tagRomanceMike and Sarah Ch. 02

Mike and Sarah Ch. 02


This is part 2 reading part 1 first is recommended. I have fleshed this out a bit more, but this is quite short compared to part 3.


Sarah was in the bathroom doing her morning routine of toilet then shower. She looked in the mirror, she applied her makeup, she smiled as she noticed a lack of wrinkles, her skin was good.

She thought of how much Mike looked like his father Alan. When she was a teenager, Alan was the one man Sarah wanted, but her friend Karen got there first, her friend, Michael's mother.

Mike was a lot younger than her, but he was mature beyond his years, she still didn't know if it would last or be a quick fling, let's just see where it goes.

She enjoyed the attention, and as long as she did not lose a friend she would be OK. To Sarah, this was her biggest worry, Mike was a good friend, one of her best, she always looked forwards to his visits. She would hate to lose him as a friend, but then perhaps by starting their relationship as friends, maybe they would last.

Mike was in the bedroom looking around, he looked over her dressing table, examining her makeup and accessories, Sarah came back in wrapped in a towel. "Having fun exploring?"

"What, oh just having a look." as he returned to planet earth.

She sat down next to him and started explaining what was what. Most was obvious like the makeup.

Mike commented "I don't think I have never seen you not wearing your bangles and necklace?"

"I just don't bother to take them off, nothing more than that."

"Do they mean anything?"

"Not really I have collected the bangles since I had one as a present when I was about fifteen, the necklace was my 18th birthday present from my parents."

She opened a drawer and pulled out a box.

"The bits I don't wear normally are here. Just a few rings and stuff."

"Your fingers are slender and delicate" Mike said as he took her hand.

"Yes, I have to go for the slightly smaller ring sizes," and reeled off a finger size.

"Why do you know that?"

"Just a good memory, and dealing with buying a ring mail order and found it didn't fit, it had to go a couple of sizes smaller."

"Makes sense."

"Anyway I've finished in the bathroom."

Mike whizzes to the bathroom. He toilets, showers, cleans his teeth, and shaves, then joins Sarah back in the bedroom.

He thinks back to their previous night and the wonderful wakeup he had. As he had finished school and would be starting further education, this was his last ever long holiday without responsibilities.

He had been doing various part time jobs to save money, he mowed lawns for a few people, he did the odd evening shift at the local shop, from about 6pm to 8pm, but most of the time was his own.

Sarah had just finished a children's book and had started researching the next one, this was going to be historical fiction, so currently it was reading, looking at the internet, and working out a plot. This left her a lot of free time as well.

They were still a bit worn out from their previous nights exertions.

"I have some things I need to do this morning, I will be a few hours but will be back for dinner." Said Sarah.

"Where are you going?" he enquired.

"Just general boring stuff, I'll get you a key when we get downstairs, you know the alarm code."

She then checked her wardrobe, and grabbed some clothes, putting them on the bed, while murmuring to herself. She then went to her chest of drawers, looked through them, pulled all the contents of the bottom one into the middle one, she then grabbed the bag Mike brought over last night and tipped all the underwear into the drawer. She then grinned at Mike and said "one job done."

She got dressed in a linen skirt and T shirt, Mike got dressed in jeans and T shirt and they both went downstairs.

"We are a bit late. so will cereal do?"

"Yes, and a mug of tea please."

Sarah grabs a box of Shredded Wheat and puts it on the table, the kettle is boiling and before long Mike is eating his Shredded Wheat with a nice mug of tea.

"I have to go, see you about twelve," she said kissing him, "love you."

"Love you," he replied. She handed him a key, then vanishes out of the door.

Mike finishes up, washes the dishes then heads back to his parent's house. He waters and checks over the garden, picks some ripe tomatoes and puts them in his car. He loads up some more clothes, his computer, all of his art and photography kit, he leaves his hi-fi until he sorts it with Sarah, she has some mid range kit, Mike had acquired some decent kit off people upgrading, also he left his console and TV.

It is now about 11 o'clock in the morning, and he drove back to Sarah's, there is enough room on her drive for two cars so he parks near the garage, an old wooden structure never used for car parking, and starts to unload.

He puts his clothes into the bedroom, underwear in the drawer, other clothes still in carrier bags, the computer he moves into the study but leaves piled up. He is just bringing in the last few items when Sarah drives up. She jumps out of the car and gives him a big hug.

