tagNonHumanMidsummer Eve

Midsummer Eve


Isha heard the commotion but had been in her room when he arrived, she rushed out to meet him in nothing but a light silk slip that hugged her feminine curves.

Jolanthus reached out and hugged her close to him. He felt her feminine curves pressing against him threw the light silk. It excited him. He took her hand and led her to her chambers.

"Someone missed me." Isha said saucily. "I know I missed you." She added in a hoarse whisper before nipping playfully at his earlobe.

Jolanthus returned the nip then pulled away from her. He knelt on one knee before her and brought forth the Golden Armour he held it across his arms as he presented it to her. This is yours Isha it was given to me for you in the Dragon Temple"

Isha looked at the golden scales; it was like nothing she had seen before. "Dragon scales?" She asked.

"Yes Isha the Dragons will return, my quest is complete, I found the eggs."

"Dragon eggs, here!" Isha squeaked in surprise.

He smiled at her "I have been away a long time shall we celebrate the festival here together. He reached and pulled her to him "We will talk later my mate." He kissed her passionately his hands running over the curves of her body.

Isha forgot all questions at that moment and let out a surprised 'Oh!" but enjoyed his attentions, she wanted him so bad it almost hurt.

He was trying to hold back his passion until he had finished rousing hers. He swept her up in his arms and placed her on the curtained bed. Shutting the curtains he loomed over her kissing her passionately slowly lowering his body on hers his hands reached for her breasts as he kissed her.

Isha moaned and writhed under Jolanthus' weight as his hands explored her body.

His lips dropped to her breasts teasing her nipples with lick and nips hard enough to be felt. Isha arched her back offering her breasts to him to please her. He nuzzled her and nipped at her nipples until they stood straight with passion. Meanwhile his hands roamed down over her stomach searching for her area of pleasure. He caressed her, his nimble fingers working their magic

The nerve endings in Isha's body were hot with flame, wriggling under his magical touch, she knew where his hands were heading, and her inner being became moist with the knowledge.

He continued his attentions to her pleasure area all the time nipping at her nipples and intermixing it with passionate kisses He felt the moistness and smiled as his fingers worked with a little more force. Isha's breathing was ragged as her lover brought her pleasure with his fingers and lips. Jolanthus turned full circle so that his lips were over her pleasure area. His tongue found the moist warmness and lapped at it as it took over from his fingers; He also had a magic tongue

Isha's hands entwined into Jolanthus' snowy short cropped hair and pushed his tongue deeper into her, she wanted to feel him, and she wanted it rough. Jolanthus smiled as he sensed her need for roughness his tongue rasped against her sensitive spot then drove hard in to her womanhood over and over again. Isha let out a shriek or pleasure, spreading her legs to get him deeper, to feel him better

Jolanthus complied becoming even rougher as he drove her to releasing her passion his magic fingers and his magic tongue worked together, Isha screamed out, urging him on, as the fires built up in her loins building up to release. He continued his rough actions until he brought her to the threshold of pain and pleasure,

Isha clenched muscles unseen, in an attempt to hold back the fires but it was too late, with a scream of pleasure she let her essence flow as her body shook from the release. Jolanthus grinned to himself as she released. He again moved up to his original position. He kissed her passionately as he pressed his manhood against her area of pleasure. It was hard and large as he entered her it first thrust was deep within her womanhood.

Isha gave Jolanthus a mischievous grin then rolled him over, she unbuckled his armour and removed it respectfully, and she then ripped open his shirt at bit at his nipples playfully before sliding down his body, removing his manhood from inside her. Jolanthus lay back and prepared himself to enjoy her ministrations. She gripped his engorged member in both hands, and started slowly but firmly stroking his length, now it was Jolanthus' turn to writhe in pleasure.

Isha lowered her head and reverently kissed the tip of his manhood, before licking the underside of his shaft. Jolanthus appreciated that gesture from his mate. He caressed her hair to show his appreciation.

