God this felt good, Mikaela thought as she hugged Stephanie tight. They sat on the bleachers waiting for the midsummer sun to set. It was something they both loved to do, just snuggle into each other and appreciate all the purples and reds as the glowing orb settled in for bed. They liked it because it peaceful and they could snuggle together undisturbed. The only one that they ever saw was one of the summer janitors who didn't care if they were there. Mikaela sighed, tried to make it sound like contentment but failed. Of course Stephanie caught it.

"All right, what's wrong?" Stephanie brushed a strand of black hair out of Mikaela's face.

"Nothing, go back to the sunset." She replied back. It wasn't that she didn't want to talk about it, just the fact that she wasn't sure what there was to talk about. She wasn't sure what was wrong.

"Uh, uh. You're not getting off that easy. What's on your mind?" Stephanie looked at her as Mikaela kept staring at the sunset.

"Like I said nothing. Look, I don't want to ruin our sunset." They had long ago confirmed the notion that sunsets were for them and them only. Before they were born, there were no sunsets, first is was light then boom it was dark. Anyone caught looking at it without their permission was dead meat.

"They'll be one tomorrow, c'mon tell me." Stephanie hated it when she got moody, and Mikaela had been moody for the past couple of days. There was something on her mind and she wanted to know what. They had known each other since they were little and had been best friends immediately after Mikaela and her family moved to town. It was during adolescence that they discovered that they were both lesbians, Mikaela first of course, and it was during high school they stopped being best friends and started being lovers. They loved each other in every way two people could love each other and had no plans of ever being apart. They even survived the debacle of Mikaela figuring out that she was a bisexual. (As far as Stephanie was concerned that was the biggest test they had ever faced, she had a lot of hang-ups against bisexuals and it took a while to work them out) Needless to say they didn't have any secrets; Stephanie wasn't concerned with Mikaela holding out on her, she was worried about what was troubling her.

"I'm not sure what is wrong. I just don't feel right." She shrugged, maybe I just have a case of the blah's.

"How so? Are you depressed again?" Stephanie touched Mikaela's face. It was smooth, flawless as usual. Her features were something you could only dream of, her skin was dusky, a subtle tan color that gave her the appearance of the perfect permanent tan, her lips were full but not big, she had a hint of cheek bones to add contour to her face which wasn't round in anyway but perfectly balanced. Her eyes were dark and fathomless, the pupils were slightly oblong it reminded one of cats eyes. Her long hair was black with a tinge of brown; in a word she was the epitome of beautiful. Stephanie could only wish such features for herself. Not that she was any slouch, a blond (real not from a bottle) with sparkling blue eyes, she was an almost opposite of Mikaela. Her hair was shorter(not real short) with some curl, a rounder face and a dimple when she smiled. When they walked down the street they turned so many heads they could be sued for whiplash, the girls would say. And their bodies were no different. Mikaela was a tall 5'8" to Stephanie's shorter 5'5" but they both had exquisitely fit bodies. Both girls were active and it showed in their muscle tone and the way they carried themselves.

In the bleachers, Stephanie ran two fingers down her girlfriend's cheek. Mikaela smiled and looked down at her feet. "No, I'm not depressed. I don't know what I am. I've been feeling, just weird lately. My muscles have been tingly lately and I feel as if I'm on a caffeine rush even if I haven't had any. Then suddenly it's gone and I feel exhausted. And those damned dreams are back. More vivid, though, and a little different."

"Tell me about it, start from the beginning."

"Well, it starts like normal you and I are on a blanket making love under a full moon. I get up because I hear something but you try to sit me back down because you're scared. I get scared but take a step and suddenly I'm in some forest. I make my way though it, getting more and more frightened until I see come to this clearing where I see you naked on the blanket but this man is standing over you, and he has wings. Big black bat wings. He keeps offering you this huge cock but you keep telling him no. He calls out, mind you I don't hear anything I just know as you do in dreams, for someone; a female like himself. That's when I step out and tell him to back off. He turns around and smiles with long sharp teeth and offers me his huge meat stick. By that time the girl what-ever-they-are shows up. I tell her to beat it that you are mine(Stephanie grabs her hand and squeezes it) but when she takes a step towards you and I get pissed and suddenly I have wings and I'm just like them."

