tagNonHumanMidnight Veil Ch. 01

Midnight Veil Ch. 01


Note to readers: This is only the first half of the story, as it's too long to post all at once. If you like it, I'll put the rest on afterwards. The language may be coarse, but if you're familiar with my work, that's how it is. :)



Deep in the swamps, the ground moved as if it was breathing. It rose up and back down like a living entity. Beneath layers of the murky, thick ground, tunnels twisted and crossed under the marsh. The insides of those tunnels remained firm, the moisture all on the outside, keeping the ground above them unstable. People crossed through these areas unaware of the labyrinth below.

The mistress of this dark, dank place resided far from any entrance. Far under the heart of the swamp, in the deepest regions of the watery area, she maintained her lair. Her throne was of hardened mud, made comfortable from the skins of varies swamp creatures. She wore these same items as her sparse garments, and a crown of alligator teeth decorated her dark knotted hair. (Not actually knots, mind you, but tiny tight braids held together at the nape of her neck as to keep them tidy.)

Her lair was a hollowed out circle, several entrances coming into the dome shaped area from various directions. Makeshift furniture had been carved out of the hardened mud, as well as the suitable swamp trees. Vines hung from the high ceiling, obscuring direct vision of the high priestess.

As she sits on her throne, her loyal subjects crowd around her. Beings of no description, some say they're merely blobs from the darkest corners of the swamp, others claim they're giant slugs and leeches. Nonetheless, they go to their keeper, bringing her offerings; pieces of fruit from the depths of the swamp, new pieces of furniture, and the most popular of all... virginal strays.

Freya accepted these gifts, yet as the girls rarely served her any purpose (besides the ones she reduced to slaves), she kept them as food for her pets, locked up and used to keep the beasts under her control.

As the creatures gathered around their master, she summoned her newest slave girl, ordering her to retrieve one of the girls that were locked in the dungeon just off of her main lair. She used this tactic to strike fear in her slaves, as to ensure their cooperation. The girl came back with another in tow, handing her shaking wrist to the goddess before her.

"Here!" She stood before her collection of subjects, thrusting the smaller girl in front of her. "In thanks of your generous gifts!" She gave the girl a push, causing her to stumble into the mass before her. Her screams echoed through the corridors as they carried her away...


"Anna! Cut it out!" Felicia demanded in her best voice of authority. Hopefully no one else heard that quiver... She cut off her older sisters story before she could go into the gory details. Dark was closing in quickly, and the songs of the swamp were escalating as the night creatures emerged. The campfire flickered and jumped, the flames dancing high, but the light didn't carry out too far from the tight circle of teenagers.

"Awe, are we scaring you?" Her sisters mocking voice brought a flush of colour to Felicia's face. She glared across the fire into the laughing face.

Felicia felt movement as a tremor went through the body beside her. She wasn't sure if it was a shiver from the cold or from fear. Then again, in these parts, cold was rare. Sure, there was a slight breeze, but aside from that, the air was humid. Stifling almost.

Bethany clutched at the edge of her friends' skirt, sure she heard movement in the trees. Her lithe body jerked as a tremor shook her, but she strived to hide it. She didn't want to endure the same treatment as Felicia from the older members of the weekend camping group.

"It's only virginal girls that get taken hostage, Felicia." A warm hand grasped her thigh, running up the firm length of it, progressively moving inwards sliding under her skirt. "We can make sure you don't get taken." His hot breath against her neck repulsed her.

Her hand snaked out, slapping him swiftly across the face in a sharp retort. "Fuck you." She muttered the words as she pulled herself from his grasp. Reaching for Beth's hand, she turned to leave the group of students.

Paul's hand grabbed her wrist, swinging her back to him. Face to face, she could see his furious reaction to her public refusal of him. His fingers tightened around her wrist until she winced in pain. She recognized the gleam of satisfaction in his eyes at her pain.

"Paul, enough." Adrianna's sharp voice broke through the silence. "Paul," Her sister stood, took one step towards them, before Paul let go and took a step back.

"Just playin' babe, relax." He stared menacingly at Felicia, his voice light and playfully directed to both of them. He sat back down, but Felicia could see his body remain rigid with anger. She cast a glance of thanks to her sister before taking Beth's hand again and leading her away from the fire.

