tagNovels and NovellasMid Life Crisis Book 05

Mid Life Crisis Book 05


He awoke, to find himself alone in the bed, with a note stuck on the mirror.

'Didn't want to wake you, you were sleeping so soundly. If you are still OK for tonight, I'll pick you up at 8.00. Sorry, forgot to say, it's Black Tie! Chloe XX'

Charlie got up and pottered around the house and killed time until 8.00 when a knock on the door disturbed his thoughts.

He opened the door to see Chloe looking fantastic in a light blue evening gown.

"Wow!" he said taking her beauty in and looking at her from head to foot with undisguised lust.

"You look good yourself," she said seeing Charlie in dinner suit and bow tie.

"We had better go before we end up ripping these clothes off each other," she smiled.

They got in her car and she drove to a big hotel just outside of town, where there was an industry awards night, and her company had reserved a table.

Charlie was introduced to her colleagues as her friend and he did his best not to let either Chloe or himself down.

He made polite conversation but couldn't wait for the evening to end, it was as she had predicted, fairly boring.

When the dancing started he panicked. He was a firm believer that no white man over the age of 25 should be seen on a dance floor and didn't intend to change this thought this evening. Thankfully Chloe didn't seem too keen to dance either and they remained at the table.

At one stage, they were the only two and he felt her hand on his inner thigh under the table. She whispered in his ear: "Do you think I will be missed if I got under the table and gave you a BJ?"

"I think so, as I may not be able to hide my enjoyment," he whispered back.

"Shame," she sighed, "I'll have to wait until we are home then."

Charlie hadn't given it any thought if they would be together after the dinner, but Chloe definitely seemed to assume they would, not that he was complaining.

The evening eventually wound down and the guests all made their excuses and left.

Chloe was stone cold sober as she was driving; Charlie had also been fairly abstemious. She quickly drove back to Charlie's and they were soon in the house, Charlie opening a bottle of wine.

"Let's take it upstairs," she said. "I am so randy!"

He did as she suggested. He walked into his room Chloe was standing there waiting for him.

"Lie down on the bed, and don't move", she said.

Somewhat confused, he did as she asked.

She looked at him and proceeded to slowly strip. Beneath her gown, she was naked! If he had known that earlier he didn't know what he would have done!

She moved towards him.

"Stand up," she said.

He did and she shimmied in front of him as she slowly stripped him. When he was naked she kissed him passionately as she stroked his prick and he tried to touch her breast. She pulled away and knelt down in front of him, her eyes level with his belly.

She went lower and licked and then swallowed his prick.

He moaned in ecstasy as she started to give him one of the best blow jobs he could remember. She alternated between sucking and licking and stroking. Taking him deep in her throat and then just the helmet. He was not sure who was making more noises as it was clearly turning her on too. He was beside himself and knew he couldn't last.

"You're going to make me cum!" he said, almost crying with joy.

He started thrusting, fucking her mouth. She didn't stop him, but sucked harder.

"Oh my God, I'm going to cum!" he cried again. She made no attempt to stop and he knew he was beyond the point of no return and he started to squirt into her mouth. One after the other squirt filled her mouth as she swallowed as much as she could. He finished with a deep sigh and she stopped her sucking, licking him clean and swallowing the last drops.

"I have wanted to do that since I saw you open the door," she sighed, as she stood up and lay down beside him.

With his breathing under control, he leant over her.

"My turn," he whispered.

He started sucking her nipples, before moving down and burrowing his head between her open thighs.

She raised herself up so he had as much access as he wanted. He licked her clit, down to her wet and open hole and then lower towards her rear entrance. She didn't stop him and sighed contentedly as he circled her puckered rear hole.

"You are naughty, but that is so nice," she said.

He continued making it wet until he could enter the tip of his tongue into her anus. She wriggled to accept him and sighed even more as at the same time he started to stroke her clit with his finger.

"Oh yes," she sighed.

He continued and then moved back so that he fucked her pussy with his tongue.

"Oh my God, yes. That's it," she cried, bucking hard against him, covering his face with her juices.

She moved his fingers away from her clit and started playing with her clit herself.

"Put your tongue in me!" she urged him as her fingers teased and stroked her clit.

