tagLetters & TranscriptsMichelle's Hotel Rendevous

Michelle's Hotel Rendevous


Dear Michelle,

You are not quite sure how you got into this position, but all you know is that I have arranged this entire mysterious rendezvous, and that from somewhere close I am watching your every move. You are vaguely aware of your surroundings as the stranger’s strong hand covers your mouth, as you enter the darkened hotel room. Then, swiftly but delicately, nimble fingers probed then applied pressure to various points on your neck, and then with a strong even pressure, his fingers slid along your spine; surprising you with the placement of a fingertip at the top of the crack of your ass, and then sliding but an inch between your cheeks and pressing hard. Your body stiffens, but you are unsure as to why.

A hand then rubs around your hip and places its fingertips along the crease at the top of your thigh, just inches from your now tingling pussy. The fingertips seem to slowly position themselves. One moves closer to the lips of your pussy, another just below it. They pull at your flesh. You feel your thighs separate slightly. Two fingers place themselves just below your clit, and a thumb above it. Simultaneously, a thumb and forefinger move to either side of your neck, just below either ear, pushing up slightly so that your neck curves back and your throat is cradled in his palm. With a sudden press, twist and squeeze; hands and fingers move in unison, and you feel your knees give way and your mind become fuzzy. You collapse, but he catches you just underneath your breasts with his arms. You are barely conscious as he begins to remove your clothing.

He unfastens your skirt as he still holds you up, and allows it to fall to your ankles. He places your limp body on a bed and unbuttons your silk blouse. When done, he raises you to a sitting position and slides your blouse off of your arms and shoulders, then undoes the hooks at the back of your bra. He curves his fingertips just inside of the cups and holds them, allowing you to fall back helplessly and limply upon the bed. He pulls the elastic of your panties around your hips and ass, them off of your legs and ankles, making you completely nude.

You're not completely sure what happens next, only that your body is being moved and positioned in various ways, and that you feel somewhat trapped and free at the same time. By the time full awareness returns, you realize that you have been securely tied. Thick nylon ropes have been knotted around your wrists, elbows and forearms, securing your upper arms to either side of you, and your wrists to either side of your knees. Your calves have been tied in such a way that you cannot extend your legs or bring them together, but they are bent and connected to your upper thighs by your ankles.

You find that the most comfortable position is to just allow your knees to separate widely, relaxed and open. Your breasts have binds around them as well. The thick rope circles each of them twice at the base, with loops around your neck and around your shoulders. It has all of the appearance of a bra without cups. Your breasts and very separated and exposed. An interesting effect of being tied in this fashion is that it forces your back to arch, thrusting your breasts outward, almost in a defiant fashion.

You squirm and try to pull yourself free, only to learn that the only thing that happens is that you exhaust yourself and the activity makes the massive orbs of your breasts roll about; sometimes taking several seconds to stop quivering. It is while you are watching them quiver that you notice him staring at you, or more precisely, your breasts and their motion. He walks closer to you. The light is very dim, so it is hard to make him out. He appears to be dressed only in black shorts. The bulge at the crotch is obvious. Your breasts have had a significant effect upon him. "If you try to scream, I will have to gag you", he says. You nod. He reaches for you and begins to inspect the ropes.

You are not sure whether he is making sure that the knots are secure or helping you become more comfortable. In any event, he manages to run his hands along your inner thighs and to cup and fondle your breasts. At first you think that it is incidental, but then your realize that he is enjoying the activity; both the feel of the flesh in his hands and the sight of you becoming aroused. You feel your pussy become wet even as you body begins to perspire from you squirming. Your breathing becomes heavy and labored as the feeling of lust begins to take over. Seeing your response, he begins to stroke the now dripping lips of your pussy. At first he is very gentle, his fingertips rubbing and exploring the damp flesh. Then he begins to arouse you in earnest, inserting the tip of a finger and manipulating your hooded clit.

You moan, and he responds by bending over your breast, grasping it with one hand and suckling your nipple with his mouth and tongue. You gasp loudly and your eyes roll to the back of your head as his manipulations bring you closer to ecstasy. He has inserted three fingers into your pussy and his thumb rolls over your clit again and again. Each circular motion brings you nearer an orgasm. Not to be outdone, he alternately gently nibbles and sharply bites your nipple, while massaging the milky orb deeply, soothingly bringing you closer to a peak. Suddenly, the first wave of the orgasm explodes over you and your back arches harshly, forcing his fingers in deeper. You spasm for nearly a full minute before the sensation subsides; all the while he continues to roll his thumb over your clit.

Finally, you just lie panting. He extracts his fingers and places both hands upon your breasts. He is clearly fascinated by them, but your breasts tend to have that effect on all the men you have loved. He squeezes and kneads them, then begins to kiss, lick and suckle them. Your hips begin to squirm as your passion rises anew. Seeing this, he places his other hand upon you pussy and repeats his ministrations again. Three fingers probe into you as his thumb roll slow, firm even circles on you clit. He switches to your other breast, and you are thankful since the first is somewhat sore form his sucking. It isn't long before you approach another orgasm. You lick your lips in anticipation.

Almost on queue, he covers your mouth with his and deeply slides his tongue to play with yours and tickle the back of your throat. Had he not done so, your scream as you cum again would have been deafening. You try to drain his mouth with yours, tongues rolling around each other. Finally, the spasms subside again and your head rolls back limply. You feel him rise and the sound of his shorts coming off; then he mounts you and ever so slowly, slides his thick cock inside of you. Your pussy is hot and fluid as it welcomes it inside. You have already cum twice and need to be seriously fucked again. Inch after inch moves in, and you must stretch to hold him. Finally, he begins his strong rhythmic stroke. Even though securely bound, you gyrate your hips to grind against him each time he hilts you.

The sensation seems to make him lose control and he begins to thrust harder and harder. His ragged breathing betrays an oncoming climax, and you clinch your pussy tightly and twist your hips sharply to take him over the edge. He explodes and you feel the force of his spurt. His cock seems to swell as the hot semen shoots out and deeply into you. Just as you think that he has finished, he rolls over with you on top. He rises into a sitting position, and cock stiff and inside of you, rides you up and down his length. The sensation is incredible. You cannot move, but he is lifting you and allowing you to slam down harshly onto his lap, stretching your insides to their limit. His face ravages your breasts, biting and sucking in huge mouthfuls of you flesh in his heightened state of passion.

For several long minutes, this continues. It is ecstasy at its most intense, him pounding into you while mercilessly all but swallowing your nipples. Together you explode. He allows himself a couple of quick spurts, then suddenly lifts you off and pushes you face down on the bed, you ass lifted high into the air. His thick and heavily sodden cock is positioned at your anus, and ever so slowly, enters you. At first you want to scream with pain, but as more and more of him pass your through your over stretched sphincter, a warm and full feeling replaces the pain with another sensation. Your find yourself pushing back harder against him, "Now...Now...please fuck my ass!” you scream. He obliges and proceeds to pound you into near delirium.

As he begins his final spurt, you experience your first anal orgasm. He continues to ride inside your ass until he softens, and extracts his now limp cock with a plop. You shudder as it comes out, and roll onto your side gasping heavily. You watch as he washes his cock, lies alongside you, and begins to lick your pussy and tongue your clit. Your mouth searches for and finds his cock, takes it in, and brings it to hardness again. You feast on each other for long minutes, then weakly cum one last time. The two of you pass out with cock and pussy being slowly sucked and licked, as I rise from my chair in the corner and quietly disappear from the darkened room.

Your Loving Husband,


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