Isha took him into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head of his manhood. He gave her so much pleasure it was time to return it. Jolanthus shivered with pleasure as he moaned softly. Isha's hands stroked up and down his shaft as her mouth and tongue administered to the tip of his manhood, with rough licks and pressure on his sensitive area.

Jolanthus moaned with pleasure as his fires burned hotter. His mate was giving him much pleasure. Isha continued to work on her mate, to give him pleasure, driving him to the heights of ecstasy. Jolanthus marvelled she knew how to pleasure him; he again moaned and growled as his passions awakened. Isha's hands stroked up and down his length, as she bobbed up and down, taking as much of him into her mouth as she could, she would do this for him. Her battle mage, her bard, her would be partner and king.

Jolanthus was pleased that his Queen his mate was concerned with pleasing him. He lay back and enjoyed it, He felt his passions rising. Isha enjoyed the task of Pleasing Jolanthus, it was no chore but an act of love, a giving act that was always returned, she worked harder to bring him to release, by lightly nibbling on his sensitive area.

That was all it took Jolanthus passions must be released, they were in a torrent. Isha accepted all of his passion, taking it deep into her self the gift of her loving attention.

Jolanthus gently stroked her hair. When she had finished he reached down and pulled her up so he could kiss her passionately. As he did so he turned and took her with him until she was on her back and he was once more on top of her. He raised himself and kissed her breasts gently this time. He lowered himself once more upon her and kissed her again passionately.

Isha gasped as he entered her, she could feel her womanhood stretch to accommodate him and she welcomed it, "Love me." She whimpered with pleasure.

"I will my mate" Jolanthus said as he drove hard and deep within her and growled softly

Isha wrapped her legs around him to pull him in deeper, this is what she missed those nights he was away, and she moaned and mewled uncontrollably as he drove deeper into her womanhood.

Jolanthus continued driving hard and fast into her womanhood relentlessly each time punctuated with his deep growl. He bent his head to her breasts and nipped her nipples hard enough to be felt. He raised her hips so she could feel even more of his power and drive.

His thrusting shook her to her very core, she almost felt like she was going to be split in too, but the pleasure was exquisite, she wanted it rough and she was getting it just how she wanted, she was no delicate flower to be kept on a Pedistool.

At this point she was not Jolanthus' Queen to be respected and revered. She was his beloved mate and he treated her as such. He kissed her hard and passionately demanding. He growled continuously low and feral as he drove into her even harder and faster and even more relentlessly.

Isha wriggled and writhed under his force, it was exquisite, he knew what buttons to push to take her to the heights of passion, her womanhood throbbed with pleasurable pain, she wanted more but couldn't hold back, with one powerful thrust she was driven over the edge, but hoped it wouldn't stop there.

It did not stop he was going to ring everything out of her. He continued his hard thrusting building up to his own release as he neared that point he thrust even harder and faster until finally he too released in a massive torrent deep within her, accompanied by an even more feral full throated growl

Isha felt him release, his passion filling her womb, and she released again. "I hope you don't think that's all for tonight?" She asked with an impish smile, she wasn't finished and wanted more.

Jolanthus raised his head. "No it is not we may not make the festival until much later. I have been away from you for what seems a long time." With this he again kissed her passionately and demandingly. Biting her lips as his hands once again found her breasts and her nipples which he rubbed between his fingers.

"Oh yes." Isha called, "We can make our own festival in here."

"Indeed we can my mate" he said as he bent his lips to her breasts as he hands roamed the rest of her body proprietarily, he again nuzzled and nipped her nipples

Isha moaned happily, this is what she wanted for her midsummer eve, to be taken to the heights of passion again and again. Jolanthus nodded as he did just that. So many times they lost count. Several hours later they at last lay exhausted in a close embrace.

Now that their passions were finally satisfied and Jolanthus had proven his sexual prowess they fell asleep in each others arms.

Isha lay happily in his arms snuggling down to sleep, completely satisfied; this had been the best Midsummer Eve she ever had. Jolanthus too relaxed as he held his Queen and his mate, this too was his best Midsummer Eve.

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