tagInterracial LoveMidnite's Magic Ch. 01

Midnite's Magic Ch. 01


Chapter One: Meeting Midnite

Sitting here in the hot sun, on my forty seventh birthday; remembering the incredible adventures that have befallen me in the last six months, I have decided to put my memories on paper. Putting them on paper, may make me believe that what occurred was more then just a dream. If the following adventures had not happened to me, I would not have believed they were possible.

When my story started I was a forty six year old, white male who was confined to a wheelchair because of polio. I had gone to Jamaica for sun, sex and marijuana in what ever order I could get them. Being in the wheelchair had put a real cramp in my sex life because women were afraid a sexual relationship would embarrass me. They figured that because I was in a wheelchair that I could not get it up. Women wanted a man to look after them, not a man that they would have to look after. My reply to that was that I could still get it up a couple of times and if I needed something done, I could do it myself. This is why I'm in Jamaica, namely to get the pussy I do not get at home.

While I was sitting on the veranda of my room a young lady approached me, telling me her name was Paulette and asked if I wanted a back massage. She was about one hundred and sixty centimeters tall, light brown complexion, black wavy hair and a firm body with medium breasts. I could not be sure of what her body looked like because she wore a short pink skirt and a matching shorty T-shirt. I told her to come in; as I'd enjoy a massage. Starting the wheelchair toward the door; she followed.

When I was transferring from the wheelchair to the bed she closed and locked the door. Walking toward the bed; Paulette pulled her pink T-shirt over her head; revealing a perfect pair of orange sized breasts.

"Do you like what you see?" she cooed. "I bet you would enjoy running your fingers and lips over them. They're just waiting for you."

When she had pulled her T-shirt over her head and dropped it on a chair Paulette pulled up her skirt revealing a brown crotch, covered with a little black thong.

"Maybe you Would like to play with this?" she laughed.

"What makes you think I would want sex, let alone that I can get it up?" I inquired.

"You guys in wheelchairs and preachers always want sex. I know that you can get it up because of the bulge in your shorts." Paulette laughed. "Would you like the bare flesh on bare flesh massage? Thirty dollars and I can make you feel real good." She promised.

Sitting on the bed beside me Paulette placed my hand on her breast. I could feel her nipple begin to stiffen, as I slowly kneaded the firm flesh of her breast.

"What man could resist your charms." I chuckled. "Give me the works and I'll give you the thirty dollars." I promised.

With that I pulled Paulette down on the bed; beginning to suck on her other nipple. Sucking the nipple and aureole into my mouth, I slid my tongue around the stiffening bud. When her nipple had become hard, I trapped it between my teeth and began to lightly bite. This brought a yelp of surprise from Paulette.

"Shit that feels nice! You're making my pussy wet." she squealed in delight.

While my hands, mouth and tongue had been busy licking and kneading her breasts; she had not been idle. Paulette had unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and was rubbing my throbbing shaft through the tight cotton of my briefs. Her fingers slid beneath the waist band of my briefs; where they grabbed my hard manhood.

"How does that feel? Do you like when I rub your big bamboo? I'm going to pull off your shorts and brief; so I can really work you good." she said with a grin.

With that she quickly pulled my shorts and briefs down my legs and over my ankles. When she had freed Willie; he jumped to attention with joy; at being released from the confining clothing. Grabbing my shaft, she gave it a firm squeeze and began to pump it. The clear lubricating fluid began to ooze from the hole at the tip of my penis; as she masturbated me. The rapid motion of her hand was causing the lubricant to coat my shaft; making it slick and shiny.

"You get to see me naked; so now it is my turn to see you naked. Move that ass over here; so I can pull off your thong and get a good look at your pussy!" I ordered.

Paulette immediately twisted herself around; so her vagina was near my head. Laying on her side, so she could continue to jerk me off; I had an unobstructed view of her black thong covered crotch. I could see the puffy lips of her labia clearly outlined by the skin tight black thong. I also noticed that a wet spot was forming along the cleft between her love lips. Knowing that she was getting hot; excited me; causing my blood engorged pole to bob around. I could feel the pre ejaculation fluid oozing from the head of my twitching tool.

I just had to see her bare vagina. Bringing my hands to the waist band of her thong, I quickly pulled it over her hips and down her firm thighs, revealing her love mound to my hungry gaze. Pushing her onto her back, I finished removing her thong and spread her legs so I would have a clear view of her jelly roll. Pulling my penis from her grasp, I sat up.

