tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMickie's Mine Ch. 04

Mickie's Mine Ch. 04


"I choose..." Mickie yelled loudly, knowing she would need to if she wanted to get the attention of her fellow WWE divas.

She succeeded, Melina and Trish immediately falling silent and waiting for Mickie's decision. Not that Mickie was that much closer to deciding.

Both her former and current girlfriend had proven they were as good as each other, but she knew they wouldn't accept a draw so by choosing she would be putting an end to any further fighting, or at least shortening it, and most likely help avoid a physical confrontation.

Mickie didn't have a preference on who would top the other as both Melina and Trish were super hot and both had big round perfect asses, and while they'd clearly give her anything she wanted in return for the win she couldn't currently think of anything she really wanted, other than maybe a rest after her long fucking. So she was down to how it would affect her in the short term, and the long term. Whoever she didn't pick would be mad at her, most likely resulting in some brutal punishment like spanking Mickie's poor bottom until it was bright red. Not that thought dissuaded her any, although one of them had the time and the patients to ensure Mickie wouldn't enjoy it.

That was why Mickie chose, "Melina. Melina fucked me better."

"What? Mickie, AHHHHH!" Trish tried to protest before Melina roughly smacked her ass.

"Ha, looks like that fat ass is all mine." Melina grinned as she advanced on her prey.

"This, this isn't fair!" Trish argued, "I fucked her way better than you, and both of you know it! The only reason she picked you was because she's your girlfriend and she has to live with you."

"Whatever you have to tell yourself, just so long as you bend over." Melina smirked.

"No way, I totally won." Trish insisted.

"No I won and now you're my bitch." Melina gloated.

"Fuck you, I want a do-over!" Trish demanded, before looking at Mickie pleadingly, "Mickie?"

"Trish, don't be a sore loser." Mickie scolded, "Besides, it's not like you've never bottomed before."

"That's right." Melina grinned as Trish suddenly looked a little pale, "From what I hear you use to be Lita's bitch. Then Stephanie's. Then Lita's again, before getting passed around like a total anal whore."

"Shut up." Trish snapped.

"Tell me Trish, is it true what they say?" Melina asked, ignoring Trish's words, "That for your first three years in the WWE you couldn't go a single day without an ass fucking? That you would literally cry like a little bitch if you had to sit down for too long because your butt was so sore and overused? That for all that time your ass hole was always so loose and gaping that your meals just went right through you? That the other divas used to line you, Stacy and Torrie up and see just how much your ass holes could take, with your whore ass winning every time by being able to stretch wider and deeper than those happy little bottoms Stacy and Torrie?

"NO! That's... that's an exaggeration." Trish said, her blush somewhat giving her away before she tried to shrug it off, "I mean, I might have let Stephanie and Lita fuck my ass, but that was a long time ago."

"What about Beth?" Mickie pointed out.

Noticing just how pale Trish went Melina's face lighted up, "What, THOSE rumours are true?"

"No." Trish said weakly, looking at Mickie pleadingly.

"Yes." Mickie said softly, before elaborating, "You remember how Beth originally debuted shortly before Trish left? Well, one night I was going to meet Trish and I found her riding Beth's strap on."

"MICKIE!" Trish exclaimed.

"I'm sorry Trish, but I want to make sure Melina knows how much you like it up the ass before she butt fucks you." Mickie said, "Besides, this way everyone wins. You promised to honour your word and be Melina's bitch for the night, and in exchange Melina promises not to tell anyone that Beth has been telling the truth about making your ass her plaything. Right Melina?"

"Right." Melina grumbled, before turning to Trish, "So, if we have a deal, turn around and pull that strap on down. Slowly."

Trish gritted her teeth and desperately tried to think of a way out but found none. To try and buy her some time Trish did as she was told, slowly turning around and pulling the harness down her thighs, making sure to push her well rounded butt in Melina's direction so the Latina could admire her prize.

"Good girl." Melina said, licking her lips, sitting down and then patting her thigh, "Now get over here and bend over my knee. I think we should start off the fun with a little spanking."

Again gritting her teeth Trish slowly moved forwards, scowling angrily at the grinning Melina the whole time, and when she was standing in front of her Trish growled, "Enjoy this while it lasts Melina, because I'm going to make sure you pay for it."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Now bend over my knee Stratus." Melina ordered with a grin, "It's time for you to get your big fat ass spanked!"

