tagNovels and NovellasMike's New Job Ch. 01

Mike's New Job Ch. 01


Tales From Sechs City -- welcome to Sechs City, a wealthy, middle-class costal area of Western America in the state of California. A gorgeous, quiet largely uneventful place, people move to the city to follow their dreams, to live their day-to-day lives. It's almost too perfect to be true...


Heidi wasn't sure whether she wanted to go all the way and call this a celebratory fuck. After all, this would be the last time that she and Mike would make love to each other until a few days time, on their wedding night. And though excitement and anticipation had been building up inside of her over the last month as she waited for her special day to arrive, she couldn't help feeling a little sorry that this would be the last time she would feel her fiancée's gorgeously large cock between her thighs.

I guess I'd better enjoy this while it lasts, she thought now as she straddled him and began to move quickly up and down, feeling his pleasure rub inside her.

Already, after a good half-hours foreplay and mucking around, she was on the verge of cumming, but she was determined to stretch herself as long as possible before finally succumbing to the aching passions.

Not that Mike was making it any easier for her, the sly bastard. Every so often he would sit up against her breasts, meaning his cock went just a little deeper into her pussy, giving her an extra volt of pleasure.

She growled playfully and pushed him back down onto the bed every time -- this was her turn to play. She had already planned their wedding night: the white corset and lace knickers with stockings that he would find waiting for him under her beautiful wedding dress, the bottle of expensive champagne that was chilling in her best friend Isabella's fridge across the street, the gift of being completely and utterly submissive to everything he wanted to do to he that night, an honour he rarely got save for his birthday and a couple of times in the year when she felt that he had deserved it. That would be his night to shine: tonight she wanted complete control.

It wouldn't be long now, and she knew that Mike was nearly ready, as he had finally stopped trying to make her cum as he was too near the verge himself. Instead his strong hands began to tenderly caress her petite breasts, teasing the nipples that already stood out hard as bullets.

She took one of his hands and put his middle finger in her mouth, sucking it as if it was the cock she was currently riding like a cowgirl. He moaned softly, 'Oh, baby, you know I love it when you do that!' It was the final straw.

Letting out a loud cry of 'Ohhhhhhhhh Miiiiiikkkkkke', Heidi finally succumbed, and wave after wave of passion took control of her body. As Mike released his own juices she bucked and shook through the powerful orgasm, finally lying on top of his chest, panting with happy exhaustion, as his beautiful cock, now finished cumming, slowly started to shrink back into its normal size and slip out from between her pussy lips.

After a moment of deep lovers kissing the two of them snuggled close together, she in his well-built arms.

'That was amazing, as always,' Heidi purred. 'Where were you when I needed fantastic sex in college?'

Mike grinned. 'I think I was giving fantastic sex to a long waiting list of hot college girls,' he teased playfully.

Heidi grabbed a silk pillow and started to hit him with it. 'You're mean', she chuckled.

Mike laughed and batted the pillow away before grabbing her arms before she had a chance to tickle him. 'And yours,' he replied. 'And in a few days time, I'll be your husband too.'

Heidi sighed contently. 'Mr and Mrs Crane,' she repeated to herself. 'It sounds perfect.'

'Sounds even more perfect with a larger salary behind it,' said Mike, kissing her lightly on the ear.

Heidi smiled warmly at her fiancée. 'It does,' she said. 'Honey, I'm just so glad you got this promotion. You deserve it so much after all the work you've done for that company. It's taken them long enough to recognise it.'

'Thank you,' he replied. 'You know, your faith in me over the last year and a half, your support, has meant the world to me, it really has. I couldn't be marrying a better woman.'

'No,' giggled Heidi, reaching for the other pillow from behind his head, 'you couldn't!'


Mike had to get up early the next morning, as he was going over to his friend and best man Kevin's house to stay for a couple of nights before the wedding. He was in the kitchen dressed in his suit and eating a last piece of buttered toast when Heidi, in her black silk dressing gown, came in.

'Morning, gorgeous,' he greeted her with a crumby kiss on the lips. 'How are you this morning?'

'Sad,' she sighed. 'This idea sounded so good a few months ago when we talked bout it, but now I don't think I can let you out of here without a fight.'

Mike laughed. 'I know, honey. I'll miss you too. But just think -- the next time I see you will be with your father as you walk down the aisle. When are your folks coming again?'

'Wednesday. Izzie's coming over this morning for some last minute shopping, and then I'll have tomorrow to get the place ready for them -- plus everything else I've got to deal with, checking the cake and flowers and venue...'

Mike got up from the table, taking his dirty plate to the sink. 'I wish you would have let me help you out a little bit more with this,' he said as he passed. 'I'm worried you might have a hernia from all this stress.'

