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Midnight Special


Nurse Candice is beautiful, playful, sensitive and sensual. She is forty-five divorced and loves to play the field. Being single gives her the opportunity to do just about anything and she makes certain she gets a good fucking now and then. She works for a small community hospital on the day shift. About a month ago, she began to hate it, especially on days there were just too many nurses trying to be boss. She preferred a shift that ran like a well-oiled machine were everyone worked together. One weekend the Director of Nursing asked if she would work the night shift, she agreed, and found the experience enjoyable. Most of the time there was only one-nurse and one-or-two aides depending on the number of patients. She also knew that it gave her more time to take care of "all" the patient's needs. She then asked to change shifts, and soon found working 11-7, the night shift.

The floor consisted of the east wing, her unit, and a west wing and the two separated by closed doors. That night only three people were on the unit and all of them scheduled to go home sometime the following day. Nurse Candice was the only one scheduled, along with a nurse's aide who worked on the west wing; she was available for help, but only if called. Therefore, she had the floor all to herself and she loved that thought.

She always wore a regulation uniform that was either a two-piece skirt and blouse or a dress. Her touch to the ensemble was provocatively lingerie, which included garter belt and nylons. You see Nurse Candice had a naughty side and when able would give the patient an extra special treat. The surprise would normally consisted of a blowjob, a quick fuck, or fondling another woman's clit. This particular night she felt very naughty, so Nurse Candice wore crotchless panties with her outfit.

The doctor told her the man in room four will go home around ten A.M. tomorrow. They were just waiting for his wife to get a few days off before discharging him. The previous night she had promised him they would do something special around midnight tonight.

God he was handsome and every time she saw him, she felt a rush of desire. When she walked into his room, she could not help notice that he was fidgety and tried to hide his growing cock.

He ogled her, drooled, and just could not keep his hands to himself. He was always looking down her top and running his hand up under her skirt. Most of the time she let him too, after all her job was to make sure every patient was happy.

When she got off the elevator and walked to the nurse's station she found her friend Nurse Ken sitting there. He looked up glanced around then greeted her saying, "Well hello, Nurse Candice I envy you tonight. Your patients are all behaving themselves and I have not had one complaint all evening. I tucked them in and they are all asleep except the man in room four. He informed me that he was alright and just wanted to stay awake and finish watching the late movie."

He then gave her a quit report and then they counted the controlled medicines and he handed her the keys. He retrieved a coffee mug of the desk then turned gave her a winked and said, "Have a good night "Bullets" good-bye!"

She smiled and blushed then said, "Good-bye good looking!" She used to date Ken and every time they went out her nipple stuck out like little bullets, thus she acquired the nickname "Bullets." She proceeded to set up coffeemaker to make a fresh pot then went about making her rounds.

The patients in room one, two and three were quietly sleeping. She tapped lightly on the door of number four and then walked in. He was still awake and in her nurse tone she asked, "Why Mr. Johnston, why are you still awake? Don't you know its past your bedtime?"

He looked at her, grinned, and said, "Because Nurse Candice you said you would visit me at midnight and give me something special! So here it is midnight and I'm wide-awake. I have been thinking about you all day and I am ready to play with you, if you catch my drift. You know I like it when you wear your white stocking and spread your legs and entice me with your wet hot pink pussy. Nurse, I am your patient...please take care of me!"

She strutted over to the bed and stood with her hands on her hips and her legs spread wide. Then took a pad and pen from her pocket then started to put them on the bedside table and accidently-on-purpose-dropped the pen. She turned around and bent down to pick it up, and paused to make sure, he seen her naked bush. She then stood up as if nothing happened and proceeded to examine him. She checked his vitals and wrote them on the pad. She then leaned over and brushed up against his chest with her big tits knowing he can see down her top. She continued looking at his head, ears and neck. She palpated the areas, then began kissing him on the neck, and licking his ears. She watched out of the corner of her eye as the bulge in his pajama pants kept growing bigger.

She stepped back eyed him up and down then chuckled saying, "I think I am going to have to examine you more closely. I cannot find a thing wrong with you. Honey, let me go lock the door." She turned walked over, locked the door, and walked back to him. She spread her legs and seductively began to unbutton her dress.

His eyes almost popped out of his head when stood before him. She was so fucking sexy her bra did not conceal a damn thing and nothing covering her pussy, which was now glistening with moisture.

