tagGroup SexMike, Robin, & Me Ch. 02

Mike, Robin, & Me Ch. 02


Thanks to all of you who sent feedback. It is much appreciated and I am thrilled that you like the story. And yes, there is more after this.

Robin gives me a quick peck on the cheek and tells me to follow them to the hotel. As we turn onto the highway, my mind is running 90 miles an hour. I can't believe that I just let a man jerk me off. Even more surprising is the fact that I liked it. Part of my brain screams, "FAG!" while the other part screams, "Shut up! I'm just kinky!" I have to agree with the latter part because a big part of the excitement for me was having Robin there. Without her, I doubt I would have let things go so far. Or that's what I keep telling myself.

Once at the hotel, Robin heads upstairs to the room, while Mike and I head into the lounge for a few minutes.

"So," he says, "what were you thinking about on the way here?"

"Oh," I reply casually, "not much. Just the fact that a guy jerked me off while his wife whispered in my ear. You know, the usual stuff guys think about."

Mike laughs, "Yeah, I kinda thought that's what you were thinking. The reason I asked you over here is I wanted to make sure you were still ok with this. If not, no hard feelings, and we each go our separate ways. If you're still interested and would like to go further, then both Robin and I would like to move ahead with you. If you don't want to do something or have it done to you, just say so. There is no pressure at all on you. Robin has taken a liking to you as have I, and we want this to be fun for all."

"I can't believe I'm saying this, Mike, but I'm still in. That was the strangest and most exciting thing I've ever done. I trust you both."

"Good," Mike said, smiling, "then let's go upstairs and do some serious fucking."

I was quiet on the elevator ride, trying to imagine what was going to happen next. Mike would just look at me and smile.

As we walked into the room, the first thing I noticed was all the candles. There must have been 15 or 20 scattered around the suite. They had gotten a small, one-bedroom suite that had a living room, kitchen and a small bedroom with a huge, sunken tub/whirlpool. Candles were everywhere and it gave the place a very seductive atmosphere. Robin came out of the bedroom in a short, black silk robe loosely tied at the waist.

"Well," she said, "why are you both still dressed?" She stepped up to me and began to pull my shirt out of my slacks. Mike got on one knee and began to unlace my shoes and pull them off. I lifted my arms over my head and allowed her to remove my shirt. Mike had removed both shoes and socks and I stood in front of them wearing just my pants.

"Hmm," she said, "I think he likes this." Following her gaze, I noticed a definite bulge poking out from inside my pants. "Mike, you want to do the honors?"

Mike steps forward and begins to loosen my belt. Again, it's a strange feeling to have another man undress you, but it's doubly strange when his wife is watching as well. I look up and notice that Robin has removed her robe. Her small nipples are already hard and there is a slight flush to her chest. She looks me in the eye, reaches up and pulls on her own nipple. A slight groan escapes her lips. Mike, meanwhile, has slid my slacks down my legs and is reaching inside my boxers to grasp my already hard cock.

He reaches in further and cups my balls, the shaft of my cock lying on his wrist. I look down and see my balls in his hand while feeling him gently squeeze them. Robin has stepped behind him and has begun to unbutton his shirt. He has to remove his hand so she can take it off of him and the cold air is a bit of a shock.

Without being told, I reach forward and grasp his belt, pulling it open. I unbutton him and slowly slide the zipper down. My heart is racing, my cock is hard as iron, and I'm about to hold another man's cock in my hand. As his pants open, I realize he's not wearing underwear and his cock is there in plain view. It is a bit smaller than mine, but wider. There is no hair at all around his cock and his balls are cleanly shaven as well. I slowly reach forward and take him in my hand.

I step out of my pants and stand in front of Mike, just holding his cock. Robin sits on the coffee table, watching us. I gently run my hand up the underside towards the head, feeling the heat and hardness. As I do this, I notice a drop of clear fluid at the head and lightly rub my thumb in it and then around his head. I look at Mike and see him watching me, smiling. I slid my hand back toward his balls. It carefully closes around them, feeling their weight. I squeeze them as Mike did mine and feel them jump. I laugh.

"Sorry," I said, "but I've never felt that before. It felt weird."

Mike laughs, too. "That's ok, I was getting a bit close just standing there and it's a good thing you let me go."

"Really," I respond, somewhat bewildered, "just holding your cock was going to make you cum?"

"When you consider that I'm the first guy whose cock you've held, then yeah, that made me pretty excited."

"Uh, fellas," Robin says, "you're not the only ones who got excited." We look over at the same time and notice that Robin has one finger inserted in her pussy as her other hand toys with her clit.

