tagBDSMMick Britton: Missy's Second Lesson

Mick Britton: Missy's Second Lesson


Here is a second installment in my Mick and Missy's story. I wrote this as a gift for a special person. All characters in this story are fictional.

I have had fun writing this story about a student that deliberately mocks and humiliates his teacher using her own language to subjugate and dominate her. This is a very special education.



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Miss Smith sat at her desk, the cap of her red pen trapped between her lips. She looked down at the letter in her hands. She frowned when she noticed that she had crumpled it a little, and it was damp from the sweat of her hand. The red A+ marked on the top was probably a little more than this letter deserved. The spelling and sentence structure was excellent. It ought to be, she had written it. But the continuity of thought, the subtle use of language and innuendo, that had been all Mick. She wondered how he had managed to hide this eloquence, this maturity of thought from her and the rest of his teachers.

Mick Britton had depths that surprised her. Surprised and completely captivated her. Mature beyond his nineteen years, he had taken control of her in ways she had not thought possible. Her whole body still resonated with the emotions and sensations of the "lesson" he had given her yesterday. In his letter he said he would be back tonight to teach her again. He had said he knew she would be here waiting. While a small voice was screaming in the back of her head that this was crazy and dangerous, there had been no question. He was right.

Miss Smith looked at the clock. It was almost time for him to arrive. She looked down at the coat dress she had worn to work that day. A tiny embarrassed smile flickered across her lips. She had taught English Composition to high school seniors all day with this dowdy, neck to almost ankles, dress on and under it was a naughty school girl costume she had spent half the night putting together. Leaning down she took the white knee socks and saddle shoes out of her desk and pulled them on. When she sat back up, he was standing in the doorway. He had not knocked. She knew he would never knock on her door again. After all, he was the teacher now.

Instinctively she stood, knowing she should not sit when he was standing there in the door way.

Mick's eyes were disapproving. "I instructed you to wear a more appropriate uniform."

Her voice was breathless, "Yes Mick Sir." Her fingers found the belt of her dress and pulled it loose, and then one by one she unbuttoned the buttons running down the length of the long concealing dress. She let the heavy cotton dress fall to the floor and stood before him. She wore a tight white cotton blouse with a little tie that hung down over her breasts as they strained against the tight fabric.

Mick nodded and curled a finger at her, beckoning for her to come out from behind her desk. "Come out from behind there missy. Let me see you."

Miss Smith could feel her face heating and knew she must be bright red. She stepped out from behind her desk revealing the plaid skirt. She had spent almost two hours hemming the endless pleats so that it barely came down over the curve of her butt. Her white ruffled panties would show if she bent over at all.

Casually dropping a duffle bag he had hanging over his shoulder; Mick gestured for her to turn around. "I should have guessed you would take my instructions of wearing a uniform literally Miss Smith. The knee socks and saddle shoes give the whole thing an amusing twist of authenticity."

Mick stepped close, his chest almost touching hers. She could feel the heat emanating from his skin. He reached up and pulled a pin from her hair, and then another. "Next time missy, have your hair down as you wait for me." A long shudder of excitement shook her, and she nodded feeling her heavy hair slip down her neck and fall down her back. The words 'next time' echoed around inside her head.

He ran his hand through her thick wavy hair. "Missy, turn around and lean over. Put your face down on your desk."

A tiny whimper leaked from her as she complied. Long nervous shivers of anticipation began to make her legs quiver. Mick lifted her skirt and made an approving sound. The ruffled white panties were high cut, almost a thong. The cheeks of her ass were almost completely bare, separated by the smallest triangle of lacy white ruffles. "I like your choice in underwear missy. They go perfectly with the uniform. I am looking forward to seeing your bra." He began to slowly gently stroke her exposed bottom. "I can see the reminders of yesterday's lesson. I am sure we can add to them today. I am sure you will excel in your studies."

Miss Smith quivered and shivered under his hand. His voice seemed deeper and more compelling. "Missy it is important that you always answer my questions and that you tell me the truth. Do you understand?"

Miss Smith nodded, "Yes Mick Sir."

"When is the last time you got fucked."

