tagNonHumanMidnight Veil Ch. 02

Midnight Veil Ch. 02



Felicia stumbled again, falling into the deep mud, coating her bare legs liberally with the muck. Oh why did I ever let Beth pack for me? She asked herself with a distasteful look at the skirt she was wearing. She didn't belong in clothes like this, and longed for her jeans.

She got back to her feet and wiped the muck from her body, mostly managing to cover herself more thoroughly rather than disperse it.

She wasn't sure which way Beth's scream had come from, but she was following a rather suspicious looking trail. It was as if something had been drug through this section of the swamp, or perhaps those giant slugs did exist...

Felicia didn't want to think about those possibilities right then. She shook the thoughts from her mind and continued on, getting herself more thoroughly lost in the vast expanse of swamp.

Adrianna tried to stop Kim, but short of tying her to a tree, there was no way to achieve that. The younger grief-stricken girl ran into the swamp, following a faint trail that she believed was Frank's escape route. 'Because he had to have escaped...' And Adrianna was helpless to convince her otherwise. But rather than leave her to whatever fate had befallen her boyfriend, the least Anna could do was follow and try to help her out of whatever disaster lay ahead. And she was sure there was one. This entire swamp seemed to have a mind of it's own...

She followed a few paces behind, carefully watching her step rather than fall face-first into the multiple sink holes that occupied much of the marshlands. She kept her eyes down to watch her footing, and missed the second Kim left her sight.

"Damn." She muttered, when she looked up to realize that she was alone. "Kim!" She called out just above a whisper, sure that something was going to hear her and come after them. She wasn't sure what, but she didn't want to find out either.

There was a groaning off to the right of the mistaken trail, and Anna turned that way, assuming Kim had fallen into the muck. Nothing could have prepared her for what she saw next.

As if the thought had been picked out of her mind, Kimberly's lithe form was lashed to the huge trunk of a cypress tree. Her hands were bound behind her around the trunk, and her legs were spread, lashed to either side of the tree. Something else filled her mouth, gagging her.

Adrianna didn't hesitate. This had to be Paul's work. Punishment for them leaving him to be lost alone. "It's ok. I'll get you down from there." She reassured the other girl as she moved closer.

Kim shook her head frantically, her eyes wide with fear. Adrianna stopped and looked around. Was Paul still around? She didn't him sneaking up on her while she was trying to free his sister from whatever sick bonds he had put her in.

"Where is he?" She mouthed the words to Kim, hoping she would understand.

The younger girl just shook her head again, tears streaming down her face. Adrianna was left wondering if they were alone, or if Kim just hadn't understood the question. There was only one way to find out. Anna crept forward again, coming up to the base of the tree.

"What the...?" Her question died on her lips when she witnessed the impossible. Kim was bound with the braches from the tree, and when Anna looked up, she saw that it was also a branch that seemed to have snaked around Kimberly's head to gag her. She took a step back, fear swamping her with the urge to turn and run.

She couldn't very well just leave the girl here, bound to a tree with no hope of escape. But what other option was there? She couldn't climb the tree to unfasten her... As the thoughts swam through her confused mind, she forgot to watch where she was going, and when her ankle sank in the sink hole behind her, it was too late. She was thrown off balance and landed bottom down in the thick sucking mud. She tried to squirm out of it, attempting to wiggle her way around so she could pull herself from the hole. But the mud held fast, keeping her stationary. Not sinking any further, but unable to drag herself out.

Before her terrified eyes, she witnessed the tree moving, its branches seeming to soften as it moved over Kimberly's trembling form. The branches loosened, and Kim's slim form fell away from the trunk, but remained suspended in midair as they refused to relinquish its hold on the girl.

Four separate branches held each limb firmly, and a fifth went to the small of her back, helping to keep the strain of the weight from her limbs, or the trees' limbs, Adrianna wasn't sure. As she watched, more branches advanced on the captive victim, moving easily like snakes winding around her. They slid under her clothes, up the legs of her shorts, and down the sleeves of her shirt, and in one smooth motion, tore all the offending articles from her body. The tentacle-like branches moved to her bra next, ripping the thin material away to expose her petite breasts to its ravishing needs. It roughly caressed her breasts before sliding down her stomach to inch under her panties and tear them from her as well.

