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Midnight Meetings


I wasn't really sure how I had ended up here, or why. I had always been attracted to men, but there was something extremely attractive and sensual about this woman. We were friends....or I should say that we were all friends here? Four of us lived in the household. There was my friend Rebecca and her husband Michael. They occupied the master bedroom. I held the adjoining bedroom, and Brian lived up in the loft. We all came and went as we wanted, but Rebecca and I were the girlie-girls of the house; we went to dinner, cleaned, did the clothes at the laundry mat when our piece of crap dryer didn't work, and mostly griped and moaned about the boys and their messes. At one point I thought I might hook up with Brian, we shared a lot in common. He would bring his much too young girlfriend home and Rebecca and I would scare them off, laughing as we picked at Brian and his choice of women. Like I said, we were all friends. Rebecca and I would wake up in the night and cross paths as she passed the kitchen and I was already up getting something to drink. Those were the best times....meeting in the kitchen for some water and good conversation. It was then that I really got to know her, and to love her. We bonded like no other; she was my best friend.

It was the night of the big snow storm. The lights had gone out and we were relying on the heat from the fireplace. Luckily, there were two in the house; one in the huge living room with the sink-in couch, and one in the master bedroom. Michael had gone to bed early, exhausted from his day at work, and Brian had called us to say he was snowed in at a friend's house and wouldn't be home. Rebecca knew I would be in the living room alone for the night and decided that we should have a mini slumber party with hot chocolate and ghost stories, since we had no television or music to listen to. We had long since ran out of silly stories and gradually fell into a comfortable silence.

Rebecca surprised me when she brought up the topic of sex. Sure, we talked about it all the time....but she was usually the shyer one of us; I was the more outgoing and excitable while she would just smile and shake her head. So when she started talking about herself and her feelings, I was completely blindsided.

She started off with explaining to me that Michael was her soul mate; he loved her and she loved him. They were a good match.... happily married and shared everything with each other. Rebecca did admit to a few things that were missing in her life, mainly that she was curious about women. She found a woman's body to be beautiful, alluring, and arousing. She longed to touch another woman's body....to experiment and see if this was truly the missing link in her life. Oh, and she kind of wanted to see if I was interested.

At first I was completely taken back and didn't know what to say. I was flattered and a bit curious myself. Then it hit me! I had no idea what the hell to do in bed with another woman. So we sat and discussed it, as if everyday we discussed having sex with each other; over analyzing it as only women could.

We took it slow, dancing around who should make the first move. For the first time in my life I didn't take charge and roll full steam ahead. I was the novice; where Rebecca had obviously been planning this out in her head for a long time.

Rebecca looked into my eyes and smiled, turning her body to face me. She quietly leaned in and brushed her soft lips across mine, but retreated quickly. I had closed my eyes and felt a shiver of excitement when her lips met mine. Slowly I pealed my eyes open, still drunk from her kiss. I smiled and moved in towards her....only to meet her in the middle and reconnect. The kiss this time was deeper and I could feel her tongue gently request entry into my mouth. I parted my lips and felt her tongue caress mine, darting in and out. We sparked and I could feel an instant warmness quiver in the lower half of my body. I could feel my nipples harden at the thought of doing something naughty with this woman.

Our passion grew as we continued to grow more comfortable with kissing and allowed our guards down. I grasped the palm of her hands traced circles, slowly moving my nails up her arm. I held my breath as I nuzzled her neck, kissing it softly. I could hear Rebecca suck in a breath if air, enjoying as my tongue traced the outline of her ear. I felt her hands grasp for the bottom of my sweatshirt and slowly pull it towards my head; I raised my arms in surrender and watched as the article of clothing fell silently to the floor. Unsure of what to do, I mimicked her and pulled off her shirt, revealing a see-through red bra. I could see where her nipples made a dent in the bra, begging to be touched. Reaching for the clasp, I released her breasts and slid the bra off her shoulders.

I decided to touch her the way I would want to be touched. I kissed the front of her neck and each shoulder. Running my hands down her chest, I held her gaze as my palms grazed her hard nipples. My mouth followed my hands, my tongue flicking her titties and my hands massaging everywhere else. Rebecca's hands intertwined with my hair and pulled it back from my face as she watched. A sigh of pleasure slipped from her lips as she fumbled for my bra. Releasing my breasts, she grabbed two handfuls and rubbed her thumbs across them, returning the favor.

Rebecca paused to gently push me back on the couch. She slid my sweatpants down to my ankles, her eyes sparkling at the yellow thong that left little to the imagination. It was held by merely two tied strings, and she wasted no time in releasing them. I lay completely naked before her, my eyes wide with lust and wonder. There would be no turning back now. Rebecca ran her hands up my legs....to my thighs. I don't know why I did it, but I stopped her. I told her to wait.

Rebecca must have thought I had changed my mind, as I watched her face turn to sadness and worry. I didn't want to stop, not now. I merely wanted to be the first to bring pleasure.

