tagIncest/TabooMidwest Mom Ch. 03

Midwest Mom Ch. 03


Rob pulled into the driveway of his attractive suburban house and sighed. He was proud of the life he was able to provide for his family. He wasn't rich, but as a successful lawyer he provided a very comfortable livelihood for his wife Sandy, and their two kids, Chris and Diane. Stepping out of the car and surveying his front yard, Rob stopped to appreciate the scene in front of him. As the sun descended, the sprays of light became red-orange, with hints of purple purple. Summer cumulus clouds served as lanterns, soaking up the heart-warming hues and dispersing them over the suburban landscape in front of Rob, burnishing the houses, well-kept yards and picket fences with a deep, romantic glow. Still, Rob did not seem to be lifted by the image. His shoulder's sank and he sighed even as he took in the resplendent suburban combination of natural beauty and civilized orderliness.

Rob's son Chris had just come home from New York where he had recently completed his training in the law. And Chris' presence brought his daughter home from her new residence at a nearby university. Rob knew he had been blessed by his children. Each time his colleagues voiced various grievances about their kids, Rob swelled with pride on the inside in the knowledge that his children had few shortcomings. They were both attractive, intelligent and sensitive. Surely he had his beautiful wife Sandy to thank for their upbringing as well as their genes, and he counted her as a blessing as well.

Rob knew his life was the envy of many, but he had recently begun to question his priorities. As his kids grew into adults themselves he realized he hadn't let up one bit at work. He still worked 60 hour weeks, and that was when he wasn't busy. Since his children reappeared at home it pained him more than usual to be whiling his time away in the office, when everything he worked so hard to attain was at home, without him there to take part.

These troubling thoughts caused Rob's brow to furrow and his pace to slow, in the manner of a man deep in thought. Meanwhile, Diane and Sandy stood next to each other at the bay window, observing his ill-concealed mood as he approached the front door. Neither one spoke, but they were each equally aware of Rob's condition. They felt badly about their incestuous indulgences taken behind Rob's back. They felt like they were hoodwinking the one man to whom they owed their opportunities for such a pleasant life.. Still, there was no easy fix to these troubles. So they kept silent as they watched Rob move through the luxurious light towards them.

Rob entered to find Sandy and Diane waiting for him in the front hall. His mood shifted dramatically as he laid eyes on the two beauties. Diane broadly smiled upon greeting him and approached for a firm hug. She seemed to squeeze him tighter than usual, not bashful about pressing her large breasts into his chest. He had missed her presence while she spent most of her time at school. In fact, he couldn't remember the last time he was treated to her enthusiastic embrace. Her infectious warmth almost immediately erased the worries he'd accumulated upon arriving home. Diane yielded to Sandy, who briefly pressed her lips against his. Rob could also hear the sounds of a baseball game emanating from the TV room. It certainly felt good to be home, thought Rob.

"We winning?" Rob called to his son. Chris was fanatical about their hometown team, keeping close tabs on them even while he lived on the East coast. Rob made a mental note to check at work to see if someone had good tickets for sale for while Chris was home.

"Nope. Down by one, last ups. Our bullpen is a disaster -- gave up three in the eighth." Rob didn't really care, but he was glad to hear the frustration in Chris' voice. He liked to see his son's passion in evidence, even if it was spent on something so frivolous as baseball.

Rob headed upstairs to change out of his stuffy work clothes. He was looking forward to putting on some shorts and a t-shirt and relaxing with a cold drink on their patio. He hoped his wife planned to cook out tonight. He really regretted missing the barbecue they planned two nights ago. An emergency developed at work and he had only just now managed to put out the fire for his client.

Taking off his shirt and pants, Rob stood in front of the mirror. He was getting older, there was no doubt about that. Gray hair lined his temples and his face betrayed some lines of age. But he felt good about his physical fitness. He kept his stomach flat by jogging each morning and doing situps on a regular basis.

Sandy sneaked into the bedroom as her husband was changing. He seemed preoccupied with his image in the mirror, and stood somewhat listlessly in front of it. It was as if he was caught between admiring his still attractive image and wondering whether it even mattered. A pang of guilt accompanied that insight. She knew they were no longer the pair of sexual dynamos that they were in the past. They had sex at most once a week, and often it went much longer than that. Although she knew it was natural for passion to dim with age, she still felt somewhat culpable for failing to keep him sexually interested. After all, her passion with respect to her son and daughter didn't appear dim, not with the way they had gone at it over the last two days.