It was late, and the fire was dying anyways. It was better to just leave the older students to their ghost stories. There was no need to endure any more of their bad jokes or scary stories. Everyone knew how many people went missing in this section of the swamps. Of course, it was just because the swamp was so vast, and one wrong turn took you onto one of the many trails that wound through the area. You could get lost far too easily. Not to mention the alligators that roamed freely. If they sensed you in their territory, you might as well have gift wrapped yourself for them. Bodies disappeared as quickly as they were lost. Then there were all the stories that circulated, such as the one Adrianna had been humouring them with, among others.

Felicia shook the thoughts from her mind as she slipped between the flaps of the tent, Bethany still in tow. When the two girls were in the relative safety of the tent, they seemed to be able to breath easier. Lighting a lantern, Beth slipped into a thin nighty, light enough that remaining covered wouldn't kill you in the amounting heat of the morning. Felicia slipped into a pair of boxer shorts and a sports bra then pulled out a book and started to read.

"'Leesha," Beth touched her arm gently after several moments of silence. Felicia finished the sentence she was on before giving her attention to the other girl. "I heard something outside." Her voice was a whisper of sound, barely audible.

"It's probably just Anna, or Paul." Felicia scowled at the mention of his name. "Ignore it." She put her hand lightly on Beth's shoulder, a reassuring gesture. After a moments hesitation, she leaned over, pressing her lips ever so gently to her friends parted mouth.

Beth sighed in delight at the touch, her hand sliding up to the nape of Felicia's neck as she returned the kiss vigorously.

Felicia pulled back reluctantly. "It's only the first night out here. They're just messing with us. Don't worry. One more night and then we get to go back home." Her hand grazed Beth's face, caressing her cheek and stroking down her chin before turning back to her book. "Try to sleep."

Outside the tent, Paul scowled at the impending night. He'd seen them kiss! What could she possibly be getting from that wench that he couldn't provide for her?! It didn't make sense to him why she refused him. He knew she wasn't a lesbian. Not completely... He had to find a way to convince her.

He stormed back over to the campfire where Adrianna was still sitting with two other students. She was continuing her story about the swamp mistress...


Freya contemplated doing her nails. Boredom was settling in swiftly. The new girl wasn't very talkative, so far all she had revealed was that her name was Steph, and she had three siblings, all males to Freya's dismay. Men didn't do so well in the labyrinth she and her pets had created. They were much too dull... So they were out of the question for luring back and capturing.

She stretched, standing and flexing like a cat. Her long fingernails clawed at the empty air, her long hair swinging as she began pacing. A series of growls rose from her throat, as she was deeply lost in thought.

A whimper brought her back as the girl, Steph, cowered down lower when she stepped too close. The sound was obviously involuntary as she quickly clamped her hands over her mouth, her eyes widening in fear.

Freya grinned, her teeth flashing white in the darkness, reminding the timid girl of a jungle cat. A predator. She tried to make herself smaller, as to keep from drawing more attention to her already frayed nerves. The technique failed as the mistress loomed over her, her eyes gleaming mischievously.

The woman returned to her throne and motioned for Steph to get up from her position on the floor. "Get up," She demanded when Steph remained frozen on the floor. Her voice held a sense of compulsion and the teenager obediently complied. "Remove that excuse you refer to as clothing." Her next demanded startled Stephanie and she paled noticeably.

"Why?" Her voice came out in a squeak.

"You're boring me. Do as I say or I shall call my pets and offer them another treat." She raised her fingers to her mouth, preparing to whistle.

"No! Wait. I'll do it." Steph quickly considered her options. She was far more safe in here, with this... human, than with those creatures. Her hands shaking, she ever so slowly began to undress. Her ripped jeans were wetly plastered to her legs with mud and blood from the scratches she had acquired in trying to escape...

She had lost her friends somewhere along the trail, (Oh why did I have to stop to look at that stupid frog?) She remembered asking herself in despair. She called out again and again but to no avail. The swamps seemed dead of human life. Then she heard it, that voice calling to her, summoning her. As she followed it, creatures followed her, as if herding her. She tried to run away from them, forgetting about the voice. The swamp was alive with animals, all in her way and forcing her to change direction, forcing her deeper into the swamp...