She embraced him tightly from behind as he washed up his breakfast things. 'Don't worry about me,' she said. 'You know how much I enjoy organising these things. And when my mom gets here she can take over, I promise.'

He kissed her. 'Good. Well, I'd better get going. Say hi to Isabella for me, and don't get into too much trouble. I know what you two are like when she's around.'

'Bye, honey. And have a terrific first day at work.'

He put his jacket on. 'It's not exactly my first day,' he reminded her. 'Just a different position in the company. It sure does feel like my first day again, though. I'm pretty nervous.'

'You'll be wonderful, Mike. Call me tonight, okay?'

'Sure thing, tonight. Bye!'



When Mike arrived at Kevin's apartment, about five minutes drive away from his own home, he wasn't at all surprised to find his friend slumped in an old leather chair watching cartoons in a faded grey t-shirt and his boxer shorts.

'I love Scooby Doo' Kevin grinned as he handed Mike a cup of coffee. 'Takes me right back to my childhood.'

'What do you mean, right back?' replied Mike. He looked at his friend -- unshaven for several days, a body that clearly had not seen a shower for even longer. Yet Mike had always been amazed how his old college room mate had managed to become the college stud. In truth. Heidi was only Mike's second girlfriend, and his first truly serious one. He had lost count on the number of notches in Kevin's bedpost.

'Kev, when are you gonna get a job?' he asked him now. 'What happened with that contact I set you up with?'

Kevin shook his head. 'You remember, they said I didn't have the right qualifications or experience or some junk like that. I just reckon they were jealous about how quickly I had their receptionist fawning all over me. Man, she was hot!'

Mike tried to hide his amusement. He knew that, deep down, Kevin was as worried as he was that he hadn't had a job for three years and had to rely on an elderly aunt's will for money to get by. He looked at his watch and said, 'Shit, do you mind if I just leave my cases here and unpack tonight? I'm gonna be late for work otherwise.'

Without looking away from the TV, Kevin waved him goodbye. 'Sure, go on, good riddance, make bacon, blah blah, see you this evening.'

As the front door closed, Kevin jumped up out of the chair and, as the Mystery Machine sped off towards another adventure, he began to look through his friend's clothed to see if he had any clean underwear he could borrow.


Mike reached the office block five minutes earlier than he thought he would. Feeling slightly pleased with himself, he decided to take the stairs rather than the lift to the sixteenth floor where Clarke & Bros Insurance resided.

'Morning, Stacey,' he grinned to the pretty blonde receptionist as he entered. 'Looking lovely this morning, as always.'

But Stacey didn't look very happy to see him. 'Rufus wants to see you,' she said rather flatly. 'In his office. Now.'

Puzzled, and slightly miffed at Stacey's greeting, Mike went over to the large office of Rufus Clarke, his boss and, yesterday, his promoter. He knocked three times and after a loud harrumph, which everyone who worked at Clarke & Bros knew was Rufus speak for come in, entered.

'Sit down, Mike,' Rufus said from behind his large mahogany desk. No 'Good morning,' no looking up from the papers he was examining. What had crawled up his butt and died last night, Mike wondered as he sat opposite his boss in a rather uncomfortable office swivel chair.

Finally, after removing his glasses, Rufus stared sternly at Mike. 'I'll come straight to the point,' he said. 'You're fired.'

Mike thought he was hearing things. Or maybe he was still dreaming, and in a moment he would wake up again in bed. 'Erm...I'm sorry, what did you just say?'

'You're fired,' Rufus repeated, annoyed at having to do so. 'I want you to collect your things and be out of here by ten. That should give you an hour -- plenty of time to pack a cardboard box.'

Mike couldn't believe what was being said. 'F-fired?' he stammered slightly. 'But why? I mean, you promoted me yesterday yourself, Rufus. Why are you doing this to me?'

'Because we've been getting complaints,' Rufus explained flatly. 'From both our female employees and our female customers, that you have been close to sexually assaulting them in both verbal and physical forms.'

Mike snorted. 'That's bullshit! Rufus, please, tell me you don't believe this crap?'

But Rufus just put his glasses back on and started to read the documents in front of him again. 'We here at Clarke & Bros do not tolerate sexism in the workplace. You knew that when you first came here. I have no choice. You have now got fifty-eight minutes to leave before I call security.'

His career crashing down around him, Mike could only gape at his former employer before getting up and walking out of the office towards his desk. He hadn't even had time to move to his new work area after yesterday.

Who had been making up these stories? He was always courteous and polite to the women around him. What was he going to tell Heidi when he called her later? The wedding was set to be a rather expensive affair, but he had wanted her to have her dream ceremony, so he hadn't minded on the cost. With these allegations his CV was blackened for certain. What was he going to do now?

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