tagLesbian SexMidnight from the Inside Out

Midnight from the Inside Out


The Mayfair Theater stood halfway down Broad Street, right in the middle of the city's theater district. It was an old brick building -- so old, in fact, that when Jessica had researched the place, she couldn't find any record of when it was built. It had been a casino and high-class nightclub as far back as the late 1800s, served as a speakeasy during Prohibition and was a popular music club during World War II. After standing vacant for 20 years, it had been renovated by a local university's theater department. Now the Mayfair was home to a Shakespearean production company -- Jessica stared up at the marquee, currently advertising upcoming performances of Cymbeline.

As her breath curled in the chilly autumn air, Jessica gave a sidelong glance at her partner, Molly. "Doesn't look too haunted from here." Molly shrugged. "Pretty old building. You never know what they might have buried in a basement in there." She shot Jessica a grin. "Ready?"

Both women walked resolutely up to the glass doors, hands plunged deep in pockets. Jessica had a notebook tucked under one arm, while Molly had a camera bag on her shoulder and a messenger bag filled with her own notebook, plus an audio tape recorder and a video camera. Jessica tapped on the glass, and a moment later a tall blonde woman appeared and let them in.

"Hello, I'm Tabitha. You must be from the Courier?" the woman said.

"Yes," Jessica replied. "I'm Jessica Sanders and this is my associate, Molly Larkin."

In truth, Molly was Jessica's intern at the Courier Union, the newspaper where Jessica was an editor. But in eight months of working together, Jessica had come to view (and treat) Molly as an equal.

"Seems like every few years someone comes in and does this," Tabitha said as she lead them across the richly carpeted lobby and into an office area. "Yes, well...managing editors aren't always the most creative people in the newspaper business," Jessica said as she laughed. "I'll bet the first newspaper ever printed had a 'reporter spends the night in a supposedly haunted house' article on the front page."

Tabitha had reached her desk, grabbed a hefty ring of ancient keys, and turned to lead them back out of the offices. "I'll give you a quick tour, then I'll be leaving for the night." She checked her watch. "Ok, it's almost 10 now. I'll set the alarm when I leave and lock you in, though you'll have this set of keys. The set crew arrives at around 6 a.m., and no one can get in without setting off the alarm before then, so you'll have the run of the place."

As Tabitha lead them around, Jessica asked her, "So, have you personally experienced anything, um...ghostly?"

The blonde turned and regarded Jessica with a raised eyebrow. "I've never seen anything directly. I mean, sometimes if I'm in the office working at night and no one else is here, I'll hear noises coming from elsewhere in the building, or feel like I'm being watched." She shrugged. "But it's an old place. I guess it just does that to you. The stories kind of get in your head, too."

"What stories?" asked Molly, flipping open a notebook and clicking her pen into readiness.

"Well, back here," Tabitha gestured toward the back stage area they were entering. "People report seeing an old woman in the halls between the dressing rooms. One of my directors a few years ago fell asleep back here after a rehearsal. He woke up and said this woman was peering around the corner, watching him. When he saw her, she turned away, and he couldn't find any sign of her in the building."

Jessica shivered involuntarily. All the rational thought in the world wilts in the face of a creepy old building late at night, she thought to herself.

Tabitha was directing them onto the stage. Floor lights gave the stage, orchestra pit and seating area a dim illumination. She pointed up at rows of large lights on the ceiling, currently extinguished. "I almost forgot about those," she said. "The bulb incident."

Molly was scribbling furiously in her notebook. "What happened?" she asked without looking up.

"Well, those lights up there are 50 feet above the floor. You need a special ladder and a special tool to get at them, both of which are kept in a locked storage room. About three months ago, a crew was in here replacing all the bulbs for the coming season. I was supervising the work, and I watched them put in every last new bulb and lock away the ladder and tools. I took a cart full of old bulbs out to the dumpster myself."

She sighed heavily, looking up at the lights, then folded her arms in front of herself. "When we came in the next morning, all the new bulbs were lined up in the aisles. Every single one. The ladder was still locked in the storage room. When we went up to look, all the lights were empty, with the lenses still in place. I thought it was a prank, but listen -- it took a crew of six men nine hours to change those bulbs. We left here at 2:30 a.m., and we returned at 6 a.m., when we found the bulbs on the floor. So...I don't know. I don't know about that."

