tagIncest/TabooMidwest Mom Ch. 04

Midwest Mom Ch. 04


Sandy batted her eyes as she woke up to a pleasant sensation at her pussy. Rob had spread her legs and was slowly tracing his fingers up and down her slit. The gentle attentions caused her to purr with pleasure. She felt very good.

The sun streamed through the window, between the slats of the Venetian blinds. It created beams of bright yellow light, which lit up the bits of dust in the air. Sandy loved the hint of summer sun, which foretold of excitement and possibility once she rose to face the day. But she also liked to be shielded from its full force, as she eased into the day slowly but surely. From her husband's interest in her quickly moistening pussy, she could see that this day would begin with more pleasure than just the beckoning sun.

"Morning, hon," he greeted.

"Mmmm. And good morning to you, darling. Always a better morning in your arms," she said. "And under your fingers," she added, as she ground her pussy more forcibly into her husband's palm.

Over the past several weeks, their marriage experienced a renaissance of sorts. It was not due to any new sexual tricks from Cosmo, nor any Viagra boost for Rob's cock. It started around when Sandy started sleeping with her son. Since that day, Rob had become MUCH more interesting in the sack. It wasn't anything they did that was different. It was more like everything was different. It was like they were 25 again. Instead of striving for an orgasm, they found themselves holding orgasms back. Something had significantly changed, but Sandy couldn't quite put her finger on what it was. She thought that maybe Rob somehow was channeling the sexual energy that their son Chris brought home with him, but she was pretty sure he didn't know that mother and son were fucking.

What Sandy didn't know was that at about the same time she jumped her son's bones, Rob had received a blowjob from their beautiful daughter, Diane. At first, he was absolutely devastated. He moped around, like a man walking to death row. He was sure it would get out that he had abused his 19 year old daughter, and his life and reputation would be ruined. But after a few days, Rob realized that life was going on, and no tragedy was to befall him. It seemed that Diane was keeping her promise to not tell anyone.

When Rob realized he wasn't ruined as a result of coming in his daughter's mouth, his devastation began to morph into horniness. He felt like he had a new lease on life, and he was determined not to waste it. As a result, he started to spend much less time at work, and much more time buried deep in his beautiful wife. It didn't detract from his heightened libido that he had a ready store of mental images of his sexy daughter bobbing up and down on his cock.

Thus, Rob and Sandy had both enjoyed sexual encounters with their own children. Yet, neither of them were aware of the other's transgression. Oddly, the secrets they each held made sex between them spectacular. Sandy's pussy was getting a real workout. She would usually fuck her son during the day, while Rob was at work, and then fuck Rob at night, and usually the next morning as well. Meanwhile, Rob constantly fantasized about his sexy daughter, and his libido was fueled by the memory of that single astonishing encounter with her gorgeous mouth.

This morning was a Saturday and Rob was intent on making the most of his time away from work. He awoke from a dream about Diane, and his dick was quite hard as a result. So he had taken some liberties with his wife's sleeping body, while he let his thoughts drift to his daughter's huge yet perky tits and shapely, energetic little body.

Eventually Sandy stirred and turned towards him, exposing one of her breasts. Almost instinctively, he moved to capture her hard, pink nipple between his lips. He tongued the tip and gently squeezed it with his lips, eliciting a guttural sound from his wife. Meanwhile, he took his initiative down below to another level. As Sandy turned towards him, he was able to get more leverage with his hand over her pussy. So, he inserted his middle finger and slowly slid it into her slippery passageway. He applied pressure to her clit with his palm, and simultaneously hooked his inserted finger inside of her to reach her g-spot. He knew this would drive her crazy.

He was right. Sandy put her hands on Rob's thick brown hair and pulled him closer to her. She also started to slowly buck her hips as he alternately pressured her clit and g-spot. Sandy felt fortunate that her husband knew her body so well. She loved riding the waves of pleasure as he touched her so lovingly.

After several minutes, Rob couldn't wait any longer. He moved over his wife and positioned his rock hard cock at her entrance, rubbing himself against her swollen lips. He liked the feeling of anticipation associated with the warmth on his dickhead as he positioned it in front of her sexhole. But he didn't linger for very long. In no time he was driving deep into her, and she was pushing back. Their bellies and chests slid easily against each other as the dawning summer day introduced sweat into their coital machinations.

