Jake spent most of the evening investing his fresh, new dollar bills in the frilly pink garter belt that gyrated a few feet above his eye level. At first it was attached to a blond, then a redhead and now it graced the delicate thigh of an interesting black woman. Not what he would call pretty, her face was not unattractive; it just seemed a bit flattened. Her eyes were dark and alluring, but her forehead seemed, a bit... too much and her nose seemed too wide for the rest of her face.

At the beginning of her dance, Jake watched her face a bit more than now, now that she had removed some of her garments. She teased the audience, working on her G-string, slipping over one hip and then repositioning it back into place, then sliding it over the other hip. Jake missed most of her G-string work, completely fascinated with her breasts, or more specifically her nipples. Though her breasts were beautiful, firmly jutting out, without any noticeable scars underneath, her nipples were the largest he had ever seen.

Reaching for his wallet, he pulled out a twenty-dollar bill neatly folded it down the middle lengthwise and stood up, holding the bill in the air. She moved over to him, but he simply stared at the dancer's nipples as she squatted in front of him. Finally she impatiently grabbed the bill and tucked it into the garter herself, oblivious to his fascination. Soon she finally removed her G-string, tossed it aside and danced completely nude.

Though still drawn to her incredible nipples, the ache in Jake's cock reminded him of her other attributes and he looked to the beautiful dark slit that peeked out as she moved. Absorbed into the sexuality of this dark woman, Jake whispered, "Midnight," and realized, yes, this woman was midnight, the darkest night. With his cock pointing to twelve o'clock he watched as her dance took her onto the floor, on her back. Flowing with the music, she placed a foot just to Jake's right, and another just to his left. She reclined, arching her back and spreading her legs to him.

The loudspeaker warned the patrons not to touch the dancers, and though they turned their head for the dollars tucked into garter belts, when the women danced fully nude, the bouncers kept close watch. Jake breathed deep, wanting to capture the faintest whiff of her scent, but all he picked up on was her perfume. Her hips undulated moving her pussy less than two feet from his face.

He shouted to her, "Midnight," wanting her to hear the name. "Midnight," he wanted her to know she was his darkness. "Midnight," he shouted loudly as he ran his index finger over the little toe on her right foot. Her eyes met his and lingered, acknowledging his contact and her name.

She quickly rose up as the lights flickered and grabbing the garments she had strewn about the stage, she quickly departed. The lights quickly dimmed and then the music started again, as another woman strutted on stage. The lights brightened and Jake saw she was a fair skinned brunette, strikingly tall, but his mind was elsewhere. He settled back into his seat whispering, "Midnight."

The dancer on stage continued her dance, slowly working her top from around her enormous breasts. Jake watched some, but was distracted, wondering about Midnight, thinking of her breasts and those astonishing nipples. He leaned back in his chair, nursing his drink.

Suddenly, from behind him he heard a soft voice, "Thank you for the tip."

Looking around he saw Midnight wearing a scant negligee, which did conceal her nipples. "Oh, uh, you're welcome. You were worth it."

"Well I do appreciate it," she said, leaning forward, kissing him on the cheek. Her hand rested on his arm, her dark skin contrasting with his light complexion. "You know, for a little more money, I could do a private dance for you."

"How much more?" he asked, wondering how much money he had left.

"Well, fifty will buy a dance."

"Where will we go?"

"See that door marked private over there," she said, pointing to the other side of the stage. "There are some comfortable chairs in there, you can relax and I'll dance."

"We'll be alone?"

"Larry there," she said, nodding at one of the bouncers, "will come in with us. He'll stand back just making sure you don't touch."

"I can't touch?" Jake asked.

"I can touch, but you have to keep your hands at your sides."

"But..." her finger on his lips interrupted him.

"I can touch you a lot, you just have to keep your hands off, it's still very nice," she said with a mischievous smile.

He reached for his wallet, but she caught his hand, again her dark skin covering him like a shadow. She leaned to his ear and whispered, "You can give me the money once we're in the room."

"I need to see if I have enough for you," he said, reaching again for the wallet.