"Yes, yes, oh my God I'm cumming!" she cried loudly as her orgasm consumed every nerve ending in her body.

He stopped his assault on her pussy as she slowly recovered from the climax.

He lay down on the bed, looking at her chest fall and rise as she regained her breath. She moved onto her side and reached out and stroked his cock, now showing signs of life again.

"I want that inside me," she said as she moved again and straddled him, lowering herself down onto his cock, now hard and erect and ready for another session.

He thrust into her and she soon got into a rhythm with him. She soon came again, seemingly now on one orgasm after another.

He reached up and cupped her breast and stroked her nipples as they rode each other with increasing abandonment towards the natural conclusion.

They were making enough noise to wake the dead as he approached his climax and filled her pussy with his seed.

She dismounted him and lay on his side, marvelling in the feeling of sexual fulfilment.

They soon fell asleep and woke with a start as the sun rose and lit the room.

Charlie laughed as he saw the opened but full bottle of wine, "I guess we had other objectives!" he laughed.

Chloe quickly showered and left to go home and get changed.

There was no hint of meeting again, there was no need. Both knew this was a fling. Both knew neither would get hurt or offended.

Charlie's phone rang at 11.00. It was the solicitors. Could he come in and sign some papers about the house and a statement on the divorce.

Without anything else to do, he drove into town and thought he would sign the papers and then have a pub lunch.

He parked and went into the solicitors' office, a receptionist greeted him warmly.

"Hi," he said smiling at her, "I have just received a call that there are some papers for me to sign."

"Oh yes," she replied. "It was me that called. Come through and I'll bring the papers and witness them for you," she continued leading him into a spartan office. "Please take a seat."

He sat down and she soon retuned with a pile of papers. "Don't worry, she said smiling warmly at him, "they are not too bad, just a couple of signatures. Do you want to read them or shall I get a solicitor in to explain them?"

"I'll sign, you witness, how is that?" he said.

"Fine, so sign here," he did as she asked, "and here and here."

She then witnessed his signatures. He read her name; Debbie Watson.

"Thank you Debbie," he said.

"No problem, is there anything else we can do for you?"

"Yes," he said. "I fancy a pub lunch, can you recommend any decent pubs here, and it's been ages since I had a pub lunch here.

"Well we use The Plough," she answered. "It's just down the road, 300 yards on the left."

"Good, that's great, thanks," he said standing up.

"Actually I may see you in there; my colleague and I were planning on going there today." She said smiling at him.

"Even better," he said. I'll keep a table for you."

"Ok, see you later," she said.

Charlie found the pub and ordered a drink and some food. He had nearly finished his food when Debbie and her friend turned up.

Debbie was slim, average height with what seemed a nice figure underneath her business clothes. He guessed she was mid to late thirty's. She introduced her friend, Helen, who was short and fat and ugly. He stood up and offered to buy the girls a drink, but they had already bought their own. He gestured for them to sit down and join him.

They talked and Charlie found out that both Debbie and Helen were secretaries and the Solicitors, but Debbie was training to be a junior solicitor at night school.

"All work and no play?" he asked teasingly.

"I'm afraid so," she laughed as she answered. "That's what my ex said too!"

"Must get a balance," Helen chimed in.

Their food arrived and they ate quickly. Charlie took the initiative and despite their protests, bought another round of drinks.

"We'll be in trouble for being late back," Debbie said.

"I don't think so," Charlie said. "I am a client after all."

"True," they both said looking at each other and then smiled at Charlie.

Helen excused herself and went to the toilet.

"This is a nice place, thanks for the recommendation," Charlie said.

"No problem, I'll send you my invoice for services," Debbie said smiling at Charlie.

"Ok, do I have to save up?" he said.

"No, I am not an expensive girl," she laughed. "A drink will do."

"Ok, when?" he said, seizing the moment.

She hesitated. "I was joking."

"I wasn't," he said looking at her intently.

She paused again. "OK, tonight, here. 6.30?"

"I look forward to it," he said with a warm smile as Helen returned.

"We really have to go back Debs," she said. "Thanks for the drinks, Charlie."

"Yes, thanks," echoed Debbie. She looked embarrassed but mouthed, "see you later."