The black hair surrounding her slit was trimmed short, allowing me to clearly see her labia lips. The pink lips had parted revealing the lighter pink of her love tunnel. I watched as drops of dew gathered on the inner folds of flesh and slowly ran down the lips of her labia. The puffy blood engorged lips and the pink inner folds looked so delicious, I wanted to dive face first into her sugar bowl.

"Do you like what you see? Lick it and get me really wet, so you can drive that big cock into me!" she ordered.

With no further hesitation, I leaned forward and buried my face in her brown crotch. Inserting my rigid tongue at the bottom of her drooling cleft, I began to lick upward, scooping up her cream. I brought my hands to her ass cheeks and buried my fingers in her butt crack, drawing her honey pot closer to my face. My nose was rubbing the top of her cleft, where the nub of her clit was peeking from its hood. As I worked my tongue up the inner walls of her slit, my nose no longer rubbed her clitoris. When my tongue finally reached the top of her cleft, I encircled her love bud with my tongue, pulling it into my mouth. Sucking her quivering button, I slid my tongue over the head of her bud. This brought a moan of delight from her.

"Suck that clitty!" she demanded. "That feels so good. I can feel my juices flowing. You are getting me so hot. Stick that big dick in me! I want to feel a hard cock inside me, right now!" Paulette squealed.

Her excitement was contagious. I could feel my penis becoming harder. Removing my mouth from her quivering quim and my hands from her tight ass cheeks; I moved my body forward; until the head of my pulsating member came in contact with the mouth of her womb. Covering her body with mine, I teased the opening to her love tunnel with my bobbing shaft head. I only allowed the head, to penetrate her vagina mouth. I refrained from driving into her moist depths, so I could prolong my pleasure as long as possible. Paulette had a different plan.

"Drive that hard cock in me!" she pleaded. "I need to feel your hard wood in me; so I can get off. I need you inside me now!" she exclaimed with a throaty growl.

Before I new what happened Paulette had encircled my waist with her firm, strong brown legs and was pulling me inside her. With a quick thrust of her hips she engulfed my entire pole, burying it up to the balls in her hot, wet hole. Watching my white pole disappear into her brown pussy got me really excited. The contrast in our colors was extremely erotic.

With my throbbing member buried in her grasping tunnel; she proceeded to grind her pelvis against my crotch. This woman wanted it hard and fast.

I was determined to regain control of the situation and make the pleasure last as long as possible. I was paying for this massage and I wanted my monies worth. I knew she wanted to make me shoot my load as quick as possible, so she could move on to the next customer. If I could refrain from sliding in and out of her tight grasping tunnel and think of other things; I knew I would be able to last longer.

Moving her head to my chest; Paulette found my nipple with her mouth and began to suck and bite. She then relaxed her legs, so she could slide her gash up my shaft. Tightening her muscular legs, she again drew my rigid penis into her hot pulsating sheath.

Removing her mouth from my stiff nipple; she whispered into my ear, "Your big cock fills me up so good. I can feel every ridge of your shaft. I'm getting close to coming! I want to feel your hot cream shooting inside me, as I come! Fuck me hard and fast; so we can come together!" she exclaimed in a passionate voice; as she stuck her tongue in my ear.

Paulette's probing tongue and her dirty talk were causing me to lose all the resolve I had built up. She had again gained the upper hand. While she probed and cooed in my ear, her hips resumed their pumping. She then added a rotating motion to her hip thrusts. I felt like I was being twisted by a cork screw. The sensations I was getting as her sucking slit slid up and down my manhood were driving me into a frenzy of passion. Her arms were wrapped around my back and her finger nails began to rake me.

"Slow down!" I groaned. "My cock feels so great with your hot pussy wrapped around it. I want to enjoy it as long as possible."

"O baby, I'm almost there!" she squealed. "Slam that big cock harder and faster up my cunt. I want to feel your juice squirt against the walls of my cunt, and watch as it runs out!" she exclaimed.

I was not fucking this woman; she was fucking me. I could feel my balls tightening as a big hot load of sperm built up. Paulette knew I was close to my orgasm by the way my body began to tense.

"Shoot your load baby! I'm coming!" she cried out.