Just about resisting the urge to spit in Melina's face Trish slowly lent down so she was bent over the brunette's knees, Melina's strap on digging into her stomach as she braced herself in anticipation of a painful spanking.

Immediately Trish's mind flashed back to the last time she'd been spanked, a tiny shiver running through her body as she remembered Beth's big man hands brutalising her big butt. It had only been the one time, other than that she hadn't been forced to take a spanking for almost 5 years, but sometimes she still thought about it as it was the most painful butt beating she'd ever received. Before that there had been Victoria, but there was no comparison. Luckily Melina lacked the physical strength of Beth or Victoria, and probably wasn't even as strong as Lita, so as long as Trish could keep her cool this should be bearable. Sort of.

Unfortunately rather than just getting it over with Melina chose to tease Trish by gently placing her hand down on her full round ass and begin gently squeezing it in the way a butcher might size up a piece of meat. The thought of it had Trish blushing with shame and anger, but there was nothing she could do.

Melina honestly hadn't meant this teasing to go on for very long but she couldn't help it. In fact it was all she could do to stop herself from gushing about how perfect Trish's juicy ass was. How she couldn't get enough of those big meaty ass cheeks, and when Melina spread them wide so she could get a perfect view of Trish's ass hole the Latina honestly thought she was going to cum on the spot. But complementing Trish would set the wrong tone and Melina really didn't want to stroke the massive ego of the seven times women's champion.

So when Melina did finally say something it was, "Do you know how long I've been waiting for this Trish?"

"Ever since I popped your anal cherry and made you my bitch?" Trish offered.

"No, way before that ever happened. It was when I first saw you in the WWE, prancing around in those little outfits and wiggling this big juicy ass. I mean fuck, no wonder you were being ass fucked every night." Melina murmured, becoming lost for a moment before adding, "And I'm sure each one of those ass fuckings was really hard. That it hurt a little during, and a lot after. But trust me Trish, you haven't felt anything yet. The things I'm going to do to these big fat cheeks, and this tiny little hole in between them, will change you're fucking life. Because of this night, and I promise you this Trish, you will never be able to sit down without thinking about me again."

Ignoring the fear rushing through her Trish spat back, "Yeah well, you just wait until AAAAAHHHHH SHIT! FUCK! AAAAAHHHHH GAWWWWD!"

Without warning Melina started viciously beating Trish's butt with every ounce of her strength, waiting until Trish was biting her lip to silence her cries of pain before finally switching to a much slower and almost gentle pace. Each blow was at the very least hard, Melina more often than not using all her strength, but she chose to take time so she could enjoy the sight of Trish's meaty cheeks jiggling at the force of each blow.

Melina also found it easier to spread the strikes out all over Trish's big bubble butt. Not that it was possible to miss such a big target, but instead of concentrating on pretty much one or two spots like she had at first Melina was easily able to spank every inch of Trish's fat ass, making those juicy cheeks a much more well distributed shade of pink rather than leaving a couple of handprints in one place.

Once Trish's big ass was a nice little shade of pink Melina started concentrating on one spot again, increasing the speed of those forceful blows as she did so to make Trish let out a loud cry of pain. Not that the blonde was doing a very good job of hiding it in the first place, Melina honestly surprised how quickly the mighty Trish Stratus started whimpering, screaming and even crying, albeit softly, as Melina did a number on the blonde's fat butt. Which of course only made the whole experience sweeter for Melina, who was already totally in heaven spanking the mighty Trish Stratus and making her juicy bubble butt slowly change colour under the power of her hand.

It had been a very, very long time since Trish had taken a spanking and truthfully she'd never been good at taking them. Keeping even a semblance of dignity was all but impossible as her ass had always been very sensitive so even a mildly hard spanking could bring tears to her eyes. Or maybe that was just from frustration. Either way this spanking was anything but mild, Melina's blows bad enough when there was a pause between them. When it was a constant attack of spanks Trish almost literally couldn't stand it.

Nevertheless to try and save face when there was a sudden lull in the spanking Trish called out, "Is that the best you got?"

Melina grinned widely. Trish had fallen into her trap.

"Mickie..." Melina called out as she turned to her girlfriend, "Go get the paddle."

