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Midnight Feeding


This story is something new for me. I've been writing erotic fiction for several years and reading different types of supernatural stories even longer but this is my first attempt at joining two of my favorite forms of entertainment. I always welcome comments but please be kind as I said this is new for me. I hope you enjoy it. Also, please note that all copyrights are retained by the author (me) and if you wish to reproduce this story in whole or in part please contact me for permission. Thanks.

* * * * *

That night she woke up ravenous the hunger burning low in her belly. Opening her eyes she saw that the sun had set leaving a trail of gold to mark its passing. She breathed deeply and knew he was near. Sitting up she moved onto her hands and knees and started for the bed where he was waiting.

Jamal was naked except for the white sheet twisted around his legs. Oh, how she loved looking at that dark skin so unlike her own unnaturally pale complexion. They made the perfect picture in contrast. Where he was dark she was light; his body was large built of nothing but muscle while her own frame was small and petite. The only thing they shared was the color of their hair. Both of them had long locks darker then midnight that could be used to entwine them tighter together. How many times had she bound him with his own hair?

Crawling up onto the foot of the bed she slowly dragged her body up the length of him. His heat was such that she was warmed by it and his heart beat for the both of them. The growl that started low in her throat alerted him to her presence.

Jamal heard Lillian before he either felt or saw her; her movements were unmarked until she was ready to make herself known. He had learned to love the fear and anticipation she brought with the sunset. No other could give or take what she could. Her body sliding over his was like a cold winter's wind. It wasn't until she settled on top of him that she took form. Her beautiful cat like grace and erotic features solidified above him causing him to draw a quick breath of appreciation.

"Good evening." She practically purred at the feel of his body beneath her.

"Greetings Mistress. I trust all is well." Jamal could still remember the moment he had come to realize that he was to being given to Lillian as her human servant. The rush of fear at the prospect of being at the mercy of such a powerful being had fed his excitement. Years later he was wise to fear her still. Most of the time she took him with her entire being, pulling him down into a sea of desire and physical pleasure that could never be duplicated by anyone human. But often times she let him suffer. There were times when her hunger was for more than just the blood that sustained her and it was then that she fed off his fear…and his pain.

Lillian nuzzled his neck inhaling his scent deeply. "I can smell your fear…and your desire."

Jamal raised his eyes and willingly opened himself up to her. He showed her his every thought, fear and feeling and watched as her need rose up to take what he offered. Tonight was to be one of those nights. The feeding would be long and drawn out taking him nearly to the point of death before bringing him back.

Human instinct kicked in and Jamal tried to roll out from under her but there would be no escape. She was too quick and despite her small stature she overpowered him with ease. Moving quickly she had his arms secured to the head of the bed and was sliding down the length of his body intent on securing his legs as well.

Jamal couldn't keep from begging, his voice barely a whisper. "Mistress, please."

Lillian finished securing her human servant to the bed. The bindings were tight leaving no room for escape but she was careful not to cut off his circulation. No matter what she did to him Jamal was hers to protect. She adored him and never wanted any harm to come to him, other than that she caused herself.

"My beautiful man." Lillian slid her hands up the smooth exposed skin of his legs pressing lightly with her fingertips almost massaging the muscles. "Do you really fear me so?"

"Yes." As he watched Lillian bent her head her tongue darting out to lick along the femoral artery of his inner thigh. It was one of her favorite places to feed. Even her mouth was cool, the contrast to his heated skin sent shivers of excitement through his lower body. His cock already hard with anticipation pulsed strongly against his groin.

Lillian laughed. "It is good, you have reason to fear me for I can do to you what no other can. You are tied to me, your pleasure is mine to give as is your pain, for all eternity." Lillian moved her head and buried her nose in his groin. Jamal had a scent that was entirely his, one that she would know anywhere. It was a dark musky scent that promised heat. Whenever she was near him Lillian caught images of sun scorched sands and was able to feel the beat of the sun against her skin. It was one of the reasons she had chosen him. Just as she gave him what no other could he gave her the sun she had lost so long ago.

With her face still pressed against his groin her lips parted and she punctured the smooth skin. Jamal cried out and arched his back off the bed. The bite was sharp and piercing; white-hot heat roared up his thigh bleeding into his groin and setting his cock on fire. It felt as if she was holding his cock over an open flame. The pain was intense; his hands gripped at the bindings holding his wrists as he strained to pull away from her.

Lillian felt him struggling beneath her as she continued to feed. Her eyes closed as the hot thick liquid filled her mouth before sliding down her throat. His taste was like wine, addictive and oh so sweet. After a minute she released him licking the last of the blood from his wound.

The puncture marks were already beginning to heal. One of the benefits of being her human servant was that Jamal had an improved ability to heal. He was also immune to almost every illness currently known to man and he was aging at a much slower rate than other humans. The cost of course was measured in flesh and blood.

Jamal fell back against the bed releasing the tension on his bindings. His body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat and his breathing had turned quick and shallow. Rolling his head to the side he looked down at her and smiled. "Thank you, Mistress."

"You're welcome." Lillian crawled up the length of his body and sat straddling his chest. Naked together they were an impressive sight and she took the time to admire the image they created. He was as beautiful as she was with his dark skin and darker eyes. Lovingly she reached out and caressed his face. Jamal gratefully accepted her touch leaning his cheek into her palm hoping to extend the tender contact. It was a sign of trust, a sign that no matter what he trusted her to protect and care for him.