Charlie was sitting in the bar at 6.15 feeling like 'Billy No Mates', but the last thing he wanted was for Debbie to have to be in a pub on her own. At just after 6.30 she gingerly entered the pub, but her face lit up as she saw Charlie and she walked over to his table, smiling broadly.

"Hello," she said, sitting down.

"Hi," he replied, "what would you like to drink?"

"Work is over, thank God, A dry while wine please."

He went to the bar and returned with a drink for Debbie and a top up for himself.

They chatted, the conversation flowing and they found out bits about each other. Debbie was aware of the reasons for the divorce; she had after all typed up all the details, but didn't probe or ask anything as it would have been unprofessional to do so.

"I bet you see some really juicy stories and reasons for divorce in your job," Charlie asked.

"Oh yes," she replied. "One day I will write a book on it," she laughed.

"Will I get a mention?" he asked smiling at her.

She flicked her hair back playfully, "Oh I couldn't say," she smiled.

"I always think that there is more to it than there are in the divorce petitions with most cases" she said. "That's the bit I would like to put in a book."

He nodded. There was no mention of him forcing his wife to perform oral sex on him in his petition he thought, smiling to himself.

"Very probably," he said. "But that's very nosey of you," he teased.

She smiled and playfully shrugged her shoulders.

"Now," he said as he drained his glass. "I am starving and would very much like to have dinner with you. So unless you have a good excuse like your husband or someone else's husband is waiting for you, I will be mortally offended if you decline."

She drained her glass and smiled. "I'm not married, none of my friends' husbands are worth the risk and most are busy tonight anyway, so I gladly accept."

"Good," he said. "There are two choices. An Italian or we could pick up a movie, some wine and a take away?"

She pondered a minute.

"Movie wine and take away," she said.

"Sorry," he said, more choices. "Indian, Chinese or," he paused trying to think of another takeaway.

"Chinese," she said saving him from further choices.

He rose and helped her up and they went to the car park, Charlie directing her to his car.

"Do you drive to work?" he asked.

"No, I live a few minutes walk away, I don't have a car," she answered.

They stopped at the DVD store and picked up a new blockbuster that had just been released. The wine store supplied a few bottles of wine and then they went to Charlie's and ordered some Chinese to be delivered.

Charlie poured some wine and asked Debbie to sit down and relax. As he went to the kitchen to get some utensils ready for when the food arrived, he had to kick himself; was it really 24 hours ago he had entertained the estate agent Chloe, now it was the solicitor Debbie. What a life he was leading!

The food soon arrived and they quickly ate it.

Debbie helped him clear up and remarked on his domesticity. He smiled, "I've always said I would make a lovely wife, it's just the," he stopped himself.

"It's just the what?" she asked.

"Oh nothing," he said now a bit embarrassed.

"Come on," she urged, "don't be bashful, you cant tell half a story."

"No, I couldn't."

"Cheat!" she said hitting his arm.

"No, I'd be embarrassed."

"Don't be," she urged, "its just the what?" She was now very curious.

He sighed. "I've always said I would make a lovely wife, it's just the blow jobs I would have a problem with." He looked at her for a reaction.

"I'd heard they stopped after the wedding cake," she said matter of factly but with a hint of a rude smile.

He laughed; "So true!"

"The voice of experience?"

"Yes, you could say that!"

"Come on," she said smiling, "Lets watch the film before your mind is lost for the evening. I assume there are no blow jobs in the film?" she laughed.

"We live in hope!" he answered laughing as she again hit him playfully.

He loaded the DVD player, turned on the TV and poured two glasses of wine. The bottle was nearby, keeping chilled in its cooler.

They sat side by side on the sofa as the movie started.

She snuggled down and soon her head was resting on his shoulder as they watched the film.

She leant forward and picked up both glasses of wine, handed one to him and raised her to him; "cheers!"

"Cheers," he replied. They put their glasses back on the table and before she snuggled down, she gently kissed him on the lips.

"That's nice," he said.

"Yes, now shut up and watch the film," she replied but looked at him and smiled.

A few minutes went by and she said, "Sorry, I need a break."

"Shall I pause the film?" he asked.

"No, I won't be long," she said, standing up.

"The toilet is down there," he said, pointing to the room.

She soon returned.

"Did I miss much?"

"Just a couple of blow jobs," he laughed,

"Nothing much then," she replied sarcastically, again snuggling down and resting her head on his shoulder.