Rob felt his wife's pussy contract and he stopped holding back. Thirty seconds of energetic thrusting brought him to orgasm as she rode out the end of her own. Rob loved the fact that they orgasmed together again. It seemed like a sign of a healthy sexual relationship. Yet, he wondered how healthy it was that images of his daughter stole into his mind as he let go in his wife's pussy. He was imagining it was Diane's throat and mouth that grasped at his spasming cock.

After a couple of minutes, they both put on robes, eager to face the day. Rob got up first and headed to the shower. Sandy no longer felt like laying in bed to wait her turn, like usual. Instead, she headed downstairs. She knew that she smelled of sex. She also knew that her son was probably awake already. She hoped that maybe Chris was still out on his customary morning jog so she wouldn't encounter him in such a freshly-fucked state.

She was not so lucky. As she entered the kitchen, she encountered her son, sitting on a stool shirtless, covered in a sheen of sweat. He looked very handsome, having just exercised. His almost hairless chest was perfect -- not too bulky, but very well-muscled. It made her pussy flutter to see him in such a sexual way, even as she greeted him the same way she had always greeted her son.

"Morning, hon."

Chris' eyes shot up from the paper he was reading and quickly took in her gorgeous form. He loved the red flush of her cheeks and the way her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She was beautiful by any standards. But being his mom put her on another level for Chris. He would never drink in another woman's sexiness in the same way.

Chris got up and moved towards her. He was used to having free sexual access to his mom during the day, and since nobody was around he figured he could cop a quick feel. But as he moved towards her she angled away from him.

Sandy was worried how Chris would react to the smell of sex on her. She knew that men were prone to jealousy, even irrationally, and she didn't want to flaunt her sex with Rob in front of Chris. But as she subtly avoided his embrace she realized that there was no way out of this jam. He looked at her, and she detected both confusion and disappointment in his face. It melted her motherly heart.

"Oh baby. Come here," she said, as she hugged her son close to her. "I just hadn't showered yet, and..." She didn't quite know how to finish the sentence. Luckily, he caught her meaning.

"I know mom. I heard you guys in there."

"Oh, I'm sorry honey. I just didn't want to flaunt it. I probably should've just stayed upstairs until I'd showered."

Chris' cock was hardening against her leg, pressing through the flimsy material of his running shorts. He moved a hand inside of her robe and fondled her breasts gently, while they stood together in the kitchen. She waited for him to say something, but he didn't. He just continued to move his body against hers as he shut his eyes. His pleasure was apparent.

Then, with the suddenness of a spontaneous decision, Chris grabbed her shoulder firmly. He turned her around so he stood behind her. As he reached for the front of the robe, Sandy knew what he was thinking. He wanted to fuck her, even though Rob was just upstairs, probably almost through with his shower.

Sandy did not want to risk it, but she found herself yielding to him. Something in his firm grip belied the intensity of his sexual need at that moment. Sandy wasn't sure if she even COULD stop her son. His eyes were glassed over with passion, and she feared that he might take what he wanted from her regardless of any resistance. So she made no move to stop him as he bunched her robe together and pulled it to one side, exposing her naked rear end.

"Chris," she whispered plaintively. But there was no response. Rather, there was no vocal response. Chris' hand reached down and found her pussy, rubbing it briefly before positioning his fingers over her lips in a way that told her that he intended to spread them. That's just what he did, opening her recently fucked hole for the invasion of his cock.

"Chris, your father," she said. But there was no conviction. She felt his cock move into her well-lubricated hole, pushing all the way in. He wasn't fucking her fast. He was staying buried deep within her and moving only slightly up and down, as he pushed her against the counter. To Sandy he felt so powerful behind her, as if he could lift her whole body up using only his sturdy cock for leverage. She could imagine what he looked like, with his athletic frame straining its muscles and glistening with sweat. The thought made her feel extremely naughty. And the naughtiness was compounded by the fact that her son's cock was coated not only by her own copious juices, but those of his father as well. Only now had Chris returned to his ultimate origin, as his cock was bathed by his father's seed, inside his mother's quim. The thought alone made her tremble and then come. Her whole body shook with the force of it and she moaned out loud, surprising Chris with her abandonment.

