tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMichelle's Payback Ch. 3

Michelle's Payback Ch. 3


Tony was standing next to the bed deciding which position he wanted to try with Rachael next when the doorbell rang.

"Who the fuck is that?" Michelle asked in disgust.

"Don't either of you say a word." Tony demanded, shaking his fist at Rachael and Alicia. Both girls wanted to cry out but neither wanted to be found like this. Michelle once again reminded them of the consequences if they were.

"Go check it out." Tony ordered Joey.

That stood quietly over the two girls as Joey grabbed his pants and went to the front door. "It's probably just a salesman or a Jehovah's Witness or something. He'll get rid of them." Tony said.

Suddenly they heard Joey cry out and the sounds of a struggle ensue. Followed by the bedroom door flying open and John Carter shoving Joey into the room. John was the QB of the football team and former boyfriend of Michelle before dumping her to go out with Rachael. Behind John came Tommy, the 6'6" star linebacker on the team. Next came Alicia's brother, Alex. A handsome blond who was shorter than any of the other men. John and Tommy were both 18 and Alex was 20.

"What the fuck is going on here?" John demanded. Tony rushed him but Tommy delivered a well-timed punch to the jaw that dropped him to the floor. That ended any resistance from the others.

"Let them go!" Alex ordered. Joey grabbed the keys off the dresser and quickly unfastened the cuffs on Rachael and Alicia.

"Call the cops, Tommy." John said.

"I wouldn't do that." Michelle spoke up, drawing plenty of attention with her dangling strap-on. "If we get in trouble then I turn both of these two bitches in for cheating on their exams, ending their college careers before they begin."

"How did you find us?" Alicia asked her brother, not even bothering to cover her nudity.

John answered. "When you and Rachael didn't show up at the beach I got worried. Then someone told me that you were riding with Michelle. Tommy and I came back and went to your houses but you weren't there. Alex joined us and we were passing by when we just happened to spot Michelle's car here so we decided to stop."

"And it's a fucking good thing we did." Alex said.

Michelle looked at them smugly. "Well, you can go ahead and take your precious cheerleader babes. We're threw with them anyway."

Rachael turned on Michelle with emotion never witnessed from her before. "You fucking bitch!" She cried out as she attacked her former friend. John had to pull her away.

Then Alicia stepped forward. "Maybe we can't turn her in without getting busted ourselves. But I know one way to get even with her. Why don't you guys gang-fuck her like she had them do us."

"No!" Michelle shouted, backing behind her brother.

"Hmmm," John replied. "What do you think, Rachael?"

Rachael nodded her head. "I want to see her get the shit fucked out of her."

Tony stepped farther between his sister and the other men.

"What's it gonna be, man," Tommy said, "You guys gonna let us fuck this bitch or do we have to kick your ass first before we do it?"

Rick and Joey looked at Tony, then at the towering, muscle bound linebacker. They chose sides quickly. "No problem. We'll even help." Rick answered.

"You mother-fuckers!" Michelle shouted.

Tony attempted to fight but was quickly overcome by John, who then used one of the pair of handcuffs to secure his arms behind his back as well. Michelle tried to make a break for it but had Rachael and Alicia on her before she could get two steps. Then the other guys grabbed her and threw her on the bed and began tearing her leotard off of her. Then they began stripping down as well.

"You guys can have her pussy," John said. "I've had it already, I want to make her suck my dick."

Michelle struggled as they rolled her over onto her hands and knees. John forced his stiff pecker into her face, slapping her several times with it until she finally opened her mouth, allowing him to shove it in.

Rachael and Alicia could not believe what they saw when Tommy stepped out of his boxers. The tall football player had a dick longer than the dildo Michelle had been using: and almost as thick. He took his place behind the struggling blond and shoved his cock into her cunt. The cock in her mouth muffled Michelle's cry. She thought at first that someone had rammed the dildo into her. But soon realized that it was Tommy. She had heard rumors that he had a big cock, but she could not believe it was like this.

Tommy and John fucked Michelle from opposite ends while the others watched. Michelle was enraged at how everything had suddenly turned against her. She was finally getting her revenge on Rachael and Alicia, but now she was the one getting raped.

Rachael grabbed the digital camera and began snapping pictures. "Nooooo" Michelle cried out as best she could. The two men continued fucking her. John was shoving his cock deep into her mouth. Michelle had sucked cock a few times, but had never let anyone cum in her mouth. Now she knew that John was going to make her swallow his load. She tried to pull her head away but his powerful hands held it in place. She lunged forward each time Tommy's huge dick crashed into her cervix, which caused her to take John even deeper into her throat.

"Oh yes, I'm gonna cum in your pussy." Tommy called out.

Michelle was in a panic now. She always used a rubber, now she was about to take a full load into her without any protection. Tommy continued pounding away, his cock swelling even more inside her. Then he began pumping his cum into her.

