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Overnight Sexpress

I shared a few stories here over the last few years, but none recently, until this trip last month. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I did experiencing it!

A brief background for you guys about to read this. I am a 40 something blue eyed blonde with a good body I am told. My husband and I enjoyed the alternative lifestyle for 10 years or more until about 2 years ago when I got a little tired of it, much to my husband's frustration! He is 15 years older than me, but also in great shape from a lifetime of sports activity. You get the picture.

This incident was just 3 weeks ago, when we decided to take the overnight train from our home city to the beaches of the south coast. The journey takes 26 hours, believe it or not, and that's only just over 1000 miles, but hell we did it before and it beats flying. Also we could take our fun sports car with us instead of hiring some anonymous box on wheels.

The start of the journey was fun and stress free until two stations into the trip, (this train stops at 30+ stations en route, hence the 26 hours). At this point a young guy was at the door to our sleeper cabin claiming to be our travel companion for almost the rest of the journey. I had made our booking and been assured that we had a private cabin, so told the guy in no uncertain terms that he was mistaken. However, the train manager soon arrived to confirm that we were sharing with this guy.

After the initial annoyance we made friends and accepted we had to get through the next 24 hours or so!

Soon we were chatting and he was a pleasant enough young guy. In his mid twenties, he was a little overweight, and had a strong local accent which made it difficult for me to understand him, but he could have been a lot worse to share a cabin with.

We ended up heading to the diner for dinner together, and Frans (our companion) and my husband proceeded to have a dozen or more beers, while I enjoyed a very nice cold bottle of white. As they ordered the last round I realised that I had nothing to wear to sleep in, and I really was not going to sleep in my very tight jeans, so I made my apologies and headed to out cabin to get into my bunk. I had ordered a sleep pack of blankets and pillows, and figured my husband would not miss his so I made up my bunk, then searched for something to wear to sleep. Luckily on top of hubby's bag was a long sleeved T, which would be just fine. By the time the two men arrived back I was already very snug and sleepy, and took notice of them stumbling to bed.

I awoke in the early hours a little befuddled as the train rattled through the open country, then remembered where we were. I needed to pee really badly, and realized my butt was totally exposed and that getting down from this bunk in only a T could be fun. I rolled over to check where our travel companion was, and found that he had also taken the upper bunk and with his head at the other end from mine would have a perfect view of my butt, and my pussy as I climbed down (if he was awake)!!

I waited a few minutes trying to decide if he was sleeping or waiting for a flash from me. He must have known by now that I had on only the T-shirt. Very soon I had to make a move, and thought if he catches me so be it, I wasn't worried, and in fact a little horny at the thought. As I slid out of the bunk and slid to the floor my shirt of course, was pulled up over my waist and my completely shaven pussy was exposed not 3 feet from Frans' face. I was sure that I heard a sharp of breath at that point, and figured that my young companion was indeed enjoying the view.

Returning to my bunk of course meant climbing up knowing that my young friend was waiting for part 2 of the show. My husband was oblivious to all this, so I decided to have a little fun, and tease our young traveller.

I climbed onto my bunk by leveraging myself up and putting my right knee on the bunk, which of course meant spreading my legs pretty wide. Kneeling there to remake my bed gave Frans at least a full minute of lusting after my bare ass, and my soft labia exposed between my thighs.

I eventually lay down facing in his direction, and realised that he now had a jacket covering him from the waist down, which had not been there earlier, and there was definitely sign of movement under there. Within a minute or so it was obvious that he was stroking his cock as discretely as possible, but it's difficult to disguise that movement from a woman looking for the telltale action.

After a few minutes I was as horny as Frans, and lay on my back kicking off my blanket and lying there naked from the waist down. As I began to caress my mound I heard him groan in pleasure, which in turn caused me to start masturbating slowly. As soon as he realised I was up for a little night time fun Frans pushed his jacket to one side and exposed a perfectly upright erection, which he proceeded to stroke at an increasing pace. It was delightfully erotic lying there, both of us pleasuring ourselves as the train rattled on through the darkness.

Frans was a long way ahead of me on the track to orgasm, and quickly reached the point where it was obvious he would come very shortly. I love to watch men (young men especially) when they come, so I propped myself on my elbow and turned towards him spreading my legs wide so the he had a perfect view of fingers rubbing my clit, and occasionally dipping into my very wet tunnel. He lasted no more that 30 seconds after that, before I heard him moan, and his whole body spasm, as he ejaculated.

When he had finished coming, I rolled onto my belly, pulled my blanket over me a drifted off to sleep without coming, but with my hand wedged between my thighs.

