tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 04

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 04


Mickie was furious. She had just broken up a women's title match on RAW featuring her idol Trish Stratus versus the diva search winner Ashley. Ashley. The contest winner. In a women's title match! What the fuck was going on around here?

Since coming to the WWE Ashley had shown no improvement whatsoever on her in ring skills. She also failed to develop any kind of personality or charisma. So why the fuck was she in a title match? Mickie had defeated former WWE women's champion Victoria in a number one contender-ship singles match to earn herself a title match... what the fuck had Ashley done to deserve one?

And what did the officials do when she broke up this miscarriage of justice? Did they reward her? Did they thank her? No! They sent her home to think about what she had done. What she had done! She wasn't the one booking bimbos who couldn't wrestle in title matches.

Reaching her rental car Mickie starts to open the boot when she heard a loud, lame war cry. It was Ashley, charging at her at full speed. This, was going to be fun.

When Ashley reached Mickie she blindly swung for her. Mickie, who actually had some fighting ability, easily ducked and delivered a quick punch to the blonde's guts. As the blonde keeled over clutching her stomach Mickie gave a quick kick to her head, knocking Ashley to the ground.

"You fucking bitch!" cried Ashley as she writhed on the ground in pain.

"You shouldn't have come after me Ashley." Mickie said, laughing at Ashley's pain.

"You cost me the WWE women's title you bitch! Did you really think I wouldn't come after you?"

"The WWE women's title... oh my God... Ashley... you didn't think you were actually going to win did you?" said Mickie in amazement at the blondes stupidity.

"I would have won if you hadn't screwed me over!" said Ashley bitterly.

"Right... because the greatest women's champion of all time Trish Stratus would've been so dazzled by the charisma oozing out of you that she wouldn't have had time to counter your unstoppable offensive of slap, slap, bad attempt at a wrestling move, slap." Mickie mocked the clearly delusional contest winner.

"Yeah, like you were able to beat her." Ashley said sneering, "Face the facts Mickie, I'm the future of this business not you!"

Mickie gritted her teeth. Of all the people in the world that needed a really good bitch slap Ashley was on the top of that list. But why couldn't she mix business with pleasure? Ashley may have been a worthless pile of crap, but she was a worthless pile of crap with a great body, which of course was the reason she was in the WWE in the first place. It had been almost a whole day since Mickie had fucked her idol Trish Stratus, for the second time, and that was far too long for someone like Mickie to go without nasty lesbian sex.

"You know Ashley," Mickie said, looking the blonde's body up and down as she licked her lips, if we're going to fight it probably shouldn't be in a parking lot. Someone could come and break as up. Luckily I know a place where we can go and fight and not be disturbed, what do you say?"

"You expect me to follow you blindly into a trap?"

"Well yes I would believe that your that stupid. But what would I trap you with? Other than Trish I don't have that many friends willing to help me out and I don't think Trish would help me ambush you. And as for physical traps, I could lead the way if you like so you know your not walking into anything."

Ashley thought for a moment about the proposition. She didn't trust Mickie, but she was right, they couldn't fight here in this parking lot.

"All right, lead the way!"


Like a lamb to the slaughter, Ashley followed the brunette into the bowels of the building. The girls travelled to the basement of the arena. Most of the arena's the WWE used had basements some of them were even usable, the ones that weren't were given to the cruiserweights. But this basement was so dark and dank Mickie hoped for the sake of humanity not even Vince McMahon would send a fellow human being here. It was perfect.

"Ok, let's go over some ground rules." said Mickie, putting her bag down in the corner of the dark, dank room.

"Rules, I thought we were going to fight?"

"Yes Ashley, but as much as I hate you, I don't want to kill you, because quite frankly I don't need the hassle of getting rid of your body. That and of course the fact that killing is in every possible way wrong and I'm not a killer. As such I think we should agree that there will be no weapons used in this fight, agreed?"

"Agreed, and your not allowed to try and purposefully injure me."

"Yes because it would be such a tragedy if that happens." Mickie said sarcastically, "Ok, I suggest we fight under strict wrestling rules, after all we're all wrestlers here aren't we? So you can win by making your opponent submit, or by pinning your opponent. There are no referees here so we have to count our own pin falls, and no fast counting or your disqualified. No weapons and you can't leave the basement. Now, did you manage to get that or do I need to repeat it?"

"I got it bitch, and now you're going down."

