tagNon-EroticMicro Wave Man Ch. 02

Micro Wave Man Ch. 02


Jun 29, 2009

MWM Chapter Two "Another Day, Another Dollar, A Penny After Taxes."

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Copyright protected on May 2009.

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning! Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

The Cosmic Rays Incident

Book I, The Origins of Micro Wave Man & Punk Rocker

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Previously on The Cosmic Ray Incident, Book I The Origins of Micro Wave Man & Punk Rocker...Dr. Spy, an evil leader of a legion to take control of the world, was booting up some old files and reminiscing about how things started. On the case files Mark Surrender, an overweight

accountant, was coming home from work hungry, and tried to cook some food in his microwave oven, only to have it explode on him. We now are about to find out what Dr. Spy was doing back then.

Chapter Two

Another Day, Another Dollar, A Penny After Taxes

Tyrone Bookbagger had never really been what you would call a good kid. Often in school he was expelled for getting into lots of fights. He never really started any of the fights, but he made sure he finished them, and won. His father often told him that he would never get into trouble for fighting, but if he lost then he would be in trouble. Being suspended half of the time, and ditching school the other half, it was a wonder he had learned anything, but he knew how to read and do basic math, hell, he probably knew that before even starting school. Learning to count money and read by his mother and father to help them in their illegal endeavors. No, Tyrone had never been a good kid, and giving the way his parents were, it was no real wonder why he was like that.

His mother was a hooker with a major drug habit, and his father was a major drug dealer, but now would be doing life behind bars for a murder one rap, if he hadn't have been murdered.

Tyrone remembered the day his father was sentenced to life in prison, and then later murdered. Even though he was never actually there at the trial, he would never forget that dreadful day, and never forgive the person truly responsible for it, Mark Surrender, a bundling fat attorney who turned Tyrone's life into a living hell.

At nine years old, with his father in prison for life, and then murdered, and his mother flipping out in stages of maniac depression; it was up to him to step up to the plate and fend for both of them.

At the age of nine though, no respectable business man would ever hire him, so he had no choice, but to turn to the only source of income available, using some of his father's old connections to join the gangs of Chicago, Illinois.

Sure he knew it was very dangerous business with death a constant threat at every moment, or even life in prison like his father had been, and then murdered, but what other real choice did he have, to starve to death because his mother was to inept to even take care of herself, much less worry about him? His father should have been the role model hero on the white horse, teaching him important skills to survive and raise a family of his own, taking care of both Tyrone and his mother, but instead, because of that bumbling fat attorney, his father was taken away, and then murdered in cold blood.

As he expected, they started him out in little jobs, until he could prove he was useful to them. He knew right away that he was very expendable, especially when another boy his own age had failed to do what they wanted, was shot to death, and left in the streets, as a reminder to everyone else the consequences of failure.

With that embedded into his brain, he made absolutely sure he didn't fail, even if it meant killing someone else. Better them than him. He slowly, but surely, worked his way up the chains of command. He went from simply delivering packages to selling drugs himself, then to breaking and entering to get all the items that could be fenced. He could steal any car he wanted, and break into almost anywhere he needed to, learning quickly the fine art of disabling security cameras and alarms. Because of his ruthlessness in getting the job done no matter of what or who got in his way, he earned the nickname "Pit Bull".

So fond of the nickname they had given him, he even went out and got himself a dog, though it wasn't only a pit bulldog. Instead he got himself a bull mastiff, which was a mixture between a bulldog and a mastiff (which were trained to be fighting dogs). Bull mastiffs were known to be fearless, alert, and obedient making good watch dogs. He immediately fell in love with his dog, which he trained to be one of the meanest, yet loyalist dogs ever. Tyrone named the bull mastiff Battle Dog, because he said, "This dog will take the battle to anyone, and win."

Battle Dog never left Tyrone's side, never made any noise unless Tyrone allowed him to, and never went after anybody unless Tyrone told him to, and lord help those poor devils that Battle Dog was actually unleashed upon.

Tyrone, with Battle Dog at his heels, proved himself beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be the most ruthless, most reliable, and most respected member of the gang known as Punk Rockers. He was now on his way to see the big man himself, the true secret power and controller of this particular gang.