Kim sobbed in fear at this treatment, her eyes pleading with Anna to save her. Adrianna felt useless, unable to move no matter how much she struggled.

Adrianna was watching the scene unravel before her very eyes of the swamp creatures that the rumours left out. As she was so captivated by what was happening to the younger girl, she was unaware of the undulating muck around her own trembling body. The mud moved on its own, sliding around her, seeming to dissolve her clothes as it went. Adrianna belatedly became aware when the cool breeze swept over her rigid nipple. Glancing down, she saw the predicament her body had been entered in. Her bare breasts were jutting out invitingly, temptingly and she could now discern the movement beneath her. She was waist deep in the sink hole, her legs sprawled out before her, her hands buried to her elbows behind her, keeping her upper half free of the mud. But the mud now crawled up her body, shifting and covering her. It wasn't gritty as you would expect, but rather smooth as it caressed her body.

Kimberly screamed into her gag as the tree continued its assault on her. The tentacle appendages slid over her body, leaving a thick slime behind, coating her in its lubrication. A large branch slid up her legs, over her core, caressing intimately. Her breasts were fondled, nipples coaxed into hard peaks. Her eyes wide, she watched as this thing continued to touch her, caress her, awaken her...

Adrianna wiggled at the discreet tickling between her thighs. Her legs were held firmly, as where her wrists, and her waist; she couldn't do more than wiggle her bottom of perhaps jiggle her tits. A giggle of apprehension slid forth from her parted lips as she felt everything was surreal. Dreamlike. She laughed aloud as the goo slid higher between her thighs, stopping and lathering her slick entrance with its own form of lubrication. It slid into her an inch, turning her laugh into a moan as she wriggled deeper into the mud to grasp at the invader in her snatch. It obliged, surging in farther, much farther, bumping against her cervix. She moaned again, arching her back to jut her breasts into the waiting jelly there...

Kim stared down in shock at Anna's wanton reaction to whatever was happening to her beneath that mud. She had witnessed her clothes falling from her shoulders as if they had been disintegrated with an acid of some sort... "Oh!" Her shocked cry escaped her when she felt her nipple being pinched in retaliation to her lack of attention. "Oh, Gods! Stop, Please!" She moaned the plea, trying unsuccessfully to wiggle out of her restraints. She was abruptly turned over, so that she was facing the ground, and a sharp sting accompanied by the retort of a slap landed firmly on her buttocks. "No!" She moaned the words again, wiggling harder, earning herself another slap sounding like the crack of a whip across the back of her thighs. She would have been embarrassed under any other circumstances by the rush of answering heat that melted her core...

Adrianna rode shamelessly, bucking her body to the extent allowed by the encroaching mud. Her body felt ultra-sensitive, as if she could feel every little thing this entity did to her. She could feel it swelling into her snatch, stretching her and filling her as full as her body's limitations would allow. And even that was more than she could have possibly imagined. Its growing girth forced her legs wide, and the goo slid down her stomach to the apex of her thighs and caressed the hard nub of her clitoris wringing another moan from her. It was the last she would be able to utter undisturbed. The goo sent an appendage to her open, gasping mouth, to slip into that inviting cavern. She choked momentarily on the sudden unexpected invasion before sucking greedily, taking in the lubricating honey it ejected. Oh, how it felt like she was floating on a cloud of ecstasy!

Kimberly was more resistant to the dreamlike effects. She kept her sanity slightly longer, not giving in to that oh-so-tempting sensation. That was until the creature whipped her bottom a third time, making her wet with anticipation, and lowering her guard against its advances. At this apparent weakness the slime soaked into her skin, sending her into that dreamlike state, and with one more slap on her reddened buttocks, it slid into her, mindless of which entrance, thrusting deep into her back door. A second branch massaged her lips open and tangoed briefly with her tongue before slipping down her throat, stopping all protests that were still coming forth despite the enhancing drug administered. Kim bucked and writhed to the best of her ability, still attempting escape. Her bonds were instantly reinforced and tightened to a near painful extent, achieving a moan of satisfaction from her gagged mouth. The third tentacle slid into her wet snatch, driving deep into her, slamming against her cervix roughly...