"I think it's about time we head into the other room," she says. She gets up, stands in front of us and grasps one cock in each hand. "Follow me," she says, gently pulling us into the bedroom, "the fun is about to begin."

The bedroom is full of candles, just like the living room, and I notice several on the tub, which is full of water. She leads us both into the tub, still holding two cocks. She directs Mike to one side and me on the other as she sits in the middle. The water is warm, the air is a bit cool and the scent of candles fills the room. I am calmer than I would have ever imagined and can't wait to see what happens next.

We sit quietly for a few minutes, then Robin leans over and kisses Mike. He turns towards her, cupping her breast in his hand. Their kisses get more passionate and I can see him flicking her nipple with his index finger, making it hard. She is on her knees, hand under the water, cupping his balls with her middle finger extended toward his ass. I watch, mesmerized.

I watch them for a minute or two, then slide behind her. I reach around, running my hand down her shaven mound towards the lips of her pussy. She jumps slightly as my fingers slides over her clit. Her pussy is hot and slick, even underwater. I move my hand back towards her clit, feeling it under my middle finger. I see her stroking Mike under the water, his cock hard under her manipulating hand.

She leans her head back, eyes closed, as I stroke her clit. She reaches back with her other hand and grasps my cock, stroking it as she strokes Mike. We're a tangle of arms, each bringing pleasure to the other. Mike stands, bringing his cock to towards her mouth. Robin leans forward and runs her tongue along the head. I watch her do this, finger still rubbing her clit.

She takes the head of his cock in her mouth, left hand holding his balls. Her right hand grasps my wrist and pulls it towards her mouth. I circle Mike's cock with my fingers, holding it as she sucks him. I watch his cock enter and exit her mouth, his groans and sighs telling me she's doing it well. I glide my fingers up and down his cock in counter strokes to her mouth. His cock is hard, slick, and shiny. I continue to stroke him, looking up and seeing him watch us both play with his cock.

I feel Mike's cock jump and see that Robin has her hand up under his balls. Mike spreads his legs a bit and Robin pushes her hand further back. I can't see what she's doing, but I can tell Mike likes it. His cock is getting even harder than it was already. His knees buckle just a bit, but he catches himself. Robin stops sucking his cock, steps outta the tub, and heads into the bathroom. I'm a bit confused, but Mike seems to understand perfectly.

Robin returns with a small bottle and a towel. "Dry your hand off, then hold it out," she says. She pours a generous amount of oil into my hand and then tells me to finish the job. I look at her for a moment, not sure what she means.

"Make him cum," she says. "Jerk him off until he cums. It's something you mentioned, remember?"

"Oh yeah," I say, "I did, didn't I."

I reach up and grasp his cock in my slippery hand. It doesn't feel strange anymore, only really hot. I lube his cock with the oil, running my hand up and down, making sure to squeeze the head on the upstroke. I see Robin dip her finger into the oil and slide behind Mike. She teases him by sliding her finger up between his balls, making them bulge.

"Are you ready, Mikey," she whispers, "We're going to make you cum." I feel Mike's cock jerk when she says cum. I also notice that Robin has begun to rhythmically move her hand up and down, her finger worming its way into his ass.

"Unnn," Mike groans, "I love it when you do that." Robin peaks around the side at me and smiles.

"Come on, now, let's make this fella cum."

I use long, slow strokes, feeling his cock pulse in my hand. Robin reaches between his legs and holds his balls, pulling them downward. Mike's legs begin to shake as we double-team him, me stroking his cock and Robin stroking her finger in his ass. I speed up as does Robin.

We continue to stroke Mike, his cock getting harder still. Suddenly, I feel his cock swell and know he is about to cum. I slide to the side, still stroking, watching his cock intently.

"Come on, Mike, I want to see you cum. I want to feel your cock pulse as your cum shoots out. Come on, man, let me see it."

Mike's hips surge forward as I feel his cock contract. A white arc of cum shoots out of his cock onto the carpet. Robin has her finger buried in his ass as I continue to stroke him. His cock continues to spurt, the cum now landing in the water. Mike's body bucks and shakes as his orgasm hits, and he has to hold onto the towel bar for support. I'm fascinated as his cock stops coming, the little dribbles sliding off my hand into the water.

I sense Robin removing her finger from his ass, and feel her grab my hand. She begins to lick his cum off of it, watching me as she does it. I'm speechless. This is the most erotic thing I've ever had happen to me and I just want to absorb it all.

Mike sits in the tub, breathing heavily, chest, face, and arms red. Robin slides in between us again and gently kisses him, then turns to me and does the same. She lays her head back and sinks down into the water, a smile on her face.

"Now it's my turn, boys."

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