tagIncest/TabooMid Life Crisis Ch. 01

Mid Life Crisis Ch. 01


This story doesn't actually include incest, it includes roll playing about incest. This is only chapter 1 and I expect it to evolve into a wider variety of topics including actual incest, gay/lesbian, BDSM, and other such taboo areas. So if incest, male/male, girl/girl, BDSM or anything outside the norm bothers you, do not read on. There's always someone emailing after they read a story that I'm gay (I'm actually bi) or the story is in wrong category or poor writing (ie your or you're typo mistake). I don't mind negative feedback if it's helpful, of course I love positive feedback. So take it with a grain of salt as it's my fantasy. All characters are over 18 and consenting adults. I hope you enjoy and would love to hear from you if I helped you cum.

Mid Life Crisis Changes Everything

22 years of marriage faithfully to the same woman really starts making you feel trapped. Don't get me wrong, it's been great. Shelly was my high school sweetheart and a cheerleader while I played baseball and football. We started dating as juniors and have been together ever since. We're both 42 now, and she was only the second woman I was ever with sexually. So I have to admit, I'm in a mid-life crisis.

We have 2 kids, a boy and a girl, Nick's 18 years old now and Tina's 19. Thank god they got their mother's looks and my athleticism. But that creates a whole other issue for me while trying to get through my mid-life desires.

Over decades of marriage, of course I've desired other women, flirted mercilessly with many of them; I've even had homosexual fantasies too. But I've always keep my fantasies in check and my dick in my pants. But it's getting harder than ever to not do something about it.

Our kids are half the problem. Tony is slightly effeminate but hasn't shown any other homosexual tendencies that I've noticed. He brings home some very hot girlfriends and some suspect guy friends. My daughter on the other hand continually parades around here in skimpy panties, shirts that show off her eraser sized nipples and bikini's that have made me think very impure thoughts about my own flesh and blood.

I've tried desperately to push those nasty thoughts out of my head about my daughter but if you could see her prance around our house in those outfits. I don't care if you're the fucking pope, you'll be hard pressed to not pop a friggin' boner.

I'm John by the way, this is my story and how being middle aged changed everything for me.


I had to do something about my life. I couldn't sit back any longer. It was time to face this problem head on and come out and talk about this with Shelly. Even if this wrecked my marriage, I couldn't hold my tongue any more.

"Shells!" I started talking to her through the bathroom door while I lay in bed.

"Yeah babe be right out", seconds later my still very sexy wife emerged from the bathroom in just a tiny thong panty. Her nipples erect and pointing right at me, barely any sag at all in those sexy "C" cup tits. My cock started to grow seeing this sexy woman.

"Honey, we need to talk." I managed to say without lifting my gaze above those ripe melons I always loved to suck on.

"This sounds serious John. First my eyes are up here; second, you know you can talk to me about anything, what's up?" Shelly made her way into bed next to me and graciously covered up with the sheets close to her neck. Thankfully she did this so I could concentrate more on what I needed to say. Not what I wanted to say.

We settled for a minute before I could start to confess about my issues, a pause that was quite needed to help me gather the courage for what I intended to do.

"Honey, forgive me if I don't explain myself well here. I'll do my best but I'm not really sure how to say what I need to say." I paused leaving a serious tone to my conversation and immediately Shelly's face hardened expecting the worst. You could almost read on face, she expected me to tell her I had an affair.

"Who is she John?" She let slip out.

"Who is who?" I replied.

"Who's the woman you're sleeping with?"

"Shelly... Just you." I said to try and calm and slow everything down.

Shelly took a deep breath, almost steadying herself for what was to come. "Then what's this about?"

It was my turn to take a deep breath. "I feel...(pause), like, I'm going through...(pause), a... mid-life crisis."

A small smirk crept onto her lips; I could tell she was trying to bite it back. "I know John. I've noticed."

I was dumbfounded, I thought what I was going through was all in my head and I had hid it better. "What do you know Shelly?" I figured I'd ask to see just how transparent I really was.