Trish felt a shiver running through her body just at the mention of that thing, but she did her best to keep her cool. Sure, she had personally never had to deal with such an indignity, but after getting spanked by Beth's and Victoria's big man hands surely she could take this. After all, how bad could it be?

Trish quickly got an answer she really didn't like for that question, Melina bringing the paddle down on the blonde's butt seemingly as hard as she could the second it was in her hands. Then Melina somehow found a way to spank Trish harder with that horrible toy, so much so that no matter how hard she tried Trish couldn't even reduce her cries of agony. Gritting her teeth, biting her hands, placing her hands over her mouth, nothing seemed to make a difference and to make matters worse there were tears flowing down her cheeks. And worse of all Melina showed no signs of stopping, and looking back Trish could see a evil gleam in the other diva's eyes which made it seem like the Latina could do this for hours.

It was that thought which made Trish finally break, "STOP! PLEASE STOP! I CAN'T, CAN'T TAKE IT! PLEASE STOP IT, I'LL DO ANYTHING!"

"Anything, huh?" Melina grinned, finally stopping, "You going to take it in the ass like a good girl?"

"YES!" Trish said, blushing as she realised she had to add, "I'll take it in the ass like a good girl!"

"Ok then, go get the lube you were using to get your strap on ready for my ass hole, that is before Mickie told you she's mine, making you a fucking loser!" Melina ordered, watching with glee as Trish slowly did as she was told, "Now rub it into my cock. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of chances to suck it after it spent some quality time inside your fat ass, but for now just imagine how it's going to feel inside you. Rub every single inch of that big strap on and imagine what it's going to feel like pounding your pooper. Slamming in and out of your tight little shit hole. Ramming into the deepest depths of your bowels. Brutalising your tiny back door. Completely ruining your rectum, me butt fucking you Trish until your ass hole is gaping wide open!"

Throughout this little speech Trish stared at the cock with a look of horror on her face while her hand lazily pumped the shaft, Melina's dildo now thoroughly coated in lubricant but both WWE divas were in no hurry to get to the ass fucking, albeit for very different reasons.

"Look at me Trish." Melina said, waiting until she was looking the blonde in the eyes before adding, "I'm going to destroy your butt hole. I promise you that, and you're not going to be able to sit or shit right for a week, and trust me, you're never going to forget the ass fucking I'm about to give you. But most of all Trish, I promise you when we're done your ass hole is going to look like the fucking Grand Canyon!"

Trish gulped, briefly looked over at Mickie for some kind of help but her ex-girlfriend just looked incredibly turned on which led Trish to hung her head in defeat, "Just get it over with."

"Oh Trish, don't be like that. Not when I can see how hard your nipples are getting already." Melina grinned, reaching down to grab two big handfuls of Trish's big tits, her fingers immediately finding those hard nipples, "Yeahhhh, you're loving this, aren't you Trish? You love the thought of getting ass fucked by my big dick?"

Trish blushed and protested, "What I love is ass fucking bitches. And I just ass fucked your girlfriend. That's why I'm still horny. I want some more of Mickie's ass."

"Well, you're just going to have to settle for my big dick up your fat ass." Melina said, roughly pinching Trish's nipples before straightening herself up again and ordering, "Now bend over bitch! I want you on the bed, face down, ass up, and spreading your big fat ass cheeks for me!"

Melina watched totally captivated with lust as Trish slowly crawled up onto the bed, pressed her face down to the bed sheets, stuck her ass high in the air, reached back and spread her big meaty ass wide apart, presenting Melina with her prize.

After a few long seconds of pretty much just drooling at the sight Melina slowly got onto the bed, kneeled behind Trish, pressed her strap on against the blonde's butt hole and said, "Beg for it Trish. Beg me to shove my big dick up your fat ass!"

Gritting her teeth Trish did as she was told, becoming more frustrated by the second, "Please Melina... fuck me. Fuck my ass. Shove your stupid strap on up my ass and get it over with! Ass fuck me you bitch! Fuck my big fat ass! That's what you want right? I took your anal cherry, completely and utterly humiliated you, made you my little bitch, and now it's payback time, right? Well good luck, because I'm not a closet bottom like you. I mean sure, I can cum from getting ass fucked, and even a second rate top could probably make me cum from ass fucking, but that doesn't mean I'm some submissive bitch like you and Mickie. No, I'm always going to be a butt buster, no... no matter what you do. But... fuck Melina, just do it! Ass fuck me! Please ass fuck me. Fuck me up my big fat ass. Destroy my butt hole if you can bitch! Make me not able to sit or shit right for a week, and make my ass hole look like the Grand Canyon, and whatever else you can think of if you think you've got what it takes! Just fucking do it! Just get it over with and ass fuck me you bitch!"

