tagIncest/TabooMicrochips Ch. 03

Microchips Ch. 03


(My continued gratitude to my editor 'larryinseattle' for making my stories even better)


Dale woke up as the warming rays of the sun filtered through the window. The scent of perfume and something far more subtle filled his nostrils, momentarily, confusing him until he felt Natalie stir beside him. Memories of his life with her reeling through his mind like a movie.

He'd first met her when his dad started dating her. The three of them quickly bonded and became a family. It had almost been an afterthought that the two of them got married. The years that followed were filled with good times only to be destroyed the day of his dad's death.

The next three years, had been filled with challenges as she'd fought to maintain control of his dad's company while making it one of the premier developers and manufacturers of women's apparel in the world. Then, on his 21st birthday, she announced she was having him take over as Vice President in charge of Research and Design. "Had it only been a few months ago?"

That was how he met Tanya. She'd once worked for his dad but owned her own company, though many would have simply referred to it as a sex shop. He'd stopped at her shop after hearing vague rumors about a new product that she had available.

She wasn't anything like he'd expected. 'Sexy not sleazy' seemed the best way to describe her. Mature, with silver over layers of brunette hair, and gray eyes. Her skin was lightly tanned with the barest hint of tan-lines. Her figure was 'top heavy' with 38DD breasts that contrasted with her narrow waist before flaring out to her sculpted hips. Sensuality seemed to flow from her with every step she took or word she spoke as she'd given him a tour of her shop. The unexpected part of his visit came when she offered to demonstrate the microchips she'd helped develop and the two of them had become lovers.

Needless to say, he'd ordered a complete set of lingerie with the microchips inserted as a birthday present for Natalie. He gave them to her the night before and then took her out for dinner followed by dancing and drinking. Before the night ended, the two of them ended up here, in her bed, making love until the early hours of the morning when they'd fallen asleep next to each other.

The thought of her instantly caused his cock to stiffen. He rolled over on his side, propping his head up in his hand as he watched her sleep. "To the rest of the world you may be my step-mother but after last night you're more ... much, much more to me."

Her long brown hair fanned out like a halo across her pillow and, though her eyes were closed, he remembered the twinkle that appeared when she was happy or aroused, as she had been the night before. Her full lips added to her beauty and seemed to be screaming to be kissed, even as she slept.

Yet, as beautiful as her face was, it was her body that had carried her to the 'A-list' as a model. She stood 5-foot, 9-inches tall, though she almost always wore 3 -- 4 inch high heels, now. She'd said that she needed the extra height so she could look eye-to-eye with the investors and business associates she met on a daily basis.

The rest of her body was just as imposing, but in a far more sensual way. Her tawny colored skin was smooth and, with the exception of a few barely noticeable beauty spots, flawless while her tan lines highlighted her more intimate places. Her breasts looked like two slightly flattened mountains, topped with caramel-colored nipples, as they rose and fell with each breath she took. Her stomach was flat and toned, flaring outward over her hips to join with her long, shapely legs. To put it plainly, her 36D-25-36 figure was exquisite and made to be loved.

"Mornin," she said, almost in a whisper, as her eyes opened.

Suddenly, pulled back to reality, he replied, "Good morning, gorgeous."

"Aren't you the flatterer," she teased.

"It's not actually flattery if it's true."

She laughed as she rolled onto her side so she was facing him. "So, is there anything special you'd like to do today?"

"I hadn't thought about it. Probably just hang around here. Unless there's something you'd like to do."

Her gaze shifted lower on his body and she snickered. "Well, YOU may not have thought about it but apparently a certain part of your body has already made plans."

When he followed her gaze, he was surprised to see that his cock was sticking out, pointing at her. "What can I say? I'm a man and for the first time in my life I slept the whole night next to an absolutely beautiful woman."

"There you go again," she teased. "Trying to soften me up with flattery."

He shrugged.

"But it's okay because to tell you the truth, just like they say 'The fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach' it's also true that 'Flattery will get you anywhere' when it comes to a woman."

Then, she took one last slow look at him from top to bottom, as an impish grin appeared on her face. She slid from the bed, her hips swinging and swaying as she walked towards the bathroom. Just before she got there she stopped, looked over her shoulder and winked. "You coming?"

The double meaning wasn't lost on him as he slid off the other side of the bed and followed.

In the bathroom, he found her bent over the controls for the Jacuzzi/tub, her pussy completely exposed to him. Even in the subdued lighting he could see that it was deep shade of pink. The lips were swollen and seemed to be begging for a kiss. He moved behind her quietly, only to have his cock spoil his surprise attack as it brushed against the cheeks of her ass.