"I missed you!"

"And you, did you sort everything?"

"Yes, I'm on the pill now."

"Uh! Did we do it with no protection then?"

"Erm yes, but I am in my least fertile part of my cycle so risked it."

"But what if..."

"If it had, I don't know, I could never get rid, but neither of us would be ready."

This was a reminder to him that Sarah's biological clock was ticking away, if she wanted children she would need to have them by her mid forties, hit early fifties and IVF would be likely, Mike felt so young at that moment, but let it wash over him, to him this really was the only bad bit of their new relationship.

After a quick check over the garden, Sarah prepared dinner and after they had eaten said "Job three time."

"Eh! And what was job 2?"

"My visit to the Doctors, anyway follow me upstairs." She smiled taking his hand.

They went upstairs, and into the smallest bedroom.

"We need that in my .... our room." pointing at a wardrobe, very similar to her own.

They emptied it of old clothes, putting them on the bed. Then they carried it through to their bedroom, placing it near the existing wardrobe.

"Phew OK, let's load it."

They filled it with Mike's clothes, now it was properly his room as well.

"Job three done." Sarah laughed.

Now they flopped onto the bed, Mike suddenly grabbed Sarah and pulled her close to him, he kissed her deeply, pushing his tongue into her mouth, she suckled on his tongue then made knots with hers, he put his hand underneath her T-shirt and bra and rubbed her left breast , she pulled off her top and undid her bra, he moved down to her nipple and started to suck, she undid his jeans, they split apart for a moment to finish undressing, then restarted their fun.

He moved his hand down to her crotch, stroked the lips and then pushed in his fingers, as he tickled her clit. Sarah responded and stroked Mike's penis, she then moaned "now, quick," and rolled onto her back. Mike climbed between her legs and kissed her belly, he worked up to her lips via her breasts kissing and sucking both nipples. Sarah shouted "Now!" He kissed her neck finally reaching her mouth entwining tongues. He entered her easily and started to thrust in and out, "Harder" Sarah moaned, he picked up the speed, she wrapped her legs around him and pushed her head right back, her necklace tight at her throat, he kissed her neck and shoulders while thrusting, in and out, in and out, his penis sliding, his foreskin rolling up and down the shaft, her muscles gripping him hard, milking him for all they were worth.

He changed his angle to put more pressure on her clit, this worked, pushing her over, she came, thrusting herself up towards him, grinding her crotch into his, her pulsing muscles set off his ejaculation, filling her again, and milking him for every drop. They then collapsed into a heap, and lay there, cuddling and kissing for a while.


"So what else do we need to sort Mike?"

"It's all in the study."

They both wander down partially dressed, and examine the pile. They find a spot for the PC and set it up, there is some wiring to sort so Mike makes a mental reminder to get the cabling as soon as he can. The photographic kit is spread around, the cameras would be in the sitting room, in a cupboard Sarah already kept her camera in, the tripod would stay in the study in the corner.

"Your painting kit. What shall we do?"

"I used to keep it in my bedroom, needs to be somewhere with daylight and somewhere I would use it."


"How did you get planning permission for it?"

"It is Grade II listed not Grade I, so quite easily really."

"Conservatory it is."

They carried the art equipment through and set the easel up in a corner.

"How much of your stuff is here?"

"About half, most of my clothes, all my painting and photo kit, my PC, but no printer, still have tools, TV, Hi-Fi and games console."

"We will have to do a good check on the Hi-Fi and see what is best, how big is the TV?"

"32 inch LCD."

"Hmm mine is 28 inch so may as well have yours in the living room, is it any good?"

"Yes pretty good, it was a 17th birthday present, even has a couple of HDMI ports."

"We will have to sort the garage for any tools."

"Might leave them at my parents, but keep a few here for urgent repairs, a lot of them are my dad's."

"Did you know that your dad was one of the nicest men I have met? if things had been different, but your mum got him first, and I was only 13 at the time, but he was 21."

Mike went bright red.

Tea time soon rolled around, Sarah prepared a chilli, she was a good cook, and she could put the food away.

"I have always wondered, you are thin but eat so much?"

"My metabolism I think, and I am always active."

"Also why you look so good, your skin is soft and no wrinkles."

"I'm not that old," she laughed, "so no wrinkles yet!"