"Okay, just look; you give me the money when we get in the room. Understand?"

Jake looked in his wallet and confirmed he had about a hundred dollars in assorted bills. Putting the wallet back in his pants he nodded to her and then followed as she led him to the private room.

Stepping inside, he noticed another dancer grinding herself on a customer. Jake hesitated and said, "I thought we'd be alone."

Pulling on his hand she said, "Come on, we'll sit way over there, you won't even notice them."

"But you said..." he stopped mid sentence as he saw her untie a strap and open the top of her negligee.

Holding the top open, she backed over to a chair toward the rear wall. Jake, almost hypnotized by her phenomenal nipples, simply followed her, slipping into the chair. She started her dance as soon as he sat down, moving in close between his open legs as she tossed her top aside.

It was all he could do to keep his hands off her incredible tits, he wanted to hold her nipples between his fingers more than anything he could think of. He felt his hard cock straining against his jeans and he moved his hand and adjusted himself. She had been leaning, holding her breasts just above his thighs, so Jakes hand passed just inches away from those nipples.

A bead of sweat ran down his forehead as he fought with himself to resist touching her. He moved his hands into his pockets as she moved onto his thighs, letting her ass slide over the bulge in his pants.

Seeing her over him, her blackness contrasting with his pale skin, he gritted his teeth whispering, "Midnight, Midnight."

She continued moving on his lap, opening her legs wide, she straddled him, with her back still facing him and she ground her pussy over his hard cock. He began to move his hips, physically lifting her as he thrust himself up against her.

"Can I take it out? My cock, can I take it out?"

"You can take it out, but then I get off of your lap. You can touch yourself, but I won't touch it."

"Okay," he groaned.

"And it will cost you another twenty bucks."

"Yeah, anything," he said, unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out. "You just dance like that," he whispered as she kneeled down, her breasts at about his cock level. He began stroking, watching his hand move up and down the shaft, with her breasts just beyond.

She had him worked up, so it didn't take long before he was feeling pleasure surge through him, and when she whispered, "Come on, give it to Midnight," and quickly ran a finger down his shaft, he couldn't hold off any longer.

"Oh Midnight, I'm coming," he said, quickly sliding his fist back and forth over the head of his cock. Just as he felt himself explode, he bent his cock in her direction, spurting his sparkling white vanilla on her dark chocolate breasts. His quick move surprised her, so she couldn't pull away until he had bathed her in several spurts.

She stood up, the white cum running down over the mounds of her breasts, a bit dripping from one of her huge nipples. Grabbing a towel, she dabbed up the glistening liquid that coated her, hissing at him, "Dammit, I can get in trouble for this and after I touched you and everything."

"I know, I know, I'm sorry."

"Shhh look, just act like nothing happened, he didn't see us," she whispered, nodding at the bouncer. She tossed the towel onto Jake's crotch and watched him clean up the rest of his cum.

He looked up at the woman as if mesmerized, lost in her breasts and incredible nipples and said, "I really hate to do this but..." he paused as he reached down and lifted his pant leg, grabbed something and continued, "you're gonna need to come with me." He held up a small wallet displaying his badge.

Just then the private door opened and several plain clothes police officers came in, holding their badges up. Jake looked up at the woman officer and said, "Oh hi Melissa, looks like you caught me with my pants down."

She sneered at him and growled, "You scum."

"Hey, just doing my job," he said, slowly and theatrically easing his cock back into his pants.

Midnight leaned back into a chair, her mouth open in shock, tears streaming down her face. Her hands trembled as she pulled her top back over her shoulders and covered her breasts.

"Hell Melissa, I don't take it all the way and we don't get her touching me directly. It's all in the line of duty."

"Don't give me that crap, you could work it with out all this," she said, kicking her foot at the cum saturated towel.

"You can't blame me for loving my job."

"Come on Ma'am," Melissa said to Midnight, helping her up from the chair, "it stinks in here." She led Midnight out of the room, her eyes glaring at Jake as he smiled smugly.

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