"I believe you'll find you're the bitch here Trish." Melina grinned evilly before finally pushing forwards, Trish whimpering as the Latina added, "But since you asked so nicely I will fuck your big fat butt."

Melina had left Trish begging for a long time, the Latina wanting to draw this out to make it as humiliating and degrading as possible for her rival. That was also the reason why when she finally placed the tip of her strap on against Trish's ass hole Melina left it there for quite a while before finally beginning to push forwards as slowly as she could, making that tiny puckered hole open in super slow motion. Melina even stopped when the head of the dildo had almost forced its way inside, leaving Trish's butt hole stretched extremely wide around the head of the toy in a way which had the Canadian whimpering pathetically. Then with one quick hard shove Melina entered Trish's ass, forcing not just the tip but at least a third of the dildo deep into her defeated opponent's bowels.

The cry of pain Trish let out made the moment perfect, Melina just staring at where the blonde's butt hole was stretching around her cock for several long glorious seconds as she savoured finally being able to shove a strap on up Trish Stratus's big fat ass. Then she let go of the base of her fake dick, gripped onto the other WWE diva's waist and began slowly but firmly pushing her strap on cock into Trish's big bubble butt, refusing to stop until her hips smacked of those big butt cheeks, meaning Melina had got 12 inches of strap on dildo buried in Trish Stratus's big booty.

Wanting to further revel in this Melina grabbed Trish by her blonde locks and pulled her roughly upwards, the seven times women's champion crying out in pain and letting go of her butt cheeks as she was roughly pulled up into the all fours position.

"HOW DOES IT FEEL TRISH?" Melina screamed almost directly into Trish's ear, "HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HAVE 12 INCHES UP YOUR BIG FAT SLUTTY ASS?"

"NOT AS GOOD AS FUCKING YOU UP YOUR BIG FAT SLUTTY ASS!" Trish screamed back before crying out softly in relief as Melina let go of her hair.

"Ha, we'll see about that bitch!" Melina spat as she began slowly pulling her strap on out of Trish's butt hole and then quickly thrusting it back in, grinning wickedly at the little cries of pain and pleasure her defeated opponent let out a she began fucking her up the ass.

Of course while Melina wanted to make Trish suffer she didn't want to physically hurt her. Not this way. Sure, she would delivered the occasional spank to Trish's big round ass and pull the blonde's hair, but Melina knew from experience that this could just add to the submissive pleasure Trish was now no doubt feeling. That was much different than trying to painfully tear apart a back passage, something a WWE diva would never do to another no matter how much she hated her. Besides, it was so much more rewarding to pleasurably stretch a back passage as Melina knew from experience that there was no greater feeling of power than making another women's wrestler scream in pleasure from being fucked in the ass.

Those screams of pleasure were inevitable, but in this case they seem to come incredibly quickly. It was perhaps even only a minute into the butt fucking that Trish began moaning like an anal whore, which of course didn't go unnoticed by Melina who chuckled at the blonde's expense before pulling her hair back and began gloating, "I knew it. I knew deep down you were nothing but an anal whore. That you fucking love taking it up the ass. That all your tough talk is just for show. You're no top Trish. You're a bottom who wants to be butt fucked."

"Fuck you." Trish moaned.

"Yeahhhh Trish, that's exactly what I'm doing to you." Melina grinned, "I'm fucking you. I'm fucking you up the ass. I'm fucking the seven times women's champion Trish Stratus up her big fat ass and she's clearly loving every second of it given the way she's moaning like a total anal whore!"

Trish gritted her teeth, continuing to only moan like an anal whore in response as Melina hurled verbal abuse at her as she continued ass fucking the blonde bitch, Melina grinning wickedly as it became clear that no matter how hard Trish tried she just couldn't keep her moans quiet. This continued to be the case as Melina increased the pace of her thrusts, quickly making Trish scream in pure pleasure as she began pounding her pooper with every ounce of her strength, making the blonde's big round ass cheeks jiggled gelatinously with the impact of every thrust.

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