It was then Charlies turn to move, reaching out and getting the wine glasses. They both took a sip and put them back on the table. This time he leant over and kissed her, gently at first but as she responded, the kiss got a bit more passionate.

She broke the kiss, "should we stop the film?"

He nodded, and resumed kissing her, their tongues dancing with each other as their kiss got more and more passionate.

He broke the kiss off, and looked at her. He stroked her cheek. "You Ok?"

She nodded, holding his hand against her cheek, and then moving it to her breast.

"Are you?" she asked, pressing his hand against her soft breast.

He nodded and leant forward to kiss her again, while gently feeling the shape of her breast and loving the feeling of her nipple hardening under her blouse and bra.

He moved his hand and started to unbutton the blouse, exposing her to his eyes. He soon removed her blouse and with a practised hand, undid the bra clip. "Gosh you are experienced," she said, breaking off his kiss again.

He smiled and lowered his head so he could lick and suck her breasts. She gasped as he gently bit the hard nipple and then rolled his tongue around it, meanwhile playing with the other breast.

"Stand up," he said. He helped her stand up and he stood in front of her. He undid the zip of her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Gently he lowered her knickers and her saw her pussy for the first time. Not a hair could be seen, she was totally shaved.

He gently touched it, her legs opened to allow him more private access. She was hot and wet but shivered as he continued his exploration and touched her clit and found her opening. He gently inserted a finger and she crouched down to help him.

"That's so nice," she murmurred, as he fingered her and she got wetter and wetter. "I want to see you."

She started undoing his shirt buttons and his belt, quickly disrobing him as he continued fingering her.

He was soon naked and she marvelled at his erect prick.

"Nice," she said appreciating it and stroking it, taking notice of the veins and his reactions as she ran her fingers along and around it.

He removed his fingers from her and licked them.

"You taste fantastic," he whispered.

She didn't answer but knelt down and started licking him and then sucking the end of his prick, before putting more and more into her mouth. She stopped and looked up at him; "so do you,"

She went back to sucking and licking him and then cupped his balls in her hand.

She was enthusiastic and was basically fucking him with her mouth, never letting it come completely out of her mouth; she ran her tongue over his slit and rubbed her lips around his helmet.

"I'm not going to last!" he cried,

She just grunted and carried on; getting more and more enthusiastic if that was possible.

"Oh God, get ready!" he shouted as he knew he was close to cumming.

She didn't stop and as the first jet of sperm erupted from him, she did her best to swallow as much as she could, not finishing with him until every last drop had been swallowed.

She looked up him. "Nice?"

He nodded and picked her up and held her tightly.

"Very," he smiled.

They kissed, he was aware of a salty taste, him, on her lips but he didn't find this a turn off, if anything the reverse.

He made her sit down and he made her open her legs so her could explore her hairless pussy with his tongue.

She was already very turned on; very wet and ready for his inquisitive tongue and fingers. He put one finger inside her as he licked her clit.

"Put another in," she pleaded, gyrating her hips to accommodate the exploring finger.

He did, and she asked for a third.

She was close to cumming; three fingers fucking her and his tongue licking her clit.

"Yes, just there, just there!" she cried out. "Keep moving those fingers."

He was doing exactly as she asked and she started to cry out, "Oh my God, Yes, I'm cumming, Oh my God, yes. Yes, there. Just there, I'm cumming, yes,"

She was bucking her hips so much it was virtually impossible for Charlie to keep in contact with her clit and his fingers inside her, but she froze and didn't move as her internal pussy muscles grabbed hold of his fingers and, if was possible, she got even wetter as her orgasm became all consuming.

He withdrew his fingers and watched, mesmerised as her pussy continued to pulsate in the post orgasmic bliss.

"That was special," she sighed, stroking his head as he continued looking at her opening.

He handed her her glass of wine and she closed her legs, much to his disappointment.

"You can go back there later," she said, smiling and aware of his lustful look.

He smiled at her. "Good, we have unfinished business."

The DVD was now finishing and the credits rolling,

"Good film wasn't it?" he laughed.

"I've seen worse," she smiled, "but the side show was excellent."

He sat down beside her, stroking her upper thigh.

"Yes it was, wasn't it?"

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