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Might Have Been


The city is familiar, like an old friend not seen for years, merely greeted in passing at Christmas. Familiar in its orange lights and cloud-strewn drizzling dark skies, the historic landmarks looming large as I turn away from the castle towards the already bustling pubs thick with early-evening trade.

I reach in my pocket for my phone and let it ring twice before disconnecting. My heart is fairly hammering in my chest. I identify the door I want, which stands slightly ajar. It opens easily enough. Up the dingy stairwell to your door. This is the moment of truth. A deep breath and I enter, locking the door behind me.

The flat is dark. I reach into my bag and remove a matches and a candle. The rasp of the match, the flare of the flame, the faint acrid odour make me think of devilry. I smile to myself. The bedroom must be there -- the door wide open. Picking up my bag I step up to it and blow out the candle before stepping in and closing the door behind me.

In the pitch black I hear your stifled breath as the door snicks shut. I say nothing, I can sense your presence, catch the odd hushed breath, perhaps even smell the scent of your sex. Will you have obeyed me, I wonder.

I strip naked, taking my time, knowing the quiet will unsettle you. I hear your breathing distinctly now. I could locate you in the dark by your breaths and your scent. But instead I light my candle, casting a soft glow about the room. As the whiff of sandalwood permeates the air, I see you for the first time.

You are beautiful. Your feet in red heels. Your legs in dark stockings are tight together. No other clothing. You are kneeling facing the bed. Your forehead rests on the edge, your arms are extended in front of you across the covers. Your dark hair is confined by the silk scarf that blindfolds you.

I light another candle. Then a third. I position them about the room. My penis is stiff and hard now, my balls tingling. I remove the last important item from my bag and approach you. I can see you trembling with anticipation.

You are magnificent. Full-bodied. Such a round arse and strong thighs framing the most beautiful plump shaven cunt I have ever seen. My penis twitches at the sight. I move to stand astride your calves and let out a deep growl of pleasure at the sight of you. You seem to convulse at the sound, your thighs quivering, your heavy breasts heaving.

I kneel so my penis is pointing straight at your cunt. I shift forward so the tip of the head just brushes your cunt lips. You moan, a long drawn out sigh that seem torn from your soul. I make ready.

In one movement I thrust my penis deep into your eager cunt and reaching forward fasten the collar about your neck.

'What are you?' I ask, my throbbing penis encased in your hot, tight, dripping cunt.

You moan again. I do up the buckles of your collar and ask again.

'What are you?'

'Your bitch,' you gasp. I slap your arse. Hard. First one cheek then the other, revelling in the feel of the firm flesh.

You squeal and your cunt tightens deliciously on my penis. I slap again, and again.

'What are you?'

'Your bitch, master!' you half scream.

Now I thrust taking my penis in long strokes from the lips of your cunt to sinking full-length deep within you. And every time I thrust into you I spank your arse harder than before. And every time I ask:

'What are you?'

Every time you fail to answer to my satisfaction, until your arse is red in the candlelight and tears have soaked your blindfold and you're begging and pleading and saying whatever you think will please me, and I'm fucking you with furious force until you are so overtaken by orgasms that you become incoherent and your juices have soaked your thighs and my balls and the convulsing of your sweet cunt makes me come also and I fall atop you. We lie for long moments, my penis still in your cunt's warm grip before I can gather myself -- my whole body is a jangling mass of nerves like pins and needles. At last I remove your blindfold, looping the silk through the collar ring as a leash and ask:

'What are you?'

And you reply:

'I am my master's good and beautiful bitch.'

I kiss your ear and stroke your hair and feel my penis swell again.

'Does my beautiful bitch want to be fucked again?' I ask, tugging the leash.

You thrust your arse against me in answer and we fuck again. And then again. Over and over in all the ways a man can have a woman. In a night without end.

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