"Okay John, you want to know what I know... then here it goes." Another deep breath. "I know you started talking about buying a sports car a lot lately, not that you don't deserve it, you do. You provide a great life for me and the kids. That's a major sign of a mid-life crisis. I also have seen you looking more at other women. Not that you haven't always taken sneak peeks here and there since I've known you, but lately I've caught you downright undressing some women with your eyes." She stared at me, right in my eyes now. "Should I go on?"

All I could do was manage a nod of my head in the affirmative.

"Okay, I've seen you get hard around your daughter and her friends. Yes, I noticed. I've seen that the computer has the internet history wiped clean daily for almost a year now. I've caught you masturbating at least 5 times in the past year and lastly I've found your 3 hidden stashes of porn. Does that about cover it or did I miss something?"

My head was spinning with what my wife knew that I wasn't really sure that I knew. All I could muster was a "Wow".

Shelly leaned into me and kissed my lips gently with a smile. "Honey, please don't freak out that I know all this. But about a year ago I noticed some subtle changes that made me suspicious and I've kept an eye out for stuff. I've been meaning to have this talk with you forever it seems but I just never got up the nerve. I'm sorry."

Head reeling now, I just didn't know what to do or say but it occurred to me that she understood better than I could've ever expected and that gave me a small sense of relief. "You amaze me still Shelly, even after 25 years."

She smiled deeply at me. "Babe, just know this, I love you with all my heart and I'm so happy that you are man enough to bring this up instead of letting it fester like I was doing. On top of that, I want you to know that I understand probably even better then you know since I've been struggling a little with a similar mid-life crisis myself. I just think we've been together so long that we've let things get, umm, complacent."

Suddenly I was feeling golden. She really did understand and now she's telling me she's had some of the same issues. My god did I marry the right woman, we were still on the same page, even if it was a declining one and I had to tell her exactly that. "Honey, I'm flabbergasted that after all this time we are still on the same page even if it's a negative page. I love you too, so much." It was my turn, I kissed her.

Shelly took my kiss and applied more passion and tongue. I was making out with my wife and my cock was growing steadily. It's been a while since we kissed this passionately and it started to affect me.

My beautiful wife closed the gap between our bodies completely by straddling me on my side of the bed, while never breaking our hot kissing. Her panty clad pussy was sitting directly on my ever expanding cock and she started to grind into me.

We hadn't had sex in weeks and that last time we did, it was barely sex. Neither of us giving oral sex to each other; there was some light petting and Shelly stroked my cock until I was hard-ish. Eventually she pulled me on top of her and I penetrated my wife for a few minutes of weak humping. Both of us petering out long before an orgasm by either of us occurred.

But this time was different, we were making out like we were teenagers again. My cock was as hard as it's been in a decade and I was looking forward to fucking my wife tonight.

Shelly broke the kiss and proceeded kissing and licking down to my chest while kicking the sheets off the bed. When she reached my chest, she did something that she never did before.

Her mouth opened and her tongue darted over my hairy left nipple sending a shiver down my spine. Until she closed her ruby lips around it and sucked fiercely much like I had done to her luscious tits so many times before.

"You like that baby?" She asked in a breathy tone.

I reached for the back of her head and grabbed a fist full of her hair. Without verbally answering her, I pulled her head lightly to my right nipple looking for the duplicate treatment. As her lips neared the target, Shelly let out a small chuckle in knowing the answer before proceeding onto tonguing and sucking more of my chest.

I was more aroused then I'd been in years with my wife, she was doing something new and I embraced every second of it.

As her sucking came to and end on my right nipple, her eyes tilted up to mine and she bit down, sending a jolt of pain and pleasure at the same time through me. I thought to myself. "What has gotten into her?"

My wife started making her way down my stomach, her tongue never losing touch with me until the underside of her tongue ran across the crown of my cock poking out the top of my boxers. I shivered with anticipation for this cock sucking.

"Enjoying this so far?" my sexy tart of a woman asked.

"God yeah" was all I could make out.

"Well it's time for a momentary break baby." Shelly took my hand and put it onto my own prick. "I expect this cock to be in the same condition in a minute when I get back to it, do you understand me my love?"

"Yes ma'am." I answered her. While watching her get to her knees and slide off the bed. For some reason she was heading back to the bathroom and that wasn't a good sign. But she made it very clear that she was going to suck my cock very shortly and I wasn't about to miss that.