Lillian caressed his face, running her hands down his neck lightening the touch until it was just the tips of her fingers moving across his collarbone and down along his chest. She could hear his heart beat and new the moment it increased in speed; she could sense the warming of his blood and felt it rushing through his veins.

She knew he was hard, throbbing and she reached back with one hand and started stroking him. The pleasure, after the pain, was intense and he fought against coming. He had learned long ago, the hard way, that to do so without permission was unacceptable.

With her other hand Lillian began pinching and twisting one of his small dark nipples between her fingers. Jamal let out a long sigh that ended with a moan. He felt himself swept away on a tide of pleasure and somewhere in the back of his mind his subconscious sought to warn him. The pleasure never lasted for long and it always came at a price.

Lillian continued to increase the pressure between her fingertips and her hand until Jamal was withering on the bed. Each sensation served only to heighten the other but at the same time he was able to withstand an ever-increasing amount of pain due to the constant pleasure.

They were tied to each other and Jamal's pain was her own. Closing her eyes Lillian opened up her senses and concentrated on the man beneath her. She could feel the fiery pain radiating from his nipples and she continued to pinch and pull on them.

Lillian was as much as masochist as she was a sadist and she pulled violently on both of his nipples feeling the pain piercing her own breasts. She wanted more. Without breaking concentration she moved back until she was hovering above his cock. Jamal was still hard and throbbing and she longed to feel the length of him inside of her.

Positioning herself Lillian slowly eased her pussy down the length of his cock sighing deeply at the pleasure, his and hers. With their connection they were each able to feel what the other experienced and Lillian willingly shared all the pleasures and pain along with her human servant.

Once completely impaled on his cock Lillian began to rock back and forth riding him closer to orgasm. Her body no longer experienced orgasms the way it use to but sex was still fun. She watched and she waited, drawing his pleasure out until that one perfect moment.

Jamal opened his eyes and found her watching him. He knew what she was waiting for and he fought to give it to her. Thrusting his hips up he touched her womb and shuddered. He longed to be free of his restraints and pictured himself towering over his tiny frame pounding her with his cock. Despite her small size he knew that no matter what he did he could never hurt her. The times she allowed him to take control were few and far between and he treasured them all.

He wanted to touch her, to take her breasts in his hands and caress them watching the nipples harden with pleasure.

Lillian smiled and lowered her left breast to his mouth. "Suck."

Jamal eagerly agreed drawing the nipple deep into his mouth and caressing the tip with his tongue. He continued to thrust inside of her while nipping the sensitive nub lightly with his teeth.

Lillian let her head fall back and enjoyed the attention before gently pulling free. Her eyes bright with desire she lowered her head to his chest and circled his small male nipple with her tongue. Jamal withered and arched his chest up off the bed offering her more. Greedily Lillian took what he offered and viciously bit down nearly taking the nipple completely off.

Jamal screamed as he felt his life's blood flow from his nipple and into her mouth. The pain turned intense as she sucked hard, keeping the wound open and filling her mouth. She continued to ride his cock the entire time she drank increase her speed so as to draw him closer. He had stopped moving, his body tense with pain until the moment when she freed him.

Falling back onto the bed Jamal felt weak both from the loss of blood and from the intense pain still burning in his chest. But the night was far from over and he knew that she had yet to drink her fill.

Lillian licked the last of the blood from his chest before licking her lips. Her eyes were bright with a different kind of desire and Jamal prepared himself. Her next strike was less controlled. The scent of blood was in the air while its taste was in her mouth. Lillian grabbed him by the hair pulling his head back and baring his neck. His pulse beat strong just beneath the surface and it was there she found her mark.

Her teeth sunk in easily and immediately her mouth filled with blood. Jamal convulsed beneath her his fear and struggles adding to her excitement. It had been a long time since she had hunted, either him or an innocent and she had missed the excitement of feeling a victim struggling beneath her. Next time she would have to set him loss on the grounds and hunt him through the night.

For now she relished in the feel of his body, the taste of his blood, and the pleasure of sex. She continued fucking him, moving faster, harder, and impaling herself deeper onto his cock. Jamal responded just as she knew he would. His cock grew even harder and his body strained for release. He had long since learned that if he didn't reach climax before she finished feeding he would be denied until the next time.

Jamal concentrated on the feel of her breasts pressed against his chest, their skin sliding over each other with his sweat acting as a lubricant. One hand was in his hair while the other caressed his chest. It was the tender touch of intimacy combined with the fierce fucking and the exquisite torture of her feeding that sent him over the edge. He felt his balls tighten up against his body and begged. "Please, Mistress, may I come?"

Lillian answered without releasing her hold on his neck. "Yes, my love, come for me."

With a final yell of pleasure Jamal let go, his cock spasming deep within her, filling her with his come.

Lillian shuddered as the heat filled her, biting deeper into his neck and almost severing the artery. Feeling his heart beat wildly she drew back licking at his neck. "Hmmm…so good."

Her words of praise were the last thing he heard as he slipped into unconsciousness. Lillian laid down beside him, watching to make sure that his breathing was easing back to normal. He would sleep through most of the night recovering until the next time she needed him.

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