"Okay, it sounds like the usual stuff to me, what was different about it."

"I'm getting to that; I go to knock her block off and that is usually when I wake up but last night it went farther. I take that step towards her and she kisses me, long and deep and I know her sharp teeth are cutting me because I feel blood on my chin. I push her away and she just laughs at me. I take you into my arms and am about to fly off, like I know how to in the first place, and I wake up. Weird I know, but what does it all mean?"

"It means that you are a romantic at heart and you just want to save me from all those bull dykes out there who are out to get me." Stephanie put her head on Mikaela's shoulder and kissed her neck. "You know if you want to go Goth. again I don't mind. You look damn fine in black anyway. I think I still have your dog collar."

"I don't think so. I mean I don't mind Goth. but I don't think that's what the dream means. I'm not really sure what it means, it seems pretty violent for a pacifist like me. Maybe I'm just going...."

"Hey you damn lezzies, why don't you kiss for me!" A voice came from behind them. Both girls turned around and a kid, probably around 14 or 15, in a stocking cap stood behind them jeering. "Are you going to go down on her, can I watch." He laughed lecherously at them. Mikaela shot up, Stephanie was afraid she was going to vault over the back of the bleachers down to him, it was a good 20 to 30 foot drop.

"Hey buddy, fuck you. Why don't you go home to your magazines and jerk off instead." Mikaela was pissed, Stephanie had never seen her this angry before. They had put up with a lot of homophobia but she was the one who let it get to her, Mikaela just let it roll off her back like water.

"You gonna come down here and make me!" Little snot, Mikaela thought, I ought to fly right down and clean his clock. She would have tried it too, if Stephanie hadn't put a hand on her back to calm her.

"If you think you're such a man then get up here and let's see." Holy shit, my mouth is going to overload my ass if I don't watch it. This isn't me talking is it.

"Bite me." he said and walk away.

"Bite it off is more like it." Mikaela muttered as she sat back down. They sat in silence and watched the sun sink a few more inches before anyone spoke again. "Sorry, I'm not sure what's come over me. I don't think I've been that aggressive since I thought you were sleeping with one of the McAllister twins."

"Mac, don't worry about it. I love you. We've established that something is wrong, now all we need to do is figure out what and how to fix it."

"You know Stephanie, you are too good to me."

"I could say the same."

"Then do it." She smile slyly.

"No, I would rather kiss you." Stephanie leaned in but Mikaela stopped her.


"For what," she looked at her seriously.

"Okay, now." Mikaela smiled as Stephanie cocked an eyebrow that said she was "not amused". Their soft sweet lips met. Mikaela slipped her tongue in and played it over her teeth and the tip of her lovers tongue. They kissed as the last vestiges of the sun went down leaving them purple. Mikaela put her hand on Stephanie's face; fingers on cheek, thumb resting under her closed eye. Mikaela felt that this was significant the specific placement ensured that they not only shared a blissful kiss but energy also, she wasn't sure why but she did it anyway. Stephanie put a hand under Mikaela's t-shirt and placed it on her firm breast. Mikaela moaned and kissed her deeper, she knew that Stephanie was pushing buttons, that she was leading to something and under the fallen sun she wanted it just as much. As Stephanie kneaded her breast, Mikaela put her other hand on Stephanie's waist and pulled her closer. She slid her hand up farther and undid her bra. Stephanie moaned as she started working on her neck.

Leaning forward she pushed Stephanie down so they were both laying on the bleacher, Mikaela on top, laughing. She started working on her neck and unbuttoning Stephanie's blouse at the same time, the combination would send shivers of bliss and anticipation down her every time. And Mikaela know how to exploit it. She would give short soft kisses that trailed from the bottom of her chin to the cleavage of her breasts. Slowly she removed her bra to expose two beautiful firm breast; her large dark pink nipples were hard and waiting. She flicked her tongue on one, then the other. Stephanie gasped each time. Mikaela continued to kiss between and around each breast until Stephanie began to whimper. Then she attacked taking a nipple in her mouth and sucking, licking, nibbling until her lover started to squirm. She licked it and sucked it then went to the other one. All Stephanie could do was hold on and try not to make too much noise during his onslaught. She did manage to drag Mikaela's shirt up and undo her bra.