As Tommy was cuming in her pussy, Michelle felt John's orgasm begin in her mouth. Wad after wad of cum sprang into the back of her throat. She began gagging but was forced to swallow it all as he continued fucking her face.

The two men pumped her for a short while longer before pulling out.

"Next." Tommy said as he got off the bed.

"Alex rolled her over and climbed on top of her. Michelle struggled but he easily mounted her. Alicia stood beside the bed watching her brother fucking Michelle. Alex fucked her hard and fast, causing Michelle to grunt with every thrust he impaled her with. In minutes the blond man was shooting his load into her waiting belly.

"My turn." Joey said.

"Oh fuck no!" Michelle cried out. One of the reasons she had enjoyed watching Joey fuck the other two girls was because she found him so unattractive. The thought of him fucking her was revolting. But Joey was atop her in a flash and plunged his prick into her cunt. Michelle wasn't able to contain herself as he fucked her. With several orgasms already it was taking Joey quite a while to get off. Michelle had climaxed many times as well, and she could feel her body gearing up again. "Oh god nooooo!" She called out as she realized she couldn't hold it back any longer. She climaxed as Joey continued to fuck her. Then soon he followed by emptying his balls into her.

Next Rick was on her. Rick fondled her tits while ramming his pecker in and out of her. Like Joey it took him quite a while to get off. But he was enjoying every minute of it. Michelle came twice as he fucked her. Each time watching as Rachael took another picture. Then Rick flooded her insides with his semen.

"Make her suck her brother's dick." Rachael said.

"Fuck you." Michelle shouted. But the others were already into the idea. Michelle was pulled off the bed and forced onto her knees by the chair where Tony sat handcuffed. She was surprised to see that his dick was fully erect.

"Don't do it, Michelle." He said.

Michelle struggled but three pair of hands forced her face against her brother's cock. Then Alicia pinched her nose with her left hand while grabbing Tony's dick with her right. Michelle held her breath as long as possible before opening her mouth. Once she did Alicia guided her brother's cock into it. She tried to pull away but the hands on her head were forcing her face to bob up and down on Tony's dick.

While this was going on John got behind her and began fucking her. Michelle's pussy came to life once more and she suddenly discovered that she was moving her mouth over her brother's shaft without being forced. Then she spotted Rachael taking pictures from an angle to clearly show that she was blowing her own brother.

John filled her cunt with his seed and pulled away. Joey, seeing her open and waiting was hard once more so he got behind Michelle and began fucking her again.

Tony watched his sister's face as she sucked his cock. He could feel his orgasm rising and tried to fight it off. He did not want to cum in Michelle's mouth. But the feeling was too great. He tried to close his eyes but kept opening them to the sight of his sister sucking him. His balls tightened and he could hold back no longer.

Michelle felt the first spurt of her brother's cum and felt a sense of betrayal. Then more sperm flooded her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow her brother's load while everyone watched.

Joey was banging away on Michelle's cunt. He was nearing another orgasm when Alicia pulled him away. "Don't let the fucker cum in her yet!" She ordered.

Joey was pulled to his feet, his pecker throbbing with the need to release. "Make him cum in Tony's mouth." Alicia said.

Tony and Joey both protested, but the others forced the two men together. Alicia repeated her actions with Tony as she did to Michelle. She pinched Tony's nose until he had no choice but to open his mouth. Then she shoved Joey's cock into it. Rachael and Alicia grabbed Joey's hips and guided him back and forth into Tony's face, while Alex took the camera and photographed Tony sucking cock. Tony gagged on the rod in his mouth, trying his best to escape it. Joey hated what was happening but was already on the verge of orgasm. It didn't take much stimulation from Tony's mouth before he sent his cum flying. Tony choked on the salty fluid that spit into his mouth. Left with no other choice he swallowed it down.

Michelle sat on the floor wondering what was going to happen next. Rachael dragged Tommy over to her, taking his massive 12-inch dick into her hands she wagged it before her former capture. "Would you like this again?" Rachael asked.

Michelle sat silently.

"Well you're going to get it. But now it's going in your ass!"

Michelle jumped to her feet attempting to run. But Alicia grabbed her and wrestled her to the bed.

"Fuck her ass, Tommy!" Rachael cried out. "Fuck her ass like she had them do to Alicia and me!"

It took two others to hold Michelle still. Tommy got behind her and slid his cock into her pussy a little. Michelle thought that he had given up on the idea of screwing her virgin asshole. But then he pulled out and pressed his dick firmly against her anal opening. Michelle was begging for mercy. Promising anything in and out of reason to be spared this. She even said she would take anyone else in the ass rather than Tommy. But Rachael and Alicia wanted to see Tommy's cock up her rump. Tommy pressed forward, bringing about screams of pain and fear from Michelle. He broke through her tight muscles and began thrusting his dick deeper and deeper until he eventually had all twelve inches inside her. Michelle shook like a rag doll as Tommy pounded her asshole. Rachael grabbed the camera once more and took several pictures of her assault. After several minutes Tommy felt his lust rising to the top. Michelle yelled out as she felt his cock swell just a little bit more. Then Tommy bucked and slammed harder as he sent his seed deep into her bowels.