As soon as she turned the corner to the bathroom door on her way out of the room, I instantly stripped my boxers, fixed the pillows so I could be in a good semi sitting position so I'd have a view for what was about to come. I re-engaged my hand on my prick and started stroking lightly, making damn sure I was in the same condition for her return.

She was only out of the room for maybe 20 seconds but it was obvious upon her return she had something hidden behind her back. As she approached the foot of the bed, she commanded me; "Get up and stand here at the end of the bed now." She was in control and I didn't mind at all.

When I got to my feet at the end of the bed, I stood there, my cock jetting straight out from my body. I was in position and I have to admit it's been forever since she's sucked my cock from her knees, a position that has always been a little extra erotic for me for some reason.

"Close your eyes until I tell you to open them." Again, I followed her instruction.

I felt her approach but I did not see, I could feel the air moved around me as she positioned herself on her knees in front on me. She was in a classic cock worshipping position and I loved that.

Her hand removed my hand from my rod, replacing it with her own tiny hand. "Open your eyes lover."

Upon opening them, she had removed her thong and settled down in front of me. Next to her on the floor was a bottle of lube, something of which we had never used nor ever needed in our lovemaking sessions. My sexy wife never had a problem getting wet and slippery; she even squirted from time to time. So I was immediately curious what the lube was for but I had more pressing issues to worry about right then.

"Do you like my little hand on your big hard cock baby?"

"Yes" I moaned.

"Well what do you want me to do with this big piece of man meat?" she smirked; "Do you want me to suck your cock?"


She started stroking me slowly. "Please what?" another smirk

We had never gotten into dirty talk in all the years of our lovemaking so I was a little shy to say what I knew she wanted me to say.

"Say it!" she commanded now.

"Please suck my cock."

The smirk changed into a giving smile and she leaned into me and took the crown into her small mouth. "Mmmmm" she moaned around my cock head. The tip of her tongue started swirling around me. Pleasure washed over me and she suddenly removed her hand and plunged her head deep over me, taking more than half of my almost 8" cock into her mouth.

I noticed her tongue sawing back and forth on the underside of my shaft, a tactic she had never used before. It was incredible. Her hands found my hands that were on my hips. Holding them and sliding back off my cock, she looked up at me until our eyes met.

"I want you to put your hands on my head and fuck my mouth. I want you to push your big cock as far down my throat as you can, if I can't handle it I'll pinch you to stop. But I want you to really fuck my mouth hard, as hard as you want. Don't you dare hold back, fuck my face like you were pounding my cunt. Do you understand?"

Her raw sexual tone and her dirty talk excited me more than I could remember. I shook my head yes.

"Wait." She backed up a little more and made sure she had my full attention. "Do not cum. If you think you're gonna cum, pull me off your cock and wait until you can fuck my mouth so more. You're not allowed to cum, do you understand me?"

Her serious tone hit home. "Yes, I am not to cum."

"Not in my mouth or on my face, not at all. You got me mister, NO CUMMING yet!"


Her hands pulled my hands to her head. "Good now fuck my mouth like a slut!"

I gripped her hair hard and pulled her forward where her small mouth accepted as much cock as she could. Then I bent her head back so she could see my face without changing the angle too much for me to slam into her. Her eyes were wide, her eye makeup was starting to run a little.

I bent down just a little to get my face closer. I don't' know what exactly came over me but then I said.

"I love you so much." Gave a very short pause and added; "Now suck my cock!"

My hands gripped hard and I pushed forward hard, at least 6 inches of my eight inch cock was in her. Maybe a little less then she had ever taken before. I could feel the air come out her nostrils onto the base of my prick. The power that I felt rush through me as I was in charge of pounding her little mouth, I couldn't help but wonder if I could force all my cock into her completely deep throating me.

I slid back and pulled her hair so that only the tip was at her lips and she gasped for air for a couple seconds. Until I took her words for truth and fucked her mouth mercilessly.

Pounding into her roughly and pulling back fast, each time forcing deeper into her and pulling out less for about ten solid strokes. On my last push, I realized her nose was crushed against my belly and I held her head firm against me. She pinched my ass. Shit that was the sign to let her get some air.

