Midnight Veil Ch. 02


The creature, seemingly bored with its leisurely exploration, coursed into her wet snatch with such force that Freya almost passed out. But this, it wouldn't allow. At the moment her eyes tried to close in relief another tentacle arrived, caressing her clit to wring those soft moans from her. She drummed her heels on the hard floor, lifting her body, torn between her desire to escape and remain queen, and her need for more! 'It's too late to remain queen and you know it!' The harsh voice from within her whispered cruelly. "No! Oh Gods, please no!" Her cries brought a ferocious response from the goo coating her, and it coursed over her, inside of her, stretching her. Her breasts were swelling with its invasion. "No! Stop! This can't be happening!" As she screamed again, choking on the words, a third tentacle emerged from the mass, slipping stealthily into her mouth, gagging her from any more protests. It surged down her throat gleefully, forcing her to swallow more of it, instinctively to keep herself from choking. She moaned around her gag, still trying to struggle out of the creatures' grasp.

The tentacle in her snatch continued to surge into her steadily, stretching her more with each thrust, bathing her in its creamy lubricant to ensure it would continue to fit. Freya had tears in her eyes as she fought. 'You like it, admit it!' The harsh voice in her mind spoke again, laughing evilly. She shook her head in denial and with each twist of her neck, brought more of the tentacle down her throat. 'Give it up. You'll never win.' It continued to taunt her.

Felicia was sitting at the base of the throne, watching this unfold before her. She could see the conflicting emotions flickering across Freya's face, changing from pain to pleasure. Acceptance to denial. Back and forth in confusing expressions, as if she were having an inner battle... One hesitant over large slug-like creature approached her, holding something precariously in its maw. A flower? It dropped the swamp lily at her feet, a very rare flower indeed, and performed a slightly awkward bow. She was slightly confused, until she felt a tentative nudging, and noticed a second creature, trying to usher her into the throne. She obliged, sitting in the head seat of the chamber, the performance from the previous mistress still taking place in the centre of the room. The first creature picked up the flower it had dropped in front of her and inched closer, close enough to drop it on her knees, before rushing back to bow to her again. She giggled, delighted by the oddly cute little thing, and leaned over stretching out a hand to coax it closer. It came to her eagerly, thrusting its head under her outstretched hand. She scratched it gently, surprised with it began to emit a sort of purring vibration. It flopped over onto its back, like a dog begging for a belly-rub. With another delighted giggle, she obliged.

Freya was still trying to deny that evil voice the pleasure it was tempting her to accept. But her treacherous body wouldn't agree with her demands, and she felt the orgasm sweeping through her. No matter how much she tried to fight it she knew she was failing. The sensations were too much to deny. And that oh-so-wonderful honey... She came then, her hips rising off the floor as she lifted her tensing body onto her heels and shoulder blades, balancing in that bridge position to allow the most access. The creature took this blatant invitation and slipped another tentacle towards her, coming up on her back door and gliding in without hesitation. Freya's eyes snapped open at the intrusion to her pleasure but was soon distracted as another moan was wrung from her full throat. Her enlarged breasts swayed precariously, threatening to topple her frail balance. Her grasping muscles milked the creatures within her as she swallow again and again, trying to steal that tasty honey they emitted. The surging tentacles moved faster, gliding in and out of her rhythmically, charging her body up for another orgasm.

The force of the second orgasm crashed through her and she screamed around her gag, her fists clenching and unclenching from their bound positions at her side. She thrust her hips up, grinding against the creature until she felt it swell even more inside her pulsating snatch, and within seconds it's cum was coursing into her. Filling her. Stretching her. Litres of the substance poured from the multiple tentacles, pumping into every crevasse, as well as erupting all over her body. The tongues that were still licking at her, turning out to be just smaller tentacles, shot their cum wherever they happened to be when the main explosion came. Freya was covered with the substance, tasting it as it filled her throat while the tentacle there tried to reverse its direction. Her limbs went limp with exhaustion as the tentacles retracted, pulling free of her clenching muscles. And then she felt like she was floating, as if a belated strain of the drug finally affected her frayed nerves.

Felicia watched as the jelly-like creature carried the limp form from the chamber, multiple tongues licking at her dangling limbs. She looked around at the creatures that surrounded her, all awaiting her orders...


Felicia got her lily bearing slug to lead her to the hostages that were being kept in the many different areas. She was surprised at what she saw as this creature brought her from the chamber, to the first of the small rooms. This one; only slightly smaller than her chamber, contained a handful of naked writhing bodies. Although they lay on the ground, in one simple mass, their skin was clean and giving off a healthy glow, their hair shining and soft looking.

"Find them clothes." Felicia gave her order, which her pet relayed to the next down the line. She walked into the room, approaching the girls, virgins; she could smell their scent calling to her oh-so-temptingly... and snapping her fingers a few times, gained their undivided attention. They crawled to her, as if in a drug-induced dream, smiling pleasantly. Felicia could see the damp honey clinging to them between their thighs. At least they managed to keep themselves occupied... A faint voice answered the half question that was forming. Moisture gleamed on their full lips, and a shine covered the multiple bodies.

Two creatures returned, carrying articles of clothes, made from things which Felicia didn't want to identify. She tossed the clothes into that mass of bodies. "Get dressed." She demanded in a stern voice. Slowly, the girls seemed to emerge from their dreamy states, and in a dazed, did as they were told. They followed Felicia back to her throne room. She picked one of the eager looking slug creatures that watched her with beady eyes. "You, take them to the entrance, lead them back to civilization." It gave a curt nod before ushering the girls down the low corridors. Felicia picked two other creatures. "Go with him. Nothing is to happen to these girls." She commanded.

Looking back at her pet, (His lily securely tied in her hair) she asked to be brought to her friends. Beth was first. Felicia demanded she be let go, which the creature obliged without a qualm, earning a groan of disappointment from the expanded human that had been her girlfriend. The extended tummy wiggled, and Felicia wasn't at all surprised when a tiny creature began to emerge from between those wet, parted thighs. Impregnated... She grabbed Beth's hand, and despite the creatures that were eager to be born, lead her from the room. In her chamber she set the other girl down in a corner, stationing another slug there. "When she's done, bring her to the entrance."

She backtracked, now getting the hang of how these tunnels worked as if a map had suddenly been imprinted in her mind, and found her way to her sister, with minimal help from Buddy. She pulled her sister's resisting form from the mud, which then assumed the shape of three more separate creatures. Her sister's stomach was protruded as well, but Felicia brought her to where Kimberly was still captive, nonetheless.

The bars on the opening to that cell opened quickly as she approached and the branches, or roots, she still wasn't sure which, released the younger girl. Kimberly scrambled away going straight to Felicia and wrapping her arms around the mistresses' ankles kissing her legs fervently.

"Let's go." At the mouth of the cavern, Beth awaited, naked and shivering. Felicia ushered her ahead, putting the other two girls between them. With a backwards glance to where her morose looking pet awaited, she smiled reassuringly, a silent promise that she would be returning. She raised her face to the starry night sky, her fangs gleaming with dark promise...

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