"Ohmigod, is that your cock?" she said, acting surprised.

"So you like ...?" he asked as he pushed the head between her round ass cheeks.

"NO!! Gawd no. I like my ass only played with and I like to tease back," she gasped as she tightened and loosen the muscles of her ass cheeks. "In fact, your dad once joked about me getting a tattoo that said 'Exit Only," she giggled.

"But you don't mind this?" he asked, as he slid his cock up and down the crease between her cheeks.

"No. Actually, it's a turn on."

"And how about this?" he questioned as he moved lower before he raised his hand and brought it down.

'Slap' the sound echoed throughout the room.

"YIIEEEEEE," she screeched.

"Oh, so you don't like that?" he asked, the tender tone in his voice letting her know he wouldn't do anything to truly hurt her.

She hesitated before answering. "Actually, I do ... sometimes."

"Hmmm, gonna have to remember that."

"Wanna know something else you'll wanna remember?" she asked as she pressed back against him, his cock head sliding down between her legs, nudging against the entrance to her womanly treasure.


"First, men aren't the only ones who can wake up horny and two, I realized a long time ago that a good hard fuck first thing in the morning makes the whole day seem better ..."

"Surprised", "shocked", "amazed", the words flowed through his head as he tried to describe how he felt about what she'd just told him. Not that it really mattered as she continued to grind her ass cheeks against him.

"... that's why I was hoping you'd do me a favor," she finished.

"What's that?" he asked, hoping he already knew what she was going to ask.

She looked over her shoulder as she reached between them, wrapping her hand around his cock. Fuck me," she purred.

"With pleasure," he replied as his hands found her tits, squeezing the soft, fleshy globes.

"Mmmmmmmm, just what I need," she sighed as she pumped her hips back and forth along the length of his cock.

Her nipples hardened as he rolled them between his thumb and forefinger.

"Yesss," she hissed as she felt her juices flowing, coating his cock and her inner thighs.

"I could cum just by doing this," she sighed as she increased her pace. "I was still wet from what we did last night and now ... arrrrghhhhhh ...," she groaned, "I can feel your cock pushing against my clit every time I push back against you."

"Is that what you want?"

When she didn't answer, he asked again.

"Do you want me to cum? Do you want to see it spraying from my cock all over your legs and bathroom floor?"

"Yessssss," she hissed louder. "No ... I mean, no. Someday, I want to see your cum bursting from your cock all over me, on my face, on my tits, my stomach and pussy, even all over my ass but not today. Today I want you to slip that marvelous cock of yours into my pussy and fuck me hard and deep. Then I want you to fill me just like you did last night."

"Couldn't you ... I mean ... are you using 'the pill' or anything?"

She hesitated for a moment, her hips barely slowly before she answered. "Actually, I'm not. In fact, I've wanted to have a baby for a long time and what better person to get me pregnant than the son of my deceased husband?"

"But what will people think if they ever found out?" his voice now filled with worry.

"Silly boy," she teased. "If, or rather WHEN I get pregnant I plan on telling everyone that your dad and I had some of his sperm placed in cold-storage since he was getting older."

"Okay, now I get it."

"Not yet you haven't but you will, or rather I will," she whispered, seductively, as she slid down the length of his body and dropped to her hands and knees.

The sight of her kneeling on the floor, her ass high in the air, caused his cock to harden until it stuck out in front of him. "Gawd, you look so sexy like that."

"I should have known. This was your dad's favorite way to fuck me, though I have to admit I love it, too. Now, come here, lover. Fuck me."

"Whatever you say, Nat."

"Mmmmmmmm, I love it what you call me that. It brings back so many good memories of your dad."

He lowered himself to his knees behind her, his cock brushing across her lust-engorged pussy lips. "So is that what I am? A replacement for my dad?" he asked as he watched his cock head slide between her wet lips."

"No ... and yes," she answered. "The way you act, the things you do, even a lot of the things you say are different, yet the way you look, your voice and the way you say my name brings back memories of him."

"Does this remind you of him?" he asked as he pushed more of his cock into her.

He heard her take a deep breath before replying. "No ... and yes, again. This," she emphasized as she tightened her pussy muscles around his cock, "is sooooo much different. Your cock is bigger and longer. I've never felt as full as I did last night or now," she teased as she pushed herself back against him, taking another inch of his cock inside her. "But the feelings, the emotions, are almost the same. With you, just like with him, I know that someone cares about me more than anything else in the world"

"So maybe ... someday ...?"

"Shhhhhhh, we talked about that last night. For right now all I want is for you to fuck me. Fill my pussy with your cock."

He wrapped his hands around her hips and in one, slow, continuous thrust buried himself into her depths.