She hunched her shoulders up around her ears at his coarse words. She mumbled, "Um... um... ten years? No, twelve years ago." That fact shocked her. It couldn't have been that long. He had been the love of her life. They were going to get married. Then he was gone. He had been a police officer. A sad little crazy man had shot him to death. She had never let herself fall in love again.

"Are you on birth control?"


"You will start. I refuse to put a brat in your belly."

Again she cringed at the anger and crudity. It seemed like there were two people inside this boy, Micky, the angry inarticulate crude teenager and Mick, the man in control. It was Mick that exuded authority and confidence. Either way she knew she agreed completely. She did not want to even contemplate the chance of conceiving a child with this boy or anyone else for that matter. "Yes Mick Sir."

His hand continued to stroke her bottom, lightly running his fingertips up and down the crack of her ass. "The quicker the better for you, missy..."

A wave of heat rose up in her; she could feel her tissues swelling with excitement. Her legs shook and sagged as a sudden shudder of pleasure made her jerk and squirm. A tiny word of surprise broke from her lips, "Oh!"

His hand struck sharply on her ass, the sound loud in the room. "Slow down missy. Rewards come only after the student has completed her assigned tasks. Stay there for me missy."

Mick strode across the room and picked up the duffle bag. "I brought some teaching aids with me. You will find them very educational."

Miss Smith craned her neck trying to see from where she bent over her desk. A wave of dread and excitement shook her as she watched him pull out a handful of ropes and then a gag. Mick looked up and saw her eyes on him, he held up the gag. "This will assist you in surpassing your previous accomplishment. You won't have to worry about disturbing the custodian."

There was little worry about the custodian walking in or even hearing her. The night custodian had already made a quick sweep of the school, emptying the all the garbage cans and closing the blinds. She had never once seen the furtive older man after that. Rumor in the teacher's lounge was that he actually left the building, but Miss Smith suspected he just slept somewhere in the basement.

Mick's words about surpassing her previous accomplishment sent a shiver of anticipation through her. The memories of his hand spanking her and then the belt searing into her flesh had left her squirming with excitement all day. It had hurt and yet each blow seemed to feed the flames he had ignited in her. It had taken the barest touch of his hand to make her lose her mind in ecstasy.

"I am going to tie you missy. The ropes will help you learn." His eyes darkened. "And I must admit, I like to watch you fight to get free." This time as he bound her, he stretched her tightly over the top of her desk. Her hips were pressed tightly to the edge of her desk, her head hanging down over the far edge. Her arms were stretched wide, the ropes tied down to the far legs of her desk. He tied her ankles to the legs on the front of her desk, spreading her wide, the inside of her thighs stretched and protesting. He walked around the desk admiring his work. "Nice, all ready for your lessons."

He knelt and lifted her chin with his finger and looked deep into her eyes. "You will make your teacher proud of you, won't you missy."

"Yes Mick Sir."

He pressed his lips to hers, at first a soft almost gentle kiss, it rapidly heated. He tangled his hands in her hair and ravaged her mouth. When he finally released her, she was gasping, her head lolling limp, hanging over the edge. Standing he picked up her dress and roughly rolled it into soft bundle. "Lift up your head missy." When she raised her head up he pulled out the wide tray drawer and put the dress down under her head. "There you go. That will be more comfortable. How are the ropes feeling? Anything hurt?"

"They are OK. Nothing hurts Mick Sir."

"Good missy. We will put the gag in now." As he put the ball into her mouth and fastened the strap behind her head he spoke to her. "I will take this out every once in a while to see how you are doing. The ropes and gag will make it easier for you to concentrate on learning your lesson."

He returned to the bag. "I have some other things in here that you might enjoy as well."

Raising her head up, she tried to look around but the ropes were too tight. She heard him chuckle. "You will just need to let me surprise you." She felt him pull her panties down to her hips, with her legs spread so wide they would not go down any further. "You will find if you relax this will be easier for you." Miss Smith tensed and shivered as she felt him move her panties to one side. When something cold spilled down the crack of her ass, she lunged against her restraints, a small distressed whimper tried to get past the gag in her mouth.