"I do get the odd white hair though, not many, but I usually pull them out."

"I don't think that would change you much, your hair is pretty light."

"I will probably go white rather than grey, don't dump me if I do though!" she joked.

"That won't happen."

"It's a lovely evening," she prompted, "lets get some fresh air."

It was about 7pm and the village was quiet, lots of people were on holiday, the children not away were at the playground, parents were doing whatever parents did. A few younger teenagers were whizzing about on their bikes but kept clear of them as Mike had punched one of them a year ago for bullying his younger brother.

They came to a stile, Mike climbed over, Sarah followed, helping each other. The footpath they were on led across a field up hill, to another footpath parallel to the village, the view was always beautiful, a typical Cotswold view, after another field they followed a bridleway back into the village by Mike's parent's house.

Watering took place and few more of Mike's belongings were picked up. They walked back to

Sarah's through the village. As they approached the pub, "Shall we go to the Crown tonight?" Mike asked.

"I would rather go tomorrow." replied Sarah.

They walked home hand in hand, and decided on an early night.

They made their way to the bedroom, and clambered into bed, Mike gazed into Sarah's light blue eyes, the last of the daylight pushing through the gaps in the curtains.

He started to kiss his way down her body, he kissed and licked her nipples, then kissed her belly, then for the first time moved down towards her parts.

He started to explore them with his mouth, he put his tongue between her lips, and found her clit, he licked and then sucked at her clit, the taste was unusual but in no way horrible. He felt Sarah move around and her hair brush his thigh, then he felt a hand on the shaft of his penis, lips on the head, as she carefully pulled down his foreskin, he felt her licking the helmet, while gently sucking the head.

He picked up the licking of her clit, he licked at her vagina, caught a gush of juices, she licked around his head, lips around the shaft, he felt the juddering as her orgasm approached, and of his own release getting nearer, suddenly, she jerked as she came, this excited Mike who then shot into Sarah's mouth.

She kept him in her mouth until he started to go soft, they both repositioned themselves head to head.

Sarah grinned at Mike, and kissed him, they tasted themselves on each other, he pulled back slightly after a few seconds.

"Where did it go?"

"Here!" She said pointing at her belly.

"Wow, what was it like?"

"Bit salty but not bad. What about me?"

"Difficult to describe, not unpleasant. You would have tasted it on my lips."

She smiled again and cuddled up to Mike, arm on his chest playing with his hairs, still with a happy grin on her face.

He started to kiss her and rub her body and her bottom, she held him around the shoulders, their tongues mingling, Mike felt himself rise again so reached his hand towards Sarah's sex, she was still wet and a small rub brought another rush of juices, "I need you now!" she said, he lay back and pulled Sarah onto his belly, she kneeled and guided him inside herself.

She then slide up and down his shaft, gently at first, he returned her thrusting with his own, he pulled her down to him and kissed her deeply, she carried on thrusting up and down, bringing an orgasm first to herself clenching him hard, then a few seconds later to him.

"I really love you," he said, "I want to stay with you forever."

"I love you too, and I don't want this to end either."

Sarah rolled off Mike and they were both asleep within minutes in each other's arms.


Mike was having an odd dream, he was really turned on but could not make out what was happening, he drifted awake to a lovely feeling. He opened his eyes, right in front of his face was Sarah's bottom, and his penis was in her mouth.

He prodded her legs and she dropped down onto him, her juices ran over his face and he licked what he could, "mmmf hmmk" she said, "What?", she pulled off his penis and said "You're awake."

"Yes and what a fun way to wake up," he said as Sarah as she returned to her task. Mike licked at her, put his tongue between her lips and licked her clit, as he was below, her aromatic juices ran into his mouth and he swallowed them, this time he came first as Sarah was licking him around the head, and he could feel her swallowing, he stopped for a second then felt a hard nudge, then another, he came out of his post orgasmic high and continued to lick her, she was close and then came with a hard judder.

"I need the toilet!", and Mike rolled Sarah off him and ran in and started his pee, Sarah came in

and waited, Mike washed his hands and kissed her, she then plopped down on the toilet for her pee.

Mike then jumped into the shower, unfortunately it was too small for both of them they had to take turns.

Afterwards he returned to the bed and thought about what was happening to his life, Sarah jumped back in and snuggled up.

They were both happy, would it continue?

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