tagErotic CouplingsMidnight Encounter

Midnight Encounter


I lay in bed and watched you dress. Our afternoon together in my hotel room was unbelievable! Each time we made love was better the time before and every time you took me inside you -- in your pussy and in your mouth -- I thought that I would die of ecstasy. I loved everything about the experience -- your taste, your smell, the feel of your naked skin against mine, the feel of you on top of me, and underneath me.

I felt shivers when you came over to me and kissed me sweetly before you left to go back to your life. I didn't want you to go. I didn't want it to end.

Driving back to your new house, you could only thing of our afternoon together. You hadn't known what to expect, but on our first embrace you knew that it would be good. My smell lingered over you (you'll have to do something about that when you get home -- can't have hubby getting the scent of another man).

You arrive home, take a shower, letting your hands wander over your body just as mine had been doing such a short time earlier, and then you waited for the family to come home. Somehow you managed to feed the family, but you mind was miles away, as you wish your body was, snuggled naked in my arms, feeling my kisses on your neck and shoulders, feeling my caresses on your breasts and between your legs, and giving in to your desires as I entered you.

Thankfully the evening passed by and it was time for bed. You put on your nightgown and quickly fell asleep, dreaming of our afternoon of lust and love.

Startled you wake up. What time is it? Two o'clock in the morning. What was that noise? You look over at hubby and he is peacefully sawing logs. But you seemed to hear a noise from the kitchen. Or was it just a dream?

Pulling back the covers, you ease out of bed and walk in your bare feet to the kitchen. You hear a rustling! Was that a creak on the floor? Entering the kitchen you instinctively reach for a pot to use as a weapon.

You hear me whisper, "Jenn, you won't be needing that." I'm right behind you. Moving forward, my hands cup your breasts. I can feel them heaving beneath the fabric of your nightgown. I kiss you neck. "I couldn't leave tomorrow without seeing you again," I whisper in your ear. You feel a hardness pushing against your back. Reaching back with your hand you feel that I am naked.

"Oh, my," you gasp hoarsely. "What if my husband hears us?"

"He won't. I'll be quiet, don't worry. Will you be quiet, too?" I chuckled.

You turned in my arms and looked into my eyes. There was just enough light from the nightlight that you use in the kitchen that you could see my eyes. My eyes told you that I wanted you. I wanted you terribly. We kissed passionately. My hands, moving at lightning speed, quickly pulled your night gown up over your head, and my body pressed against your. Your nipples stabbed at my chest. Moving my hand between your legs, I could see that you were already wet. I couldn't control myself. Pushing you back against the counter top, I entered you swiftly and fiercely. You let out a loud gasp and I quickly place my hand over you mouth. "You need to be quiet, tonight, Jenn."

My hips thrust forward and you wrapped one of your legs around my ass, trying desperately to get me more deeply inside you. I began a steady pumping, back and forth, in and out of you. You found it very difficult not to moan. You surprised yourself on how quickly you came. I had given you about five or six strokes and you grabbed me tightly as the first wave of orgasm washed over you. By the time I erupted inside you, you had cum two more times.

Pushing you up onto the counter top, I spread your legs and began licking your pussy, damp with your cum and with my own. You grabbed my head and pulled my into you further as I nibbled your clit and bit your pussy lips. The thought of making love to another man inside you own house with your husband only yards away was driving you wild. You soon erupted again, your love juices pouring out onto my chin.

As you sat to slid off the counter our cum oozed out of you, out of your hot swollen pussy and down the inside of your thigh. I could see it glistening in the dim light, and the sight of it again aroused my passion. I stood back from you and you could see how hard my cock had again become. It, too, was seeping cum from its tip. You leapt down from the counter and soon had my cock engulfed by your mouth. I pulled away. "I want to eat you while you eat me," I whispered.

Laying on the kitchen floor, you climbed on top of my, your pussy right in my face and my cock within easy access of your mouth. Right there in your kitchen, between the counter and the sink, we gave ourselves to each other, your pussy to my tongue; my cock to yours.

We had made love about six times since our meeting this afternoon, but nothing was sweeter than our "69" on the kitchen floor. It was more than just oral gratification. It was a deep emotional and spiritual experience. And when we both erupted into each other's mouths at the same instant, I thought it was the most beautiful and sensuous experience of my life. I loved the feeling of your wetness in my mouth and how you eagerly sucked every drop from me.

We lay there on the floor in each others arms for a long moment before I got up and started to get dressed. Soon I was out the door and down the street to my car. You put on your nightgown and made it back into bed, your hubby none the wiser.

Sleep tight, sweet Jenn

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