"Like I said, you will like this better if you relax." Miss Smith struggled to relax, but as she felt his finger slowly worm into her bottom, she squealed and struggled against the ropes holding her. "Fighting will not stop your lesson missy. It will mean that we will just have to stay longer after school. It is Friday... we could be here all weekend. I refuse to let you fail, but I must say that you have disappointed me. I expected your enthusiasm for learning would include this very important task you must learn to perform for your teacher."

His finger was working in and out of her, slowly irresistibly, continuing this invasion of her ass until she laid limp on the desk, quivering and sobbing in humiliation. "There you go." He pushed a second finger into her, murmuring softly. "You will learn that this is not so bad. In fact I am sure you will learn it can be quite good." He chuckled softly, "At the very least, it will be good for your teacher."

Her whole body stiffened again when she felt something hard being pushed into her, a cry of pain and protest welling up behind the gag. "Missy we will repeat this lesson until I feel you have mastered this skill. It will only be when you respond with the proper enthusiasm and gratitude for this particular assignment, that I will know for sure you have learned your lesson." As he spoke he continued to ease the foreign object deeper and deeper into her. Miss Smith fought and sobbed, soft grunts of pain welling up with each thrust of the large thing up her bottom.

A surge of pain made her scream through her gag and then it seemed to ease. "That was the widest part missy. It will stay in until I decide it should come out. This is a butt plug. You seem very tight back there. This will help you learn to relax, so when I fuck you there, it will be more pleasurable for me." He ran his fingers up and down the inside of her thighs, sliding in the fluids that had run down the insides of her legs. Again he chuckled, "Your ass and mouth say no, no, no. But your cunt is saying yes, yes, yes. Maybe this will change your mind." He touched the plug filling her ass and a low powerful vibration filled her.

Miss Smith raised her head and made a low moaning sound. "I thought you might appreciate that." He pulled her panties back up, and then pulled them up higher burying the thin strip of lacey ruffles deep in her crack, exposing even more of her ass cheeks than before. Mick stepped back and she heard him rummaging in the bag again. "Let's get this review done."

At first it was like last night. A firm stinging swat and a soothing rub until she relaxed and then another. Carefully spreading out the blows, turning her whole ass pink and then red. She lay; gasping, pulling air in around the gag, soft yelps and whimpers her only sound. "Very very good missy, let's move onto the next level of sensation." She heard him pull his belt from his pants and she closed her eyes, preparing herself. This time he struck quickly, lashing the belt back and forth across her already red buttocks. The cracks of the leather across her bottom made her convulse and screech, pulling against the ropes, instinctively trying to escape.

"Good missy. I like to hear you. I love to see you fight the ropes. You are very beautiful." As he spoke he continued to rhythmically whip the belt across her bottom and upper thighs. He seemed to take a perverse interest in hitting the vibrating butt plug, making it jerk and punish her staining anus. Her cries were becoming increasingly hysterical and panic stricken. Suddenly it stopped, and he was by her head, easing the gag from her mouth, wiping the tears, snot and saliva from her face

Her mouth hung open and she continued to sob softly, quiet little hiccups. Her eyes were huge and looked up at him in a curios mix of fear and fascination. He held a water bottle to her lips. "Just a sip, missy, just wet your mouth." She twisted her neck and sucked a small amount into her mouth and swallowed. "Good missy." He poured some more water over the ball of the gag, rinsing and wetting it. "Only a little longer with the gag, pretty missy, we are almost done with review. Open up."

Missy opened her mouth and accepted the gag once more. As he fastened the strap around her head he praised her again, a soft crooning murmur. "Yes that's right. Good missy."

Moving back to look at her tortured ass, he stroked the scarlet and stinging flesh, feeling her muscles tense and shudder under his fingers. "You have mastered level one missy and you have shown great improvement in level two. You have definitely shown the improvement that I had hoped. Let's give you a small preview of you next level. If you do well it will be reflected in your marks." Mick laughed out loud at this last comment. "I like that. Yes, missy gets good marks in all her classes." His voice turned icy. "And I intend to mark you. Missy, you will always carry the marks of my lessons."

Desperately she craned her neck around trying to see what he was talking about, wondering what could be worse than the belt. "Patience missy, I will show you before we start. I believe that this is one aspect of your education where the visual learning is as important as the sensory."