As Rob's mind wandered behind a blank stare directed at the mirror, he was surprised by his wife's hand, which crept into the front of his boxer shorts. She lifted her chin onto his shoulder and stared into the mirror with him. Simultaneously, she wrapped her cool fingers around his flaccid cock and began to delicately manipulate it.

"Why hello there," Rob responded with some surprise. He hated that he was surprised by this display of spontaneous affection, but he had to admit it didn't happen quite so often these days.

"Hi dear, welcome home," Sandy responded. Rob's cock grew, responding to the sultry tones in his wife's voice. It felt good to have her spontaneously pawing at him like she had often done long ago. His eyes instinctively flitted towards the door, which was ajar. Keeping sex from the kids was second nature to him, as he had yet to adjust to their recently emptied nest in this respect.

"Mmmm. Why thank you. It certainly is good to be home," he managed, but his mind wasn't focused on the banter. He was feeling good about his now hard cock and his wife's skilled hand moving up and down over it.

Sandy curled her fingers around the base of his penis in a backhand grip and used it for leverage to swing him towards her. She knew the pleasure for a man of being led around by his cock. They kissed. It was a familiar kiss, but there was an energy there that was not so familiar any more. Perhaps it was the unexpected timing. It also flashed through Rob's mind that their kids could walk in, or by, at any minute. He didn't follow that thought very far, but his eyes once again shot towards the unclosed door.

Their tongues wrestled back and forth, as they took turns playfully defending against each other's incursions into the other's mouth. Then she withdrew and lay tracks of kisses up and down his neck all the way to his sensitive earlobes, and then down over his shoulder, before returning once again to lock eyes with him. She continued to keep hold of his cock, keeping it at attention with the periodic squeeze or caress. There was small risk of his penis deflating though, for Rob was hotter than he had been in quite some time. Once more his eye was drawn to the crack in the door. At this, Rob noticed that his wife seemed blithely unaware of the open door. Perhaps this also contributed to the unusual rise in his sexual temperature. Sandy had always been extremely conscientious of shielding their children from exposure to their parent's sexual activity, taking very few risks in that regard. Fondling in front of an open door was something she'd never ventured in the past -- at least not with the kids around.

Rob moved his hands over his wife's beautiful breasts. With surprise he noticed she had no bra on underneath her t-shirt. This was strange. Had she been on display in front of the kids like this? He figured she must have been, and it shot another jolt of sexually-fueled adrenaline through his system. He loved the feel of her unconstrained orbs. They were the part of her that had first caught his eye so many years ago, and he had to admit that, despite two suckling kids, they hadn't lost many of their attractive qualities in the intervening period. He moved his hands under and up her shirt and gently pinched her hardening nipples, before he spread his palms over them and lifted them slightly while he squeezed.

Sandy brought her hand from his penis to wet her fingers sexily with her tongue. Then she focused her ministrations on the sensitive area beneath his cockhead, stroking him there with more intensity. He had no doubt now that she intended to bring their little sexual encounter to a very pleasing conclusion.

Then the sound of his kids' voices caused Rob to look at the door again. They were still downstairs, but he could clearly hear their conversation. Chris was complaining about the conclusion of the baseball game and Diane was loudly (as always) proclaiming her disinterest in the subject, and accusing him of being a "baseball nerd". While Rob was obviously distracted by their kids' carrying on downstairs, it didn't seem to phase Sandy one bit. She had freed his cock from his boxer shorts and was now jerking him off in earnest, while her other hand massaged around the base of his cock and, every once in a while, dipped to cup and lightly squeeze his balls.

Rob was enjoying the rising tide of sexuality brought about by his wife's skilled hand, but he also could not block out the conversation drifting up the stairs.

"Maybe you'd have a girlfriend if you didn't spend so much time thinking about sticks and balls," mocked Diane.