I could no longer hold back. I could feel the sperm rushing up my shaft. My body was quivering With the volcanic force of my first eruption; as the hot, thick juice geyser from the tip of my penis head. My whole concentration was fixed on my spurting cock. I could almost see the seed blasting out and hitting the fleshy folds of her womb. Again and again I felt the creamy cum spurt from my throbbing manhood, as I franticly slammed into her clutching cunt. Every time I pulled from her hole, I could feel the walls of her vagina milking my shaft as if she was milking a cow.

"O yes! Fill my pussy with your sticky seed!" she ordered. "Pump me hard! I want to drain every drop from that big dick of yours," she moaned. "I cannot get enough sperm. I want to lick it all off, when you are done."

With her hot talk and grinding pussy; I could no longer control my pounding cock. I was oblivious to everything, but my ejaculating penis. I continued pumping my manhood in and out of her, even when there was no more juice to discharge.

As my shaft lost some of its hardness, I became more aware of my surroundings. My strenuous exertions and the hot humid room had caused me to sweat. It poured off me and dripped on Paulette, landing on her face, naked breasts and belly. As Paulette's pussy gave a powerful spasm; My quickly diminishing penis was expelled. Looking down I watched my slick, shrinking penis slide from her drooling cleft; allowing my creamy white sperm to run out. I could see strands of my white spunk coating her brown thighs.

"That felt great." I gasped; as I lowered myself to the bed. Rolling on my back; I continued, "You drained me like a milking machine. I will not be able to get it up for another day."

As I lay on the bed; I watched while Paulette sat up. She did look fine kneeling there; with the sweat glistening on her naked brown body; our juices soaking her crotch hair and running down her legs.

"Spread your legs, so I can get a better view of your pussy." I suggested. "That's the way. Now pull the lips open a little more; so I can see the cream run out of your pretty pink slit and down your brown thighs."

She quickly moved her knees apart; giving me a perfect view of the lips of her puffy, pink, glistening labia. Her pink labia looked like the inside of a brown shell. She was not as quick to bring her fingers to her vagina. When she did, she just lightly brushed them along her rosy valley. I was wondering if her reluctance was caused by a shyness or some taboo. The truth became clear when she spoke.

" Like the view? Well I better get cleaned up.

With that she moved to the edge of the bed, stood up and swayed her ass to the bathroom. After a few minutes of running water Paulette returned, carrying a towel and a wet wash cloth.

"You can clean up, while I get dressed." she suggested, as she handed me the items and reached for her clothes.

Taking the cloth and towel, I proceeded to clean up. By the time I had wiped the sticky sperm from my limp dick and belly she was dressed.

"I'm ready to go. Could you give me my money before I go?" she asked ; walking to the bed.

"Sure." I replied; getting into my wheelchair. "Here it is." I said, handing her the money.

"Thanks. Maybe I can give you another massage; when you have more strength." she laughed; taking the money and slipping it into her panties.

Leaning forward she planted a kiss on my cheek. Before I knew what had happened she was unlocking the door and walking out. I really felt, in more then one way; that I had been fucked.

Pulling on a pair of black bikini briefs I wheeled out to the veranda. With a wave and a wiggle of her ass, Paulette strolled away. Making a rum punch I contemplated what had just taken place, while I sipped on the drink. I ceased my contemplations when the girl that cleaned some of the rooms came along. It was evening and she was on her way home.

"How are you this evening?" she inquired.

"All right." I replied. "Would you care to join me? I hate to drink alone."

"Yes man, but I do not drink alcohol. I don't like the taste." she replied with a smile.

Walking to the table and chairs on the veranda, she sat down. When she was comfortably seated she placed her bag on the floor at her feet. Wheeling to the refrigerator I poured her a glass of punch; with out the punch. Bringing the drink to the table I noticed how good she looked. The long baggy dress she wore to work did not do her justice. I could also see her hair; which was no longer covered by a turban. She wore it in a small afro. She was dark brown; about 165 centimeters tall. Looking at the smooth, wrinkle free complexion of her eyes and face, I estimated her age at eighteen, nineteen or early twenties. She was firm, with no fat, but rounded in the right spots. I could not help but notice the large breasts straining the green and gold material of her blouse. She wore no bra; so I could see her nipples outlined by the blouse material.