Mick walked around to her head and held a multiple tailed whip up for her to look at. Each tail was a braided strip ending in a knot. "Missy, it is called a cat or cat of nine tails. I am sure you have read about them. This will be level three and the highest level I expect you to learn at this time. We will start easy, but I warn you that this is a much more challenging task to learn."

Her eyes stared at the swaying strands of the whip, hypnotized. He gently almost lovingly trailed the ends of the whip across her face. "You want this don't you missy."

Slowly, almost reluctantly she nodded.

Moving around behind her, he spoke one last time. "Missy, there will be ten. I will count for you. There will come a time that I expect you to count. It would be a good demonstration of your commitment to learning if you at least tried to count with me."

He raised the whip and brought it laterally across her thighs, "One." She grunted an incoherent word along with him. "Good." He purposely held back from using too much strength but with each blow she lunged and jerked against her bonds, a squeal of pain leaking out around the gag. With each of his counts she grunted the number behind her gag. It was only the last three blows that were cruel, sharp blows that seemed to cut into her flesh. She was sobbing so loudly that he could not tell if she was counting but he gave her the benefit of a doubt. She could have been.

"Missy I am very, very pleased with you." He began to rub a soothing cream across her screaming skin. "Your bottom is so very pretty. It will stay pretty like this." As he took the gag off, he stroked her face and rubbed some more of the ointment across her dry and cracked lips. "It's just a mild Vaseline based antibiotic cream. I use it for chapped lips all the time." He gave her another sip of water.

He sat down in her desk chair and stroked her hair back out of her face. Missy was twisting and squirming a little, a tense frown creasing her brow. "How are you doing missy?" His voice was amused and curious.

Her voice was hoarse. "It's that thing in my bottom. It is driving me crazy."

"Crazy good, or crazy bad?" His voice was both amused and sharply instructive. "Remember that when you talk to your teacher, it is important to use words of respect."

Missy blinked and nodded. "I don't know, Mick Sir. I am so excited but it just isn't enough." Her voice trembled. "Could you... could you do what you did last night, please?"

"You want me to help you come?"

"Oh yes please, Sir."

"If I agree to do this would you be willing to help me?"

"Help you, Mick Sir?"

"Yes missy, you aren't the only one that is feeling all backed up. I have spent two evenings with you, looking at your sexy ass, touching your cunt. I am human missy."

"What do you want me to do?" Her voice quivered in nervous excitement.

"Well, we only have two choices at the moment, your mouth or your ass. Like I said before, no brats."

A wave of arousal shook through her. "Mick Sir, there is another option, one that may meet both our needs."

He looked at her and frowned. "What option?"

"I could take a morning after pill tonight."

He smiled slowly, "A true teacher should always be open to learn new things. I am proud of you for your creative problem solving."

Mick stood and unzipped his jeans and eased them down around his hips. Missy stared at the erect flesh swaying before her eyes. He took her hair in her hand and lifted her head and pushed the drawer she had been laying her head in closed. He pushed the head of his cock against her lips. "Open up missy."

She looked up at him alarmed. "But..."

He pushed past her lips and deep into her mouth, effectively gagging her with his cock. "Missy just because I can fuck your cunt, just because I am going to fuck your cunt, does not mean I am not going to fuck your mouth." His hands held her hair tightly and he slowly pumped in and out of her mouth. "Missy, remember a good student approaches all new learning opportunities with an open mind, and a good attitude. Show me a little of that enthusiasm I have come to expect from you."

Missy was gagging with each of his thrusts, her protests and complaints reduced to moans and gurgling sounds. "No missy, suck and lick, use your tongue." Her eyes flashed up at his and she struggled to wrap her lips around his shaft and her tongue began to rub and stroke his shaft as he slowly, luxuriously fucked her face. He was quick to build to his completion. As he felt the heat build in his balls and his cock swell in her mouth he growled. "Missy I am going to come in your mouth. I would be very pleased if you swallowed. It would show a really good learning curve." With those words he forced himself deep into her throat and shuddered as he shot ropes of hot white come into her mouth.

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