"God I'm horny." Alicia said."

"Well you've got plenty of dicks to choose from." One of the guys responded.

"That's not the idea." She replied. "I want to punish this bitch more." She looked at Rachael and said, "Let's make her eat our pussies."

"Oh fuck no!" Michelle yelled in disgust. It was one thing to fuck the two girls with a dildo, but another to go down on another woman.

"Do it or we'll have Tommy fuck your ass again." Rachael said.

Alicia got on the bed and spread her legs. Michelle was pushed between her legs until her face was rubbing against Alicia's wet pussy. Finally, in utter defeat and humiliation, she began licking the other girl's cunt. Alicia was stirring almost immediately as Michelle licked her clit.

"Oh that's it, Michelle. I'm gonna flood your face with my cum." She said as her climax drew near. Then Alicia had her most powerful orgasm of the night, her pussy drenching Michelle's face while Rachael took close-up pictures showing her former friend with her face buried deep between another girl's legs.

"My turn." Rachael said as she handed the camera to Alicia and took her place.

Alicia lowered her face and began lapping away at Rachael's furry box. Rachael 'ohhhed and ahhhed as Michelle worked her tongue along her slit and massaged her clit. Then she too let loose with a wonderful orgasm.

Then the men were at it again. John decided that he wanted a turn at Michelle's ass. But Alex didn't want to wait his turn with her. So the two men decided to sandwich her. Michelle was forced to straddle Alex's cock and begin riding him. But once he was inside her they held her still while John forced his cock into her asshole. Michelle was impaled by two pistoning rods that rubbed together inside her as they filled her up. Then Rick hopped on the bed and stood beside her, forcing her to suck his cock. Michelle was being taken by three dicks at once, all the while being photographed. As the two cocks slammed into her ass and pussy she began to stir. Her body was approaching yet another orgasm. Now Michelle was bouncing up and down on the twin cocks. The pain was replaced by pleasure as her body unleashed wave after wave of multiple orgasms until the three dicks all unloaded into her.

Once they pulled away Michelle turned to see Rachael wearing the strap-on. She jumped onto Michelle and shoved it inside her pussy. "John, fuck me!" Rachael cried.

John was hard in an instant at the chance to fuck Rachael. He did not care that she had been defiled several times already that day. He had longed for this moment and was going to take it anyway possible. He got behind her and shoved his cock deep into her pussy. Now Rachael was being fucked from behind as she fucked Michelle. Michelle and Rachael were both rocked with multiple orgasms before John was able to unload into Rachael's cunt.

When Rachael pulled out of Michelle she was surprised to see Alicia atop Rick, riding him like a wild animal until the two of them both climaxed.

Tommy noticed that Tony was sitting in the chair with a hard on again. All of the sex going on around him had aroused him, even if most of it involved his sister.

"Make him fuck Michelle." Rachael said.

Michelle and Tony both protested. But the idea was already accepted by the group. Michelle lay on the bed too exhausted to move while Tony was released.

"I won't do it." He said.

"Then bend him over." Rachael said, still wearing the strap-on.

The guys held Tony in place while Rachael got behind him and shoved the dildo into his ass. Not to be outdone Alex grabbed him from the front and shoved his cock into Tony's mouth. "This will teach you to fuck my sister!" He said as he pumped Tony's mouth while Rachael fucked his ass. Alex fucked his face until he coated the inside of his mouth with his cum.

When Alex pulled away Rachael stopped pumping the rubber dick into him. "Either fuck your sister or I'll tear your asshole apart while you suck every cock here."

"Okay, okay!" Tony said.

"Tony, no!" Michelle gasped.

"You got me into this, Michelle," He spat. "So don't blame me."

Tony thrust his cock into Michelle's pussy. He hadn't fucked her for more than a minute before she had her arms and legs wrapped around his torso in the throws of another orgasm. Tony couldn't believe that he was fucking his sister. But he realized that he was loving every minute of it. He pounded Michelle's cunt, listening to her climax over and over again, until he was ready to blow his load.

"Oh god, yes." He moaned as he came in his sister's pussy.

Everyone got dressed and Rachael took all the floppies with her while John deleted everything from Tony's computer. Then they told Michelle that if she ever said anything about the exams that these pictures would be used against her. Michelle humbly agreed to remain silent.

Rachael continued dating John and Alicia surprisingly dated Rick until they two of them went off to college where they had many adventures.

For her efforts, Michelle found herself being used by Joey and Tommy as well as a few of their friends, including her brother, as a sex toy for several months. At least until she got pregnant. She gave birth to a little boy who had a remarkable resemblance to her brother Tony. Needless to say, she never gave Rachael or Alicia any trouble again.

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