Taking the drink from my hands, she brought it to her lips and tasted it with her tongue. Watching her pink tongue slide from between her lips and slip into the drink was extremely erotic. When she had satisfied herself that there was no alcohol in the drink, she brought it to her lips and began to drink. Seeing the contrast between her full, lipstick pink lips and the dark brown of her face, was very sexy. I was imagining my hard penis sliding between those voluptuous, full, moist, pink lips, while I shot a load of sperm into her mouth.

"Hello. My name is Sandra Jackson, but everyone calls me Midnite because I'm so dark. What is your name?"

"Everyone around here calls me Johnnie Cool." I replied.

"Well Johnnie, it looked as if you had company; that didn't stay long." Midnite laughed.

"How did you know that I had company?" I asked

"There is very little happening here; that I don't see or here about. Paulette staid longer than usual. She likes to get in and out with the money as quickly as possible. Time is money." Midnite laughed.

"You do seam to know everything that goes on here." I commented. "You are right about her being in a hurry." I continued sarcastically.

"That's her style." Midnite laughed. "I didn't think a nice guy like you would go for a sport like her. Most of her customers are tougher and she gets slapped around sometimes. I guess they don't like to be rushed."

"Even nice guys in wheelchairs get horny." I said with chagrin. "What makes you think I'm a nice guy?" I inquired.

"The other girls working here told me you were polite, neat and thoughtful. They also said you seamed lonely. You wanted to chat them up, but you were shy because of the chair. I had an uncle that was shy with girls because he was also in a wheelchair." Midnite confided.

"Wow, you seam to know everything about me and I know nothing about you." I said in astonishment.

"Not quite everything. I know you are a little shy and deserve better then Paulette." Midnite said; with love and concern in her voice. "I also know that I like shy, kind, considerate guys." she continued.

Finishing my drink in one gulp I asked, "Well, would you like to get to know This shy guy better?"

"I sure would." She laughed; leaning over; giving me a deep kiss on the lips.

With that she finished her drink, picked up her bag and handed it to me. Grabbing the handles of the wheelchair; she rolled me into the room: closing the door behind us. She then proceeded to finish the kiss she had started on the veranda. This was no ordinary kiss. The way she unhesitatingly slid her tongue into my mouth was hot. I could feel her tongue tip teasing the inside of my mouth. Our tongues started to dual; as our passions began to rise. Slowly her tongue tip withdrew; drawing my tongue into her mouth. She was now sucking my tongue; causing me to think of how good a blow job she could give with her talented mouth..

While we enjoyed our passionate kiss, her hands were busy rubbing my chest and pinching my nipples. When her fingers reached my crotch, I started to worry because I was not getting hard. I felt some stirrings in my manhood ; but I was not getting stiff. The Passionate kiss we were sharing should have given me a raging hard on. When her fingers slid beneath the waist band of my briefs, and did not find a big hard monster, I felt some shame.

Pulling away from her mouth; I apologetically said, "The other person drained the last from me. I can't get it up for a while , but I sure would enjoy eating you." I shamefully suggested.

"Yes man! I never had no one do that to me before." Midnite exclaimed excitedly. "I can then take you in my mouth and get you real hard." Midnite giggled in delight.

Sliding from the wheelchair to the bed, I reached up and helped Midnite unbutton her blouse. When the blouse dropped to the floor; revealing her breasts; I couldn't believe their perfection. They were two dark brown mountains; with large pink nipples and areolas on the top; instead of snow. I would later learn, after measuring them, that they were double D cup on a chest of 93 centimeters. That was an incredible rack. I could hardly wait to fondle those huge melons and suck on the large nipples. This was the luckiest day of my life.

As if on cue Midnite leaned over and brought her succulent fruit to my mouth. Grabbing one pear shaped breast in each hand; I began to slowly knead the flesh between my fingers. They were firm but soft; I thought; as my fingers moved over there satiny contours. Keeping my eyes on her rosy nipples; I could see them harden and become bigger. The nipples looked like four centimeter pink pencil erasers. I couldn't resist any longer. I just had to have a taste.

Opening my mouth wide; I engulfed as much of her beautiful breast as possible. Moving my tongue around the nipple and areola I could feel how stiff it had become. I could also taste her musk on the soft skin of her breast. Continuing to knead her supple breast; I forced even more in my mouth; starting to suck; like a milking machine.

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