top of her.

Jacob pushed her legs apart roughly and yanked his jeans and boxers down. Michelle had no time to think as his hands and mouth ravaged her firm flesh – tongue on her hard nipples, fingers probing her cunt. She panted and bit her lip, the sensations overwhelming. Confusion, anger, fear, all other emotions were masked by the waves of pleasure Jacob's ministrations were giving her.

He wanted her so bad. He wanted to taste every inch of her and take his time. But he was also bursting with the need to take her hard and fast.

Urgency over took. With a bruising kiss he reached between their sweaty bodies and positioned the throbbing head of his cock. As he pushed into her juicy hole he felt her body tense.

"Relax slut" he moaned. Her cunt was so tight. When he looked into her eyes it dawned on him. He couldn't believe no one else had gotten to her before him.

"Saving yourself for me baby?" he grunted, before rearing back and then plunging into her.

Her body was betraying her, then before she could object he was pushing into her virgin pussy. She thought he'd be careful when he realised it was her first time. The cruel look in his eye didn't give her enough warning for the sharp pain that followed as he forced his way inside her. Michelle's scream was muffled as he kissed her.

Jacob was in bliss. She was so slick and snug. He remained buried to the hilt, enjoying the way her muscles clenched him, before almost completely pulling out and driving into her again.

"I'm going to fuck you till you beg for more," he promised thickly, grabbing her hips and pulling her onto him.

Michelle could only lie with her legs spread wide as he powered into her again and again. Nothing had prepared her being this full and stretched. She felt pain with every thrust, but also pleasure as the friction between their bodies increased. Still, it was the pain her mind focused on, until something else alerted her senses.

Jacob watched the features on her face loosen as he slowed his strokes and fingered her clit. His mouth closed over her nipple, teasing and sucking, as he manipulated her swelling nub. Her eyes flashed as electrifying warmth began to spread through her. She dug her nails into his shoulders, her moans of delight joining his.

"That's right... you like that..." Jacob breathed.

Michelle hooked her legs around his waist, drawing him deep inside her. She could feel a divine coil unwrap deep inside her ready to explode. Jacob's body strained, muscles glistening under a sheen of sweat.

"I'm cumming," he cried, his whole body tensing as his cock pulsed inside her sopping pussy. Michelle cried out with him as a tremor ran through her body. A spasm shook her until black spots danced in front of her eyes.

Jacob's spent body collapsed on top of hers, mashing her tender breasts against his chest. Michelle was aware of the dull pain now, and of wetness soaking her thighs. She pushed at him with weak hands.

He chuckled, still panting, and rolled off her. She slowly pulled herself to her feet, glancing back to Jacob. His eyes sparkled up to her, satisfaction written all over his face. He ran a lazy hand over his chest, and down his belly to stroke his cock. It glistened with their combined juices. Michelle's face flushed a deeper shade of red.

"Ready to go again?" he smiled languorously.

Though she was sure her legs would give way, Michelle walked from the room. She winced, but made it down the hall and to the bathroom. She locked the door and leant against it. How did she let that happen? What had she done?

"Michelle?" Jacob's voice wafted down the hall.

Her body clenched at the sound.

"Let me in"

This time the sound was on the other side of the door. Michelle turned, her hand hovering over the lock.

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