The ebony skin on his arms and forehead glistened from sweat in anticipation. He had long ago lost his nickname "Pit Bull", and earned himself a new one, making himself the idol of the gang as "Punk Rocker", because by now he was one mean punk, and if you messed with Tyrone he would definitely rock your world. To fit his image his hair was cut into a Mohawk, which was today at least, colored purple, as he rode up in the elevator to the top floor. Both Punk Rocker and Battle Dog were in the big leagues, and he really had to watch his back now.

The elevator reached the top floor, and the double doors slid to the sides. Punk Rocker and Battle Dog strolled out, and made their way towards the huge luscious main office at the end of the hallway.

Tyrone entered the office with Battle Dog close at his heels. The "Big Man" sat in his chair, which was turned with it's back towards them. Typing could be heard coming from behind the chair, and only the back of a balding old white man's head could be seen.

Tyrone thought to himself, "Man, this old cracker either has a major set of grapefruits on him, or there is some major defense systems surrounding him that I can't see. There should be guards all over the place guarding him, or, at least, a secretary outside. Why any other gang could get a wild hair, and just waltz right in here and kill him. Of course, this could be just a cover for him, so that he doesn't look like he is involved with the gangs activities. If so, then this meet and greet is trying to be kept low profile."

As Tyrone approached the desk, he noticed the name placard in it's center, which said, "Dr. Jonathan Spy". He reached the edge of the desk, but before he could say anything a voice from behind the chair spoke first, though the typing continued.

"Good. You're here. I've heard many good reports about you. You are quite talented, and have done excellent work so far. I have a job that requires your particular skills. It will be very financially rewarding. Are you interested?"

"Of course, I'm always interested in putting more green in my jeans, if you know what I mean." Tyrone replied.

"Excellent!" Replied Dr. Spy, as the typing stopped, and the chair spun around. The printer on the desk activated, and started printing out some papers. "There are scientists working on a new chemical compound, which could enhance my research considerably. I want that chemical. More details are on these papers. Read them, memorize them, and then throw them into that shredder."

"Okay, gee money, it's your dime." Tyrone said with a smile.

Tyrone took the papers and looked over them. Most of the scientific jargon was way over his head, but he found the address of the place, and the name of the chemical, and that was enough for him. He committed those facts to memory, and threw the papers into the shredder.

"Very good. Don't disappoint me, after all, we wouldn't want anything to happen to your poor mother now would we." Dr. Spy said.

"Don't worry. No need for threats. I won't fail you, Doc." Tyrone said.

"Make sure you don't. You may go, but remember... If you slip up and get caught by the authorities, you don't know me, and definitely was never here. Do I make myself clear?" Dr. Spy instructed.

"Crystal." Tyrone said. "Come on, Battle Dog, we got work to do."

To be continued.

Next Chapter Three What Happened To Me? Find out what happened to Mark Surrender after his microwave oven exploded on him.

File #: 8

Character Star Power: 3

Code Name: Dr. Spy's Punk Rockers Gang.

Alter Ego: Various.

Aliases: Various.

Nick Names: Various.

Legal Status: Most have criminal records.

Allegiance: The Evil Legion of Dr. Spy.

Sub-Groups: Any related to The Evil Legion of Dr. Spy.

Rank: Punk Rocker is the leader of the Punk Rockers Gang.

Occupation: Various, though mostly criminal organization.

Known Relatives: Various.

Birth Date: Various.

Birth Place: Various.

Height: Various.

Weight: Various.

Eyes: Various.

Hair: Various.

Attitude: Various, but usually common punks, who are heartless, ruthless, & cold blooded killers & thieves. They will do anything to make a quick buck & help Dr. Spy take over the known world.

Known Powers: Most do not have any (though there are a few exceptions), but most are pretty strong and good fighters.

Equipment: Most carry weapons like bats, pipes, chains, knives, pistols, etc.

Known Skills: Most are good fighters & have skills for thieving, drug dealing, or killing.

Limitations or Weaknesses: Most are mortal.

For More Info. See: Dr. Spy, Punk Rocker, & Battle Dog.

History: They are the first ones to work for Dr. Spy before he started forming army units. He would use them to do his dirty work for him.

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