"Whatever. Maybe you'd have fewer if you could keep your mind off the same." This was followed by Diane shrieking as she took offense, and the sound of her striking her bigger brother playfully. The sounds that followed were confusing to Rob. He wouldn't have been surprised if their interaction resulted in some playful wrestling, but he would have expected to hear Diane vocalizing her struggle with her brother. Instead, he heard rustling of clothes and movement, but their voices were quiet.

Then, just at the edge of his perception, Rob heard what sounded like a kiss, the smack of lips and saliva. It was possible that one person would smack their lips to make that noise, he supposed, but he still found himself straining to hear any successive sounds. What intrigued him was the sudden silence following their exchange of insults. If Rob knew one thing about his daughter, it was that she rarely found good cause to be silent.

As the kissing sound piqued Rob's curiosity, Sandy seemed to react to it with greater assertiveness. She drew his attention away from the happenings downstairs by moving in for a kiss and pushing Rob backwards towards the bed.

Laying him down, she dispatched her shorts and panties in short order and straddled him on her knees. Her beautiful pussy levitated an inch or so over his cock as she used her hands to roam up and down his chest. She was breathing heavily through her nose and looking into his eyes with passion. Without even looking Rob knew her pussy was wet and ready to ride him. Which was certainly fine with him. He hadn't been so ready for sex in ages, except he couldn't forget the possibility of their being found out.

Sandy noticed that Rob had shifted his eyes to the open door, but it didn't faze her. She positioned his cock at her entrance and allowed her inner lips to slip over his head. She stayed there, teasing her husband, and gyrating her hips so her pussy rotated on his cock helmet. Then she lowered herself all the way in one swoop. He gasped at the feeling as she rode up and down on his cock. And in less time than it took for Sandy to have an orgasm, Rob was shooting his load into his wife.

Sandy didn't seem disappointed in his, rather lame, performance, and she leaned forward on his chest and kissed him lightly all over his face. She stayed there until Rob's cock fell soft and started to slip out of her lubricated passageway. In her mind, though, Sandy was resisting the realization that she would have rather been riding her son in this manner, as her unsated pussy was prematurely emptied of hard cock. Still she was pleased to have pleased her husband.

Then both of them were surprised into activity. They heard the sounds of feet running up the stairs. Rob was paralyzed under his wife as the relatively heavy footfalls indicated it was his son who would soon be walking by (or worse, through) their opened door. Were he to turn his head there would be no doubt that naked bodies lay therein.

Sandy rolled off of her husband and walked quickly to the door to shut it. She hadn't taken off her shirt, but her lower half, including her inflamed pussy, was completely bare. Rob heard his son's steps in the hallway and his shadow blocked the light coming under the door. There was no doubt they were caught. The shadow stopped for the briefest of moments just as his naked wife approached the opening. But without confrontation, his son moved on past the door and his wife finally shut the darn thing. Rob blushed at the idea that his son just encountered his freshly-fucked mother. After all these years, their kids had caught them fucking now, when they hardly fucked at all any more!

Sandy seemed unfazed. She simply raised her eyebrows conspiratorially towards her husband and shot him a smile, even as she reached for her clothes. Before putting on her underwear she balled them up and wiped off the exterior of her sex. But to his surprise, she didn't grab a new pair, deciding instead to unball the dirty ones and pull them on.

"I was thinking we would cook out tonight. How does that sound? I'll be sure to stay far away from the grill this time."

"That sounds great honey," Rob said. Although he stayed reclined on the bed and made no effort to move.

Coming over to give her reclined lover a kiss and a pat on his flaccid cock, Sandy continued: "Feel free to take a bit of a rest. I've gotta get downstairs and get some food ready, or it'll be midnight by the time we eat!" With that she hurried out of the room. This time she was sure to shut the door.

Rob was glad to take some time to lay there. He didn't like to move too quickly after having sex. Plus, he was inclined to let some time pass before seeing his son. He'd let his wife handle that embarrassment, thank you very much. He wondered exactly how much of his wife's sex was exposed. Her shirt certainly didn't cover her coochy, so he feared his son may have seen her exposed pussy lips.

Sandy was greeted in the kitchen by her son and daughter, neither of whom were ignorant of what just happened upstairs. Chris had even gotten a glimpse of her naked pussy just after she fucked her husband. Thankfully, he hadn't lingered. Sandy told Chris to go outside and start the grill and he grabbed his book and headed outside.