The next thing I was aware of was a hand caressing my ass, and the fact that the sun was rising. I realised that it was my husband, who I knew would want to get into the shower before anyone else. As he continued to caress me I rolled onto my back, threw off my blanket and guided his head to my love mound. I heard him chuckle as his tongue explored my musky lips, and immediately found my clit. He is a great tease, and as soon as he felt me react and push back against his tongue, he pulled away whispering "Later".

When he slid open the door and headed to the shower I knew that Frans had watched the whole episode, so I just said right out "You can stop pretending to sleep now!"

He sat up immediately and looked at me laying there with my legs still wide open, and my pussy swollen and slick. His cock was upright again and in the early light I could see that he was quite well endowed. Not long, but thick with a lovely shaped head, and cut unlike my husband. As he stared at my pussy I swung my legs over the edge of the bunk, and told him to come get a real close up.

He jumped down from his bunk, and stood between my open thighs. By now I badly needed to come, so I placed my calves over his shoulders and pulled him to me. The bunk was a perfect height and he just dove into my pussy inhaling, licking , kissing and nibbling in one feeding frenzy. What he lacked in technique he made up for in sheer lust, and he soon had my legs spread as wide as they could go as his tongue moved from my clit to my dark entrance tasting every crease, and passage.

After a few minutes of this "attack" I pushed him away and told him to calm down a little, and that my husband would me at least 30 minutes. I positioned his mouth right over my clit and told him to lick me gently at first as I needed an orgasm badly. As I encouraged him in changing his angle, and the pressure of his tongue he quickly brought me to the point of orgasm, and then to a delightful shuddering climax.

When I recovered I was aware of Frans still between my thighs and looked down to see him masturbating furiously as he stared at my very swollen and dilated pussy. I immediately told him to stop, and slid off my bunk onto the bottom one. I sat right on the edge and told Frans to rub his cock head on my labia. I love that sensation, and the fact that I had just come made the pleasure even greater. As his thick purple head stopped at my entrance I pushed forward slightly so that the tip of his cock rested against that tight muscle. He was struggling not to come at this point, so I reached out and squeezed the base of his shaft trying to hold off his eruption until he was buried deep inside me. I love to see a new lover fill my pussy with all the semen he has.

Still holding the base of his shaft I told him to push into me slowly. He did exactly as told and when he was completely buried inside me I told him stay still for a few moments, and then released my grip on his cock. That seemed to work for him as he regained control, and started to slide slowly in and out of my tunnel.

I spread my legs as wide as I could to tighten my opening and increase the pleasure from his lovely cockhead. This unfortunately caused him begin to rapidly increase momentum, and he was soon banging in and out of me like a wild thing. Luckily I was also ready and my orgasm arrived quickly, and with delicious intensity. As soon as my contractions started, so Frans began to ejaculate deep inside me. It was a wonderful sensation, as it always is.

He had barely finished coming than there was a sharp knock on the door. Thinking the worse, he of course leapt into his bunk and pretended to sleep. I answered the door, expecting my husband, but was confronted by one of the waitresses offering morning coffee. As she served us piping hot coffee, she looked around the little cabin, and I knew that she could smell the sex. As she handed me my drink I could feel warm semen oozing out of my tunnel and coating my lips. In a moment it would be running down my thighs. When I closed the door she gave me a very disapproving look!!

As soon as she was gone Frans laughed hysterically with relief, and threw off his jacket to quickly dress. The sight if his half erect, juice covered cock gave me a different idea, however, and I dropped to my knees and took him straight in my mouth. He tasted delicious, and smelt of fresh sex. I guess the interruption had left some semen waiting to escape, because in a one minute flat he was again fully erect and ready to fire. A few more minutes of my mouth sliding up and down his shaft and he was groaning in pleasure as he fired the last of his cum into my mouth.

As he lay on his bunk recovering I decided to dress quickly, so whipped off my shirt and stood naked in front of my young lover for the first time. He was fascinated by my "brazilian" and also my nipple piercing. As I pulled my clothes from my bag enjoying every moment of his reaction he complained that none of his friends would ever believe him about his trip.

I had noticed that he had used a very high spec mobile during the trip, so told him to hand me his phone. As he watched in disbelief I took 5 or 6 close up shots of my body (no face shots), including my well fucked "brazillian", and my pierced nipple. As final proof I wrapped my left hand around his cock and had him take a shot complete with red nail polish, and my wedding band.

By the time my husband returned I was dressed in holiday clothes. A tight white T, and a button up denim mini. Two weeks on vacation, and I had forgotten to pack underwear. Oh, and Frans had a few upshots of that as well, to share with his friends.

Alex xx

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