I roughly pulled her off and she immediately started gasping for air. My hand still intertwined in her hair and my cock less than inch from her lips. "You like that slut?" I asked from nowhere.

As her breath steadied, even with the force of my hand pulling her hair, she tipped her head back a little so she could see me and I her.

"Yes daddy. I want your big cock in my throat again."

My cock bulged when she called me daddy and I couldn't help connect the likeness in my wife's face to that of my daughter. Oh for Christ's sake I didn't need a picture of my little girl sucking my cock flashing in my mind while I pound my wife's mouth with my big hard angry cock. That will make me cum for sure.

"Daddy huh?" I kind of asked.

In between deep breaths my sexy assed wife replied; "Yes daddy, your slut of a daughter wants that big cock in my throat some more. Please feed me your big cock daddy, I want it so bad." Eye makeup was running down her face. She must of known her words were pushing me to the brink. My wife must know I've fantasized about our daughter.

"Well then take my cock baby girl."

I slammed deep into her again as deep as I've ever been in her.

"Take daddy's cock!" Slam. "Take it you slut." Slam "That's it." Slam.

I think I lost my mind. Slam. Slam. Slam.

My god I'm picturing my baby girl taking my cock deep in her throat. Slam. Slam. Slam.

So close to cumming down her throat. Slam.

So close. Slam.

Pinch. "Fuck" there's that sign again.

Reluctantly I pulled my cock back slowly. I felt the head pop from her throat and slide across her tongue until it was all the way out of her and her gasps were loud and deep.

I just looked down at my wife with crazy lust and amazement.

"Did you like fucking your baby girl's throat daddy?"

I had no answer. I just looked from my wife's wrecked hair and beautiful face that had makeup smeared and running down it to my cock that had slobber and pre-cum dripping off it. If there was ever a time I could hammer a nail through a piece of wood with my tool, it would be right now. I was crazy with nasty, dirty thoughts. Thoughts of incestuous relations with my daughter while I fucked my wife's mouth like I had never done before and it was her that had planted the seed that grew.

"Baby, daddy needs to cum." It just flowed out of my mouth.

Our session almost seemed calm right now.

"Lie back on the bed daddy, put your left leg up and close your eyes for a few seconds until I get settled."

I fell back and wiggled my way up the bed so that there was plenty of room for her. I set my left foot flat on the bed and had my left knee in the air so it was bent at a 45 degree angle. Then I closed my eyes.

I felt her get on the bed and lay next to me, her head was near my belly and she told me I could open my eyes again. I did just that to see her with that bottle of lube ready to pour onto my crotch. It was a little cold but it felt good on me.

Shelly closed and tossed the bottle aside and promptly grasped my aching cock. Stroking me and smearing lube all over including my balls. She used so much that I felt it running down into the crack of my ass, it was everywhere.

"I think you used too much baby girl." Trying to keep the picture of my daughter doing these nasty things to me.

"No daddy, I used the right amount." Shelly rolled over my leg and settled straight dead center between my legs. The lube was liberally coating my cock and balls and I could feel it on my asshole.


"Yeah baby."

"I want you to put your head back and relax. Enjoy your baby girl doing naughty things to you."

"I will baby girl"


"Yes baby girl?" We were really deep into roll playing now.

"You can cum this time daddy. I want you to shoot your hot cum all over the place daddy. Cum for me daddy."

Her tongue starting rolling over and around my balls, her left hand grasped and stroked my cock. The distinctive scent of strawberries crossed me and I realized then it was scented lube. My wife had rarely licked my ball sack and never sucked my balls, but she was doing it now and it was glorious while she jerked my prick up and down. I was beginning to get lost in the sensation as she lowered her tongue even further.

There are many things I can think of sexually that we have never done that suddenly were happening. Her tongue brushed my taint and she continued to stroke me, it had to be an awkward position but the sensations drove that thought away fast. She was sucking on my taint, a place no tongue has ever been, the feelings drove me fast towards cumming.

Oh what a new experience, oh what pleasure, OH MY GOD, she just tongued my asshole! Her tongue moved around the lube on my sphincter.

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