Mikaela finally sat up and without even taking a breath Stephanie had her shirt up over her breasts and sucked at her lovers chest. Mikaela's breast were only slightly bigger than her own, each had a handfull (if you had big hands, she would joke) and she knew just what to do to make her lover short of breath. She would suck a nub in hard then gently lick the it with the very tip of her tongue. It was all Mikaela could do not to start moaning loud. After doing that a couple of times she would gently lick and suck at it then go to the other one. She did this a couple of times and then kissed her. Mikaela was so hot by now that it wasn't a kiss but a battle, Stephanie felt that she had to defend herself somehow by kissing back just as hard.

They parted, both of them were panting, Mikaela had her shirt bunched up above her breasts and Stephanie's was open. "What is today? Is it Thursday?" Mikaela asked hurriedly.

"Yeah, why. Oh shit. Old man Sanford." Old man Sanford was the summer janitor at the high school they were making out at. They had just graduated from it barely a month ago but they had been sitting here watching sunsets for years. He didn't seem to mind but they made sure that they were never caught by him as they committed passionate acts up in the small metal bleachers that overlooked the asphalt track. He always worked late on Thursday nights and left, walking home past the bleachers, sometime after sundown. "There is no way I can stop. Let's go under the bleachers."

"No, look," Mikaela pointed up at the orb of the moon as it peeked over the old smokestack of the school, "I want to stay up here under the moon. Get the blanket we'll wrap up and be discreet." Discreet meant flying fingers and boy what they could do to each other with those. Stephanie smiled and pulled the blanket out from under her and unfolded it. It was a huge tartan blanket that kept them warm many a night and hid all sorts of activities. Quickly they wrapped it around themselves and snuggled. They leaned back and removed their bras, tucking them into their jean pockets. They kissed under the moon slowly unbuttoning their jeans and playing with each other's breast. Under the blanket Stephanie stiffened and gasped as Mikaela entered two fingers into her warm wet pussy. She moved them back and forth in her velvet heat causing her lover to breath deep, gently she would rub against her g-spot and her clit, getting a moan as reward.

Mikaela melted into Stephanie as two fingers entered her own cupidity. Stephanie would play with her large clit causing whimpers and small bites on the neck. Together they sat under the blanket this way, breathing deeply and giving away only small movements as Old man Sanders walked by.

"Nice night isn't it girls," he asked jovially.

"Mmm, yeah it is," Mikaela purred.

"Don't forget to be outta here when Matthews comes by." He walked on. Matthews was Officer Matthews who drove by the school about an hour after Old man Sanford left. If they were still their he would harass them for awhile and threaten to bust them on one thing or another they didn't do.

"Okay," Stephanie tried not to let her voice sound too high of pitch but Mikaela's fingers were doing such wonderful things. As the old man walked out of sight Mikaela could feel an orgasm building. Stephanie's thumb was doing circles on her clit as he fingers pumped out of her pussy. God she felt as if she were going to explode, her skin felt like it was on fire, her muscles ached, her bones were electric, she kissed Stephanie hard as she came around her beautiful girlfriend's fingers moaning around her mouth and pumping her hips.

Suddenly Stephanie came also with swift motion pumping her own hips and trying hard not to scream. Sometimes Mikaela could time perfectly when she could bring Stephanie off and other times it came as a complete surprise to both of them like her orgasm had a mind of its own. They settled down kissing and licking the juices off each others fingers and hands. Watching the moon usually made them feel more romantic and peaceful after such activity but to Mikaela peace wouldn't come. She felt unnerved about something, not with Stephanie or even the asshole who was making fun of them earlier but something else, something going on inside that she didn't understand. She felt jittery again, her hand was stone still but under her skin she felt as if it was electrified. They sat and snuggled, she tried not to let on that anything was wrong because she really didn't want to worry Stephanie. Soon they decided it was time to leave before Officer Matthews came by. The two girls fixed their clothes and folded the blanket back up and said their good night to the moon. It was about a block from Mikaela's house when they ran into the asshole again.

They saw him walking towards them but couldn't tell who he was due to the dark. It wasn't until they passed each other that he stopped and said, "Well, if it isn't the two lezzies." ("Just keep walking," Stephanie told Mikaela) "Did you two have a little muff diving fun. It could be worse you know, wait until you find out that you want a man after all. One day you are going to realize that you are going to need a nice stiff cock up you and then what are you going to do, no one is going to want to because you're just a couple of ball busting carpet munchers."