Adrianna's body soaked up the slime that the mud liberally coated over her. Her breasts were tingling and she felt the answering caress that she craved. Her nipples widened to accommodate the slime there, and Anna could feel it entering her, expanding her. Her tits swelled uncontrollably until it felt as if they might burst. She moaned around her gag arching further still into the massaging entity. She felt it writhe into her backdoor and jumped in disapproval, but was held still for the invasion nonetheless. The sensation faded into pleasure, mingling with the rest of her body's responses. There was a sudden, odd sensation deep within her core that brought her partially out of her daze. Her eyes snapped open and her mouth opened wider in denial, (allowing the tentacle there to slip farther in). The creature's multiple appendages surged into her, filling her, and she felt the sensation of bloating out. They came uncontrollably into her every crevasse, exploding within her like flood doors opening. She screamed her frustrations, bucking, trying to make them somehow last longer. I'm not done yet! Her mind screamed, her body tightening around the tentacles to slow their escape. They couldn't leave yet! They still had a job to do!

Kim's body tensed as she felt the building pressure. The tentacles didn't worry so much about coating her into compliance with its lubrication, instead, taking her roughly and furiously. They pound into her with renewed energy as they could sense her body entering that precipice of pleasure. They pushed her into a strong orgasm with their brutality, slapping her bottom repeatedly, a thin tentacle sliding around her throat to tighten itself there, others in her hair to hold her head still as they fucked her mouth, pulling on her hair each time she moved. Her moans and screams of pleasure echoed through the swamp until she was exhausted and her cum was dripping from her suspended body.

The tentacles left Adrianna's body frustrated and unsatisfied. She wanted to scream or cry but instead, bit her lip until she tasted blood. It wasn't fair! Her body was huge now, bloated with the cum of the creatures, but that didn't bother her. She realized belatedly that she was sinking into the mud again, as it closed around her face, she took a deep breath and held it, her thoughts still on her own pleasure. She seemed to be suspended in the mud until she felt the cool air on her bottom. She emerged from the sink hole in a small cavern where she was set gently on the ground and approached by different creatures. The worm like blobs crawled over to her, and cleansed the mud and stray cum from her legs and torso. She lay still for their care, her legs spread and ready. Her body was still alive with the sensations that the other creature had invoked in her and she was hopefully awaiting these ones to resume where it had failed. Her wish was granted when a tentative tongue snaked out and slid along her vulva, tasting her ready cream. It flicked into her stretched opening, caressing gently. When she moaned in encouragement, it became more bold, inching closer. Its member slid out, slick and firm, pressing against her opening, spreading her labia once again to gain entrance. Its thick girth stretched her wider, creating a intoxicating friction as it slid into her. The motion was slow and Anna was still drugged from the last creature. All she could think about was her greedy need to cum. And this creature was moving too slow. She pushed it off, and before it could react, crawled on top of it, grabbing its member and inserting it into herself. She moaned as she started the pace, faster than its attempts. The creature, unsure what to do, lay still, allowing this lust driven girl to do as she pleased. Behind her she was only vaguely of the other creatures that were steadily approaching her. She didn't flinch when one crawled onto her back, its thick appendage searching blindly for the opening it knew was there. When it found its intended location and slipped in, its forelegs wrapped more securely around her bucking waist. In front of her, yet another creature approached, its member rigid and swaying temptingly in front of Adrianna. She leaned over to allow it entrance to her mouth, riding the first creature shamelessly, while allowing the one behind her better access...

Above the ground, Kim was slowly recovering from her shattering orgasm, while the tree slowed its pace and brutality. It coursed into her at a satisfying pace, causing her body so quiver and clench around it. She left her jaw slack, lacking the energy to sufficiently stimulate the tentacle lodged in her throat, instead, allowing it to do as it pleased. The other tentacle, thrusting steadily into her cum soaked snatch brought her body back to that brink, making her writhe and wiggle in an attempt to take it deeper, even though it was already bumping against her cervix. It came suddenly, with no indication, except the flooding that course through her. Kim shook with the force of the creatures orgasm, sending her into one seconds after. Its thick cum pumped into her, filling her womb, her stomach, every place the seed could expand to, to allow more to follow suit.