A few seconds later Chris flooded her pussy again, coating her walls with his own semen. As she felt him stop squirting, Sandy slid herself off his pole and retied her robe. She was not happy with her son, and she made that clear with a stern look. She indulged none of their usual tenderness, as she was upset that Chris would take her like that, with his father near by. She couldn't stop him. But she could at least show him she disapproved.

Chris tucked his cock away and sheepishly moved back to his seat at the table. He knew what he did was wrong, or too risky, as his mom would say. But he was powerless against the compulsion to fuck her. Perhaps it was something primeval within him, needing to retake her after hearing her fuck his father. But all that he experienced was uncontrollable horniness, an absolute need to fuck his mother at that moment, risks be damned.

Sandy felt cum dripping down her thigh as she huffed and made her way to the stairs. But before she went up she decided to wipe herself clean. She wet a towel at the sink, and was about to wipe her pussy, but then she had a better idea. She took the towel and presented it to Chris. Then she opened her robe in front of him and showed him her pussy. At this moment they both heard the shower stop upstairs.

Chris guessed correctly that she wanted him to clean her. He took the towel and gently wiped his mom's thigh clean of the escaped sex juices. Then he gently wiped her pussy clean as well. It felt strange to have his mother look on as if she was making him clean up any old mess in the kitchen. There was no levity in her expression. Sandy looked just like she did when she scolded him as a child.

Sandy was framing it as a punishment, a sordid version of the million times she had made her son clean up his messes. Sandy wanted him to see her stern expression. But she also knew he would enjoy the opportunity to touch her and see her pussy up close. The two different levels of meaning amounted to a sort of symbolic compromise: she didn't begrudge him her pussy, but he was responsible for keeping signs of their fucking from his father. With that unspoken compromise, Sandy pecked her son on the cheek and stopped scowling at him as she scurried upstairs to have herself a shower.

The family had planned an outing that Saturday, to a county fair. It was several hours away, in farm country, but they went every year. The fair was in the county where Rob had grown up, and he liked the experience of nostalgia from revisiting the fun of his childhood summers. The rest of the family also enjoyed going to the fair, as it gave them an opportunity to see the more rural parts of the state and all the livestock, vegetables and baked goods that were produced there. Overall, they looked forward to it as a time to spend together as a family.

There was not much time for an extended breakfast, so Chris and his two parents were finishing up bowls of cereal when Diane arrived. She burst in through the back door with her usual scene-stealing panache and enthusiasm.

"Everybody ready? Hickville awaits!" said Diane in a voice that was just below the threshold of being too loud for the morning. "Who wants to go see them grow their big vegetables?" Diane said, as she put her arms on her brother's shoulders and massaged them chummily.

Rob tried to hide his embarrassment. The way his daughter referred to vegetables and looked at him, he was sure she was referring to his own stalk, which she had been able to make grow with no great difficulty. He felt his face redden slightly and he tried to look away from Diane's sexy form. It was difficult though. She wore a bright red collared shirt that looked like it was made for someone ten years younger. Rob wondered how she was even able to pull the tight material over her huge breasts. It seemed to conform to her body like some sort of second skin. She also had on khaki colored shorts that covered only the bare essentials. Her long, tanned thighs were exposed almost all the way up to their juncture. Rob didn't think she could look any sexier if she was stark naked. Like any beautiful woman, Diane had the ability to make her clothes seem more like an enticement to view her sexual charms than a way to obscure their appearance. He looked forward to being enticed by her beautiful body for a whole day of outdoor activity.

Everyone gathered their things and moved out to the car. It was a fairly long ride, so it was good that they were leaving early. The day promised to be a hot one, but the full brunt of the heat had yet to hit and it was still fairly pleasant as they loaded into the car.

Rob drove and Sandy sat in the front passenger seat, leaving the two children to squeeze their full-grown bodies into the small backseat of their fuel-efficient little sedan. The whole family had long legs, which normally wasn't a problem, since it was rare for them to all try to fit into the car at once.