Sandy did not expect to feel her daughter's hand squeeze her tit. Diane moved close and whispered very softly in her ear. "Did you come?"

Sandy's initial reaction was to act like a normal mom and object to the hand on her breast (no matter how good it felt) as well as her daughter's inappropriate inquiry. But she quickly remembered she was no ordinary mom. She was sexually involved with everyone in the house at this point and she supposed that secrets probably spelled more danger than honesty. Plus, she relished the feel of her daughter's hand as it gently started to manipulate her sensitive nipple.

Sandy lowered her voice as much as she possibly could. She was more aware now than ever how easily sound drifted up the stairs of their home. "No. He did before I had time to."

Her daughter didn't move. She seemed to be weighing her options. Sandy smiled at her daughter's unpredictability. She recalled how quickly Diane had found her and Chris out. Sandy made no effort to figure her daughter's mind at this point.

Sandy decided the best thing to do was to go about her business, even as her daughter kneaded her breast. She reached for a pot and put it under the faucet. As it started to fill, Diane moved her hand away from Sandy's tit. Sandy felt a surge of disappointment as the pleasant feelings at her breast ceased. But before that thought was even processed Diane's hand had quickly snaked down and into her mother's panties. In no time she was strumming Sandy's clit. Sandy let out a rush of air as her body responded to her daughter's touch. But she also felt the urge to object. This seemed like it was too risky!

Of course, her daughter had predicted this response and she was already pre-empting it. With her lips next to her mother's ear, Diane whispered softly, "Shhh. We'll hear him on the stairs. I can just slip my hand away and you can go back to your cooking." She paused, then continued, and this time her whisper was intentionally sexy. "Plus, I know you need it. I hate it when a man leaves me unsatisfied. I want my dear mommy to come on my fingers."

As Sandy stood there, yielding to her daughters touch as much as her reasoning, Diane swept her fingers downwards, wetting her fingertips in her mother's sex cavity. "I can feel how wet you are. You'll be coming in no time. But remember mom, you have to be quiet about it," she continued, still barely audible in her mother's ear.

Sandy could do nothing about cooking while her daughter's hand whipped around her sensitive clit and her lips brushed against her neck. But she couldn't resist responding. "Thats not all me making your hand wet honey. There's some of your father there as well."

Diane responded only by humming in recognition in her mother's ear. The vibrations of her lips had an additional erotic effect on Sandy. She was right on the verge.

Diane felt her mom's pussy spasm, and the clever girl brought her free hand to her mom's mouth, covering it to be sure no sounds escaped with her orgasm. Then she felt a rush of warmth from her mother's quim, and let up on her clitoris as she orgasmed. Only the faintest sound escaped her mother's mouth, and Diane hoped she was able to muffle it enough to prevent her father from hearing.

Sandy turned and kissed her naughty daughter and Diane brought her saturated fingers to Sandy's mouth. Making a show of it, Sandy licked each finger sexily and cleaned it of her own fluids, and perhaps her husband's as well. Then, without warning, Diane withdrew her hand, pecked her mom on the cheek and skipped outside to join her brother.

Flabbergasted, Sandy needed a moment before she could continue with her dinner preparations. As she turned around, she found the pan was overflowing with water, and she smiled at her daughter's utter impetuousness. Her daughter was right though. Its no good to fuck without orgasm. Or without a sexy kitten of a daughter to finish the job, she thought.

As Chris and Diane relaxed outside, Sandy was finishing readying the sausages and corn on the cob for the grill. She figured Rob had dozed off upstairs, but she didn't want him to miss the evening with the family.

Sandy called to Diane and asked her to go wake her father, while she finished the preparations. Diane was eager to, and she raced up the stairs with her usual energy.

As she approached the shut door to her parent's bedroom, Diane knocked lightly and called to her father. Hearing no response, she figured he was asleep, so she knocked louder.

Still hearing nothing, Diane opened the door and peered around it, calling out "Dad?" as she did so.

The sound of the door opening woke Rob with a start. He rolled towards the door to see his daughter's face. He registered the look of surprise on her face before he registered the reason for it. Looking down, he saw his uncovered cock resting on his thigh as he lay naked before his daughter.

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