Mike and Steve


A twisted tale of interchangeable tails. Comments are welcome.

Mike was not your average guy. A little short but with hard muscles from his daily vigorous workouts that looked great in the wife beaters he wore at the gym. Mike was well liked at the gym, however most of the regulars thought him a bit of an odd duck. He stared at the other guys just a bit too much in the locker room and never took a shower after his workouts.

You see Mike had been born Michelle. Mike was a female to male transgendered man. When he graduated from high school, he saw a gender councilor and started living as a male. After two years he started hormone replacement therapy and had breast reduction. Mike's beard grew in and with his workouts he gained a very manly shape.

His clitoris grew and looked just like a miniature dick. Mike however decided not to have lower surgery and kept his pussy. He just didn't feel that current genital surgery was for him. Maybe someday technology would catch up.

Steve was Mike's polar opposite. In gay terminology, Steve was a bear, six foot four, a little overweight and furry. Steve always had a high sex drive and was more than a little bi-sexual. He really didn't care who was sucking his dick, as long as it was getting sucked.

Steve harbored a secret. When he was young he thought he was born in the wrong body. Steve really wanted to be a girl. He used to sneak in and put on his mother's underwear and clothes. As Steve grew up and grew out, he came to realize he would never be a woman. During college he discovered transgendered women. He read up on transitioning but faced the truth he would never be a passable woman.

Steve became a tranny chaser, at first because he wanted to be a woman and later because he enjoyed sex with transgendered women. One night in a transgendered chat room he received a private message. The sender asked if he had ever had sex with an FTM. Somehow Steve had never considered that women would want to be men.

One thing lead to another and Steve met with the message sender. The sex was out of this world. Roy the FTM rocked Steve's world. Steve was an opportunist sexually, man, woman or something in between he didn't care. The one thing that was a constant was Steve fantasizing about being the woman while he was having sex.

As fate would have it, Mike and Steve met. With all the testosterone Mike was took, he had the sex drive of a 14 year old boy. Steve was also a horny guy. One day they both showed met at the Oregon Theater on Division Street in Portland. The Oregon was a place people went to watch porn and have sex. They also went to watch people having sex in the aisles.

Steve was sitting on a couch stroking his eight inches; Mike walked up, nodded and got on his knees. Mike licked Steve's cock. Then slowly swallowed his cock, burying his nose in Steve's pubes. The blow job was just the way Steve liked it. A wet and sloppy blow job all the way down to his balls. As Mike blew Steve, Steve was rubbing Mike all over. Each time Steve got close to Mike's crotch, Mike twisted away. Finally Steve blew his load and Mike swallowed it all.

When Mike finished he sat down on the couch next to Steve. Steve zipped up and as he caught his breath he was rubbing Mike's leg. Steve looked at Mike and said "C'mon man let me take care of you" Mike told Steve he was a little different. Steve looked Mike up and down. "what do you mean?" he asked.

Mike then went on to tell Steve that he had been born female. Steve blurted out "You are an FTM?" Mike nodded his head, a little afraid of what was coming. Steve got a big smile on his face "cool".

The rest was history. Mike's pants and boxers came down. Steve buried his head between Mike's thighs and sucked Mike's dicklet. Mike screamed out loud when he came. The blow job was just what Mike needed.

Hooking up together became a regular thing. They would meet at the Oregon Theater, a hotel or in Steve's camper. At first Steve fucked Mike. He would fuck Mike's pussy or sometimes Mike's ass. When he was fucking ass, Steve would spank Mike's ass and tell him to take it like a man. From time to time Mike would top Steve. Mike had a bright red feeldoe. It was eight inches long and plugged into Mike's pussy. He always felt closest to anatomically correct when wearing it. No messy straps and when Mike was plugging Steve's ass, the feeldoe hit all the right places. Mike would squirt when he came pretending it was a real dick.

