I felt Mike enter the shower, immediately rubbing against my wet body, his cock poking at my ass. He'd already had me inside out last night, yet I still felt the urge to feel him spreading my hole wide and, apparently he did as well. I turned my body around, his arms along side of my head preventing me from moving very far. He looked at me with his piercing eyes as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. His cock rubbed mine, the friction created by his hips swiveling against me made me immediately hard.

"Don't tell me you don't want more Kevin, I can see it in your eyes." He said, as he pulled his face back slightly and raised my arms over my head. "I'll take you when I want, you'll like it when I do too." His body pressed against mine, his dick rubbing along mine, felt feeling so much thicker than mine.

I tried to lower my arms, to press them against his chest and separate us, but he prevented me. Instead his left hand ran from my neck, over my chest and down my abs while his right held my wrists over my head. His touch made me moan out, once more longing for his touch, longing for him to please me.

Before last night I had never taken the submissive role in any relationship, it wasn't in me, or so I thought. I tried to remember how I had gotten into this position when I heard his husky voice speak with an authority that made my cock twitch

"Down," he said matter of fact as he pushed on my shoulders, "Get down there and suck my cock."

I tried to resist but soon my back slid against the wet tile wall, my lips grazing his body until his cock bumped against my chin. He pulled his hips back, sliding his cock along my chin until it touched the soft opening of the hole he wanted. I looked and wondered how his thick mushroom shaped head ever pushed past the muscle that held my hole closed.

He pressed his cock against my lips, yelling for me to open up. His head pushed harder, almost hurting my lips as much as it hurt my ass last night. My head banged against the tile, his massive hand gripping my wet hair, tugging as the head of his cock began shoving its way past my lips.

His cock leaked its pre orgasmic drool as I sucked down on it. Mike took my hands, raising them and holding them against the wall leaving me prone, giving him the upper hand to fuck my mouth as gently or as rough as he wished. He started gently, slowly inching his thickness in until the head poked my throat. I sucked, running my tongue over the veins, feeling the power I had to please him. He kept this up, slowly pulling back and slowly thrusting back in until my nose pressed against his pubic bone.

Mike pulled out until I was sucking on just the head and he moved his foot to rub my dick causing me to moan and lap his slit, wanting more of his juice. I shifted my hips trying desperately to press my cock against his foot with more pressure. He pressed harder pinning my meat between my abs and the sole of his foot while pushing into my mouth. I could feel him throb and sucked down harder knowing it wouldn't be long before he shot his load and gave me the taste I was craving.

The wet sound made from sucking stopped when Mike pulled completely from my mouth. I looked up in disappointment as he grabbed my hair and began begin pulling me up. He pulled my face to his and slid his in tongue between my lips as if he wanted to make sure his pre-cum had left a taste. Just as quickly as his cock pulled out of my mouth, so did his tongue and I felt his large hands turning me around. He pushed on my upper back until my face was sideways against the tile. I could feel his tongue teasing my ear as his hand wrapped around my engorged member.

His hot breath whispered into my ear that it was time he fucked me, that his balls were hard and tight, his come ready to surge through his cock and flood my hole with seed. I felt his hands grab my hips, pulling back as his legs forced mine to spread. With barely a rub he began pressing in. I gasped, pushing back, feeling the muscle finally give way to his need. Mike began uttering dirty words, forcing his cock to probe further. When I felt his pubes scratch the soft skin of my ass, his teeth bit into my shoulder, I yelled out at him as I pushed back.

Before long the friction of his chest against my back was gone, his grip on my ass cheeks tightened, spreading them further to give him a view of his cock fucking my tight hole. My cock drooled as my hand moved down to give it some much needed attention. I yelled a curse word when Mike slapped my ass hard, telling me not to touch myself. I groaned but moved my hand back up against the wall, bracing myself as his thrusts became more forceful. His wet hips slapped against me, the sound echoing in the tiled surroundings surround.

"Fuck yea Kev; you like this. I can feel your ass clench around me, milking my cock for its load." He pulled almost completely out rubbing my prostate the entire time before ramming his cock home. I heard his grunt as I felt the warm creamy seed spurt into my ass. He continued until his balls had emptied and my hole was filled. Without seeming to care about me he pulled his softening dick out of my twitching ass.

My legs were weak and I needed to sit, but Mike turned me around, holding me up. His eyes looked into mine as he said, "I'd knew you'd like fucking in the shower." His lips formed a slight smirk before covering mine as if to say thanks. I was still leaking pre-cum, my balls were beginning to ache when he handed me the soap, telling me to wash his cock clean and to be gentle about it, he was still post orgasm sensitive.

"Mike, I need to come, I need to get off," I pleaded softly. His only response was a soft moan, feeling my soapy hands washing his dick. The feeling of his come slowly leaking out of me was only serving to make my balls ache more. When he felt he was sufficiently clean he pulled way and turned his body to let the water rinse. I moved behind him, hugging his body with my arms and laying my face against his broad back.

His fingers pulled my hands from his chest, "Clean yourself up but don't get yourself off. I wanna see that cock leaking and your balls hard when you get out of the shower" I watched as he stepped out and grabbed a towel, leaving me. I leaned against the tile, my hand wrapping around my cock unable to control myself. His bark giving me reason to open my eyes, "Don't do it," he said, "You'll regret it. Get yourself clean, ready for more and back into my bed before you piss me off."

When I walked back into the bedroom Mike wasn't there as I had expected. Trailing from the bedpost I saw lengths of rope. My still hard cock jerked even more. I felt his hand pull my towel away and turned to look. He pointed to the bed and pushed me in the direction. I lay down and he straddled my hips, my erection rubbed rubbing against his shorts. "That was smart, to not get off, that's being my good cocksucker."

Mike moved up my body, taking my arms, using the rope to secure my wrists. His shorts tented as he rubbed against my face. When he moved away and got off the bed I began to panic. Standing at the end of the bed was his friend Troy, tossing his shirt to the floor and reaching to undo his jeans. I looked up at Mike, he winked, his lips forming a sinister grin. He reached down giving my painfully erect cock a few strokes. I felt his finger rub the head, getting it wet with my pre-cum before bringing it to my lips.

"Kev," he began, "I told Troy what a cockslut you've become, he wanted to see for himself."

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