tagLoving WivesMike's Journal

Mike's Journal


Author's Note: Thanks to Mike for his permission to use a couple of his fantasies for a story idea and a special thanks to hugo_sam for help in editing. Enjoy the read and as always comments and suggestions are welcomed. ~ Red

She'd been reading his journal. Finding it had been left out, she wondered if perhaps he hadn't done it on purpose. Either way, she'd read it and was now leading him into the house wearing a blindfold. Mike wasn't nervous. He trusted his wife, granted she'd seemed a bit more provocative and touchy feeling during dinner than normal, but he hadn't minded, rather enjoying it.

He held her hand as she walked him up the steps of their home. Once inside he could hear giggling and wondered what his lovely wife had planned. His birthday wasn't coming up and it wasn't their anniversary.

She led him to the center of the room and pulled his jacket from him. "Push off your shoes," she told him. Doing as he was told, he removed his shoes and stood in his living room. "Okay, you can take off the blindfold."

As Mike did, he blinked a few times letting his eyes adjust to the light. When he looked around he saw five females, six counting his wife sitting on the floor of the living room. They looked up at him as if they knew some secret, and were dying to tell him. Suddenly there was music playing in the background. He looked for his wife and saw the remote in her hand. "What's up?" he asked as one of his wife's friends refilled the ladies wine goblets.

"Well this is my girls night, remember?" his wife replied.

"Yeah That's why I was surprised you wanted to go out to dinner," he answered back.

"I decided that we wanted live entertainment tonight," she tilted her head to one side. "You're it."

Mike stared at her for a minute and then his lip rose in a smirk. "My journal," he winked and then smiled as he tried to get the beat of the music in his head. Soon he was at one with the melody that pulled through the radio and flowed from the speakers. He watched his wife's face light up, as well as the other women's lips lift into grins. "Do I get money?" he winked again.

They laughed, but as Mike began to move his hands, arms, hips, and legs for their pleasure, the women sat back and enjoyed. He removed one button at a time, letting each lady get an eye full of his flesh. When the shirt was gone, he invited one of them to come up and take it from him.

The ladies looked to his wife, saw her approval, and a brunette was the first one off the floor. She was at Mike's side in a heartbeat. Her fingers ran up his chest, moving though the thick reddish-gray hair that was heavy with curls. Her nails grazed his nipples and she snuck a taste of his skin. Mike hissed. His shirt never hit the floor; the woman went back to her seat, taking his shirt with her. He watched her breath in his scent. He found himself becoming more aroused as she slipped her hand to her crotch.

Moving his eyes back to the other women, his body still moving with the comfort of a man who knew he could dance and provide an erotic view, no matter his age. The ladies watched his hands move to the front of his pants. He pulled away the hook of the belt, released it from its notch, and quickly a buxom blonde was on her knees in front of him. She ran her hands up his growing bulge and then worked the belt free from the loops. She pressed a kiss on his stomach and slid back to her seat on the floor. Her gift was soon looped around her wrist.

A collective groan arose as he opened his pants. The zipper sound echoed around the room. His fingers, hips, and legs danced a scene of sin while he scooted the material down his hips and thighs. Mike grinned when a redhead and a jet-black haired lovely were there to assist him with stepping free of his slacks. The black-haired lovely took the pants to her seat, after giving his cock a firm squeeze, his boxers had been the only thing blocking her hand.

The redhead stayed behind. Her fingers slipped down his thighs and she helped in removing one sock, then the next. She pressed a kiss on the inner muscle of each leg before sliding back to watch the great unveiling. Mike moved his body like an orchestra playing a symphony. His hands moved to his hips and soon the boxers were skating down his body. His wife moved to help him.

She stepped up and slid her hands down his chest, over his stomach, down his hips, and then she let her hands travel down both his thighs. He stepped out of the boxers and his wife carried those back with her.

He looked back at the ladies and he could tell they were waiting for the rest of the performance. Mike's hand went around his cock, his other to his balls. The ladies watched as he began a dance of pleasure on his hard shaft. He slid his hand up and down. His fingers rolled around the pre cum soaked head. He pumped his cock, while his other hand rolled and squeezed his testicles. Mike could feel his body building up to orgasm. He knew he'd be shooting his come for the ladies soon.

The women watched Mike continue to stroke his cock faster and faster. Soon his fingers were a blur as he fucked his palm for these women. His eyes rolled back in his head, he groaned, and Mike shot a rope of seed out. He clenched his eyes as another shot left his sex and then a third.

When Mike came down from his bliss-filled pleasure, he grinned at his wife. His face was flush from coming, but also from his performance for the ladies. He watched them come up to him; lick his softening cock, each one treating it to a nice firm stroke. By the time all the ladies, but his wife and his sister-in-law, had left, Mike's cock was hard again. "Thanks, hon," he told his wife.

"Mike... I read your journal... you still have one more fantasy," his wife replied.

Mike's eyes grew wide as he looked from his wife to his sister-in-law. She was the only woman in the room that hadn't grabbed some of his clothes. He felt his cock jerk as she stood up. She removed her clothes. The blouse hit the floor, the bra dropped, and he groaned at her protruded nipples. Her fingers toyed with her nipples before she slipped her hands to her skirt and dropped that as well. He'd fantasized about being with her before. Now as he watched her sliding her hand over her panty covered sex, he was back to stroking his cock.