"We'll see, just one other thing, let's discuss what we get if we win. You see Ashley, I used to do this with girls back in ROH, TNA and other promotions. The agreement was that whoever lost had to do what ever the winner said, no matter how humiliating or degrading it was, for 24 hours. Would you be down with that?"

"What do you mean by the loser would have to do what ever the winner said?"

"I mean..." said Mickie stepping closer to Ashley until they were face-to-face, "That the loser would have to do what ever the winner said."

"Oh... oh... oh... so you were all like lezzie sluts for each other?" said Ashley, finally getting it. Not long ago the idea of having sex with a girl would have repulsed Ashley to her very core. But that was before she had her first lesbian experience. She smiled at the brunette and said, "Well Mickie, if all this is because you want to lick my pussy why don't you get down on your knees like a good little lesbian ho and begged me to let you eat my cunt."

Mickie gritted her teeth, "you can make me do that if you want... if you win!"

"Oh don't worry, I will. And I'll take great pleasure in watching your head bob in between my legs as you eat me to orgasm." Ashley said smugly.

"Fine... let's get started."

The girls locked up Mickie immediately uses a headlock takedown to put Ashley on the ground with ease. Deciding to release her to have more fun, Mickie and her opponent got back to a vertical base. This process is repeated a few times with Mickie using a variety of slams and suplexs. After having her fun, Mickie hurricane-runners Ashley before executing her finisher the Tornado DDT. She then covers the bimbo and counts a fair three count.

When she wakes up Ashley demands a rematch. Mickie gives her one and beats her with ease again. And then again. And then again. And then again.


Time passed. By Mickie's calculations she had 67 pin falls and 41 submissions over the delusional contest winner. Ashley had yet to hit an offensive move.

"Ashley, you've lost. Can you please admit defeat already so we can move on!" Mickie said as Ashley was tapping for the 42nd time.

"Ok you win."

"No shit..." said Mickie, letting go of the hold and letting the blonde stand up.

"Ok let's get this over with," Ashley said spreading her legs, "but you'd better lick me good."

"Oh I have no intention of licking you." said Mickie, now strip for me and make it sexy!"

Scowling at Mickie the defeated blonde slowly strips off her top followed by her bra, shoes, pants and finally her panties.

Mickie admires Ashley's naked body licking her lips, "Very nice, pity your such a bitch."

"Thank you, your pretty hot too, it's just a shame about the fact you're a psycho!"

"Oh Ashley, if I were you I wouldn't want to be pissing me off right now!" Mickie laughed, taking out a riding crop from out of her travelling bag and sitting on a discarded chair. "Now, get over here and lay across my lap, bitch!"

"So what, you're going to like spank me or something?"

"Yes Ashley you dumb bimbo that's exactly what I'm going to do! Now over my lap bitch!"

Ashley gritted her teeth, as she did as she was told.

"Now Ashley I'm going to make this simple," Mickie said, as she rubbed her riding crop over the smooth flesh of the blonde's ass cheeks, "you will count fifty blows of my crop and thank me for each one of them. If you miss a number or say anything that isn't counting and/or gratitude we'll start again from one in till you get it right. Do you understand?"

"Fuck you bitch!"

"Oh Ashley," Mickie laughed, "I'm going to have so much fun breaking you!"

With that Mickie bought her riding crop down on Ashley's exposed ass hard.

"Owww that hurt, you bitch!" Ashley screamed.

"It's supposed to, bitch!" Mickie laughed, before bringing the crop down onto Ashley's backside again and again and again.

Mickie was relentless, whipping Ashley's ass over and over and over again. She used all her strength and soon the cheeks changed from normal to light pink, to dark pink, to light red, to a dark swollen red. At first Ashley was swearing and cursing Mickie, idly threatening her with things like beating her up and doing this to her. Things she could never do in real life. Eventually those cries led to begging for mercy, when none was shown, she started screaming hysterically for someone to save her. Finally when her voice gave out Ashley's body went limp as she accepted her beating and began to count.

"Ow... one, thank you Mickie, ow... two, thank you Mickie... ow three, thank you Mickie... ow four, thank you Mickie... ow five, thank you Mickie..."

Ashley felt so humiliated. It wasn't just the fact that she had just lost an embarrassing amount of times or the fact that she was now naked in a dark damp room, or the fact that she was being spanked like a naughty child by another woman, it was the fact that she was enjoying it. There was so much pussy cream running down her thighs it would be impossible for Mickie not to notice it, but as yet the sadistic brunette hadn't acknowledged it.