Tabitha shook her head briefly and rapidly, then walked briskly off the stage. Jessica and Molly looked at other, thinking the same thing -- maybe this wasn't going to be such a ho-hum assignment after all.

In the basement, filled with random junk like old kitchen appliances, stacks of rotary phones in cardboard boxes, and several rows of manikins, Tabitha pointed out another supposedly haunted location. "Down here, people have claimed to see a shadowy figure. They can't identify it. Sometimes they see it walking through a room, or find it standing and watching them. And down here..." she pointed her flashlight at a narrow, steep stairway heading down into darkness, "That's the sub-basement. I don't like to go down there, but you can explore it yourselves later if you want. There's no lights down there, flashlights only."

A short time later, Jessica and Molly found themselves alone in the lobby. Tabitha had set the alarm, then locked the doors behind her. The lobby was screened from the glass front doors by the sweep of the grand staircase that lead to the balcony. The two women stood there for a moment, looking around. The golden glow of the lobby seemed so inviting and warm, especially compared to the dreary, creepy basement rooms. Neither of them seemed in any hurry to start exploring. They busied themselves readying their gear, getting the camera out of the bag and setting up the video camera on a tripod. Then they sat down on the floor and formulated their plan: first the stage, then backstage, then the basement. No mention was made of the sub-basement. Still they lingered, chatting casually. That's when Molly reached into her messenger bag and withdrew a bottle of wine.

"Molly!" Jessica gasped. "We're working!"

Molly winked, her lightly freckled face scrunching into a grin. She had the fair skin and red hair of her Irish ancestry, and a wild streak to boot. "Sure we are. I brought two." She pulled out the second bottle and clinked them together.

Jessica knew Molly could be a bit of trouble-maker. She acted very professional and demure in the office, but when they were in private, Molly would regale her with ribald tales of lusty encounters and outrageous adventures. So Jessica wasn't really shocked. "Did you at least bring glasses? I guess it'll warm me up some and add a little liquid courage."

"Nope, no glasses. Straight from the bottle tonight. Nothing but class for me and my boss."

They both laughed, uncapped the cheap wine bottles, and took a few swigs of the fruity alcohol. Suitably fortified, they made their rounds of the stage and backstage area. Exploring the dressing rooms, Molly flopped down onto a bed reserved for tired crew members. "Kind of exciting, having this whole place to ourselves, isn't it?"

Jessica shrugged. "I guess. Kind of creepy too, though."

Molly scowled. "Come on. This place is as haunted as my shoe." That cracked them both up again, with Jessica asking what the hell Molly's shoe had to with anything. Molly kicked both of her shoes off. "We could totally run around naked in here."

"Oh yeah, that'd be great for the article. Arrested for indecent exposure," Jessica said.

"Who's going to arrest us? Tabitha said no one can even get in here until 6 a.m. You're just a wuss."

Jessica gave Molly a hard look. Molly was about five years younger than Jessica, and sometimes gave her a bit of ribbing regarding her age -- as if 29 was ancient. It was a running joke, but the truth was, sometimes it stung a bit. Jessica looked fantastic for any age, a luxurious mane of rich, dark hair falling down her back, with perfect skin and deep, soulful eyes. Her body was lithe and trim, particularly her ass, which had a delicious curve to it. Yet she sometimes felt as though she'd lost some of the adventurous attitude she'd had in her college days.

"I'm no wuss. Are you daring me?"

Molly sat up, looking suddenly interested. "Ok, I dare ya!"

"Fine," Jessica replied. "But you have to go first. Take off your clothes here, then go up to the lobby and get my purse."

Molly's eyebrows shot up in delight. "You think you're getting out of this because I won't do it, don't you?" she said as she peeled off her top and unclasped her bra. "I'm going to so out-dare you." Off came her jeans and panties. She left her wool socks on and added her sneakers. It was quite a fashion statement. Her body was exquisite -- long-legs, sultry curve of hips, smooth stomach and large, soft breasts. Despite their size, her breasts still had the firmness of youth, each capped by a tender coral nipple. Jessica watched them shake gently as Molly moved. She also noted Molly's neatly trimmed pubic hair, which proved beyond a doubt that she was a natural redhead.

