tagBDSMMick Britton: Training missy Ch. 03

Mick Britton: Training missy Ch. 03


Training Missy Chapter 3: A trip to Kennedy's continued.



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Missy knelt nude at Mick's knee and watched the dancers on the floor. The girl serving drinks brought them each another glass of juice. The oppressive music prevented all conversation, but she was very conscious of Mick's hand on her leash.

The pervasive sense of embarrassment and fear seemed to have faded. Missy felt almost calm and curious. In many ways it was easier to be naked than to wear that little ridiculous dress. She sent out a little prayer that it was really lost forever and that they could find something that fit a little better.

Mick nudged her with his knee and when she looked up to his face, he pointed with his chin at the figure of the man in the caftan, Kennedy, approaching with Lolly obediently following along behind. Missy carefully kept her eyes averted. Kennedy sat down and Lolly leaned over and spoke into Mick's ear. Missy watched Mick's face carefully from the corner of one eye as he frowned and then shrugged and nodded. Unhooking the leash from his belt, he handed the end to Lolly. Lolly's face lit up and she turned to missy, tugging on the leash and then pointing out at the dance floor.

Missy flashed her eyes to Mick and, when he nodded again, rose to her feet and followed Lolly out to the dance floor. Dancing in her high heels was nearly impossible and missy ended up standing with her feet close together and slowly gyrating to the music. Lolly grinned and stood close to missy, her feet almost on either side of missy's and began to match missy's rhythm, her body a sinuous mirror. Missy could feel the warmth of the body moving so close to hers and a sweet scent of soap, clean sweat, and woman filled the thin layer of air separating their swaying bodies.

Missy did not know for how long they danced like that. It seemed like a long time. She was dripping with sweat, breathing hard, and her feet were really starting to hurt. She could feel several very raw places where the strap around her ankles was rubbing the skin away. Missy finally grimaced, touched Lolly's hand, and pointed at her feet. Lolly looked down and appeared shocked. Missy followed her eyes and was winced to see that there was actually a tiny trickle of blood running down the side of one of her ankles.

Lolly grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the women's bathroom. Once they were inside she scolded, "Good lord, missy, why didn't you say something earlier?"

"It was too loud."

"You should have stopped dancing."

Missy looked at her and made a worried face, "I didn't know I could stop."

Lolly gave her a strange look and then gave an exasperated sigh, "Newbies," and then she shook her head, "Missy, we were just dancing for fun. I thought you would like it. Now you have damaged your feet and now both our Masters will be displeased with us."

Missy looked panicked, "I didn't know. These shoes are brand new and I had never worn them before."

Lolly shrugged, "Well, there is nothing to do but to go confess. Take my advice, never, never try to hide stuff from you Master. It's just not worth it." She pressed a handful of band aids into missy's hand. "Don't put these on until you have shown him."

"Could I at least wash off the blood?"

"I guess that won't hurt. That way he will be able to see that it is just some popped blisters."

Lolly led missy back to the couch and missy touched Mick's hand and pointed to her foot. He looked puzzled and she leaned over and spoke loudly into his ear, "Blisters!"

Mick frowned and pointed sharply at the floor and then pointed at her feet and then at his lap. Missy found herself in the strangely awkward position of sitting naked on the edge of a dance floor with her feet in her Master's lap as he pulled off her shoes and twisted and turned her ankles looking at her blisters. Mick held out his hand and missy handed him the band aids. He carefully put band aids on each of her blisters, and then firmly grasped her ankles and twisted, forcing missy to flip around onto her belly on the floor. Almost before she was completely turned over he began to sharply slap the bottoms of her feet, first one and then the other. It hurt like fire, and missy found herself almost immediately screaming in pain, but the music drowned out her cries.

It was everything she could manage to not pull away or kick out. She forced herself to hold her feet up to him, clenching her eyes closed and letting the pain flow through her as she wailed. When he finally stopped, missy lay still on the floor gasping. The pain in her feet continued to burn and ache for a long time, and then they began itch. Mick stood and grabbed one of her braids and hauled her around to her knees before him and reattached her leash to his belt. He stood, gave it a peremptory jerk and headed toward the double doors leading to the hallway where she had been inspected earlier. Missy gingerly limped after him, noticing he had her shoes in his hand.