His wife moved toward him, her eyes devouring his shaft. He watched her lift her blouse from her torso, exposing her creamy breasts as the shirt lifted high. Her white lacy bra did little to hide her erect nubs that were on display. Each step she took brought her closer to him, and soon she was standing there with nothing but the stilettos and a smile. Her sister was in the same condition, but her fingers were already teasing her own sex.

"What do you want first baby?" his wife asked. Mike groaned. He wasn't sure what to ask. How far did she want to go? If she'd read his journal she knew what he wanted. "Anything goes," she whispered, her hand moved in and grabbed his thick rod.

A hiss escaped his throat and he smiled down at her. "Let's go to the bedroom," he mumbled as his cock jerked in his wife's hands.

As the two women moved into the room, Mike followed. His thoughts consisted of devouring each ass. He wanted to fuck them both. He was in heaven as he imagined taking not only his wife, but her sister too. They turned around and faced him, both looking good enough to eat. "What first?" his sister-in-law repeated his wife's question.

Mike could have wasted time and tested the limits so to speak, just to see if they were serious. He could have asked them just to kiss, but he didn't. He wasn't wasting time on trivial things, they'd be kissing each other later; right now, he wanted his in-law's cunt, and it was free for the taking. "Get on the bed," he told her.

He and his wife watched her crawl onto the bed and lay on her back. Mike crawled over her, his cock inches from her mouth, her pussy directly in front of his face. He looked to his wife. "Share this pussy with me," he told her.

She was instantly there between her sister's legs, just as Mike had told her. Mike's cock leapt and he moaned when he felt the feminine hands wrap around his dick and the wet mouth envelope his balls. "Fuck," he muttered. His arousal increased as he watched his wife's perfect tongue snake out and lick the incestuous pussy beneath her lips.

Mike started in and began sharing the mess that was flowing from the shaved cunt. His tongue lapped at the strip of flesh that was swollen with desire, while his wife spread the lips open and began fucking the hole. He bit at his sister-in-law's clit and occasionally shared a juice soaked kiss with his wife, before they both dived in for more.

His balls were on fire as his in-law sucked and massaged them with vigor. She stroked his hard shaft while pushing and pulling each ball in and out of her mouth. They would pop free, bounce in her face and then she grabbed them again. Her hand moved over the head of his dick to gather up pre cum, then slid it down his cock's sides, easing her hand job while Mike gyrated his hips against her face. "Suck my cock " he yelled, taking a moment from devouring her pussy.

"Yesss...," she muttered. He felt his balls fall free of her mouth. He shuddered when her tongue licked underneath them before she plunged his hot cock into her mouth.

His wife had not stopped tongue fucking her sister's cunt while Mike enjoyed the feeling of his cock being sucked off.

He watched his wife add two fingers to the frenzy and as his cock was plunged over and over into the hot little mouth underneath his sex. His wife finger-fucked and tongued her sister faster. They looked up at each other when they heard a groan and saw the pussy rise high into the air. Mike took in the sight of his wife's face becoming covered in cunt juice and she welcomed another flood of nectar. He helped clean the honey from his wife's mouth as well as the pussy that was emptying a river of syrup.

He arched his back as he fired a load of come down his sister-in-law's throat. He felt her constrict her mouth around his dick and swallow all his seed. She squeezed his balls and milked the hot liquid from his cock until he was empty. Once her mouth finished with him, Mike rolled off and lay on his back. His wife crawled up her sister's body and began to grind her pussy into the come-covered one she and Mike had just fucked.

Mike watched the two sexes of the women mesh together. As his hand moved over his wife's ass, he rubbed it several times before smacking it playfully. She moaned and he smacked her again. The slippery, smashed together, bald cunts were busy becoming more aroused and slicker as they moved as one.

Their moans were muffled by their tongues sharing space in each other's mouth. Mike watched the two beautiful women angle their heads so they could take each other's tongues deeper. "Nice," he muttered. He grabbed his cock and stroked it hard and fast.

He wanted to come, but couldn't decide whose pussy to fuck. A snap decision had him grabbing his wife's hips and easing her pussy up to his in-law's face. He watched for a moment as she was eaten out by her sister. His need increased and he straddled his sister-in-laws cunt ramming his tool deep inside her. He fucked her hard and fast several times, wanting to unload his come deep into her pussy. "Oh fuck. . . ohhhh God baby, can I come in her?" he asked his wife.

"Yes, Mike. . . she wants you to. . .we both do. Fuck her baby. Come in her pussy," his wife gasped as she ground her cunt into her sister's face. "Ohhh yes, sis. . . ohhh fuck yes, don't stop."

The group moaned and groaned together and in time they were all coming. Mike's cock shot his seeds deep into his sister-in-laws pussy. She climaxed all over him, coating his dick and his balls. His wife shook as her release erupted and she showered her sister in hot, sticky, fluids.

When Mike was done emptying his load into the moist sex of his sister-in-law, he placed his hands on his wife's hips and he eased her from her sister's lips. He pulled her to him and held her close. She wrapped her arm around her sister and the three slowly touched, until they were all breathing regularly again. "Thanks Hon," Mike whispered against her ear.

"I'm glad you left that journal out," she chuckled.

"Fuck. . . should have left it out years ago," his sister-in-law said.

"Oh. . . I doubt you read all the pages. . . I'll leave it out again sometime," Mike said.

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