It wasn't the horrified look on the asshole's face that convinced Stephanie that it was real, it was more the vibration that traveled through her hand that was on Mikaela's back. The growl that came from somewhere deep inside her sounded much like a lioness' to someone that was getting too close to her cubs. It was a warning but also a guaranteed threat that when she stopped growling and that person was still there they would be ripped to pieces before anyone could blink an eye. The asshole was smart enough to turn and run away. Stephanie stood there her hand still on her lover's back blinking at her. Mikaela turned and looked at her with scared confusion. Stephanie later would swear that she thought she saw Mikaela's teeth shrink as if they were momentarily larger and her eyes were more cat-like than usual.

"Are you...um...okay? You don't look so good." Stephanie carefully touched Mikaela's cheek.

"I don't know, I don't feel so good. What just happened? What did I just do?" She was starting to shake.

"You growled at him like a wild animal. You produced sounds that no human throat can. How did you do that?"

"I don't know. I need to get home, I don't feel well. I feel weak. And my back hurts, right under each shoulder blade, yeah, right there, ow. No don't touch them, it's kind of a sharp pain."

Stephanie collected her in her arms and they walked to Mikaela's house. When they got there her parent were watching television. They waved hellos and invited them to what was left warming on the stove for them. They went upstairs to Mikaela's room instead. As they got to her bedroom door Marc, her step-brother, popped his head out of his room.

"You okay, you don't look so well?" He asked concerned.

"She's fine, just tired." Stephanie answered for her and led her into her room.

"Well when you get a chance we need to talk."

"When she gets some rest then you can talk to her," Stephanie shot back possessively and shut the door behind her.

"You don't need to be so hard on him, he's just concerned." Mikaela said as she sat carefully on the bed.

"I know, but, sometimes I wonder if he doesn't have ulterior motives. After all he is only a Step-brother. And he's always trying to be around you."

"He's a little strange I'll give you that but he's nice." She tired to lay down on her back but the sharp pains wouldn't let her, it felt liike something was trying to poke out. She switched to her side.

"I don't know, he is tall, dark, and handsome. Even for a guy I have to admit that he is handsome. And anyway, it's not like you are actually family anyway." Stephanie was referring to the fact that Mikaela was adopted. All Mikaela knew was that she was adopted as a baby by her ‘father' and his first wife, her ‘mother'. Her ‘parents' divorced when she was in junior high and her father got remarried a couple years ago to a nice but flaky lady. Her intentions were good but Mikaela was convinced that she was as dumb as a post. As long as they were happy, she told herself. Her step-brother was handsome and had a nice body, but she had Stephanie and so no other thought was given it.

"He means well, stop being protective. Now c'mere and give me a kiss." She grabbed Stephanie's blouse and drug her down to her lips and kissed her.

"You want me to stay or go?"

"Whatever you want, but I don't think I'll be conscious much longer." Stephanie smiled at her, gave her another kiss and stood up.

"I'll go and let you sleep. You have to be feeling better tomorrow or I'm taking you to a doctor. Okay?" She reached down and tweaked a nipple through her t-shirt.

"Alright." She replied sleepily. Stephanie went to leave but stopped at the bedroom door.

"Mac? What was that growl about? How did you do that? It didn't sound human at all?"

"I don't know, hon. I don't know." Stephanie smiled encouragingly and left. Mikaela was frightened by what she did. She didn't know how she did it but Stephanie was right, no human voice could have made that sound. What scared her more was the fact that she was ready to rip that little shit apart. Were all these weird things her body was going through connected with what she that. Maybe I'm possessed, she pushed the thought away. God Mikaela you read too much. She dozed on and off for awhile before she woke up with a start. Something seemed different. She lay there and listened for awhile, the house was silent as everybody had gone to sleep. She felt like calling Stephanie but she didn't want to worry her. Then she realized that every sound seemed louder, the taps of the tree limbs on the house, the creak of the boards, the drip of her bathroom sink were all amplified. She could see better too, the dark didn't seem so dark as the shadows revealed more than they usually did at night. And touch was almost driving her crazy. She shrugged off her clothes because the fabrics of them made her itch.

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