It was a Friday afternoon, Mike and Steve met at the Oregon Theater. After some mutual sucking, Steve bent Mike over the padded table in the front of the theater. He shoved his big dick in Mike's cunt. Steve relished the way Mike's pussy was hot and wet. He grabbed Mike's hips and started fucking him. As usual Steve started fantasizing about being fucked and having a real pussy. He wished Mike's cunt was his.

Mike loved the way Steve took charge and bent him over the table. He loved the way Steve's dick stretched his pussy. As Steve pounded into Mike's cunt, Mike enjoyed the way Steve's cock hit his G-spot and made his dicklet vibrate. As always Mike fantasized that he was the one with the dick pounding a tight hole. He wished Steve's dick was his.

It just so happened that Steve and Mike made the same wish at exactly the same time. They both felt a weird sensation. Then Steve thrust forward and didn't feel anything but his pelvis hitting Mike's ass. He reached down to grab his dick and slide it back into Mike's pussy. There was nothing there. Mike reached back to grab Steve's dick and get back into his pussy he was on the verge of coming. When he reached back he grabbed a dick and felt his own hand on the throbbing rod.

At the same moment they both said "what the fuck?" Mike stood up and looked down. As many times as he had sucked Steve's dick he recognized it instantly. Now it was attached to him. He felt the heavy balls and stroked himself. Mike broke out into a huge grin.

Steve reached down and felt the wet cleft between his legs. His finger hit his new clit and sent a shudder threw him. Steve spread his legs and felt his labia and broke out into a grin.

Steve looked at Mike, Mike looked at Steve. Mike said "I don't know how this happened but I know what I am going to do." With that he turned Steve around, placed his hand in the middle of his back and pushed him over the table. Mike used his foot to spread Steve's legs wider. He leaned over Steve and "said get used to having sex with your legs spread wide."

Steve was totally into it. He loved Mike taking charge and loved the feeling of his pussy getting wet. Then he felt Mike's dick split his new pussy lips. Mike grabbed Steve's hips and slammed his new dick into the hilt. Steve gasped but got no mercy. Mike was living out his greatest fantasy; he was slamming his own hard dick into a hot hole.

Steve started moaning. The big dick buried in his pussy was lighting up places he never had. His new pussy started to convulse and get even wetter. All Steve could do was hold on. The new sensations were overpowering his brain. Then the fireworks started. He was moaning and his whole body was climaxing.

Mike felt Steve start to cum and it pushed him over the edge. His balls tightened and he felt his orgasm start. Then his hot jism squirted like a fire hose into Steve's hot hole. He continued to pump until his orgasm subsided. He left his shriveling cock in Steve's cunt. He held Steve's hip and felt him quake below him. He knew this was what he was meant for.

Steve pulled himself up from the most intense climax he had ever felt. He could barely stand. Once he straightened out he felt Mike's cum slip past his pussy lips and run down his thighs. He bent over and pulled his boxers up for the last time. From now on he would wear panties.

Mike also got dressed and looked at Steve. "Now what" he asked?

Steve looked back at him. "Are you happy? I know I am. I don't want to go back."

"Hell yes I am happy. I have wanted this all my life." Mike replied.

"Me too" said Steve.

Steve and Mike went their separate ways, both of them acting out their fantasies. Steve really liked taking on two or three guys at a time. A cock in his pussy, a cock in his ass and one in his mouth was his favorite. He was totally at the mercy of the cocks. They pounded in and out of him; he was a helpless whore hole. This started to wear off and get old.

One day Steve made a call to Mike and asked him to come over. Steve looked Mike in the eye. He told Mike that he wanted a baby and wanted Mike to father it. Mike took Steve by the hand and took him back to the bedroom. Mike slowly undressed Steve while licking his nipples and caressing him all over. Steve felt his pussy getting wet. He reached over and grabbed Mike's cock, stroked it and felt Mike harden in his hand.

Mike pushed Steve down on the bed on his back. He spread Steve's legs and moved between them. He then entered Steve and assumed the missionary position. Steve laid back and got fucked, like women did from the start of time. Steve felt Mike's cock pulse and Mike's hot cum flood him. A tear rolled out of Steve's eye. He was going to be a mother.

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