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Midnight Snack


Shiina's breath came in short, heavy bursts, her every nerve ending on fire. The shotgun had long since been dropped, never once having been used as she'd intended, and her thoughts were clouded by the heady fog of passion. Reese cradled her in his arms, her form limp in acquiescence. She had completely submitted to his will much quicker than he'd expected. Perhaps her feelings were stronger for him than even she had anticipated.

He'd awoken hungry, near to starving, and she'd foolishly been the only living thing within arm's reach. She'd come to him almost willingly, and now his face was buried in the curve of her neck, his morning feast long since over. Shiina was a hunter, and vampires were her prey of choice. Now he'd turned the tables on her, but something had kept him from draining her dry, from swallowing the last beat of her heart and taking part of her soul into himself before sending her to the other side. Reese liked to tell himself that it was nothing more than pure, animalistic attraction to the huntress.

As he slid his hand beneath her cropped t-shirt and allowed himself a lingering caress of her satin-smooth skin covering solid muscle, he shoved aside everything but the urge to possess her. He told himself to be careful with her, that she was but a fragile human that he could destroy with just one careless slip. He held her head in his big hand and crushed his lips onto hers, the hum of her moans against his lips making him throb with need. It had been long indeed since a woman had left him in such an irrational state of yearning.

Her short, dark hair was like black silk against his fingers, the black raspberry scent of it wafting to him and filling his nostrils. She murmured his name softly and he looked down into her eyes, so much lighter than his own. "Don't be so careful, Reese..." she said quietly, following it up with a suckerpunch to the jaw that had the vampire seeing stars for a moment.

Reese growled low in his throat, the sound raising the hairs on the back of her neck, but exciting her all the same as the hand at the back of her neck gripped a fistful of her hair. "That's more like it..." she said with a little grin.

"Masochist..." he practically purred, gripping a fistful of her shirt in the center of her chest and tugging forcefully enough to pull it off and apart all at once. Her body jerked with the force of it, but he heard her pulse pounding even harder like the sweetest music he'd ever heard. He shoved her away from him and she slid a ways on the hardwood floor, her elbows taking the brunt of the abuse. He pulled his own shirt up and off in a hurry and was back on her in seconds, his weight driving her hard against the unforgiving floor.

His hands were all over her, grabbing, squeezing, pulling her warm flesh more fully against the cold marble of his own. Her bra and jeans quickly joined the remnants of her shirt, tossed aside carelessly. She gazed up the lean length of his torso, her eyes wild with wanting as they met his. Who was he to deny a woman who knew what she wanted? He removed the last bits of clothing that separated them and he looked down at her silently for a moment, his eyes drinking in every detail of her deliciously lanky form. There was only one first time, and he'd be damned if he didn't imprint every single second of this one in his brain to comfort him for the rest of his immortality.

He petted the slick velvet of her sex, glowing green eyes watching as she tossed her head back and forth and the cries bubbled from her lips like water. "I always thought you enjoyed it too much when I kicked your ass..." he half-growled, gripping her hips and thrusting suddenly into her in one swift motion. He covered her mouth with his hand to stifle her scream, her spine bowing involuntarily and driving him deeper into her. Reese groaned softly at the sensation of her tight heat almost mercilessly gripping his cock. He held her hips down with one hand, the other sliding around the back of her head to bury his fingers in her hair. He tugged hard so her neck was craned back and slowly began pulling his length out of her, bringing softly pleading, almost mewling sounds from the vampire hunter's full lips.

Reese gave Shiina just what she wanted, forcing his way back into her with such speed that her ass and thighs smacked loudly against the wooden floor beneath them. It didn't give in the slightest, but it was just what she needed. He pounded her fast and hard, spanking her backside against the floor with each brutal thrust. Her cries were becoming more raw, ragged and unmodulated as the mixture of the pleasure and pain brought her closer to the precipice. His fingertips dug into the soft flesh of her thigh, leaving black and blue imprints of his hand behind. Her moans became more wanton, more urgent, and Reese made the final move that sent them both over the edge into the abyss of blinding, celestial pleasure.

He lifted her torso with the hand in her hair, never ceasing the rhythmic rise and fall of his hips as he sank fangs into her throat and drank deeply once more. She came with a ragged scream that would likely have the neighbors calling the cops, her abused sex clamping around him like a vice and bringing him with her. His cries would have been as loud as hers if his mouth hadn't been buried in her throat. They rode the waves together until they finally ebbed and subsided.

Reese assessed the damage, something Shiina certainly wasn't in the right frame of mind to do. She'd raked her nails down his back hard enough for a few rivulets of blood to be trailing over his moonlight pale sides. Shiina was in much worse shape. She was covered in bruises, and little bites, and there were burns on her elbows and all down her back from the floor...

And still, all she had for him was a small smile before she promptly passed out. With a sigh, he went to work tending to the wounds he had caused, using the healing powers of his saliva. As he got to the most abused part of her, he let his tongue linger, enjoying the taste of her passion on his tongue. The slayer would be fine, but as he swallowed the last of her shattered innocence, he couldn't help wondering if this little midnight snack had been a good idea.

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