Adrianna rode the creature relentlessly. She was mindless of how badly she was sending it over the edge, as it had no control to stop the sensations she was forcing into it. Her swollen clit rubbed against an intriguing nub above its extended member, adding to the rising climax within her bloated body. Her body froze in the throes of pleasure, and beneath her the creature bucked and thrust on its own. She came uncontrollably, a scream of pleasure ripping itself from her full throat. She continued to move fervently, her vaginal muscles clenching and milking the member lodged so deeply in her snatch. It came seconds later, pumping its seed into her already expanded womb before sliding out from under her. Anna was unable to move, as she still had two creatures pumping into her furiously. She sucked at the one in her mouth, wanting more of that oh-so-tasty cream the last one had filled her with while the creature behind her thrust into her tight ass, holding her hips still for its intrusion. It picked up speed, and Anna was sent spiralling into another orgasm as it came inside of her. At the same time the one in her mouth exploded, spilling its seed down her throat while her muscles convulsed in an attempt to swallow it to keep from choking herself. As the creature slipped away from her, the cum spilled over her lips and down her chin to drip steadily onto her enlarged tits. She brought up her hand to caress her body, using the excess cream to massage her over abused body. The creatures all moved back, and she sat in the centre of the chamber, her hands rubbing the thick cum to every expanse of available skin...

Kimberly was set down on a soft bed, thoroughly in a dream-like state now that she was completely sated and the jelly had had a chance to soak into her resistant skin. She sighed in dreamy contentment as she felt the gentle jostling movement of being moved ever-so-carefully as to keep her from awaking.


"She has arrived." Freya's voice betrayed her excitement as she lifted her head from her newest feast. The girl she had subdued moaned in disappointment at the abrupt cessation of the ministrations the mistress had been giving her. Freya was still craving, and she still had some time to wait. She resumed, her face burrowing into the damp curls at the apex of the girls thighs, bringing those moans back to sounds of pleasure.

Felicia wandered into the mouth of the cave burrowing deep under ground. She knew that this wasn't the best of ideas, but there was the odd footprint, and in hopes that it was Bethany's trail she was on, she proceeded into the cavern.

The tunnels seemed too small to fit a human, and Felicia couldn't think of any reason why Beth would have gone down this route. The ceiling was low, and she was forced to hunch over and shuffle along, trying desperately not to brush against the slimy looking walls. Her breathing was shallow, lest she cause some slight vibration that might bring the entire foundation crashing down on top of her.

Undescribable sounds echoed through the corridors. A chill went down Felicia's spine, and she had the fleeting urge to turn around and run... was that Beth's voice?! Another soft moan travelled through the tunnel, bouncing off the walls and making it impossible to tell which direction it was coming from. Swallowing the sudden lump in her throat, she forced her legs into compliance, walking further into the shrouding darkness. There seemed to be an odd light radiating from the core, lighting the halls in its eerie glow.

Felicia turned to the left at the next fork and continued her slow exploration. It came to a dead end at a barred cavern. Peering at the odd forms of bars... Were they branches just stuck in the mud, or was that the roots of a tree above ground...? She saw an odd form wriggling in the centre of the room. Squinting against the impending darkness, as if it was trying to keep her from seeing through its thickness, the forms slowly took on a shape.

"Beth?" Her voice came out as a whisper as her eyes widened in shock. The form wiggled at the sounds of a voice, and a gurgling protest emerged; not Beth.

Felicia gasped, then rubbed her eyes fervently. There was no way she had just seen that... She tried to convince herself. But then it happened again. The bound woman wiggled with awareness, and Felicia caught a glimpse of the slightly impish features. "Kim?" She was still whispering. Even as she said the name, the figure was turned around slowly, in mid air, and Felicia was able to make out her predicament. Suspended in the centre of the hollowed out, barred, area was the youngest member of the camping group. Kimberly's state was horrifying to the other girl: it seemed as if the tree roots, or branches, or whatever they were, were abusing the poor girl beyond anything Felicia had ever heard of. The things were protruding from any area available on her naked body, and the sights were not censured as Kimberly wiggled more, a moan (not being entirely sure if it was a moan of protest or one of lust...) muffled around the thing lodged in her throat. Felicia grasped the bars in her way, yanking on them in an attempt to help the other girl. But when they moved, and tried to snake around her own wrists, Felicia jumped back out of the way, with a whispered, "I'll come back for you!" Before retreating the way she had come.

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