Only once they were away from the music did Missy notice that Kennedy and Lolly had followed them from the other room.

Mick stopped and gave missy a critical look. "What the fuck were you thinking?"

Missy gulped and stammered, "I am sorry, Mick Sir, I guess I didn't know I could make the dancing stop. I... um... guess I was thinking I had to dance until somebody told me to stop."

Kennedy laughed, "She really is clueless, boy. There is nothing like a blank slate. She really has no clue to the rules." The older man turned to missy and shook his finger in her face. "Never carelessly cause damage to your Master's property. If you think something is causing you injury, you must stop doing it. If your Master is doing something and you suspect he might not be aware that an injury is happening, it is your responsibility to bring his attention to it."

Kennedy turned to Lolly, "I am still debating how responsible I find you in this."

Missy timidly raised her hand. Mick looked at her curiously and then said, "What is it you want to say, missy?"

"Would it be permitted, Mick Sir, to speak in Lolly's defense?"

Kennedy roared in laughter, "Oh that's rich. You have found yourself a little litigator." He turned to missy, "Speak up, girl. I doubt it will have much bearing on my decision, but I am curious to hear what you have to say."

"Sir, Lolly did not know that I was getting blisters. As soon as I showed her, she took me to the bathroom, had me wash them off, and got me some band aids. But Sir, she told me not to put on the band aids. She told me to go straight to my Master and confess. She scolded me and told me of my error. The entire fault is my own." Missy took a deep breath, "Sir, I know I have a lot to learn. I will be making a lot of mistakes, I am sure. Please do not hold others responsible for my errors. Hold me responsible."

The old man in the caftan clapped loudly and bellowed, "Bravo, well said."

Missy looked at him expectantly expecting more, perhaps some judgment of innocence or at least some pronouncement of clemency, but he just turned down and walked away down to the end of the hall. Mick jerked on her leash and followed. Lolly walked beside missy and caught her eye, shrugged, and winked.

At the end of the hall were two heavy wooden doors and Kennedy fumbled around in a deep pocket in his caftan and pulled out a key. Once they were through the doors, all hint of sound from the dance floor was gone. Even the deep bass vibration did not seem to come up through the floor. There were hardly any lights in the room, just a two strategic recessed lights close to the door. Lolly touched something next to the door and gradually the lights came up illuminating the large room.

A lot of strange furniture and what looked like medieval looking torture devices were arranged around the room. Mick pulled missy to one of the walls and pushed her back up against the wall and growled, "Put your hands up over your head." In a matter of seconds missy found her wrists locked into a pair of very heavy looking iron manacles that hung on a chain from an eye bolt coming out from the wall above her head. Her arms were not stretched high, when she relaxed her arms they hung just above her head and her aching feet were comfortably flat on the floor.

Kennedy was looking at Lolly, "So the girl says you are not to blame, that I should hold her responsible. But you were the one that spoke to me about her complete innocence and uncertainty. You once were where she is now, desperate to please, yet fearful, not knowing what to expect and dreading doing something to disappoint her Master. Remember the honeymoon, sweet Lolly? Remember that precarious feeling?"

Lolly looked sober and nodded. Her voice was chastened, "Yes, Master."

"Now go out and get your kitten and then come straight back, both of you. She has spent more than enough time on the front porch."

Mick wandered through the room, idly looking at the furniture. Finally he stopped in front of missy and looked at her. He spoke softly, "No matter what happens in here tonight you will not speak a word or make a sound. Do you understand?"

Missy nodded, but did not speak.

"Also missy, no matter what happens, I require you to watch. Do not turn away or close your eyes. My eyes will be on you."

Missy's lips trembled and she nodded again.

Lolly and the chubby girl that had met them on the porch slipped back in through the doors and both knelt in front of Kennedy hand in hand. The fine golden chains and wrapped around Kitten's body jingled. He looked at Lolly and shook his head, "I know I had promised you a reward tonight, but I do not think you deserve it now. But I think a reward denied is so much more meaningful if it is dangled just out of your reach or, even better, grazing against your trembling fingertips. So I am going to let you have what you crave. You may sink your teeth into that fruit, you will savor the flavor, but you must not swallow. I want you to suffer the throes of passion, but you must not find release. I want you screaming for it, knowing it is hopeless to beg. If you do not satisfy me that you have fully suffered this or if you defy me and take your pleasure then I will punish you. Not only will you gravely regret your disobedience personally, but I will send your little pet to visit Trinidad. You and I both know how ill suited your little kitty is to pain."