He tried to speak and all he could say was, "Ah-ahhh nurse you're making me hurt!"

Nurse Candice asked him, "Oh, tell me where it hurts?"

She walked over to the bed and turned down the bed linen. Then she picked up his arms and his legs one at a time, and asked him if they hurt. He nodded no each time. She sat on the bed, pulled his pants down below his waist, and pushed on each quadrant noting it did not invoke a pain response.

She licked her lips, tugged his pants down a little further, and smiled saying, "I hate to tell you baby, but I think you will survive....I found your problem!" She leaned over and planted a kiss on the head of his rock hard cock.

He gulped, and shouted, "Oooooh-it-hurts-oooooooh! Nurse, please make it stop hurting!"

She took her finger and touched his lips and whispered, "If you can keep your loud cries of pain down....I will relieve some of this pressure here," pointing to his cock, "as that is what is causing your pain."

Nurse Candice climbed on the bed making sure her cunt was within reach of his fingers. She leaned over him, placed her mouth around his cock, and sucked it entirely in her mouth in one gulp. She started sucking it gently and flicking the head of it with her tongue. She already tasted the sweet precum that had accumulated.

He began to tell her it was starting to feel better, but she might need to keep it up, to relieve all the pain. He thrust his hip at her as she slides her mouth up and down his throbbing member. He felt his balls churning and knew they were heavy, as he had not cum in two days. He knew if she kept this up, he would blow his load down her throat. He placed his right hand on her back then slid it slowly down and felt her quiver. He then traced her mound with his finger then slide between her wet lips, and teased her from clit to ass.

She moved, allowed him more access to her pussy, and gasped when he slid his finger across her swollen clit. God it felt so good. The more he teased her cunt the harder she sucked at his cock. She squeezed his balls and nibbled the head feeling the heat between the rises. She almost drops his cock when he pushed two fingers deep inside her.

She stopped sucking his cock long enough to say, "Oooooh keep it up honey! Just like that, please make me cum!"

He replied, "Oh-my-god I have dreamed about this moment all week! Damn your cunt feels so fucking good! You are one hot number and you know it. Aaaah...that is it....WOW, you sure know how to give head. Oh Nurse, can I please cum in you mouth?"

She wriggled her ass fucking his fingers as if they were his cock. Then with a low tone, only the two of them could hear she said, "You make me so hot! I have wanted you to touch me like this all week! Yes I want you to fill my mouth with your cum. I can't wait to swallow every bit of your sweet nectar!"

She continued sucking him hard feeling his veins pulsate and knew he would cum soon too.

He took his thumb and rubbed her clit as his fingers fucked her hot hole. She moved her hips wildly and began sucking him harder. Soon they were both moving to the beat of their own music.

She deep throated him hard then slid her finger down to the small part between his balls and ass. Where his g-spot was, and rubbed it hard.

That did it, he could not take more, and he bit his lip and went rigid. He tried not to shout too loud and said, "FUCK--I'M CUMMING!" God it felt so good! He was amazed she swallowed hard and did not miss a single drop.

He pulled his two fingers out of her hole and then shoved three in with hard fucking motion. Then took his other hand, rolled and pinched her clit hard.

She arched her back and rolled her head from side to side and she said, "Yesssss....aaaah....oh god...I'm there!"

She shuttered from head to toe with an earth-shattering climax that left her breathless for a moment. When she looked up at him, he too was breathing heavily. He took her in his arms and kissed her deep and passionately.

She opened her mouth and let his tongue dance with hers. Mmm, he tasted good she wished these few minutes with him could last forever.

Nevertheless, she knew she had to get back to work. She broke the kiss and whispered, "Did you like my midnight treat love!"

He took her hand, kissed it, and with his best southern drawl said, "I loved it darling! Now, come live with me let me carry you away from this dreadful place. We can ride off into the sunset on my trusty white stallion to my mansion!"

She blinked her eyes, and like a southern belle, answered, "Why Red Butler.....what would the neighbors say?"

She then turned around and proceeded to put her uniform back on. She blew him and kiss then told him goodnight and walked out of the room.

Nurse Candice sat at the nurse's station and thought about what just happened. She sighed then said, "I'm sure going to miss that man when he goes home. I know his wife won't let him have me for his midnight snack!"

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