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Midnight View


My nephew Rick was starting to check into a university he wanted to attend. He called me and asked if he could spend the weekend at my place. This school he was interested in was in the city where I lived. Rick arrived that Friday evening and got settled in. We went to dinner and then watched a movie afterwards. Rick said he was somewhat tired halfway into the movie and said he was going to bed. I finished up watching and then decided to turn in myself.

Walking down the hallway, I thought I would just crack the door and make sure Rick was alright. I am not sure now why I did this. Rick was now eighteen, perhaps I still thought of him as a young kid. I peered in through the door. The room was completely dark. Only the moonlight through the windows revealed anything. I could see Rick lying on top of the bed. He was nude. What little of light there was had highlighted his naked frame.

Rick was tall, blonde, and almost hairless on his body. His long cock was flat on his belly. He was much bigger and thicker than I was. I had my eyes glued to his man meat.

"Is that you Uncle Ken?" Rick called out to me.

I was a bit embarrassed to be caught there, staring at my nephew's cock.

"Yes Rick, it's me," I replied.

"Can I ask you something?" Rick asked.

"Sure," I replied back.

"Have you ever been with a man before?" He asked me.

"No never," I said.

Rick then told me of his first experience with another male. It was an old friend of his. Rick opened up and told me how he sucked his friend's prick and now he was confused about what he had done.

I tried to be open with him and said it was ok to be attracted to men as well as women. Rick asked me if I had ever been attracted to another man. Rick had taken his cock in his hand and began to stroke it. Perhaps he didn't think I could see him. My own cock was starting to rise in my pants. I was getting a bit uncomfortable.

I replied that I had been attracted to another man once but nothing had ever happened between us.

Rick then asked me the loaded question.

"Do you think I am good looking, Uncle Ken?"

I almost didn't want to reply. His cock was standing straight up. Rick had it gripped in the palm of his hand.

Yes Rick, you are a handsome guy," I told him.

I took a few steps closer to the bed. I guess I finally lost my control. I climbed onto the bed and took Rick's cock in my hand and began to stroke it. Rick moaned as I pumped his cock. I lowered my head and took his mushroom head into my mouth.

I could barely fit him into my open mouth. Rick pushed his hips up and tried to fill my throat. I was gagging on all that hard meat of his. My eyes began to water. but I kept sucking him down. I worked lower and lower, almost to his root now. Rick had his head thrown back and was moaning and urging me on.

There was no need to urge me. I wanted this almost more than life itself. I went up and down that shaft, using my throat to milk his bone. I was massaging his big sacs as well. I knew he was completely full of cum. After a few minutes of my sucking, Rick erupted in my mouth. I couldn't believe how much manseed he was squirting down into my belly.

I just kept milking his rod and all its liquid until Rick was finally spent. I couldn't imagine how much of his cum I had drunk down. It felt like a gallon of it.

My cock was still hard as a rock. Looking down at my nephew with his legs spread apart, just turned me on even more. I stood up and shed my shirt, pants, and underwear. My cock was standing straight and proud. Rick turned his head and was staring at my erection. He then lifted his legs and took his ankles in his hands. He was inviting me to take him.

I knelt between his legs and took my cock in my hand. I began to rub the head up and down his asscrack. Slowly I put my head at his opening and I pushed. Rick was extremely tight. Once I got my cockhead wedged into his hole, I place my arms on either side of his body. I began to pump my throbbing cock into my nephew's tight hole.

Rick was nearly begging for me to take it out. I had no plans to remove my cock. I kept feeding him inch after hard inch. I would pull back then give him more of me. This went on for maybe fifteen minutes before I felt my sacs resting on his ass.

I looked into Rick's face. I asked him if he wanted to to stop now. I knew he wanted it so bad and would never have me remove my dick. He told me to fuck him as hard as I could do it. I then started to plough his bottom with my dick. Rick now threw his legs around me and I took his virgin hole.

I loosened him up by stirring my cock around inside him. All this time Rick was crying out to me. Begging me to fuck him hard, then telling me how much it hurt. My nephew's hole was very tight. I gave him the longest, deepest strokes I could deliver. My nut sacs were beating him on his cheeks. The slapping noises nearly made me cum. I had to control myself from cumming prematurely.

It seemed like we had fucked for hours, but I knew it hadn't been that long. I felt my balls tighten and I knew I was close. I told Rick I was going to breed his ass. Rick practically begged me to seed his bottom. It was then I shot one of the biggest load I had ever produced. I just kept pounding into Rick and not letting up. I think we were both in an altered state by then.

Rick's ass muscles surrounded my shaft and went into a spasm. He milked all my love juice from me. After the minutes it took to shoot my cream, I collapsed onto Rick's chest. We both were trying to catch our breaths. That was the first time I had ever kissed a man. I found Rick's open mouth and my tongue slipped inside. We tongue kissed one another until my cock finally fell out of his hole.

The rest of the weekend was much of the same. Rick and I made love after he had finished visiting the college campus. Rick took my virgin ass that Saturday evening. I never thought he could feed me all of that thick meat, but he eventually did get it all in me. Rick fucked me raw that night and fired his man load into my stretched hole.

As a matter of fact, he fucked me three times that night. I never imagined I could hold so much cum inside me. I did fuck Rick again later after we rested. I didn't have the stamina that my nephew did. He could fuck all day and night if need be.

Rick did decide that the university here was the one for him. It didn't hurt matters that his uncle was close by for some hot loving whenever he wanted it.

It is almost the end of the first year for Rick at school. We fuck at least three times a week and weekend are spent in my bed exclusively with Rick. If you ever have the chance, you need to have sex with a young man, preferably your own nephew.

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