She tossed her pants aside, her legs bare to her toes. Mud liberally covered her, but offered no comfort. Her torn shirt hung around her limbs, (she had tried to tie the shredded ends together to keep it from falling off her completely), she removed it next. The cool air of the underground labyrinth swept around her legs, seeming to circle up her torso. She shivered, and as she unclasped her bra, her hand grazed her erect nipples through the thin lace. Damn the cold! She dropped the scrap into the pile of thrashed clothes at her feet and after a moment's hesitation, and much nervousness, she slipped her tiny lace panties down her legs.

Her blonde hair hung in tangles around her dirt streaked face, and she was sure she looked like a swamp urchin herself.

Silence was thick as Freya watched her closely. When the last scrap of clothing was discarded, she waited several agonizing minutes, (as she knew how nervous Stephanie was), before getting up and walking around her slowly. She took the girls arms, unfolding them from her chest, and forcing them down to her sides. Her hand skimmed over Steph's lush breasts, once again bringing her nipples to hardened peaks. A smile of satisfaction curled her lips at this revelation. She cupped the weight of one breast in her hand, her thumb again sliding over the peak. Her breath was warm on Steph's neck as she leaned in, her tongue swiping along her collarbone. "Such a lovely body." She murmured as she took the girl's earlobe into her mouth, sucking gently.

Steph shivered, and this time was unaware if it was due to the cold or the sensations. She remained perfectly still, wanting oh-so-much to turn and run, but remembering that one whistle, and those creatures would be coming for her...

She had run through the swamp for hours, knowing night was gaining on her. If she was still there by darkfall, she was doomed to stay in the swamp for the rest of her days. The creatures didn't attack her, and that struck Stephanie as odd (although she was grateful for this). Maybe, just maybe, against all odds she could find her way out of this dreadful place... As that thought calmed her minimally, she fell through the ground, sliding down a tunnel and into a small, black cavern...

She gasped as a heated mouth clamped down around her breast. Drawing the rigid tip into her mouth, Freya relished her ability to bringing another shocked reaction from the timid mouse. She suckled at her breast, while caressing the other, keeping the completely different sensations crashing through the girls' body. Freya trailed her mouth wetly down Steph's flat stomach, stopping to lap teasingly at the junction of her thighs.

Steph's body shook against her will. Damn it! She cursed herself for her lack of control. While she knew how wrong and unbelievable this was, she couldn't help how oddly good it felt. I don't want this though! The other part of her mind screamed in protest. Her fingers curled in Freya's hair and after a split second of indecision, pulled the head away from her body.

Freya looked up at her curiously. She could smell the heady scent of the girls' lust, her readiness. "You can't tell me you don't want it." She said bluntly.


"Tell me you want it." Freya demanded. There was a certain compulsion in her voice, a tone people wouldn't ignore. Or perhaps couldn't ignore...

"Please..." Tears shone in Steph's eyes; she could feel them welling up within her as she begged her captor.

"Tell me."

"I want it." Stephanie's voice came out as a whisper, tears streaming down her face now from her weakness. But oh how her body was craving... what, she couldn't be certain...

Freya grinned with victory. Her hands spread Steph's thighs and her tongue lapped hungrily at the warm honey gathered at her now exposed core. Steph's fingers wove into Freya's hair, holding that oh-so-wonderful mouth to her. She felt a tiny pinprick of pain as Freya's fingernails dug into her leg, but the feeling was gone as quickly as it had come, replaced with pleasure.

Freya fed liberally, drinking from the girl as she shook with the pleasure of it...


Felicia awoke with Bethany wrapped around her, the heat in the small tent stifling. She eased herself out of the other girls' grasp and crawled to the flap, letting herself outside. It was only mildly better than inside, the oppressing heat still hanging thickly in the air. She stretched before looking around the campsite.

The fire was completely out, at least she could count on the others for one bit of responsibility. But as she looked around, she saw no sign of her sister, or any of the other campers for that matter. The space that the other two tents had occupied was empty, leaving faint impressions in the grass to show that the structures had been there previously.