"I'll be right back." Molly turned and strutted saucily down the hall, turned and walked onto into the seating area, and headed for the lobby. Jessica went to the end of the hall and stood there to watch. Molly disappeared into the lobby, then returned a few moments later. When she saw Jessica, she paused and looked puzzled for a moment, then walked back to the dressing rooms. At one point she cupped her swaying breasts and taunted Jessica, sticking out her tongue.

When Jessica asked if she had the purse, Molly said no. "Well, then there's no proof you actually did the dare," Jessica said.

"What do you mean? You followed me into the lobby, you saw me there," Molly replied.

"Uh...what? I stood here the entire time."

"I could hear you walking behind me. Whatever, you're just trying to get out of your dare, and there's no way."

A slight chill ran down Jessica's spine, and it wasn't because she was about to get naked. "Ok, Molly. What's my dare?"

"You're going to have to get naked and go to the lobby too."


"You know the glass doors? They're covered in condensation because it's so chilly outside. I want to see two boob-prints on those glass doors."

Jessica laughed out loud. "No way! Main Street is right on the other side of those glass doors!" "Main Street is dead as a graveyard at this time on a weeknight. There's no one there."

Jessica gave a half-hearted chuckle at Molly's choice of metaphor, then sighed. "Fine, but you're coming up there with me." She went through the same undressing routine as Molly had, leaving her in the same state of nudity -- naked with socks and sneakers. Molly had remained naked -- as soon as Jessica started off toward she lobby, she followed, giving Jessica a playful smack on the ass. "Hey!"

At the lobby, Jessica peered around the stairway at the glass doors. They were indeed fogged over with condensation. Molly stood close behind her, almost touching her. Then Jessica made a break for it, dashing to the doors. Her breasts, not as full as Molly's but just as firm, bounced enticingly. She got to the doors and immediately pressed herself against them.

"Ooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa that's cold!" she squealed. Molly was beside herself with laughter as they stumbled back into the secluded part of the lobby. They sprawled out on the soft velvety carpet and caught their breath. Both sets of clothes were still backstage.

"I can't believe we're lying here naked in the theater," Jessica groaned. "This is crazy. Pass me some wine."

They sat there for some time, passing a bottle of wine back and forth. As was their custom (particularly when wine was involved), the conversation grow more and more intimate. Molly noted Jessica's completely clean-shaven pussy. "Every morning in the shower," Jessica explained. "Keeps it smooth and soft."

"I just trim mine about once a week," Molly said.

"Well, it looks very nice," Jessica replied without thinking. Molly smiled shyly and Jessica blushed.

It's difficult to explain how sexual tension can exist between two people without anything overt ever happening. Jessica and Molly had worked together for months. They'd been alone together in offices, gone out for dinner and drinks with fellow co-workers, even shared a hotel room for a work-related trip. Never had Molly said, "You know, I like girls, too, and I think you're pretty sexy." Jessica had never uttered the words, "I'm attracted to your zesty, vivacious attitude and gorgeous body." Yet the undercurrent had been growing for some time. They both knew it was there. It existed in lingering glances, seemingly innocent touches, and furtive shared smiles. So when it happened that during a quiet moment in their conversation Jessica turned and pressed her lips to Molly's in a soft yet insistent kiss, it was not simply a matter of the wine or being naked and excited in a strange place. It had been coming for some time. And though Molly's heart started pounding at this turn of events, she did not hesitate in the least to return the kiss.

The kiss grew in passion. Lips parted and eager tongues slid together. Jessica brought her hand up to touch Molly's breasts. She had wanted to for so long, so now she explored them fully, running her hands over the smooth skin, feeling the nipples tighten beneath her palm, cupping them and enjoying the fullness. She even caught Molly's nipple gently between two fingers, lightly pulling and tweaking it. At first, Molly sighed with pleasure into their kiss, but she suddenly disrupted things by laughing.

Jessica sat back. "What?" she asked sheepishly.

Molly looked down at her boobs and chuckled. "You were making me jiggle." She pushed her arms together, pressing her breasts into the space between them, and offered her nipples to Jessica once again. Jessica tweaked, and Molly's flesh jiggled in response. They laughed uproariously until Jessica dipped her head down to lap and suckle at Molly's breasts, at which point only sighs could be heard in the theater lobby.