"Ow... twenty one, thank you Mickie... ow twenty two, thank you Mickie... ow twenty three, thank you Mickie... ow twenty four, thank you Mickie... ow twenty five, thank you Mickie..."

Mickie couldn't help smiling to herself, she had Ashley right where she wanted her. Women like Ashley was so easy, they get everything handed to them and then the second someone starts treating them like the crap that they are they just can't get enough. Ashley simply needed to be put in her place, and if the pussy juice that was dripping out of the blonde's cunt was any indication Mickie was just the right woman to do it.

"Ow... forty six, thank you Mickie... ow forty seven, thank you Mickie... ow forty eight, thank you Mickie... ow forty nine, thank you Mickie... ow fifty, thank you Mickie..."

When Mickie was done she threw Ashley off her like dead weight and went over to her bag to retrieve some more items. Ashley cradles into a ball crying like a pitiful child, clutching at her ass cheeks which were now so red and swollen that they were almost bleeding.

Taking what she needed out of her bag Mickie turned back to Ashley and said, "Lay on your back on the ground, and spread out your arms and legs!"

The broken diva did as she was told. Her week mind barely registered when Mickie started to apply clothes pegs to first her nipples before placing them all over her breasts. Before she knew it her whole chest was covered in the horrible little things.

With an evil smile Mickie then moved to Ashley's pussy.

The blonde's juices were dripping from her pussy and down her leg. Mickie ran her fingers from Ashley's cream covered thighs up to her wet fuck hole.

"My, my Ashley, you seem to be enjoying this..." Mickie chuckled, as she ran her finger up and down the blonde's slit.

"No... I'm... I'm..." Ashley struggled to think of an excuse but came up with nothing.

"It's ok Ashley, I've dealt with girls like you before. I know what you want," Mickie said, pushing two fingers slowly up to the knuckle inside Ashley's cunt, "I know what you need."

"Oh God..." Ashley gasped as she surrendered herself to the pleasure of Mickie's fingers.

For the next few minutes Mickie slowly finger fucked Ashley in silence, the whole time staring at the blonde who fail to meet her eye.

The fact that a woman's fingers were inside her didn't bother Ashley, she had competed in a threesome with one of her fellow diva search contestants to finally win her the search itself. In that threesome the WWE chairman Vince McMahon had the two women performer lesbian acts on each other for his own amusement, but Ashley had found herself quite liking it.

The thing was she was actually enjoying this more because she was being both physically and mentally dominated by a woman she considered a rival, and despite the fact that her pride had been wounded by the brunette she couldn't help but enjoy those wonderful fingers in her pussy.

Mickie brought Ashley to the point of orgasm, slowly rubbing her clit until the blonde diva thought her climax was inevitable before the cruel brunette pulled her fingers out of her at the last possible second.

"No please don't..." Ashley stopped herself realising what she was saying.

Silence fell over the room.

"No please don't what Ashley?" Mickie asked, "No please don't fuck me any more... or no please don't stop fucking me?"

"... no please don't stop fucking me." grumbled Ashley, swallowing her pride.

"Oh come on Ashley, you can do better than that..."

"Please Mickie, don't stop fucking me." said Ashley.

"Not good enough," Mickie said, "say 'please Mickie, don't stop fucking my slutty little dyke cunt.'"

Ashley gritted her teeth and said, "Please Mickie, don't stop fucking my slutty little dyke cunt!"

"'I need your beautiful fingers inside my slutty little dyke cunt.'"

"I need your beautiful fingers inside my slutty little dyke cunt!"

"'If you let me cum, I'll do anything you ask.'"

Ashley hesitated.

There was a sparkle in Mickie's eyes which frightened her, but she was too horny to stop herself at this point.

"...If you let me cum, I'll do anything you ask!"

"'I'll let you do anything to me, if you let me cum.'"

Ashley swallowed, that sparkle seemed to be getting brighter but she just couldn't help herself.

"...I'll let you do anything to me, if you let me cum!"

As soon as she finished her sentence Ashley let out a gasp as Mickie pushed three fingers into the knuckle inside her.

"There, that wasn't so hard now was it." said Mickie, grinning insanely.

Ashley moaned in response, as she writhed in pleasure.