"Owwwwwww, that feels so fucking good," she groaned as she leaned forward, placing her head on the cool tile of the floor while raising her ass even higher. "Your cock is so long and hard. It's touching me in places no other lover, not even your dad, ever reached. It's almost like having a piece of warm, hard, steel inside of me. Push it in. Push your cock all the way in me. Bury it in me. Owwww ... it hurts so good when you push against the back of my pussy."

He quickly fell into a slow, relaxed pace, pushing in until his cock head was pressed against the back of her pussy and then staying there for a few seconds before pulling back out repeating it, over and over.

"Fuck me. Fuck me with the big fucking cock of yours. More ... more ... yesssss ... pound my pussy ... fill it ... mmmmmmmmm ... I can already ... ohmigod ... ohmigod ... yeah ... yeah ... oh shit ... so soon ... can feel every inch of your cock in me ... stretching me ... you're gonna make me ... oh fuck ... gonna cum already," she wheezed as her body shook.

"Hearing you talk like that is getting me so turned on," he moaned. "You sound almost like a woman in a porn movie."

"You like it? You like hearing your step-mother telling you how good it feels to have your cock buried in her? How good it feels to be fucked by your long, hard cock?"

"Yessssssss," he said as he felt his cock swell inside her.

"Ohhhhhhhh, such a turn on watching you fuck me."

"Wha ...?"

"Look in the mirror. Mmmmmmmmm, so sexy watching your cock sliding in and out of me. Owwwww ... just like that."

He turned his head and for the first time, noticed their reflection as his hips moved back and forth. He stayed there, staring at their reflections, mesmerized by the sight. "I've never ..."

"You've never watched yourself fucking someone?" she asked, almost in disbelief.

"No," he croaked as he felt the sudden urge to fill her pussy with another load of cum.

"Do you like?" she whispered, seductively, as she began to drive herself backwards meeting his every thrust.


"And how about this?" she asked as she licked her lips seductively, before pulling a finger in her mouth and sucking on it just as she'd sucked on his cock the night before.

"Oh, yeah."

"And what about this?" she questioned as she knelt up, grabbing one of her tits in her hand and squeezing it.

"Arrrggghhhh, you're gonna make me cum. Gotta slow down ... so close. Don't want to end this way."

"Owww, you're gonna cum, but right now I need something else," she said as she pushed herself out from under him and rolled over on her back, spreading her legs as wide as she could.

Instinctively, he crawled between her legs and his cock found its target like a guided missile.

"That's it, sweetie. Now I can see it. Push your cock in me. Owwwww ... I love watching your cock slide in and out of me. Mmmmmmm ... making me so damn horny. Just look at how stretched you have me. Oh fuck, it looks so nasty. Cum for me. I want to feel you filling me. I want to see if I can hold all of it. Cum in my pussy."

"Aarrgghhh," he growled as he felt his cock pulse and his cum rocketing from its tip.

"Yes, yes , yes ... fill me up with cum. I can feel it. I can feel every time your cock jerks and sprays cum in me. I can feel it splashing against the entrance to me womb. Ohhhhhhh ... me tooooOOOOOOO," she suddenly wailed as she arched her back, driving her pussy harder onto his cock.

The bathroom seemed to spin and swirl around them as their bodies spasmed against each other, locked in the joy of orgasm. It was if time stood still for them, until she slowly lowered herself to the floor while he followed, keeping his cock embedded in her. Neither said a word, their body's saying all that needed to be said.

When he rolled off of her, they lay there next to each other, their breathing becoming more regular. "So what else do you have planned for the day?" he teased.

"Ummmm ... we could start clearing the stuff out of your room and moving it into ours," she said, reminding him of her comment that the room was no longer hers but theirs, "orrrrr ... we could go back to bed and see what happens ... though to tell you the truth I'm exhausted."

"To tell you the truth so am I. I know everyone talks about how fast younger men can recuperate but after last night and just now ... wow."

She laughed as she stood up, a trail of their combined juices flowing down her inner thigh. "So what do you think of the idea of going into the village for a late breakfast and then taking a walk along the beach?"

"Arrrrhhhhh," he groaned as he stood up. "Sounds like a good idea. Just give me a chance to get washed up and dressed."

"You sure you want to shower all by yourself?" she teased. "After all, aren't we supposed to be conserving water?"

"Nat, you are unreal," he laughed as he turned on the water.

The two showered together, laughing and joking as they splashed and soaped each other up. Afterwards, they dressed and headed for the door.

"Oh, before I forget, you might need this," she purred as she handed him the controller for the microchips. "You never know when you might want to use it," she finished with an impish grin on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.

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