I reached forward and now pushed her backwards on the couch. I stood completely nude as I slowly slid down her pajama bottoms and panties. I kissed her leg, and ran my tongue up her thigh. I kissed her glistening mound and laid my body on top of hers, kissing her and feeling her soft, warm flesh touch mine. I could feel our breasts touching one another, ticking and teasing. We kissed, and the passion turned up ten notches. There was now a raw need, as we began squirming against each other. I broke the kiss only to moan and go back for more. Rebecca reached out and grabbed my ass, pulling me up to her. I went back to caressing her breasts, as I felt the wetness between my legs grow. Ever so slowly I slid my lips down her stomach, kissing every so many inches. Rebecca's body quivered under mine; anticipating where my mouth was heading. I touched her everywhere, but where she most wanted to be touched.

Deciding not to toy with her anymore, I slid my thumb past the lips of her pussy and found her clit. Swirling my finger gently, I watched as Rebecca stretched her body up to meet my hand. She was so wet. I took some of that wetness and rubbed my fingers back and forth on her pussy, only pausing to rub her swollen clit. Rebecca's eyes closed and she was moaning softly. Her hips were gyrating and rising off the couch to meet my hand. To her surprise, I suddenly replaced my thumb with my tongue and gently flicked her blushed clit. My tongue massaged her and darted up and down her slit, tasting her sweet juices. She was mindlessly playing with her nipples, rolling them between her fingers and licking her lips. To watch her before me only made me wetter, wishing that I could touch myself. My senses were so heightened I thought I could orgasm just by watching her squirm in pleasure. I increased the rhythm of my tongue and slid a finger in her tight pussy. Her wetness dripped around my finger and onto the couch. Rotating my finger I pushed it in and out of her hole, licking her and teasing her. Then I decided to slip a second....then a third finger into her. I felt for her g-spot and rubbed it; her hips fucked my face as I pushed my fingers hard and fast into her. Rebecca's moaning was getting louder as her mouth got dirtier. The harder I fingered fucked her, her moans turned into screams of ecstasy. She called out my name which rang in my ears, causing my face to dive deep into her pussy. I no longer cared if my face was as wet as she was. I grunted as I worked, rubbing my own pussy on the couch, wanting to cum with her.

Rebecca finally slowed her hips as her yelling became frantic. I felt her pussy close around my fingers as her body pulsated. Her hips slowed and her hands left her breasts as I sat up on the couch, watching her. Her chest was rapidly moving as she slowed her breathing. I waited to see if I had done okay for my first time.

Rebecca pushed herself up on her elbows and smiled at me. In one swift move she had pulled me towards her by my ankles and leaned her body onto mine. She licked my nipples as if they were ice cream cones, going back over and over again with the slightest rub of her tongue. My senses were so heightened; I was putty in her hand. I was aroused not only by her touch, but at the thought of doing something secret, something that only we would share.

Rebecca slid my legs over her shoulders as she lie before me. Looking into my eyes I noticed a gleam into hers. Her face disappeared into my pussy as she sucked gently at my clit. God, it felt so good. Pulling me wide open, Rebecca slid her tongue up and down me, flattening her tongue as she ran the length of my slit and gently flicked my sensitive clit. I could feel the wetness inside my pussy slowly leak out; Rebecca quickly licked me clean. I threw my head back and pushed myself up onto my elbows so that I could watch her touch me; it was such a beautiful sight. I panted as I tried not to cum yet. She quickly hardened her tongue and slid it into me, fucking me with her tongue. She pushed herself into me hard as she continued to rub my clit. I only wanted to sit on her tongue and feel it push inside me as she ran her thumb in circles.

I mourned the loss of Rebecca's tongue as she seemed to pull away and reach under the couch. I heard a slight humming sound; the visual of a pulsating purple vibrator slowly appeared. I felt its coldness slip into me, making my pussy clamp onto it tight. She slid it in and out of me, and then returned to licking my pussy and exploring it with her fingers and tongue. I wanted it back, but didn't dare move or ask. Suddenly I felt it press against my ass, giving gentle pressure. My mouth opened as I let out a few 'ooohhhhs' and 'ahhhhhs' of my own. The wetness of my pussy lubricated the vibrator, making it easily slide into my ass. Sliding it in, she went back to running her tongue around my clit and fingering my hole. It was so much....like sensory overload. I threw my head back and pushed down on her face, bucking my hips wildly. I felt the vibrations in my ass pulsate through my body. Losing all touch with reality, I felt my hands reach down to her head, pushing her gently into me. My orgasm creeped into my body and exploded, leaving me to shutter and call out Rebecca's name, enjoying being touched in so many different places. My juices continued trickle out of my body and onto her tongue. I shuttered for several minutes as we both relaxed against the couch trying to catch our breath.

After a few minutes, we kissed and she thanked me. We parted ways, going to our respectful bedrooms. But we did learn something very important....Rebecca's husband sure was a heavy sleeper....

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