"Holy cow. We sure don't fit in here like we used ta," Diane complained. She was behind the driver's seat, which Rob liked to keep pushed back pretty far when he drove. Her legs barely fit into the crevice between the back and front seats, and her knees pointed up awkwardly. She was not looking forward to maintaining this cramped posture for the whole car ride. Still, she had a pretty high threshold for discomfort, and she was glad to be heading out to fair again, so she muted her complaints.

Rob could feel Diane press into his seat with her knees, as she constantly wiggled around trying to get more comfortable. He imagined in his mind's eye how her tiny shorts were riding up, pressing into her crotch, maybe even stimulating her youthful pussy and causing it to get excited. He wished he could turn around and verify his speculations, but his imagination was detailed enough to give him a hard-on, even as he drove the car.

Sandy noticed his condition and shook her head. What had gotten into her husband, she thought with no small amount of wonder. It was like he was a teenager again, getting a boner at the slightest provocation. If they were alone, Sandy would have reached over and freed her husband's cock from its constraints and given him a 60 mph jerk, just like she used to in the 70's. Thinking back to those wild years of sexual freedom started to get her juices flowing. She almost chuckled aloud when she realized how her family's horniness was becoming contagious.

After about 15 minutes of driving, Diane simply had enough. She needed to stretch her legs. The only option was to swing them onto her brother's lap and lean against the door. It still wouldn't be comfortable, but she needed to stretch out pretty badly.

Without asking permission, Diane twisted her body and put her legs over her brother's lap, luxuriating in the ability to stretch out her cramped muscles. She slid down so she was almost lying down on the backseat, half leaning against the door. But as she did so, the seatbelt dragged her shirt up and exposed her bare midriff. The stretched and twisted material of her shirt was pulled tight against her chest, squeezing her breasts and outlining them in precise detail. Chris could easily see her nipples through the fabric. He had an urge to give them a bit of a feel and he started to consider how to do so without his father seeing.

Rob felt all the commotion going on behind him and he wondered what kind of sexy contortions his daughter was undertaking. It was a kind of torture for him to not look at her body, which he knew was probably twisted into some devilishly erotic position as she tried to get more comfortable. They were on a straight part of the freeway, so he decided to risk taking a peek.

"You alright back there, Diane?" he asked, and as he did so he quickly twisted around in his seat for a gander. He was not disappointed. He saw her breasts first, straining against her twisted t-shirt. Then his gaze traveled down to her exposed belly, which was toned and tanned. Finally, he saw how her shorts had been pulled up as she slid along the seat, pressing them against her pubis. They were so short that as they were pulled all the way up, he could see the edge of her red thong panties, where they covered her slit. But he had only a few seconds to take all this in, as he feigned concern over her discomfort to cover his obvious interest in her body. By the time Rob finally turned around, his pole was stiff as steel and his mind danced with images of his sexy daughter's display. Rob very much envied his son, who had the "misfortune" of dealing with his sister's legs draped all over him for the rest of the ride, not to mention a perfect view of her nearly visible breasts and pussy.

"Yah, I'm fine. This is way better than before. Chris'll just have to deal," she said. "But my seatbelt is all twisted up. Daddy, can I take it off while I'm sitting like this?"

Rob thought about how the seatbelt caused her breasts to be displayed and decided he liked the idea. He also liked how she called him daddy and deferred to him on the question of her seatbelt, when it was obvious nobody would interfere with her decision to wear it or not.

"You better not honey. I don't wanna risk any harm to you in an accident." As Rob spoke he admitted to himself that he just wanted to continue to imagine her bare belly and nearly exposed breasts.

"Ugh. Ok, fine." Diane said as she wiggled some more, trying to find the best position. Each movement she made seemed to bind her sexy body tighter in her hopelessly twisted clothes. Chris couldn't restrain himself any longer. He started to massage his sister's calves. He liked pressing into her skin and the feeling of her strong leg muscles. Moreover, as he massaged, he could manipulate her legs to achieve the best view of her thighs and barely covered pussy.

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