Where before Mickie's fingers had been slowly and gently fucking her they were now pounding into her pussy so hard it hurt. The weird mixture of pain and pleasure was wonderful. Even the pain of the clothes pegs covering her boobs, which up until now she had been trying to ignore, seemed to sparkle with this peculiar pain and pleasure combo.

Eventually the pain and pleasure coming from her pussy melted into just pleasure, but her entire body felt like it was buzzing with sexual energy.

At the height of this Mickie rubbed her thumb over Ashley's engorged clit which forced the contest winner to cum on the brunette's talented fingers.

The orgasm was different to any Ashley had experienced before. It somehow seem to feel more... intense.

Eventually stars stopped whizzing past her eyes and she came down from her climax, Mickie's fingers gently slowing down inside her until she finally came to a stop.

Mickie pulled her fingers out of Ashley and inserted them directly into her mouth, sucking the remnants of the blonde's juice off her digits.

"Well, at least you taste good." said Mickie dismissively as she picked up her bag of clothes pegs, picked one out, and reached to place it on Ashley's vulnerable little pussy.

"No please Mickie, not that!" Ashley cried, trying to desperately come to her senses after the powerful climax she had just received.

"I believe you said I could do anything to you if I let you cum?" Mickie said frowning.

"Yes but..."

"No if, ands or buts Ashley, we had an agreement. You promised me that you'd do as I say... twice... and if you don't that makes you a liar... and I really, really hate liars..." said Mickie, with a look in her eyes that would make grown men run for their lives which disappeared in a flash when she suddenly smiled brightly and said, "Come on Ashley, just a little bit of pain and then you'll get a nice, big reward. I promise."

Ashley had always been worried about Mickie's mental state and she couldn't help but think that right here, right now in this dark little room alone with the brunette was not the best time to question her. So reluctantly the blonde laid-back and spread her legs giving her fellow diva access to her womanhood.

She whimpered but did nothing to stop Mickie as she started attaching the pegs to her labia lips, clit, and as much of the fleshy inside of her cunt as she could.

When Ashley's pussy was covered in clothes pegs the sadistic brunette then picked up the riding crop again.

"Ok Ashley, remember just count fifty strikes, thank me for them properly and your pain will stop." Mickie said, before bringing the crop down on Ashley's clothes peg covered nipples.

The blonde yelled out and swore but was soon counting obediently.

"Ow... one, thank you Mickie, ow... two, thank you Mickie... ow three, thank you Mickie... ow four, thank you Mickie... ow five, thank you Mickie..."

After Ashley began to count Mickie slowed down the force of the strikes until she was slapping the blonde's breasts lightly with the crop. This didn't continue for long as the sadistic brunette slowly picked up the speed of the blows to the point where Ashley almost couldn't keep up.

"Ow... twenty one, thank you Mickie... ow twenty two, thank you Mickie... ow twenty three, thank you Mickie... ow twenty four, thank you Mickie... ow twenty five, thank you Mickie..."

To her shame the blonde was continuing to enjoy her abuse, her sore peg covered pussy aching for release. And yet as she looked into the frightening eyes of the other woman she could tell she wasn't enjoying this is nearly as much as Mickie.

"Ow... forty six, thank you Mickie... ow forty seven, thank you Mickie... ow forty eight, thank you Mickie... ow forty nine, thank you Mickie... ow fifty, thank you Mickie..."

Ashley was openly crying at this point, partly at her shame of not only being in this situation, but enjoying it, and partly because it was finally over. Or was it?

"Good girl, that's a very good girl." Mickie said stroking and patting the top of Ashley's head like an affectionate pet, "Just a little more pain and you'll get your reward."

"W... w... what do you mean... OW!" Ashley cried out as Mickie bought her crop down on her peg covered pussy hard. The hatred flashing in the blonde's eyes instantly fated when she looked up at the sadistic look on the brunette's face.

Mickie brought the crop down again on her peg covered cunt and the contest winner began to count.

"Ow... one, thank you Mickie... ow two, thank you Mickie... ow three, thank you Mickie... ow four, thank you Mickie... ow five, thank you Mickie..."

Ashley had never hated anyone more than she hated Mickie James right then. Just when she'd gotten used to the pain of having her pegged covered nipples whipped, that brunette bitch started this shit. At least she enjoyed getting her tits and ass spanked... no, wait a minute, she didn't... she didn't enjoy getting her tits and ass spanked... did she... no that was impossible... improbable... oh god she was still wet... she was enjoying this too... oh god what was that bitch doing to her.

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