Kitten made a small panicked meow and then to missy's amazement arched her back and hissed.

Lolly looked up at her Master and she shook her head violently. "I will obey you, my Master. I will suffer and I will give you everything you demand. Please do not even think of hurting my kitten. You know she is tender and cannot bear to be hurt."

Kennedy's voice was tired and bored, "I hope you can convince me. I want to see the truth in your face. If I think for even an instant you are deceiving me, your pet will pay a very cruel price."

Missy silently convulsed against her chains when Lolly turned to Mick and said in a tense voice, "Sir, what would be your pleasure?"

And Mick replied, "Pretty Lolly, considering your punishment, it would be better for you to speak of your own pleasure. What would be the most torment for you? What did you hope for that you cannot have now?" Then he pointed his chin towards missy, "All that I ask of you is that we do this at her feet. She spoke of wanting to be held responsible, so she must share your suffering. Your task will be to taste the fruit without satisfying your hunger. Hers will be to watch your struggle and contend with her own cravings." He looked at missy and repeated, "...cravings and perhaps insecurities."

Lolly took a deep breath and stood for a minute and looked up, thinking. "Thank you, Sir, for reminding me to be an active participant in my punishment. I think first to be teased and tantalized to the brink by my kitten, and then to be taken hard and long doggie style, and finishing slow and sweet in missionary. It would be most effective if I can see my Master's face especially at the end when I am starting to suffer most."

Mick nodded and pointed to the floor near missy's feet. Lolly went to a stack of thin blue exercise pads and pulled one over to the spot he had indicated and lay down upon it. She spoke softly, "My kitten, you must do this well to please me and our Master." Kitten meowed and crawled to Lolly's feet, rubbing against Lolly's legs and licking at her ankles. Missy wondered if there was something wrong with the girl, wondered if she could talk. When Lolly lay down her head was almost touching missy's feet and her eyes were looking up at missy's eyes. To missy's absolute surprise Lolly shrugged and winked at her again, like there was some inside joke she was supposed to be aware of. Kitten began to purr and lap at Lolly's legs, working he way up the length of her legs. Missy stared as the girl began to knead and suck at Lolly's flesh like a nursing kitten, making soft hungry mewls as she worked her way along.

Lolly was stroking Kitten's head and shoulders and making encouraging sounds, her body undulating in slow waves in response to the younger girl's touches. Missy flinched and jerked her eyes away from the tableau at her feet when she felt a touch on her face. Her eyes flashed to see that Kennedy had moved to her side and was staring at her intently. His voice was a soft murmur, "Aren't they lovely?"

Missy nodded imperceptively and turned her regard back down to the women at her feet. Kennedy continued speaking, "It showed character that you wished to take full responsibility for the errors made here tonight, but my girl there is never anything so simple to have all responsibility laid at a single person's feet." He chuckled, "Though, literally, things do seem to have landed there for you."

Lolly was starting to pant and whimper as Kitten began to focus her attentions on the older woman's breasts and then moving slowly down to the eagerly spread legs. Kennedy's voice was amused, "Lolly loves to have Kitten go down on her. I rarely allow it. It could be argued that she may have taken a small advantage of my instructions, but she will not come so it can also be argued she was inspired to aide in her own torment. I will have to think on this."

Missy had sensed a building feeling of sexual tension in her body as she watched the one woman making love to the other. A soft dull ache had begun in her loins, and she pressed her thighs together, feeling the wet slickness growing there. When Mick moved, starting to strip off his clothing, missy felt her heart sinking. The idea of him having sex with Lolly oddly did not inspire jealousy but at the same time, to be forced to watch made her feel nervous and she wished she could somehow look away. She remembered his words to her earlier this evening before they had even come to this place. "I will fuck other people and, as my slave, you will be happy for me that I am finding pleasure in another's body." She wondered if she could do that. She thought about how Kennedy seemed to like watching Lolly with Kitten and wondered why she found that natural.