Minutes passed as their beautiful naked bodies pressed and writhed together. Jessica observed that they could have charged premium admission for the show they were putting on at the theater on this night. Molly silenced her by rolling half onto her body and pressing her hand to Jessica's smooth pussy. She cupped it and rubbed Jessica before making a more targeted attack, dipping a finger into the slippery wet opening. Jessica reached beneath Molly to return the favor, running a hand down along her softly furred mound. Her fingers (first one, then two) slid easily inside Molly, who was sopping wet as well. With slick fingers, they both began to rub each other's clits.

Jessica splayed her legs wide and lifted her hips at the intimate contact. Molly was on hands and knees now, kneeling over Jessica's body, looking into her eyes as she fingered her. Molly's heavy breasts were hanging close to Jessica's face, swaying with the more vigorous motion of their hands. With her free hand, Jessica grasped one and brought it to her lips, sucking hungrily, eyes closed in ecstacy. They mirrored each other's motions now, fingers sliding back inside, but more urgent now, and rougher. They pumped two fingers into each other hard and fast. Jessica fucked Molly's pussy; Molly fucked Jessica right back. With each thrust, their palms slapped against each other's clits, the sound joining the growing moans and grunts of pleasure.

More minutes passed, then the lobby was filled with cries of ecstacy.

Finally, they sat back in their original positions, once again sharing the wine. Now, though, their long, toned legs were sprawled apart, their pussies pink and throbbing from the attention. "I can't believe we just made each other come in the lobby of the theater," Jessica mused.

"I can't believe how good my boss is at finger-banging my twat," Molly replied. They dissolved into laughter once again, which dissolved into another sloppy, eager kiss and, eventually, another round of finger-banging and another matched pair of orgasms.

When they had recovered, they stood to return to the dressing rooms to retrieve their clothes. "Wait, I want to see your boob marks on the door," Molly said. "I never got a good look."

Still nude, they crept to the front of the lobby. Jessica's breasts had left two eliptical smears in the condensation. But they hardly noticed, for beside those marks, someone had scrawled a message with a finger on the wet glass.

It was a simple message: Get Out.

And it was written on the inside.

Jessica turned to Molly. "That's not funny! It's creepy enough in here!"

But Molly's eyes were wide. "Jess, I've been with you the whole time since you made your marks. That wasn't there before. I couldn't have done it."

They stared at each other for a moment, then turned and ran top speed to the dressing room, where they frantically dressed. Being naked suddenly felt terribly vulnerable.

When morning arrived, Tabitha the theater manager found the girls waiting in the lobby, sharp-eyed if a bit sleepy. They'd spent the rest of the night in full-on journalist mode, taking photographs and video, exploring the entire theater, taking notes and, it must be said, occasionally pressing their mouths together for soft, sweet kisses promising so much more to come. The adrenaline rush caused by their moment of terror had really only amplified their sense of sexual excitement, so the serious business of investigative reporting was liberally mixed with a cupped breast and even, now and then, a hand slipped down the front of one or the other girl's jeans to stroke and tease a moist and eager pussy. And if Tabitha noticed that Molly and Jessica had been standing very close together when she unlocked the glass front doors, she didn't say anything about it.

A brisk retelling of the night's events followed, minus a few of the more ribald details. The morning sun had burned off the condensation on the front doors, but Molly had photographed the mysterious message from several angles (keeping Jessica's boob prints out of the frame). When she saw the digital photo on Molly's camera, Tabitha tilted her head and said excitedly, "I wonder if the security cameras picked anything up!"

Jessica felt her mouth go dry. "The, uh...the security cameras?"

"Yes, there are closed circuit cameras covering the front doors, both inside and outside, plus the entire lobby area and the stage." Tabitha hurried toward her office, keys jangling, and Jessica turned to Molly. She imagined Molly's bug-eyed expression was much like her own. After a moment of staring, they both suddenly burst into a fit of semi-hysterical laughter.

Tabitha poked her head out her office door, giving them a quizzical look. "I've got the tape right here, just let me rewind it."

As they both hurried toward Tabitha's office, Molly whispered to Jessica, "Maybe she'll like it."

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