"Anna!" Felicia cupped her hands around her mouth to serve as a microphone to call her sister a second time, "Adrianna!"

The only response she got was a rustling behind her as Bethany crawled out of the tent, rubbing her eyes sleepily. "What's going on?" She asked, a yawn making her question slightly difficult to understand.

"They're gone." Felicia didn't bother to beat around the bush with the matter. "Get dressed. We have to go."

"Paul, we really shouldn't have left them like that." Adrianna tried to coax the boy to return to her abandoned sister.

"Oh Anna, Felicia is perfectly capable of completing the weekend, or at least getting them back to town." Kim, another of the group, spoke up.

"Ya, she's a smart girl." Frank piped up, obvious to take Kim's side. And Kim of course would do anything her elder brother told her.

Paul smiled at Adrianna. "See. It's fine. They'll most likely catch up tonight when we stop to make camp." He added, thankful he had complete control of his little sister. He had only had to threaten her a few times and show her that he'd meant it. Now little Kimmy did anything he asked without question.

Adrianna sighed. She was outnumbered here. She wasn't entirely sure why she had left Felicia in the first place. Was it really just to show the others that she was as ruthless as they? It seemed a petty reason now. And she knew she was going to have hell to pay if their parents found out. Maybe she'd have a word with Leesha before they got home... If she could convince her sister to talk to her at all by then. For now, she was just going to have to hope that they would be ok.

Paul led the way. He wasn't sure how this was going to convince Felicia that she needed a man, but maybe he could scare her into complying with what he wanted from her... He grinned at his own thoughts, a vivid picture of the younger girl on her knees before him, begging him to let her please him... He could feel his member swelling in response to this stimulation. Quickly he changed his thoughts. It wouldn't do any good to let any of the others see him in that state.

The swamp twisted and turned relentlessly. The map they had followed all the well travelled paths. So why couldn't he find this one? It looked travelled enough. But it wasn't marked on the paper he held before him. He took another random turn, hoping to come out somewhere familiar, yet trying to keep his composure that he knew where they were and where they were going.

Out of the corner of his eye, something moved stealthily, as if shadowing their progress. The vision disappeared, and he shook his head, hoping it had been an illusion. He heard Kim whisper something, and then Frank's mocking laughter. Had she seen it too?

Frank fell back a few steps as nature called. He took a few steps into the bushes to shield the others while he went about his business. He looked to the direction they were still walking in, and in that second of inattention, felt something slide up his leg. Glancing back down, panic clogging his throat, he saw a black appendage snaking up his leg. As his mouth opened in shock, in preparation to scream, he was sucked into the swamp without so much as a peep...

"Beth c'mon." Felicia's patience was stretched to its limits. "We have to catch up."

"What's the point? We're lost! We're never going to find them, or any civilization again!" She dropped her pack to the ground and slumped down next to it, tears running down her face as she choked back sobs of despair.

"Beth..." The name came out on a sigh as Felicia turned around and went back. "Come on honey, how are we supposed to find where we are when you keep stopping like this. We have to keep moving." She didn't want to add that she felt like they were being watched at all times, like they were being followed by some unseen enemy...

Felicia was aware the second the change took place in Beth. Anger flashed in her eyes as she raised her tear streaked face. "How dare you try to blame me for this!" She hissed.

"I wasn't..."

She was immediately cut off from any protests. "It was your sister that abandoned us! You that drug me out here in the first place! You think I like the swamp? Hell no! I came for you! Because you like it so much. And now you're blaming me for this situation we're stuck in? I don't think so!" She stumbled to her feet, picking up her bag and stormed off in the opposite direction.

"Beth, that's the wrong way!" Felicia called after her. There was no answer, and it only took minutes before the other girl disappeared from her sight.

Mad herself, Felicia sat down on the path and took out a bottle of water and a granola bar. Beth would come back. She was sure of it. And in that time, she might as well conserve her energy. How could she blame me? Felicia wondered, anger and hurt swirling through her. She hadn't forced Beth to attend the trip. Of course she had mentioned that a couple guys were going. That was deliberately to spark Beth's jealousy so she would come along (it would be lonely without her)... But it didn't count.

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