Lolly's sounds were soft but tense. Clearly she was very excited, but her whimpers seemed to contain fear as much as pleasure. Missy wondered what it would be like to seek pleasure, knowing that it would have no culmination. She wondered if she would ever be able to fend off her climax. There was no question in her head that she did not have the ability now, but it seemed so impossible to ever attain it.

Kennedy spoke sharply, "Enough of these delays; Kitten, come here."

Kitten made a soft protesting growl, but obediently crawled to Kennedy's feet. She looked up at him and meowed loudly, licking her lips. Kennedy stroked her face and then to missy's consternation lifted the front of his caftan. Kitten gave a happy mew and dived under the tent, clearly bringing her mouth to his cock. Missy blinked at the vision of the round bottom with the tail slowly sinuously wriggling as the girl busied herself under the cover of her Master's robe.

Lolly struggled to her hands and knees, her head lifted, looking up at missy and her Master. When Mick took her, it was rough and sudden, his entry into her almost knocking her off balance. He reached up and took her shoulders in his hands to brace himself and began to piston into her hard, slamming into her almost brutally. Missy could hear the sharp slap of his hips against Lolly's ass forcing sharp almost pained grunts from her lips. Lolly grated out, "Yes! Hard like that."

Lolly's face was a mask of torment, her teeth clenched and her brow furrowed. Soft whining moans were leaking from her lips. But her eyes were open wide and gazing up at Kennedy, open and filled with agony, communicating to her Master every nuance of her struggle. When Mick switched the grip of one of his hand to her thick shoulder length blond hair, jerking her face up in and even steeper plane of supplication, she groaned out, "Yes, for you, all for you Master."

Slowly Kennedy slid down to sit on the floor; his knees spread wide, the form of Kitten almost completely hidden under the white caftan. His hands were resting on the rising and falling bulge that was kitten's head. When Mick shuddered and came, jerking on Lolly's hair to lunge even more violently against her, a tiny shudder shook through missy as she watched Lolly's eyes bulge out in pain and sexual torment. Missy could feel her own cunt, clenching and spasming in protest at its empty state. She realized she was not so much jealous of Mick as envious of Lolly. It was everything she could do to contain the soft pleading whine that rose up in her throat.

Mick did not release his grip on Lolly's hair. He jerked his cock out of her and pulled her around to face his crotch. His words were rough and callous, "Suck it, bitch. Keep it hard. We are far from finished."

Kennedy snorted in laughter, "Fucking teenagers, no refractory periods. No wonder she dreams of fucking you." He tipped his head up and looked at missy, "Lolly is so jealous of you."

Missy looked down at him in confusion, but he was once again watching closely as Lolly began to vigorously bob her head on Mick's still erect cock. Soon he shoved her onto her back and, gripping her hands in his and pinning her to the floor, began to slowly and sensually fuck her. Missy could not see Mick's face; she could see the way his dark hair was sticking to the back of his neck, soaked in sweat, the muscles in his arms tense and quivering as he held Lolly's arms above her head, and the way his ass clenched when he would bottom out deep in Lolly's cunt. She knew that feeling; that bump and grind of his pelvis against hers. Each time his ass would tense, she could feel an echoing pang as her own cunt would tighten in recall. Missy realized her body was rocking and swaying in time with the bodies surging beneath her, her legs spread now and her hips thrusting out seeking something, anything to meet this growing agony of need. Mick dropped Lolly's hands and grabbed her legs lifting them high pressing them almost up around her ears and began to move more determinedly. He looked up at missy and, seeing her primal movements, grated out. "Good girl, that's the attitude." He was lunging hard and deep, fucking Lolly, but his eyes were locked on missy's face, "Yes, missy, look at me. I am fucking you, missy. Feel me fucking you."

Lolly was tense and still under Mick, her face turned toward Kennedy. Each lunge into her forced an agonized whimper from her lips; her face was contorted with pent up passion.

As missy watched Mick's lips pull back and tremble with effort, seeing his climax taking over his body, forcing his cock deep and shuddering with each spurt of his come deep in this other woman's cunt, she felt a flood of heat in her empty cunt and her hips jerked and shuddered as a small silent orgasm shook her. A small tide of moisture oozed from missy as her cunt clutched and clenched, and a few soft drops fell from between her spread legs onto the mat beside Lolly's tense and contorted face.

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